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The Celebrity Boutique Ch. 02

It had just gone about 2pm Wednesday afternoon. The boutique was empty.

The door of the boutique opened and in walked, sexy voluptuous Loose women host, and TV legend's Eamonn Holmes wife, Ruth Langsford.

Ruth in the flesh was a smoking hot, 57 year old milf.

Ruth had just finished presenting Loose Women for the day, and had a spare hour before doing the school run. Ruth wanted a new swimming costume for her family holiday to the south of France, which starts Friday.

I showed Ruth to the swimming costume's, and also tried to talk her into buying a bikini as a treat for Eamonn. Disappointingly, Ruth said she was too old. She grabbed a couple of different swimming costume's.

I showed Ruth to the special changing cubical. Special as hidden in the walls are peeping holes. Ruth walked in and closed the curtain behind her.

I was so excited, soon as I saw that curtain close, I made a bee line for the peeping hole's. I wasn't going to miss the chance of seeing Ruth's massive 34DD tits.

As I gazed through the peepholes, Ruth was stood with her back to me. I wasn't too disappointed, because Ruth kicked her black heel's off, then sticking her arse in the air, she slid her tight trouser's off. Wow the dirty slut was wearing a red thong, which to my shock was quickly joining her trouser's on a hanger. I was greeted with the view of the beautiful 57 year old woman's naked arse. I could see her 57 year old fanny hanging between her leg's. My dick was hard instantly.

Ruth Langsford then turned towards me, giving me a fantastic view of her 34DD tits, even aged 57 her tits were surprisingly perky. I watched as she slipped on a nice red all-in-one cosi.

Ruth looked puzzled and the bewildered, as she hunted for something in changing room. I knew why because, cunningly I had not fitted any mirror's in the changing cubicle's. Forcing the Laddie's to leave the cubicle's to use the large main mirror, if they wanted to see how they looked in the new outfit's. I loved watching the women check out their bodies dressed in my boutique's lingerie, using the mirror. It was my special perk and treat.

Ruth was a bit shy at first, sneaking out of the cubicle, trying to make sure nobody was around to see her in the cosi. Ruth checked herself out in the red cosi, in the mirror. She was sexually rearranging her big tits in the tight cosi. Ruth also pulled the thin material from going up the crack of her arse.

"Wow Ruth that look's so hot, you'll be the best looking on the beach, wearing that." I say to Ruth.

"I don't know. You don't think it show's my big butt off too much? And in the red, when wet will my nipple be viable?" Ruth Langsford whispered.

I think Ruth was a bit uncomfortable speaking with a bloke about these things.

"No if you don't mind me saying you've got a lovely butt. You look great." I say.

Ruth Langsford giggles and goes back to the cubicle to try on another swimming costume. I continue the same routine spying on her, getting naked as she changed from one cosi to another sexy swimming costume.

I think Ruth was enjoying all the complement's I was giving her. Especially me being a young twenty year old, viral man. Was boosting her confidence giving her a change of attitude, as she tried on and paraded in front of me in many swimming costume's. Ruth was pushing her chest out and sticking her arse out.

Ruth gave me a long lingering look, and had a naughty twinkle in her eye's, when she grabbed a tiny string bikini from the rail and rushed into the cubical.

This time I didn't go to the peep holes. I quickly stripped naked releasing my humongous 12 inch cock, that looked like an iron bar jutting out in front of me.

I pulled the cubical curtain back to be greeted with the sight of Ruth naked from behind. It was great timing as Ruth had bent over to pick up the swimming costume to hang up. Her bum cheek's parted and I had a perfect view and angle of her cunt. I made Ruth jump as I grabbed her hip's, pulling her onto me, and in one movement shoved all 12 inches of my cock straight up her cunt.

She screamed a deafening high pitch scream, as I took her. At first Ruth tried struggling but I could sense it was only half hearted attempt's. Ruth used the wall to keep herself upright on her feet.

God her pussy was surprisingly tight and wet at the age of 57. It felt amazing. I stopped for a second just too enjoy the sensation.

"Don't you fucking stop now!! fuck me, fuck me hard, give me the fucking my Eamonn, never gives me with his old weak hip's!" Ruth langsford cried.

I squeezed her hips and began to Plough her 57 year old cunt. I moved my hand's from her hip's to cup her magnificent 36 DD tits as I gave her a good seeing to.

My cock ploughed her cunt, in an out. Like a piston never finishing. The sound of Her backside constantly being slapped by my bollock's and her squelching pussy reverberated around the boutique, as I relentlessly hammered her cunt with my horse cock.

Ruth Langsford climaxed hard on my cock. I was relentless enjoying myself so much, fucking this old milf. I must have fucked her through five or six orgasms before finally my balls began to buzz and tighten as they shot a river of hot creamy white spunk into the 57 year old womb.

We stood there for a few minute's until my cock had shrunk and slipped out of her wet slippery cunt. My spunk was oozing out of her, and ran down her legs.

Ruth turned to face me, and gave me a deep french kiss, thanking me for a wonderful screw. She cleaned herself up as good as possible hurrying.

"Look you've made me late from picking up Jack my son from school, fantastic service, and I'm sure to tell my girlfriend's to shop here I'll certainly be back." Ruth Laugh's.

Ruth langsford very naughtily grabbed the bikini and red swimming costume on her way out of the boutique with out paying. It was only fare I thought.

A couple weeks past when in walked Ruth langsford with her fellow loose lady Coleen Nolan.

Coleen was about Ruth Langsford height but she was a lot heavier and very buxom, Coleen was aged 52. I stand out features was her massive round plump arse. And her gloriously magnificent 36 GG tits. I desperately wanted to fuck her especially those magnificent tits. I was hoping Ruth had brought her to the boutique with that in mind.

Coleen Nolan had come for a bra fitting, as she thought she had recently lost a bit of weight but was slightly annoyed. Because Ruth hadn't told her it was a male service assistant in the boutique.

Ruth Langsford reassured her and told her that she was there, so it would be fine. Coleen though was still very nervous about this especially as I would have to handle her ample bosom. I locked up and closed the boutique to reassure Coleen even further.

Coleen walked into the changing cubical and closed the curtain behind her. I was so excited about getting to grips with Coleen's massive tits. My cock was hard in my trousers and was so noticeable Ruth Langsford gave it a little squeeze.

"Go on I dare you strip off get naked and take her the way you took me, she's been having marital problem's for year's. Her husband doesn't find larger women sexy and they don't fuck." Ruth explained.

I took up Ruth langsford's dare and with her help quickly stripped naked. My cock sprang up hard as Ruth langsford pulled back the cubicle's curtain.

I stepped into the cubical, to have the vision off the buxom wench bent over naked massive fat arse pointed upwards. As Coleen had taken off her dress. Coleen Nolan turned facing me and was in shock when she saw me standing there completely nude with a raging hard 12 inch cock standing to attention. She couldn't hide her modesty because her tits were so massive. Coleen thought about screaming, but saw her friend Ruth Langsford standing behind me.

"Don't worry Coleen he's going to make you feel real good. And for fucksake you're always moaning you're not getting any at home." Ruth moaned.

Fuck her tits were big they came down like two Massive cow udder's. Her nipples the size chicken egg's.

I could not take it any longer, I had to taste her quim. I dropped to my knee's between her hefty leg's.

The first thing I had noticed was a very strong odour, almost overpowering. It was the most fragrant smelling pussy I had ever smelt. I couldn't wait to see if it tasted as good as it smelt.

Gently I began to pull her leg's apart, separating Coleen's creamy white thigh's. I slowly began using my fingertips and tongue to stroke and tickle up and down her inner thigh's.

I could hear Coleen beginning to breath harder and start to pant, as my fingertips and tongue reached the promised land.

Coleen never tried to intervene and stop me. So I took this as my green card. My finger's reached her chunky mound and slowly massage her smooth slit. Her fragrant aroma was getting stronger and, her fanny juice's started to trickle out.

It looked so inviting, and for the first time I touched her mound with the tip of my tongue, and proceeded to bathe it in my saliva.

Coleen reached between her own leg's and pulled her fanny flap's wide apart allowing her clit to poke out. I leaned forward and sucked it straight into my mouth. Nibbling gently, I slurped on her plump nub until Coleen clamped her thighs to my ears and mashed her pussy into my face in a long, slow grind of passion.

This was a dream come true, as I started lapping at her cunt, like a cat lapping milk.

I wrapped my arms around Coleen's waist and took a massive arse cheek in each hand. And I started kneading and mauling her arse. And pulling her cunt as hard as possible onto my face and tongue, making a firm airtight seal. It must have looked like my face was part of her body.

"Fucking eat me, eat my fucking dripping twat!!" Coleen screamed.

Coleen Nolan kept screaming as her first orgasm started to overtake her. Her body suddenly went stiff, her cunt then exploded on my mouth and had a real gusher, squirting like a hose pipe nearly drowning me in her juice's.

"Oh fucking hell, I'm cumming, I'm cumming I'm fucking cumming!!" She screamed.

Coleen leg's buckled and she collapsed on top of me. I was pushed flat on my back with her kneeling astride my face, still buried in Coleen's cunt, almost suffocating me.

"Oh my God have you killed him?" Ruth asked.

"Fuck no, he's still chewing on my cunt, on my god, fuck!!" Coleen screamed as she wildly climaxed again.

I was loving this new position, Coleen straddling my face, her dripping minge grinding into my face. Her left arm was reaching behind her, holding my dong, with her soft chubby finger's.

But what was even better was, finally I could get to grips with those enormous 36GG tits. And moved my hand's from her rump to her tits. Wow her nipples were the size of chicken eggs, and I was tugging on them.

"Fuck no, my fucking nipples are supersensitive, shit!!" She kept screaming.

Coleen Nolan raised of my face, still holding my stiff cock, aimed it at her twat and settled down on it, letting my big knob penetrate her warm snatch, sliding inche by inche, deeper and deeper up her until all 12 inches were swallowed up.

"Fuck how big are you, my pussy has never felt so full in my life." Coleen moaned.

"Well Coleen you've got 12 inches of hard stud prick in you." Ruth Laugh's.

Coleen began to slowly rise up and down on my 12 inches of hard cock. Her massive 36 GG tits beginning to sway above my face and as Coleen began to pick up speed riding my cock her tits were swinging faster and faster, above my face.

Ruth Langsford had stripped naked, and had the 3 inch heel of her stiletto up her own dripping cunt, masturbating as she watched her friend and loose women co-host ride my massive cock.

Coleen out of practice and not very fit had slowed right down almost stopping. So I violently and vigorously began to thrust my cock up into her wet cunt.

"Fuck I'm cumming!" Coleen screamed.

Ruth langsford feeling so horny was crouched next to Coleen and me. She had removed the stiletto from her pussy. And had hold of Coleen Nolan's massive tits, she brought the left 36 GG tit between her own leg's and was rubbing the egg sized nipple up and down her erect clit. Ruth was using Coleen's right tit to mash into my face.

Coleen began to climax hard on my cock which forced her left nipple up Ruth Langsford wet cunt. Ruth began to orgasm on Coleen's tit. As Ruth Langsford, orgasmed her pussy was sucking more and more of Coleen's tit up it. Ruth's Pussy juice's poured out down Coleen's massive tit and, dribbled down, Coleen's fat voluptuous body and, dripped into my waiting mouth.

Ruth Langsford then helped Coleen to her feet and they both walked out of the cubicle and over to the seating area where they both bent right over the chair's, sticking the right up in the air.

"Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!" They both cried.

I was like a bunny caught in the headlight's of a car, seeing these 2 sexy television star MILFs. Bent over the chair's, pussies wide open on display waiting for my attention waiting for me to fuck them both.

I slid my cock straight up to the hilt. Right up Ruth Langsford pussy from behind, holding her amazing 34 DD tits, I pummeled her pussy with my 12 inch cock. Ruth climaxed almost immediately. As the 57 year old was so horny.

I withdrew my prick from Ruth Langsford's wet pussy, and plunged it straight between Coleen Nolan's fat arse cheek's, and into her hot pussy and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. My ball's smacked her fat arse loudly, constantly making slapping sound's, making my ball's red roar!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Coleen's fat round arse rippled erotically, as I pounded her from behind.

Ruth Langsford told me to look at the mirror facing Coleen Nolan. I looked up to see the most erotic sight, of Coleen Nolan's 36 GG tits swinging in the reflection of the mirror. As I fucked Coleen from behind. The harder I rammed into her pussy, the faster her tits would swing. They were like 2 giant clock pendulum's. Swinging one way then the other.

"Let's see if your tits do that as well." I moaned at Ruth.

I again withdraw my dick from Coleen Nolan's pussy. And plunge it home up Ruth Langsford cunt grabbing her by the hip's and fucked her hard. Ruth's tits didn't swing but they were bouncing as I fucked her from behind. I was enjoying fucking both hot filthy Loose Women doggy style over the chair's, and I took it in turns fucking each pussy from behind for half an hour they both had countless orgasms.

When finally I was seated on the seat's Coleen Nolan was on her knee's and had her 36GG tits wrapped around my cock. Ruth langsford held Coleen's tits and wanked them up and down my 12 inch cock. The tip of my prick was hanging out of the end of the tit cleavage. Coleen leaned forward sucking hard on my helmet. It felt wonderful my dick sliding between Coleen's glorious tits they were like 2 giant fluffy soft Pillow's.

"Come on Dave don't you want to come all over Coleen Nolan's massive tits! Are you going to cum for a 52 year old and a 57 year old." Ruth langsford moaned.

Just as I felt my hot creamy spunk, shoot out of my dick, Coleen released my jerkin penis as it waved violently in the air spraying Coleen Nolan and Ruth Langsford in my warm spunk. Their face's, tits were covered in my spunk.

"I think we should have our lunch here everyday." Coleen Laugh's.

I collapsed back into the chair and just watched as both sexy voluptuous loose women presenter's, licked and sucked my creamy, gooey spunk mess of each other's bodies.

A few day's passed and it was Sunday morning, my flat's doorbell went. Who was this on Sunday morning, I opened my flat's door, to be greeted by Coleen Nolan, and the one and only FHM magazine cover girl legend the 46 year old Glasgow born feisty Gail Porter.

"Just play along." Coleen whisper's into my ear.

I show both of the massively stacked women into my lounge, a bit confused at what Coleen said.

"I'm so glad you let me see you at such short noticed. Coleen has told me what a grest sex therapist you are." Gail said quite nervously.

I nearly chocked when Gail Porter said sex therapist, but remembered what Coleen had said, and decided to play along.

Coleen Nolan had a videocamera in her hands.

"I've brought this video camera 2 video Gail's therapy session so you can watch it back and see if there's any way you can help her." Coleen explained.

"So Gail how can I help you tonight?" I asked in a concerned therapist kind of manner.

"well where should I begin?" Gail asked.

"The Beginning is always the best place to start I think, don't you?" Coleen said.

"It started when I was 9 year's old, I noticed my boob's we're beginning to grow and start to develope." Gail explained.

"By the time I was 12, I was already a C Cup, and by the time I was 14, I was already a D cup. That's when the bullying started. At school in the changing room's the girl's would pinch and pull at my tits, and hide my bra's when I was in the shower after netball practice." Gail said.

"By the time I was 18 I knew the power, my now DD tits had over men. I was now at college doing film on photography." Gail continued.

"I used to enjoy all of the attention I was getting at college from, student's and teacher's a like, I often saw people staring at my big tits and guy's playing with big fat bulge's in their pants student's and teacher's." Gail said.

"My first sexual experience, happened during a photography lesson, the lecturer Mr McDonald had decided that he wanted to do some fun photo's." Gail said.

"Mr McDonald and two student's, Andrew and Jimmy. Ended up at the gym, I was dressed in my old school gym kit no underwear on. And they had me jumping on the trampoline."

Colleen and handed me the video camera and while sitting on a chair behind Gail. Out of Gail's view, Coleen Nolan had parted her legs slightly have removed her knocker's and started to play with her pussy right in my eye line. Because Gail's story had made her so horny.

I was desperately trying not to get an erection and put off Gail Porter.

"As I was bouncing up and down on the trampoline my big tits encased in my school t-shirt were flying around in all directions. And every time I was in the air and my skirt was flaring up, flashing my 18 year old twatt to everybody." Gail said

"Mr McDonald told me to remove my gym clothes. And without thinking and not caring about who ever saw, because I was beginning to feel so horny, I pulled everything off." Gail continued.

"Mr McDonald and Andrew and Jimmy had all pulled out then massive erections and where openly masturbating while l continue to jump up and down on the trampoline. My big tits we're swinging as I continue to bounce up and down." Gail continued.

"Mr McDonald then climbed on the trampoline with me got me on my hand's and knees and took my virginity pushing his cock deep in my pussy doggy style, Jimmy and Andrew both fucked my mouth." Gail continued.

"This was the start off me becoming a sex addict. The real problems then started when I had my baby in my early twenties, all my hair fell out and I found out I was suffering with alopecia, my dd cup tits, ballooned to a massive 28JJ, 12 year's later they're are still 28 JJ " Gail said with a tear in her eye

"Who the hell has 28 JJ's, my fucking nickname is 28 Jay's later. With my bald head. I look like a massive baby with big tits. My massive tits and alopecia intimidate potential lovers and I look ugly, that's it." Gail says in tears.

I take the bull literally by the horns, strip naked in front of Coleen and Gail and pray that I didn't have an erection that would put Gail off.

"Gail you are going to have to learn to like and love your naked body. So I want you to strip off and get naked as I am." I command.
Gail Porter doe's as I commanded. But very slowly as she was very shy and anxious regarding her massive tits. Coleen Nolan and I watch intently as Gail first removes her trouser's revealing that she is wearing a tight black thong. Gail then removes her blouse over her smooth bald head throwing it to the floor. Gail is not wearing a bra and her 28 JJ tits, drop out, almost touching her knee's they look so smooth and massive. My cock stands erect hard against my belly. I had thought Coleen's 36 GG tits were enormous, but Gail's 28 JJ tits were in a league of their own.

When I had first seen Gail, she looked extremely morbidly obese. But it had been her giant mammoth sized JJ tits, she in fact was a tiny wee thing, very fit and in shape, run's and swim's to keep in shape. Doesn't run a lot because of her massive tits. The Glaswegian was a pale porcelain skin colour and smooth all over. Her head was completely smooth no hair. I thought it looked beautiful on her as her baldness brought out her stunning eye's even more.

"Look Gail what you have done to Dave's cock? See he find's you attractive and super sexy." Coleen smile's at Gail.

"I think Gail need's, some special treatment.' I laugh.

I take Gail into my bedroom, and lay her on her on my bed. I climb between her leg's and slid her thong down her smooth leg's and off, revealing her smooth twat. It was true due to her alopecia Gail Porter was truly smooth as a baby's bum, not one hair on her body.

Coleen leave's the camera filming the action, hanging it on the wall facing the action.

I pushed Gail Porter onto her back. I then stuck my tongue up her very sweet pussy, I say sweet as she tasted of honey and was very, very sticky with her pussy juice's. Gail screamed out not to use my tongue just yet and only to use my lips. I obeyed and forced my lips hard against her quim, pussy lips and tight hole. Gail responded by pushing her cunt hard against my lips in time to my motion's.

Gail suddenly pushed me off her. The karate black belt Gail Porter flipped me onto my back on the bed. Gail climbed on top of me, straddles my face, forcing her smooth pussy onto my mouth. Ordering and yelled at me to use my lips. God, I really wanted to get my tongue up her, but I did as I was asked. I pushed my lip's hard against her fanny, lapping away noisily at her sweet juice's, as Gail forced her cunt against my face.

"Fucking tongue me now you horny little bastard! Now! Please!" Gail shouted in her sexy Glaswegian accent.

I didn't wait to be asked again. Gail fell forward onto my penis and placed her mouth right over my massive purple helmet. Gail sucking hard at my rock-hard member. I responded by sticking my long tongue right into her pussy, flicking it one way then another, in and out, jabbing it back and forth into Gail's sweet, sticky pussy. God, I loved the taste of her fanny. Second's later Gail Porter came, with an orgasm so powerful I thought she was going to snap my tongue off.

Her orgasm was hard and very wet, Gail's pussy clenched back and forth on my tongue, sending jet's of sweet-tasting cum onto my lips as she rode back and forth on my tongue.

Coleen Nolan helped Gail Porter off my face. Coleen held the base of my cock steady pointing it to the ceiling. As Gail slowly impaled her cunt on my horse cock spear. Coleen held onto Gail, as she slowly lowered herself first onto my massive mushroom knob. Then slowly inch by inch down my shaft, until I was ball's deep.

Now Gail no longer on my face, I could see the familiar sight of Coleen Nolan, naked as us. Where Ever I looked there were massive tits it was awesome.

"Come on fuck him Gail he's desperate to see your massive tits swing." Coleen Nolan said.

Gail a very fit 46 year old, started to riding my cock hard and fast and began to swing and sway her 28JJ tits. Gail could see my intent look on my face, and leaned forward bashing my face with her water melon's. I lean forward placing my head between her massive mammaries. As Gail Porter rode my javelin she would bash and smash her tits into my face. Gail was boxing me with her massive tits, it was like doing a round with Mike Tyson. But I loved it.

"More! More! More! Box me with your glorious tits!" I cried.

Gail intensified her riding and was almost jumping off and on my prick. Her massive tits were smacking me in the face and smacking her in the face. Gail was possessed and unrelenting as she fucked up and down my 12 inch horse cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! You big bastard! Fuck me! Fuck my Scottish pussy!" Gail screamed in an almost in translatable Scottish twang.

Gail orgasmed and orgasmed and orgasmed. I thought she was going to snap my cock off at the root.

Coleen Nolan had a bottle of baby oil and was squirting oil into her hands. Coleen then began to massage baby oil into her buxom body. My view then became obscure as Gail covered my face with her tits as though trying to suffocate me with them. As she collapsed from her climax.

Gail then suddenly rose up off my cock. Coleen and Gail were massaging baby oil into each other's bodies. They covered each other arms, leg's and paid particular attention to each others big asses and massive tits. Coleen even massage oil into Gail Porter's bald head it was a very erotic sight to see two Mega titted women glowing and shining in baby oil.

Coleen and Gail began to put on a really dirty show, they rubbed their tits together and were snogging each other and were fingering each other's pussies. I lay watching and masturbating my raging hard cock.

Gail Porter and I swopped place's, Gail on her back, on the bed. I was having my hard cock massaged in baby oil by Coleen Nolan.

"Go on Dave go fuck those big titties, I know you want to." Coleen screamed.

I straddled Gail Porter's stomach and wedged my wang between her massive 28JJ baby oil covered jug's. Gail squeezed her tits together around my 12 inch Pole, it was fucking amazing almost better than a pussy, only they could be loosened or tightened at will. The baby oil had an amazing affect as the perfect lubricant, letting my cock slide in and out so smoothly.

I suddenly had a large 36GG tit thrust over my shoulder's. Coleen Nolan standing over us, had wrapped her massive tits around my neck. As I was tit fucking Gail, Coleen was massaging my head, face and body with her oily tits. It felt wonderful. I managed to stuff a Coleen Nolan egg sized nipple in my mouth.

I thrust my rod back and forth between Gail's slippery tits. When my hip's went into overdrive Gail squeezed her breast's even tighter together. The extra pressure all I needed and I shot a hefty load of jism, into her tit-tunnel.

As I rolled off her I was replaced by Coleen Nolan, she was sticking her tongue in the pull of spunk lapping it up like a cat lapping at cream. Coleen was suckling on Gail's tits trying to get as much of my cum as possible. Gail held her mouth wide open and Coleen spat the spunk into Gail's mouth and, Gail spat it back again. I climbed behind Coleen Nolan and ploughed my still semi hard cock into her pussy like an old familiar friend it fitted like a glove. I moved in and out of her juicy twat, her big 36 GG tits dangling in Gail Porter's face.

I had a wicked idea and pulled my now rejuvenated hard cock out of Coleen's cunt. Her asshole was well lubricated with baby oil. I grabbed her hip's and positioned my rod at her anus entrance. I slowly leaned forward shoving the head of my cock into her anal canal. Soon the rest of my shaft followed and I was embedded up to the ball's. I began stroking in and out as Coleen began to flex the muscles in her arse.

"It's damn tight Coleen!" I groaned loudly.

Coleen Nolan and Gail Porter's tits were squashed together and they were grinding their clits together. The harder I fucked Coleen's arse the more pressure and friction was being made between their leg's and both whores were cumming on each other.

"That's it! Do it!" Coleen screamed.

Her arse pulsated around my prong as she came, and I thrust as deep as possible, emptying my ball's into her bowel's. We all collapsed from our orgasms and clung together. I fell a sleep with my head on Gail's soft Pillow sized tits lightly sucking a nipple.

Gail and I slept together, but Coleen showered and dressed because she needed to get home to her husband. She promised to be back. But left us a present the film of what we had just done.

"I love my tits!" Gail whispered falling asleep.
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