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Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 02

Chapter 2

I Prepare

All week long I thought about Ryan and what a thrill it would be to dominate and transform him into my maid, I had to control myself and not masturbate as I wanted to be full for him. On the Wednesday evening I took out all my domination instruments and the female clothing I had aside for my slave. Carefully I inspected everything and made a list of what I would need this week-end. On Thursday evening I called Ryan and asked him if he was still consenting to become my slave. He said that more than ever he wanted me to be his Mistress. I told him that I would expect him at seven tomorrow evening and I would probably keep him with me the entire week-end.

Friday, I called in sick and then went out shopping. First the hosiery store where I bought stockings, black seamed for Ryan. Then the cosmetics boutique for the perfect make-up for him and also some perfume. And the liquor store for some wine and champagne. Finally the grocery for enough food to last all week-end.

Once back home I put all my purchases away and since I had plenty of time I decided to relax as it would be quite a week-end. On an impulse I decided to call Lisa, he used to be Brian until I transformed him into a beautiful submissive woman. Now he works as a computer specialist, always dressed as a woman and nobody knows his true gender. She looks so good that her business is doing great. I asked her what she had planned for the week-end and she said she had nothing special at this time. I told Lisa about my encounter with Ryan and the fact he was supposed to spend the week-end with me. She was thrilled and asked me if I needed help in initiating him into my domain.

I knew that Lisa is always eager to serve me so I was not surprised by her question. I told her that Ryan was supposed to be at my place tonight, but I wanted him alone with me in order to properly transform him. I told Lisa she should be here tomorrow night around six o'clock for dinner. She was to dress in her maid's uniform with all the lingerie underneath and to wear her highest heels, also she was to arrive dressed as instructed and to act as sexily and sensually as she could, I also told her to be prepared to spend the night. I advised her that I might invite Mistress Carol to join us. She was delighted with the prospect of the evening and the opportunity of seeing Mistress Carol again and of the thought of submitting to both of us.

I called Mistress Carol, a dominant transsexual friend with whom I discovered the perverted nobility of domination, and told her about the same thing, she was not doing anything tomorrow night and would be happy to join me in the training of Ryan and the submission of Lisa, except I told her to be prepared for a night of wickedness and evil as I wanted to try some new perversions on Ryan and may be Lisa. Once this was done it was time to prepare myself.

I started with a long luxurious bath, filled with scented bath oils. I lay in the soothing water for a long time, smoking and drinking some sparkling pink champagne. I took the opportunity to touch up my cock-clit, removing stray pubic hairs and making it totally smooth. I got out of the bath and wrapped my glistening body in a large towel to dry myself then I slipped on my black satin peignoir and slipped my feet in my black satin high heeled slippers and walked to the bedroom. I opened my closet and looked at all my beautiful dresses trying to decide which one to wear. I finally settled on a white sheer blouse with a long ankle length black satin skirt that had one slit on the left side that went up to my thigh. Then opening my drawers I pulled out my lingerie. First my half-cup bra, with tiny panties, waist-cincher, all in lustrous black satin except for my panties which were sheer, black seamed stockings and my black patent six inch high heels.

But before dressing I wanted to put on my make-up, first a foundation all over, then on my eye-lids dark-blue eye shadow and above a lighter shade of blue. Black mascara on my eye lashes and a black pencil for my eyebrows. I outlined my lips and then added a brilliant shade of red lipstick, some blush on my cheeks and I was finished this part. Then I removed the towel and sprayed my whole body with perfume, the same one I used for my bath oils, rendering special care to spray profusely on my breasts, genitals and asshole.

At this point in time I was starting to feel very good and I knew why. Ryan who was a virgin until last Sunday, would soon be my feminized slave and knowing that I would be the one to initiate him into becoming her and submitting to my feminine supremacy help get me in that mood. I looked at the clock and realized I still had plenty of time, I sat down at my vanity table and took out my nail polish. I took a nail file and made sure that they were sharp and perfectly tapered before applying a coat of polish. Slowly and meticulously I painted my long nails, they were at least two inches long, with the brilliant red enamel they looked like talons. I debated wether I should put on my gold nails, but I decided to keep them for tomorrow night, they are a bit longer than my nails sharper and also quite tapered. I also wondered if I should make my nipples more visible, but again I decided to save this for tomorrow also, after all he would have enough to do on his first night as a transvestite slave. Once my nails were dry I did add some fine gold diagonal lines on my middle fingernails.

Ryan was due in forty five minutes and I took the time to check the other rooms in my apartment to make sure everything was ready. In my domination room I arranged all the equipment I would need and set the proper lighting for later. In the transvestite room I looked at the closets and the dressers to make sure I had everything I needed to transform Ryan into a beautiful woman. I already had a feminine name for him, he would be Nancy. When I was satisfied that both rooms were in order and with only thirty minutes to go, I went into my bedroom and finished dressing.

I removed my peignoir and my high heeled slippers and fastened my gold ankle chain on my left ankle. I put my waist-cincher on my body and fastened it, then I rolled my black seamed stockings up my smooth legs attaching them to the cincher's garters. My half-cup bra came next followed by my minuscule panties, which I inserted in between my ass cheeks and made sure it held my cock-clit, and my black patent six inch high heels. Then came my white sheer blouse, buttoned all the way to my neck, and my ankle length satin skirt. As I walked to my dresser I could see my reflection in the mirrors, my black push-up bra helped exhibit my beautiful 36 C breasts through the sheerness of my blouse, especially my hard nipples, and the slit in my skirt parted exhibiting my stocking tops and my garter tabs. I pulled a four inch wide shimmering gold leather belt from a drawer and put it around my waist. From my jewelry I picked out large gold earrings, two gold necklaces, gold bracelets for my wrists and six gold rings for my fingers, the largest ones on my middle fingers. Before admiring myself in the mirror I sprayed more perfume on my clothes and body and touched up my lipstick. I then walked to the mirror to see if I had done everything right.

What a sight I made, tall and voluptuous, I looked simply ravishing and very sexy. But Ryan would not enjoy this, he would submit to me. I went back into the living room for a final look and rearranged the lights to create a seductive ambience. Once I was satisfied with everything, I poured myself a glass of that wonderful sparkling pink champagne, the one that makes me feel so good and capricious, and sat on the couch to wait, he should be here in five minutes.
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