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Swag Captain #04

Scarlett Johansson, Oh my God! I'm not even going to sugarcoat it, Scarlett is one of the sexiest women who has ever walked this earth. Her lips, her ass, her eyes, her legs, HER BOOBS! WOW! I don't think that I ever met a man who didn't want to be inside Scarlett Johansson. For some reason, throughout my adventures on various red carpets, our paths never crossed. I never got a chance to see those beautiful tits in person, until the release of my second "Green Lantern" film. The franchise was huge and the biggest of the stars were showing up for the premieres. I saw her from a distance before the movie began and the craziness of the night made me forget that she had even showed up. After the after party, I stepped back into my limousine feeling slightly disappointed until I saw her from across the street with tears in her eyes. It was obvious that she was vulnerable. It was my chance.

She stepped in the car and I introduced myself. She whipped away the tears and I asked her what was wrong. She gave an interesting answer.

"I knew I shouldn't have come tonight. It just would have reminded me too much of my ex, and it did."

It had been over 10 years since Scarlett divorced Ran Reynolds. I couldn't believe that she still had feelings for him. I also forgot that Ryan and Blake Lively met while filming the original "Green Lantern" film. It was all starting to make sense. Scarlett said she is afraid to go on a date because she doesn't feel good about herself and her body. I had a strong objection to this.

"Scarlett, you've got to be kidding me? You're one of the sexiest woman ever."

"I used to think I was sexy, but I don't anymore. I don't even remember the last time someone told me they found me attractive, or said they liked my boobs. If I could have that. If I could just get someone to make me feel good, maybe I'd have the confidence to find a man."

"Listen to me!" I said "You're Scarlett fucking Johannson. Do you have any idea how much fucking cum I've dumped on you? If you need someone to make you feel good, I'm your guy"

I felt like I had her right where I wanted her but Scarlett saw through my bullshit.

"Wow, you really think I'm gonna let you put yourself inside her that easily?"

"Why whatever do you mean?" I asked coyly

"Look boy, this isn't my first rodeo, you've been looking at my tits all night. It's obvious you want me, and well, I want you too. But I don't want to look like a total slut, so I'm not gonna fuck you in a limo."

"So you won't fuck a guy you just met in a limo because it makes you look like a slut, but you're totally fine if we do it at the hotel?" I said a little confused

"I mean we could go at it right here, have a great time and never see each other again, or you could warm me up and by the time we get to the apartment, I'll give you the best sex you've ever had." Scarlett said with a smile.

"I guess I'll take the latter" I said

"Good" Scarlett replied

"So what gets you horny?" I asked

"How many celebrities have you fucked?" Scarlett responded

"You can't answer my question with another question?" I brought up

"I just did" Scarlett responded with a smile

I couldn't think of anything clever to say so I just answered Scarlett's questioned honestly.

"Three, I've had sex with three celebrities." After I said this, Scarlett looked at me blankly. "I take it you want to know who?"

"Of course" said Scarlett

"Jenna Fischer, Nicki Minaj and Zoe Saldana, ever meet them?"

"Yeah I have, who was your favorite?"

"Guess" I said. Scarlett thought for a second until responding.

"Probably Zoe, I know you 2 are friends"

"Not quite" I said "They are all equal, but based on the mood I was in that day I'd probably say Nicki. She just let me get so rough with her, I loved it, that cocktease finally got what she deserved"

"Where did you cum?" Asked Scarlett

"Jenna, I came inside her unprotected, well, somewhat protected. Nicki got it in her ass and Zoe drank it up." I informed her

"What would you do with me?" Scarlett questioned

"Feel you everywhere, spank you a lot, probably cum on you tits."

"I love honesty" said Scarlett "It gets me really wet" Scarlett started to feel up her tits as she spread her legs and flashed her pussy. At that moment we arrived at the hotel. We walked around so no one would see us. I walked up to my room while she had her hand on my crotch. We entered the hotel room and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. Once I was came out of the bathroom I was greeted to a beautiful sight. Scarlett had used her dress to bind her hands together and tie her mouth. I wasn't even sure this was what I wanted but then I saw her ass, her bare ass bent over in front of me.

"Spank me" I heard Scarlett say through muffled sounds.

I was really put off. I'd never been with a girl who wanted to be treated so badly. I searched her body and saw that her pussy was dripping on the bed. I knew this was my chance to pretend to be mad.

"Are you dripping on my bed?" I asked. Scarlett nodded her head and begged with her eyes. I slapped her right across her incredible ass. Scarlett screamed through her mouth gag.

"Again" she pleaded as I slapped her booty. I reached down to feel her incredible rack. I fondled her tits and she whimpered in pleasure. I hugged her entire body, flipped her over and removed her mouth piece.

"Open your mouth," I ordered. Scarlett obeyed and I stuck my fingers in her mouth. She sucked for a couple seconds before I started to rub her already moist clit. She moaned and cried out as my hand worked back and forth, gradually delving deeper into her tight pussy and finger-fucking her. I fingered her until she climaxed, her entire body shaking. I took my cock out of my pants and jacked off until I was hard.

Without further ado, she took my cock in her smooth, wet mouth. I pulled her head closer to my body and felt my cock enter her throat. She was gagging and could barely breathe. Scarlett looked up at me, pleading, tears rolling down her eyes. Scarlett was not acting. She'd never been so scared in her life. she thought she was going to die in a hotel room choking on a cock. her eyes began to roll and then I pulled out. She gasped and fell on her hands. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees once again, pushing my cock into her mouth. Seeing her perky tits gave me a new idea.

"Hold up your tits, babe" I commanded. She pushed them up with her hands and I inserted my dick, covered in saliva, in between her huge breasts an began to fuck them. Each time I thrusted up, her mouth was open, capturing my cock in her soft lips.

After I tit fucked her for a while, I picked her up and placed her on the bed, her ass up and face pushed into the sheets. I smacked her tight ass a few more times, to her yelps of surprise. I inserted my long stiff cock into her soft pussy, rocking her back and forth, harder and harder. I pulled out without giving her a chance or react and flipped her over onto her back, pulling her legs up and fucking. Her legs rested on my shoulder while I kneaded her immense breasts and grabbed her nipples in my fingers. I then moved my hands down to her smooth belly, which wasn't the best part of her body, but was still a tummy, and I loved it.

"What do you want baby? Please, tell me what you want, I'll do anything baby, anything!" said Scarlett. "You want to play with my belly? Is that what you want? Do anything!"

"Ride me!" I commanded.

Scarlet rolled over and sat down on my cock. She bounced up and down, having a blast with it. I moved my face closer and motorboated her rack. She looked up at the ceiling, feeling close to another orgasm.

"Don't stop Chris, o fuck be careful, don't cum inside me after I cum. O shit, I'm gonna fucking squirt. Ahhhh, oooo, OOOOOOO"

Scarlett's juices leaked out of her pussy onto my cock. My body started to shake as I felt the cum rush to the tip or my cock.

"Get off, Scarlett get off I'm gonna cum"


"Tits, tits baby"

I rolled Scarlett over and pressed her incredible tits together and jacked myself off as the cum shot out of my cock onto her amazing breasts. Scarlett moved her tits up with her hands and licked the cum of of her tits like a hungry little slut.

"That's the best cum I've ever fucking tasted. I forgot how much I love the taste of baby juice. I need more!"

And Scarlett did just that. Weeks later, she met her future husband. Me and her still keep in touch and she finally seems confident with herself. Occasionally, we meet up and she thanks me for giving her sexy swagger back, and we do a couple other things too.
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