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The Adventures of Futa-Girl 02

"A what?!?"

Hillary Trenton, young, buxom blonde archaeologist, turned to her friend Sue Christensen, a bewildered look on her face.

"A superhero," Sue said. "You should become a superhero."

"Are...are we really having this conversation?"

"Look, Hillary, you somehow got these crazy superpowers. You can't just live your life like you used to! You said yourself you want to use these powers for good, but you also don't want people finding out it's you that has these powers, so it's only logical you become a superhero!"

Hillary mulled Sue's words over for a moment before answering. "Actually, yeah, that does make sense. So where do we begin?"

"Well," Sue said, the wheels in her head spinning, "what do superheroes have that you don't?"

"Well, I need a costume, for one," Hillary replied. "One in which some part of my face is covered, so people don't know it's me."

"A costume is a given," Sue said, still thinking. "Maybe...a secret lair?"

"My house has a pretty big basement," Hillary said. "Maybe we could use that for a lair."

"Hmm," Sue pondered. "I'd have to see it in person to see if it's lair-suitable, though." Sue couldn't help but giggle. "This is so cool! You're going to become a superhero!"

"I don't think we'll get anything else done at the lab today, with what just happened," Hillary sighed. "Come on, I'll take you to my house so we can check it out."

"Sure, sounds great!" Sue cheerfully replied. " thing, though."


"You're still erect."

Hillary looked down and sure enough, her cock was still rock-hard.

"As much as I would like another go at that monste, I think we should be focusing on making you a proper superhero for now," Sue said.

"Right, sorry," Hillary replied, willing her cock to go soft, which, to her surprise, it did.

"It looks like you can control your erections, too," Sue noted. "That will certainly help with keeping that thing a secret; no involuntary boners."

"Yeah, that is pretty neat," Hillary grinned. "All right, let me just get dressed, and we can head to my house."


"Hillary, your house is HUGE!"

Sue stood in awe, marveling at Hillary's mega mansion on the edge of town.

"This thing is enormous! And you just live here by yourself?"

"Yup," Hillary replied. "I got a bit of money from book deals and the like so I decided to splurge on a house. Come on inside, I'll show you the basement."

Sue followed Hillary inside the mansion, gawking as she finally realized just how much money Hillary really had. This was a young woman who never needed to work a single day ever again for the rest of her life, but still chose to pursue science.

"So, the basement is kind of weird," Hillary cautioned as the two stepped into what appeared to be a study. Reaching out to a bookcase, Hillary began to pull a book out. When the book was halfway out of the bookcase, it stopped moving, and suddenly, the bookcase itself swung back to reveal a set of stairs.

"You already have a secret entrance?!?" Sue asked, bewildered.

"Whoever owned this house before me put it here," Hillary said nonchalantly. "I can't remember their name, but maybe they were a superhero."

Hillary led Sue down the dark staircase to a cavernous room. Sue took in the massive basement in awe, but stopped when she looked at the ceiling.

"Hillary, why is there a hole in the ceiling?"

Sue pointed to a large hole in the ceiling, leading upwards, to what appeared to be a manhole cover.

"Huh, I never noticed that," Hillary replied. "I guess whoever owned this house before me really was a superhero. They probably used that hole to get to and from the house while in disguise. I wonder where it leads."

"Well, you can fly, can't you?" Sue asked rhetorically. "Fly up and take a peek!"

Hillary soared upwards, into the hole, pushing the lid up, looking through the crack. "It looks like I'm in the woods," she shouted back down to Sue. "I think this is the woods behind my house!"

Hillary flew back down. "So, what do you think? Is this lair worthy?"

"Oh, yeah," Sue said with a huge grin on her face. "Give me one week in here and you will be 100% ready to fight crime. In the meantime, go practice your powers, someplace where nobody will see you doing it."


For the past week, Hillary had been out training, not really paying attention to Sue's work in the basement of her mansion. While Sue was busy working on the secret lair, Hillary was soaring. Flying at high speed through a forest, Hillary found it easy to dodge trees and navigate her way through the thick woods. Testing the limits of her strength, Hillary was easily able to uproot trees and hurl large boulders. As she trained, preparing for her future as a superhero, Hillary wondered what her costume would look like. How would it hide her rather large penis? Would she even want it to? Would...would her cock come into play in her crimefighting? Strangely, Hillary wasn't disturbed by that thought. She was more curious than anything.

I mean...this cock is pretty impressive, Hillary thought. If I come upon a female criminal, I can't see how she would be able to resist.

Sure enough, thinking about giving a dicking of justice to a ne'er-do-well was starting to get Hillary hard. Looking around, Hillary remembered she was totally alone, far outside the city limits, and there was no one around for miles. Unzipping her pants, Hillary whipped out her growing cock, marveling at its length and girth. Licking her lips, Hillary began stroking her hot shaft with both hands, moaning as pleasure shot through her member.

"Mmh...ahh..." Hillary moaned as the pleasure increased in her cock, her soft but strong hands flying up and down the shaft. Already, Hillary was feeling close to orgasm, so she slowed down her rhythmic stroking, milking her boner for all it was worth. Try as she might, however, Hillary couldn't hold back forever, and moaned hard as an already-familiar feeling built up at the base of her cock.

"Gonna cum," she moaned. "Gonna...gonna CUM!!!"

Hillary moaned hard as cum surged up her cock, exploding out, her body wracked with pleasure as jet after jet of thick, hot spunk shot out of her cock, with force and fury. Her cum jettisoning from her cock onto the forest floor, Hillary felt ecstasy shoot through her.

Her orgasm slackening off, Hillary started to feel somewhat drained, her orgasm taking its toll on her powers. Looking down, Hillary saw just how much she came, and even after having seen it before, she still couldn't believe the volume of cum her cock was able to produce.

Well, I guess I'll check up on Sue, Hillary thought, heading out of the woods to her car.


Hillary arrived home, beat after a long day of training.

"It's finished!"

Hillary was greeted by those words the second she opened the front door, Sue standing before her, beaming.

"It's finished?"

"Yeah! I told you all I needed was a week! Come on, I'll give you the grand tour!"

Sue led Hillary to the secret door, down the steps, into the cavernous basement. The first thing to catch Hillary's eyes was a massive computer, with a screen so big it took up nearly an entire giant wall.

"That's the crime computer," Sue explained. "From there, I can monitor all crime in the city."

Hillary looked at Sue, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"Oh yeah, I'm going to help you out," Sue replied. "Most superheroes don't do it alone, you know. Here."

Sue handed Hillary a tiny earpiece. "We can talk back and forth through that," Sue explained. "It's so small, it cannot be seen by the naked eye once it's in your ear, but it doesn't affect normal hearing."

Hillary looked around the newly-completed lair, which seemed more like a workshop than anything else, with all kinds of machines and gadgets sitting out, in various states of completion.

"I like to tinker," Sue said, blushing slightly. "Oh yeah, and I took the liberty of designing you a costume. I decided that rather than hide your...attributes, it would showcase them."

Sue motioned over to a glass case containing Hillary's superhero costume, hanging off of a mannequin. As soon as Hillary laid eyes upon it, a huge grin appeared on her face. "I love it."


"Heh heh heh, all I need to do is break open this skylight and I'll be rich!"

Clad in a sleek black catsuit that hugged her curves, a thief stood on a roof of a very tall building in downtown Gammaville. Picking up a loose brick, the thief hoisted it above her head.

"What do you think you're doing?"

The thief spun around, brick still held high. Looking up to the source of the voice, her jaw dropped. It was a superhero!

Her long blonde hair flowing in the wind, the superhero floated there, hands on her hips, looking down at the would-be thief through her blue eyes behind a red domino mask. She wore red gloves that ended in bulged, blue cuffs studded with brass. Her thigh-high heeled boots were similarly designed, and a long, plain blue cape hung from her shoulders. She wore a very light blue sleeved singlet with a cutout for her impressive cleavage to show through, tapering down just past her segmented, golden belt, on which was a blue-outlined golden buckle with the letters "FG" in red in it, ending in a sharp "V" shape at her crotch. It was here that the most shocking, and to this thief, surprisingly erotic, feature stood. Poking out of a hole that was clearly cut specially for it was an enormous cock, easily over a foot long, standing at attention.

"W-who are you?!?" the thief stammered, in a mix of fear and lust. "W-what are you?!?"

"Me?" the she-cocked superhero chuckled. "I'm Futa-Girl."

Touching down, Futa-Girl sized up this would-be criminal, a grin growing on her lips. "Were you about to break in to this building?"

"N-no," the thief stammered.

"Then why are you holding that brick?"

Realizing what she still had in her hands, the thief chucked the brick at Futa-Girl in an act of desperation. Futa-Girl caught the brick in mid-air and easily crushed it into powder with one hand. Panicking, the thief started to flee, but Futa-Girl was too fast for her, the horny heroine on top of her within seconds.

"Since you haven't really done anything illegal, yet, I'll let you go...after you do something for me."

The lady thief knew there was no getting away from this hyper-strong heroine, and with Futa-Girl's thick cock radiating heat into her face, the thief really didn't want to.

"First, get out of that catsuit," Futa-Girl commanded, getting off of the thief as the would-be criminal did as she was told. Futa-Girl drank in the woman's lovely body. "Ah, your pussy," Futa-Girl purred. "It's already dripping wet. Did you get horny just from looking at my huge cock?"

The thief couldn't respond, but her body was telling Futa-Girl everything. Pressing the thief back down to the ground with her super-strength, Futa-Girl pressed the tip of her cock against the girl's dripping pussy lips. Without even a word of warning, Futa-Girl proceeded to ram her thick cock deep into the thief's cunt, the burglar screaming in pleasure, her pussy tightening hard on Futa-Girl's monster cock.

"Damn, you're tight," Futa-Girl grunted, thrusting her massive prick in and out of the thief's tight cunt. "Are you already cumming? Cum for me!"

Futa-Girl moaned as the thief's already-tight snatch tightened up even more, her enormous cock driving the girl to a tremendous wave of orgasms. "Fuck, you're so tight! I'm gonna cum!" Futa-Girl moaned.

"N-not inside me!" the thief screamed, but to no avail. Futa-Girl moaned hard and slammed her cock into the thief's pussy one last time, shot after shot of hot cum pumping out of her cock, filling up the poor girl.

"Fuck yeah! Take my cum! Take it all!" Futa-Girl screamed, the thief's pussy milking her cock for everything it was work. When Futa-Girl's orgasm finally subsided, she pulled out, taking stock of the situation.

"Well, I don't think you'll be committing any more crimes, now will you?" Futa-Girl asked.

"N-no...s-so much cum..." the thief weakly responded, Futa-Girl's cum seeping out of her well-fucked pussy.

Pleased that she had stopped her first ever crime, and gotten her rocks off in the process, Futa-Girl took to the skies, searching for more crime to take on. Truly, this was the beginning of an illustrious (and sexy!) superhero career.
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