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The Doll

Sitting in front of his computer Henry was browsing on a website that sold realistic life size sex dolls. He was amazed at how life-like these dolls were. As Henry continued browsing the website, the urge to place an order was growing inside him.

He liked the ones that were already preconfigured, but he wanted to customize a doll to his liking. He continued to search for the option to customize a doll, but could not find it. Henry picked up his phone and called the company.

"Thank you for calling, my name is Jennifer. How may I help you?"

"Yes my name is Henry and I want to order a customized doll, but I didn't see it on your website."

"No problem sir, I am sorry to hear that it is not on the website. I can definitely help you with ordering a customized doll."

Feeling relieved Henry quickly started to think of his ideal doll.

"Okay, the sex doll should be about 5'6" with a slim build."

"No problem Henry. Bust size?"


"Okay, hair color and length?"

"Medium length, straight with jet black hair."

"Great. Eye color?"

"Green, if possible."

"Green eyes, yes definitely possible. Now shaved or hairy?"


"Make-up. Light, medium, or slutty?"

"Let's go with medium."

"Great. And clothing?"


"Yes we offer some basic clothing that comes with all of our dolls."

"What are my options?"

"Well, right now we have three: sexy bride, naughty nurse and naughty school girl."

"Guess I will go with, sexy bride."

"Excellent choice, it is our popular choice."

After reading back to Henry his customized order, she gave him the total for his order.

"The total with shipping and handling comes to $6,724."

Henry knew it was going to be expensive and was willing to spend that amount for companionship.

"By any chance is there any sales or special offers?"

"Let me check, please hold."

After a few minutes, Jennifer came back on the phone.


"Yes, I am still here."

"Great. Well we don't have any special offers or discounts on this doll. However, I was informed that there is a special deal on our new experimental sex doll."

Henry inquired about this experimental doll and its features as well as what it will cost him.

"Well it will cost the same, except it will take about two months longer to full-fill your request."

"What is so special about this doll?"

"Well, the vaginal area, if stimulated correctly will become wet like the real thing."

"How does that work on a doll?"

"I am sorry but that is the only information they gave me."

"So I have to wait two additional months if I order this experimental sex doll?"

"Yes that is correct."

"Okay I'll order it."

Four Months Later

A text notification appeared on Henry's smartphone. Order#Z5678S345 has been shipped, estimate delivery Friday. Fortunately Henry lived in a ranch style home and worked from home, this allowed him to be available when his doll was to be delivered.

As Friday came, Henry opened his garage and parked his car in the driveway, freeing up room in the garage for the large crate.

It was around 2:30PM when a delivery truck arrived. Two men unloaded a large crate and with a dolly, wheeled it into the garage. Henry thanked the men, even tipped them $20 each.

After they left, he closed the garage door and stared to open the crate which was standing upright. Styrofoam popcorn spilled all over the floor, reveling the doll that he ordered, dressed in a sexy bridal lingerie, with a veil covering her face.

Clearing the crate of all the Styrofoam popcorn, Henry unmounted the doll from the brackets and carried her to the bedroom. He came back to check if he missed anything from the crate. While sifting through the Styrofoam he came across an envelope.

After opening it, he went through the first page thanking for his purchase ect... Then he came across instructions on registering the doll.

Thank you for purchasing the newest experimental sex doll. Because it is an experimental doll you are required to registered this sex doll otherwise we will not replace, repair, refund any damages that the doll may have incurred during normal use.

Henry decided to called the number on the letter. Hearing the same message he was finally prompted to enter the product number that was on the letter which was #3845-624422559-3655.

Thank you for registering your sex doll. We hope that you enjoy your new female companion.

Henry headed back to the bedroom where he repositioned the sex doll, took his clothes off and then climbed onto the bed.

Touching the legs of the sex doll, Henry was surprised how it felt more like real skin than silicone. He then glided his hand onto the doll's white panties, then sliding to the side. As he gentle started to play with the doll's pussy, it started to get wet. Henry slowly inserted his finger and was surprised at how warm and wet it was inside.

He checked the doll and everything indicated that it was indeed a sex doll.

Reassured it was a sex doll, Henry climbed on top of the doll and slowly pulled the white panties of it, the lifted the veil reveling the dolls pretty face.

First he started to kiss the sex doll on the lips as he rubbed his hands up and down the sex doll's legs, then he started to suck on its breasts. After several minutes, Henry decided to "consummate" the marriage with his new sex doll.

The sex doll's rubber pussy was so warm and wet that Henry was easily able to slid his cock inside it.

At first he started fucking the sex doll slow and softly, then picked up the pace; faster and harder. He repositioned the sex doll's arms over its head.

As Henry felt the urge to cum, he picked up his pace grabbing a firm hold on the sex doll's waist.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

He collapsed on top of the sex doll as he filled its rubber pussy with his cum. The doll's rubber pussy was still warm and wet.

Henry laid on top of the sex doll, cuddling with it for several minutes. As he started to fall asleep on top of the sex doll, a strange tingling feeling began covering his body. As he looked around him, the rubber skin of the sex doll started to cover his body.

"What the fuck is happening? Help!"

The rubber liquid was too strong for Henry to break free from. Soon his entire body was covered in rubber.

His body and the body of the sex doll soon merged into one body.

Henry was now looking at the ceiling of his bedroom, unable to move or talk. The sunlight that shined in the bedroom started to fade away as the evening's dark sky appeared.

Being completely immobile all Henry could was just lay there and go to sleep.

The sound of commotion from the living woke Henry up. Remembering what happened earlier, Henry was worried if there was an intruder in his home. He began to tremble in fear as the sound of foot steps got closer.

The bedroom lights temporary blinded Henry, as he regained his vision he saw a woman dressed in a business outfit with long dark hair, eye color that Henry had never seen and her skin had a hint of green complexion. As she sat next to Henry, she gave him a wicked smile.

Then two muscular men came into the room, picked up Henry and carried him to the garage. Once there, they started to secure him in the same box crate that the sex doll had came in.

With the crate lying on the ground, the men started to fill it with Styrofoam popcorn. Then mysterious woman came into the garage talking on her cellphone.

"Yes, it worked. His body has fully merged with the rubber sex doll."

"Listen, I want these rubber sex dolls in full production by the end of the week. I want the marketing department to hype the fuck out of these rubber sex dolls."

"I want every lonely pathetic men on this planet convinced of buying these fucking rubber sex dolls."

As the last bag of Styrofoam popcorn was being poured into the crate covering Henry's face; he managed to heard the last part of this mysterious woman's conversation.

"Yeah! And the best part, the warning is hidden in the product number."

And with that the crate was finally sealed along with Henry's fate.

To Be Continued??
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