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The Experimenting Fiance

This is currently a work-in-progress. Updates to the ongoing story and paths, with reference dates, will be included here on the first page. Any questions/comments/compliments/insults are welcome via chapter comments and private messages, don't hesitate to reach out if you feel inclined!

This story has multiple flags and variables that will influence how the story progresses, and hidden/variant text, so please ensure game mode is active before beginning for the best experience possible. Variables and flags are hidden (and are supposed to be!) to keep the reader unaware of the story and potential spoilers for future content. Multiple paths and endings will eventually be available, to make repeat reading a possibility for your enjoyment!

But a word of forewarning: unlike other stories, the path of quick depravity may not always be the best. Pushing too hard or too quickly as the story progresses may have unintended consequences further down the road...of course, whether they're negative or positive depends entirely upon you. Or, it may just cause you to miss much juicier scenes later on!

Latest update: 12/15/2020, day 4 (Friday) is complete, and the introductory scene to the day 5 femdom path is live with a special opportunity to do some exploration of your own. After this, the femdom path will branch depending on what relationships you've built outside Alice.

Please enjoy my story, and happy fapping!

When you graduated college, you were alone and adrift in the world. You found a decent job, kept to your usual routine, and made your way as best you could...until you met Alice. You found her physically captivating, and would never have approached her on your own, but to your surprise she did the work and made the first move. The two of you got along fantastically, started dating, and you realized she was everything you never knew you wanted in a relationship. Vibrant, active, outgoing, caring, energetic, and absolutely bursting with life, she was the perfect compliment to you and made you want to be a better person. You found yourself, and have never been happier with your life with Alice at your side.

A sudden economic downturn made you two move in together a few months into your relationship, perhaps a bit sooner than you would have liked, and there was some tension initially with some minor bickering and even a fight or two. But, the two of you made it work, and your relationship ended up stronger for it. Now, nearly a year into your relationship, the two of you have begun talking about marriage and announced your engagement to friends and family. The only thing left is to set a date and make arrangements; the two of you keep putting it off, mostly happy the way things are, but the real world -- finances, insurance, tax incentives -- is making you get more serious about making commitments.

But for some reason, it just feels like everything is not yet in place to take the next step, and despite your happiness lingering thoughts and worries stay in your mind. Most days you shrug them off as cold feet or the harsh reality creeping in, but they remain. This Friday, you decide to take off work early and surprise Alice, with the mind to butter her up for a real conversation about your feelings.

If only things were that easy. You park your car, and check your phone to see you've received a text from your boss.

"check ur email", it says, "i sent u work docs to complete by Mon".

It's the last thing you need to deal with this weekend. You ride the elevator upstairs to the apartment you share with Alice -- two bedroom, one bath, with a joined living room and kitchenette. The two of you converted the second bedroom into a home office and shared work/hobby space, with your computer and her workout and crafts stuff in it. You unlock the door, and hear the shower running.

"Hey babe, I took off early!" you shout. You poke your head into the bathroom, "I thought we might go out tonight".

"Hey baby," Alice says through the plastic shower curtain. She pokes her head out and the two of you kiss. "Sounds great, let me finish and get ready!" You walk out of the bathroom and into the office, saying behind you, "we'll talk when you get out. I have some work documents to check on the computer first". You sit down at your desk, and hear from the shower, "oh sh-- wait a second!".

But it's too late. You move the mouse and the screen comes to life, she left herself logged in...and you see a porn site open on her web browser. It's then you notice her vibrator sitting on your desk. Alice runs into the office, naked and dripping, grabs the mouse from your hands and quickly closes the browser window. But before she does, you notice the title of the video that was on the screen...

What's next?

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