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The Chesswoman Ch. 04

I got out my chess set, though first checking to make sure that my front door was locked and the windows were secured and covered. The first piece I took out was Jessica Simpson. I wasn't going to start with her, but I definitely was going to end with her. Then I grabbed two specific chess pieces: Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Alba.

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that watching girl-on-girl action isn't the most original fantasy in the world, but it is the fantasy held by men the world over. Actually, girl-on-girl-on-me action would have been my first choice of a fantasy come true, but I was still worried about being overpowered by the women I reanimated, so for now, watching two women enjoy each other sexually was going to have to suffice.

The photo I had used to 'capture' Michelle Trachtenberg had been from a scene in the movie Eurotrip, where she's reaching behind herself to untie her bikini top. I did the same kind of thing with Jessica Alba, except it was the scene in Fantastic Four where's she's invisible and is undressing herself, and materializes just as she's reaching behind herself to undo her bra. I grinned in expectation as I examined the two frozen women, then began to get ready for the fun I was planning.

First I spread a blanket out on my living room floor, then put my two 'chess pieces' down on top of the blanket. Next I stretched out and got comfortable before I, to paraphrase Grouch Marx, said the magic words and waited to see what I would win.

Instantly the two five inch women came to life. They spun around, looking wide eyed at their surroundings and about to go into a panic, before they turned around and faced me. Almost instantly, they relaxed, and with wide smiles, went back to removing their tops, letting them fall to the floor. Both of them pulled their shoulders back, hands clasped behind their heads, while Jessica Alba asked, "Like what you see, Jack?"

I could only nod dumbly as I took in their near nude forms. Both young women sported a set of small but perky breasts on lean forms, and both pairs of nipples were alert and pointed directly at me. I just stared for a couple of minutes, which made the two women giggle even more, before I managed to say, "Don't let me stop you from---" I stuttered to a halt, unable to come up with a suave way to ask them to continue stripping. I didn't need to worry; they got the idea. Still laughing, the two slipped out of their bottoms and slowly spun around for my perusal. Michelle had a strip of light brown hair between her legs while Alba was shaved bare. But as far as asses and legs were concerned, I would have to call it a tie.

"So Jack," Alba asked, "Are you going to have fun with us at this size, or are you going to grow us full size so that all three of us can have some fun?" Michelle watched wordlessly, a look of curiosity and expectation on her face. I was caught a little by surprise by Alba's suggestion. I hadn't really thought about doing anything directly with the two women at their chess piece size. Maybe I should do a little investigating, get a few ideas on how I could have a little fun with my tiny harem girls, though I wasn't sure how to put that query into an internet search. Well, that could wait for later. For now, I'd stick to my original plan.

"Actually, I thought you two could have some fun together, and I'd just watch for now," I answered.

Alba turned to Michelle, who shrugged her shoulders (making her torso do delightful things) and grinned: "Works for me," Without further ado, the two women embraced and began kissing. Alba was the more aggressive, with her hands moving up and down Michelle's back before settling on Michelle's ass. Michelle's hands soon followed suit.

The kiss intensified between the two, with Alba pushed her right leg forward, rubbing it against Michelle's crotch. Alba broke the kiss, and began kissing down Michelle's throat, all the while pushing Michelle down to the floor. With her body poised over Michelle's, Alba leaned down and rubbed noses with the other woman, whispering something that made the other woman giggle. As Alba's lips began moving down Michelle's body, I couldn't help but think that this wasn't Alba's first time with another woman.

Alba knelt back between Michelle's legs, letting her hands roam softly across Michelle's breasts, before leaning back down and taking the peak of Michelle's right breast into her mouth, softly sucking on Michelle's tender flesh. I watched as Michelle arched her back, her eyes closed in concentration, her hands behind Alba's head as she pushed herself against Alba's face. Alba moved up and the two shared another passionate kiss before Alba moved her mouth to capture Michelle's other breast.

Alba began kissing down Michelle's stomach as both Michelle and I held our breath in anticipation. Alba teased Michelle for a few moments, before slowing dragging her tongue up Michelle's slit, causing the younger woman to loudly gasp. Alba continued running her tongue up and down Michelle's nether lips when I suddenly got an inspiration.

As gently as I could, I grasped Alba's hips between my thumb and forefinger and rotated her, so that Alba's crotch was hovering over Michelle's face. Alba let out a little shriek but as soon as I released her hips, her mouth again descended to meet Michelle's lower lips. Michelle wasted no time, her hands reaching up and grabbing Alba's ass, half lifting herself up and half pulling Alba down, then plunging her tongue into Alba's wetness. Alba made a muffled moan, but Michelle's ministrations just drove Alba's tongue to move harder and faster. It seemed in not time at all, the bodies of the two women began shaking before they stiffened simultaneously. Michelle and Alba held that position for a few seconds and then, as if by unspoken agreement, the two women pushed away from each other. After laying still for a minute to catch her breath, Michelle scooted around and pulled herself up to Alba's face. The two women just laid there, speaking softly to each other, before I muttered a few words that transformed them back to chess pieces again.

I'd like to say at this point that I brought Jessica Simpson back to life and made wild, passionate love to her, but in reality I was so horny I just wanted something to fuck, and fuck hard. I grabbed the chess piece that was Jessica Simpson and carried it back to my bedroom, stripping my clothes off along the way. As soon as I was in my bedroom, I tossed the chess piece that was Jessica onto the bed and muttered a few words as I pulled my underwear off. Jessica materialized in midair, full-sized and bounced on the bed. She looked around wild-eyed before staring straight at my erection and muttering "Oh Jack!" I pushed her against the bed and plunged into her, finding her wet, warm and willing. By that time I had forgotten all about any noise the neighbors might hear as I was pumping hard into Jessica, but either Jessica was worried about my neighbors hearing her, or she just didn't want to be mistaken for a screamer. Whatever her motives were, she bit into my shoulder to suppress a scream, leaving a mark, while her legs wrapped around me tightly. In no time at all, we both came hard.

I flipped us over, my erection still in her, and let Jessica ride on top. And ride me she did. She had her face all screwed up, as if she needed all her concentration to make this work. I, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of those breasts of her, bouncing all over the place. My hands moved up, squeezing and kneading them, my fingers meeting at her nipples, twisting and tugging them. I didn't do this too hard, but just hard enough for both of us to enjoy it.

Jessica's hips suddenly started moving up and down rapidly, and I felt her velvet walls squeezing my erection. She leaned down, her lips pressing mine as we both came hard a second time.

Jessica continued to move up and down on me, but definitely slowing down, before lifting herself up, letting me pop out of her. She lowered her head to my chest, snuggling up to me as our breathing and hearts returned to normal.

"Wow!" she muttered into my skin. "That!"

"Yeah," was all I managed to say, as I draped my arm around her, holding her closer. And then I did the stupidest thing I could think of.

I fell asleep. Without returning Jessica Simpson to the chess set.
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