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Welcome to the Anime & Games Sexfight league.

To win your match in this league you have to make the other cum ones or multiple times .

In this league you will find some of the hottest ladies from both the games en anime universe.

As you can see there will be tifa for final fantasy fighting in the league.

Also the ladies from the konoha are present together whit of course the lovely wind mistress Temari.

These ladies will be fighting in differend arena's.

Arena 1 is for the hottest sexfights between the hottest chicks from Final fantasy,Nintendo en other company's or series.

Arena 2 is for anime.

All the ninja from the world of naruto have gather here to find our who is the best for temptation.

this fight is one of the examples.

Arena 3 there will be settle which girls are the best sexfighter.

between Games und Anime.

Yuffie FF vs Hyuuga Hinata

Namine from KH vs SAkura

Check out the arena's for the hottest & Sexiest matches of all times

What's next?

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