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The Cuck and the Roommate

Kevin and Jenny were high-school sweethearts. They'd met in their small town in the suburbs, becoming friends at 12 before they started dating at 15. They had stayed a strong couple through all of high school, growing as people and developing together - they had stuck with each other through thick and thin. They were each other's firsts in everything - both had only ever slept with the other.

College was the next big adventure - they'd made a point to apply and enroll at the same state university. It was stressful and exciting and new, all at the same time. They learned about each other and themselves. They made new friends and lost friendships along the way. Overall, it had been a great experience and continued to be as they both entered their 3rd year.

Both knew their sexual relationship was the rockiest aspect of their love. Emotionally, they were perfect together - they were best friends, and knew each other inside and out. But somewhere, the spark had been dimmed. They didn't fuck regularly, and usually got off separately through porn or imagination. They were both a bit too shy and a bit too vanilla, and didn't really know how to reach the next step in their sexual exploration.

Jenny had particular inhibitions. She was very used to vanilla sex, and definitely wanted a more intense sexual relationship with Kevin - though she didn't really know how to vocalize this. Deep down, she knew she wanted Kevin to assert himself more and take charge better.

Kevin had more of a dark secret when it came to sexuality - he had a deep, tortured cuckold fetish. He lacked confidence, and as the fetish took over him, he initiated less sex with Jenny and relied more on cuckold porn and masturbation to get off. He had a desperate fantasy to make his cuckold dream a reality - by convincing Jenny to sleep with another man. Just once, in a controlled situation.

Both were about to be thrown a massive curveball, though they didn't realize it at the time. As they went into their 3rd year, Kevin's previous planned roommate had to take a break from school for family emergencies - as it was too late to find a different roommate, Kevin was assigned a new roommate for his college dorm apartment. And that was how he met Mark - his new roommate, who would change everything.

What's next?

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