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The Destruction of Dumbledore's Army

This is my first ever story, so hopefully it's not too bad and gets better as I go.

*ALL characters are 18+*

Warnings for this story include sexual content, violence, non-consent, gore, and snuff. If this isn't what you enjoy turn back now.

In this story Voldemort takes a different approach and intends to cripple the resistance at Hogwarts sooner without taking over. And given how the ministry stooge Umbridge is acting, the inquisitorial squad seems like the perfect tool to accomplish this.

This is somewhat AU, Lily Potter survives that night, other than that basically canon up to 5th year. In 5th year it basically proceeds the same, but Voldemort is completely inactive to the public so the ministry showdown never happens, also Umbridge never finds out about the DA, and the ministry is more active at changing the staff at Hogwarts to remove Dumbledore's influence on the students. However some of Dumbledore's old friends were able to successfully influence minister Fudge to select some of the members of the order of the Phoenix as new teachers.

During 5th year and over the summer McGonagall, Flitwick, and Hagrid were removed, and along with the DADA vacancy from Umbridge being appointed headmistress, meant there were 4 vacant positions. The order was able to get members into 3 of the vacant positions. Lily Potter taking over charms, Nymohadora Tonks for DADA, and Fleur Delacour for transfiguration. Not everything went the orders way though, Walden McNair was assigned to groundskeeper and care of magical creatures was dropped as a class. Then Narcissa Malfoy was appointed to deputy headmistress which was split from a teaching role and turned into its own position.

That's the setup for this story, hope you enjoy.

What's next?

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