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The Dark Damsel Ch. 15

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She looked like the head cheerleader at my old alma mater...tall, gorgeous and a little better developed than everyone else. But like the head cheerleader at my alma mater, she met a bad end. Supergirl looked like Betty Ambromowicz at the senior homecoming kegger after the captain of the football team had his way in the garage against her will. The image took me back and reminded me how injustice is more likely to prevail in this world over the weak and innocent. There was nothing "super" about this woman forced to straddle a twisted-looking exercise machine. Supergirl, with her little red skirt flopped over her upturned ass and a clear case of a kryptonite colonic was experiencing just how evil my side could be.

This is the payback for fucking with my kind. It was a true portrayal of how ugly and vile the bad guys could be when cornered and how beauty and virtue will always be a target for corruption and desecration. So faced with the prospect of having my way with Supergirl, indulging my self on her tender, mortal, yet perfect flesh...and fighting for the survival of this gorgeous blonde I barely knew... well, I had no choice...

"Mr. Anaxandros..." Granny the Grizzled Cunt warbled from her place on high above the Fuck-Zone. "We're waiting...."

"You and every other fucking degenereate." I replied. "I mean, what exactly am I to do here? I fucked Catwoman and look at what happened to her... you think I'm going to do that again?!"

The dark shape behind the line of villains did not move, but I could see his eyes glow with what could only be described as rage. I was too pissed off to care. "And you...the big fucking mystery standing back there like you're too good to be a fucking voyeur....I'm not fucking Supergirl if only because I see you standing there like you have nothing better to do than jerk off."

The eyes burned brighter. The company of freaks at the window moved to one side quickly, as if expecting something to happen...which, of course, it did.

"Mr. Anaxandros," a new, deep dark and sinister voice intoned, "You would be wise to heed my words. I am Darkseid, Lord of Apokalypse and I not only control your fate but the fate of those closest to you."

I watched this stone giant step forward toward the glass, like the head of the Sphinx, with a Rock Monster body in blue steel trunks. It was absurd to watch this creature act human, grinding its granite muscles together as it walked and posed before me...I could only think it needed to impress me with its "alien-ness" and, quite frankly, I was far too tired and pissed to care if it was about to vaporize me or shove its basalt cock in my asshole.

"Listen, chuckles," I said, stepping forward and around Supergirl's body. I ran a hand over the soft blue fabric of her leotard, partly like a buyer inspecting the goods, but partly to reassure her...of something, hope maybe...I don't know. "In any other day, I would love to take this gift and pound it like a Luthorian love doll, but you're putting me at risk here. What if this girl's cousin shows up and sees me banging her? He'd burn my dick off. Sure, you're so awe-inspiring and impressive and all that... and I'm sure you can do lots of mean and nasty things to me, but...hey...those bright eyes of your can't kill me slower than any suicide plan I have."

There was a moment. A moment where the gargoyle stood silently, motionless. I didn't bother waiting for death. I distracted myself with the defiled beauty on her knees beneath me. Supergirl remained splayed on the floor. I admit to watching her tight little ass wiggling. I made out the shaft of a glowing green dildo in her nether regions.

"Your sudden nobility is unfortunate, Anaxandros." The statue growled. "You will regret this as I tear apart your beloved Batgirl."

Ahh, knew I was getting back to Batgirl. Somehow it had to make sense. He could have vaporized me. I had something on the Lord of Apokalypse...on all these freaks. I wasn't just the random entertainment. They NEEDED me to fuck Supergirl. They presumed my inflated libido would naturally cause me to want to fuck anything in spandex with a warm, wet slit. And they'd be right about that. They certainly did their research.

"Wait....hold it...." I shook my head. I took a step toward Supergirl. Her eyes were nearly dead, though her body remained firm and receptive to use by someone like me. Sbe was in no position to resist. I had total control over her.

"Let's talk Batgirl a minute. If I do this thing...will you let Batgirl go...IVY, will you cure her so she can walk out of here?"

Ivy didn't want to say anything. Darkseid revealed a set of luminous teeth in a parody of a smile that drew back my attention as he said, "I will make it so....NOW, give her your seed, Anaxandros."

I stepped forward, unzipping my trousers. I didn't know what I was doing. I felt self-conscious and wrong displaying myself this way. I took up a position behind Supergirl and fell to my knees. I leanded in around her, placing a hand around her waist from the "doggy style" position and leaned in to nuzzle her neck. I did not penetrate her just yet. There was still hope.

"Can you hear me?" I whispered in her ear as I kissed her neck and nuzzled her. I pinched her thigh between my fingers, realizing how the Kryptonite had reduced her resistance to pain. She actually responded to a simple tweak, as if I had startled her awake.

"Supergirl...I want to help. If I remove this...thing....can you destroy it?"

She moaned...""

I put my arm around her and used the other to massage her tight little ass. My finger circled the lipstick-sized shaft of kryptonite embedded in her ass. I said again, "Supergirl...I'm pretty much fucked here without you...and so are you if I can't figure out a way to save us. I don't know you very well, but I think if you knew the situation, you'd help me get us both out of here....

"'t....don't fuck me....."

The voice was like a fit in the middle of a dream, and it didn't help me at all. I began tugging on the dildo, to dislodge it from her bottom. I could feel it vibrating my my hands. The tug of war was difficult. She seemed to clamp down on it as I pulled. I tugged harder, but it seemed to be pulled back into her for every millimeter I could free it. I heard her panting and gasping. Realizing I was sodomizing her with a kryptonite dildo, I tried a more direct approach and yanked as hard as I could. I realized why it was such a struggle. She bellowed in pain as the shaft ballooned into a bulb three times the diameter of the end I held in my hand. Her ass expanded to afford it passage through, but it must have been horrible; a baseball-sized center stretched her wide. As we passed the widest point, Supergirl forcibly ejected it herself, bearing down as if giving birth, she cried out as it POPPED from her ass.

I leaned forward, around her looking into the face of humiliation and despair. She didn't look at me. She fixed her ice-blue eyes on the floor and tears leapt off her cheek. I knew what Betty felt that night she crawled across the house, drunk, exposed and ashamed as people she thought respected and adored her mocked and belittled her. Back then I would have said it was balance.

Today, I say it was just plain wrong.

I said, "The kryptonite is gone, Supergirl. You need to focus. I'm not strong enough to..."

She slowly turned her head, her eyes wide open as her lips parted. "You need Barbara...Diana....Dinah...all the others....kill me....kill me before Darkseid takes me...."

Then I took a page from your playbook, Bats. I recognized the need for force over respectful pleading. I leaned into her and smacked her naked ass hard. She sqeaked! She actually, swear to God, squeaked! I said in my best melodramatic way, "Supergirl, there's no time. You must fight this. Supergirl, do you hear me?"

In a moment, I shook her violently by the shoulders. She clamped her eyes shut. I could only imagine what the powers-that-were above me thought of this. Here I was, unzipped, erect, my cock rubbing against her still-covered waist, but oblivious to it all as I tried to get her to focus. I said the only thing I could to motivate her. "If you don't, Supergirl...Darkseid will have you, dead or alive. If the rumors are true, death won't be the end for you. He'll reanimate you with Ivy's plants and use you like he used he's using Batgirl and the others. He'll fuck your walking corpse and parade your naked body to the people you love, sell you...sell them..we've got to stop them. I can't do this alone."

I knew something was going on upstairs in the observation gallery. I had exceeded my grace period for foreplay, it appeared, and the goon squad was coming. I heard movement and shouting from somewhere outside the room. As I held Supergirl's arms and shoulders, I felt them stiffening, changing, hardening to my touch. flesh was turning back to steel, but would it be fast enough to save us?

Supergirl gasped, "You have to fuck save Barbara...before its too late. You need to..."

She looked at me with something I'd never seen in the eyes of you tights-wearing freaks: Respect. She looked at me and smiled. "Barbara was right about you...there's good in you, yet. Now FUCK me so we can save her life."

The contact point of the Kryptonite was the last to recover. I wasted no time. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Darkseid, Ivy and the Doktor still in the window. As I kissed away the lingering tears on Supergirl's cheek, I laid odds Bane was on his way downstairs to do the job himself. I couldn't let that happen.

They say sex increases the circulation, metabolism, everything these are things I thought of when I took a place behind Supergirl. Where the krytonite bulb had touched was the most irradiated, so her ass, her thighs and her pussy were still sensitive to the touch. I slid my hands up over her ass and felt my semi-erect cock pump up and harden, standing straight out for the first time, I think, since high school. I didn't need to position myself. I wrapped my hands around Supergirl's tiny waist and pulled myself forward.

As I did, I heard Supergirl say, "I've never...had a human lover...befooRRRRE!" small step for man, Bats. One giant leap for Anaxandros. The head of my cock penetrated her tight entry. We were racing against time, now. I could see her upper body expanding slightly, the muscles of her back and shoulders were more defined. Her hair seemed glossier, fuller and her arms flexed as they fought against the stocks. As for me, I was having a hard time penetrating her rapidly hardening sex. I didn't want to hurt her, but I had to try to penetrate her fully. As I did, I felt her own juices start to flow. She was still tight, but my eight inch cock managed to bury itself halfway before the tightness was too great. It felt incredible. As she fought her binds, the strength and pressure transferred to her vaginal walls, which constricted evenly over the length of my cock, clmaping down on it and pulling it in slowly. It was painful, but incredibly erotic to feel her fucking my cock from inside. I clamped my hands on her teenage ass and howled, giving up the usual pound-and-repeat method for her far superior method of milking me to orgasm. She was straining and groaning, gasping...but I have my doubts it was from me. If I didn't know any better, she was using me. Multi-tasking the escape and our sex to be as efficient as possible. Before I knew it, she had drawn me inside her completely and the head of my cock rested against her cervix. It was so warm and slick. I began to fuck back, pullng on her tiny waist to try and match the timing of her contractions. The lubrication was building enough that I could penetrate back in during the clenching and...I fucked her tight virgin pussy and forced myself to accelerate the process. I couldn't enjoy it very long. I had to finish. Supergirl whispered, " feel incredible...when this is over, expect me to pay you a visit so we can...OH! this right...nmmmmhhh...." The thought of that took me over the edge. Something at the last minute told me to pull out and I did, stroking the last few seconds to come on her ass. I blew a larger amount than I thought I had in me over her. I heard her gasp and moan, then heard the cracking of steel and plastic. The stocks broke open and the Girl of Steel stood up from her position.

And there I stood, my pud in my hand, shrinking away from the sight of Supergirl at full power. She stood like a demigoddess, in my afterglow the perfect specimin of female fitness...even if my seed was clnging to her backside under her skirt. She smiled at me. I just blinked a lot and grinned back stupidly. She looked down and I realized I was stroking myself off. Clearly beat red, I packed myself away.

So, Bats...I guess goodness pays dividends, huh? She kissed me on the cheek. "Thank stimulated my body enough to accelerate my recovery. And the effect was quite...interesting." Still unable to speak, it took Bane and a dozen of Darkseid's faceless goons to bresak me out of my post-coital stupor. Darkseid and the others were gone from the observation booth. Supergirl and I stood in the center of the room as both doors opened and I could see what waited for us.

I looked around to Supergirl. She was studying the walls. "Well, the bad news is that the weakest link is leading into the compound. There are about fifty heading out of here."

"Can you get out through the...ummm..." I pointed up.

She continued scanning the corridors with her X-Ray vision. "Yes, but the impact would kill you. If I leave you alone for a second, they'll kill you. Bane's busy pumping himself up to take me on, so I can't imagine you surviving his breath, much less his bare hands."

"You need to get help. You're the only one who can. If you can get me through the smaller group, I'll be fine."

She turned to me, concerned. "What are YOU going to do against them? Darkseid will find and kill you. if not him, Bane. If not Bane...Ivy...."

"I get the picture. I can get through it. I need to locate Batgirl and get her out of here. Maybe by the time I find her and figure out what's happened to us, the Justice League will return looking for the hostages. Either way...we're running out of options."

Supergirl turned her head quickly to see a facelss goon charge. Her eyes focused and burned red. The lead goon burst into flames, falling backward into another. They piled in front of the door leading to freedom. My only chance was the doorway lleading deeper into the complex.

"You've got to get help, Supergirl." She shook her head, but agreed. Taking my hand, she lead the way through the door, passed the opposition as if she were pushing aside stuffed animals in a closet instead of large humanoids. In a matter of seconds of blurry, furious pummeling, a path was cleared for me. I turned to her and said the only thing I could think of. "Sorry about"

She laughed. "You're a sweet man. You have issues, but we'll work on those when this is all over." She winked, turned and shot up into the ceiling of the Fuck-Room. A loud bang hurt my ears and steel shrampnel fell out of the gaping hole she left through the many levels above us. I ducked into the dark corridor beyond and tried to find a place to hide.

As I ran, I remembered Supergirl reading off names...real names along with Barbara. Did Supergirl, inadvertantly give me the secret identities of the other hostages? I came to an intersection and looked down. To my left, I thought I saw a dark shape scurry into a vent...Batgirl. To my right, I saw a parade of Faceless goons escorting the hostages. For the first time, I saw Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Huntress, Cheetah, Jade, Hawkgirl...and several I didn't have time to ID before I ducked back into the adjoining hallway.

So, here was the problem...did I go chasing after Batgirl through the vents of this place, or do I make a stand and try to free the hostages? This job was getting better every minute.


Does he pursue the Dark Damsel, or try to free the hostages in the hope that at least one will help him hold off the rest until the Justice League arrives to save the day? Submit your feedback to guide Anaxandros through the next chapter! - BD
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