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The Gloryhole

Brad and Janet had been together for many years and although they had an open relationship, they had never been to a party like this one before. As they drove to the house, Janet was trembling in nervous anticipation. She had never done anything this adventurous before, but despite her fear she could still feel the excitement building! Janet had worn a slinky black dress with black stocking and high-heel shoes, while Brad dressed up in a nice casual suit. At five foot six and 120 pounds she was considered good looking. And the long natural red hair made her look stunning. Brad with his blonde hair, blue eyes and tall six foot frame made him a Nazi maiden's wet dream!

Eventually they found their destination. They had known their friend Steve for many years. Steve was into the 'alternative' lifestyle and being a Master, he naturally owned a slave girl. At least at the moment he owned only one. Steve also liked to throw parties. Yes, he had a lot of play parties, but he also liked to throw invitation-only type parties and tonight one of those parties was being held. Brad and Janet good friends of the host and were always invited out, but this was the first time they had ever agreed to go. They weren't sure if they wanted to play or not, but Steve had left the night wide open so anything could happen.

However, there was one thing the host had in mind. Steve had set up what is called a 'Gloryhole' in one of the rooms in his home. Steve was well off and had a large home, so it was no problem to set up a small room that had two adjoining booths inside. The room wasn't much larger than a bathroom, but it had two smallish adjoining booths that were completely enclosed with only a door in the front of each. Also in the room was a sink and mirror in case 'freshening' up was in order.

Brad and Janet were hoping to see a bit of the lifestyle tonight. They discussed the possibility of using the gloryhole. Brad wanted to use it, but Janet was too scared. She did agree that if he wanted to use the gloryhole, he was free to do so, but she really didn't want to know about it. They had arrived just as the sun was setting and the party was starting. The guests were now arriving and some had already begun drinking, lounging on the deck or enjoying the hot tub. They saw a few slaves with their Masters, some people dressed in fetish wear and a few normally dressed people that must have been swingers.

"Where is your slave hiding?" Brad asked Steve when they had a few minutes alone. Janet listened in closely, but said nothing.

"She is down in the gloryhole. I plan on leaving her there all night!" Steve replied with a wicked smile. Janet blushed at the thought of what that slave might be doing, even as they spoke. Steve looked at her as smiled. "Maybe you should try it. You never know, you might like it."

Janet was left speechless. She excused herself to get another drink. Maybe alcohol would make her feel more at ease. She caught bits and pieces of conversation, but she didn't know anyone else here, so she didn't get involved in any discussions. She did listen up when she heard a Master telling his slave how enjoyable the gloryhole had just been. She felt an excitement she had never known before. Again her thoughts wandered to the gloryhole and what it must be like to be used so anonymously. The slave had no idea that this man had just used her. Janet could feel herself getting excited at the mere thought!

When Janet returned, she found Brad was gone and Steve was talking to another guest. "Excuse me, but what happened to Brad?"

"Oh he had to use the washroom. Let's go outside and meet a few of our guest," Taking Janet's free hand he escorted her like a Lady out to the deck. There were people naked in the hot tub, both men and women. Other guests lounged on the deck chatting as if the party was no big deal. Janet could understand everything about this place was turning her on. Steve introduced her around and his guest made it clear just how beautiful they thought she was. It made her blush more than once.

Meanwhile, once Brad was finished in the restroom he decided now was a good time to sneak down to the gloryhole. When he got down to the basement and found the door he saw a set of instruction that were to be strictly followed when using the gloryhole. First rule involved the occupied sign. If there was a sign on the door, it meant that both booths were in use. No one else was allowed in if the booths were full in order to keep the secrecy of those using it. There was no occupied sign on the door. Good! Brad couldn't wait to get inside! The second rule was no talking at all. Even moans and groans were to be kept to a minimum. Again this ensured the secrecy of who was using it. It was all part of the thrill. The two booths each had a sign hanging on the door that was either pink or blue. Pink meant a woman was inside blue meant a man. No sign meant it was empty. Brad went inside having read the rest of the rules and put the occupied sign on the door. Inside He saw the pink sign hanging on one of the doors and knew that it must have been the slave inside. The booth next to it had no sign. He hung the blue sign out and stepped inside the booth. The booth was small, but there was enough room to maneuver around a bit. The booth had a small chair in one corner with some towels on it. There was a hole cut in the wall between the two booths. The hole was three inches wide with a black velvet cloth covering it. The rules said no talking. All Brad had to do was stick his rock hard cock threw a slit in the cloth. The slave would do the rest. Brad didn't know what to expect when he undid his pants and let loose his engorged 7 inch rod.

He stuck his cock threw the hole and waited. In a few moments her could feel a small delicate hand gentle touch his cock all over caressing it. When the warm wet tongue slowly licked the head he felt it get impossibly hard! The slave had a lot of experience giving blow jobs and Brad savored every moment of it. The slave sucked slowly and deliberately coaxing his orgasm out. She licked the head like a lollypop. Brad had seen the slave once before, but it was only briefly and it was a while ago, so he had trouble picturing her. But that only added to the excitement! He loved the idea that he really didn't know her and she had no idea whose cock she was suck, only that it was her job to suck any cock stuck threw the hole. She was a very good slave and eventually Brad could stand no more. He erupted like a volcano shooting huge globs of cum directly into her mouth. Like a good slave she swallowed all of it never spilling a drop. She licked his cock clean before letting go having fulfilled her duty.

Brad placed his spent cock back in his pants, wiped his hands and then left taking the signs down so the next person could come in. There was no one waiting outside and Brad returned to the party to mix in with the crowd. He loved the idea that he had just gotten a blow job and no one, not even Janet, had known. By the time Brad had found Janet she was already on to her third drink and was feeling much more relaxed.

"You were gone awhile," Janet commented slyly.

Brad couldn't wipe the smile off his face, but he wouldn't say anything more than he went to the restroom and after got busy talking to someone.

Eventually a friend of Brad's came along and said. "Brad there are some people here that you just have to meet. I'll introduce you."

Brad excused himself and left Steve and Janet alone. Janet finished her drink. "Steve, I have to use the Ladies room, could you show me where it is?"

"Sure go up those stairs and it will be the first door on your left," Steve replied. "I'll freshen up your drink for you."

Janet went up and found the bathroom unoccupied. She went inside and sat down on the toilet. While she peed she noticed her underwear had a dark wet spot in the crotch. She had gotten very excited and couldn't stop thinking about the gloryhole. She decided that if Brad could have some fun than so could she! She would speak with Steve about it when he brought her a drink. Steve was a very nice man she decided. No wonder his slave served his every whim! Janet finished up and freshened up her make-up a bit and made sure she looked very sexy.

When she opened the door she found Steve waiting for her with another drink. "Thank you. You're too kind," She said.

"Its my pleasure. Now I must return to my other guests," As Steve turned to go Janet reached out and grabbed his arm.

"No wait. I want to ask you something," She replied. She looked around not wanting anyone else to overhear them, but no one was there.

"Yes, ask away."

"This gloryhole, you never see or hear the other person?" Janet was almost shocked to hear herself say it. It was as if she became someone else.

"No talking is allowed, you never know who the other person is. Are you interested now?" Steve asked.

Janet looked at the floor and blushed. "Yes, I am interested. Would it be possible for me to use it?"

"You mean in place of my slave? To be used by the men here?" Steve asked with a wicked smile that made her gulp her drink down as quickly as possible.

She had to agree now or she would loose her nerve. "Yes, if you'll allow it. But I don't want anyone else to know about it, not even Brad!"

"Follow me and we can arrange it," Steve said. As he walked downstairs she followed closely behind. They went down to the basement and Steve made sure the coast was clear before taking his slave out and putting Janet in place. The slave was a beautiful young woman with long sandy blonde hair. She was naked, but shackled both legs and arms. She looked at the floor afraid to look anyone else in the eye. She said nothing as she walked. Her breast swung freely. Steve had his slave hide in another room with the door lock so no one would suspect that someone else had taken her place. He told Janet that the men will simply stick their cocks threw the hole. It was up to her what she would do with them. She could give them a blow job, fuck them or whatever.

The booth was the same size as the other one. It also had a small chair with a few towels on it one had already been used. She saw cum stains on it, she picked it up and smelled it. It had a woman's scent to it. Under the chair she noticed a chamberpot. She lifted the lid and peeked inside. There was a bit of pee in it. The smell was strong so she closed it again quickly. I guess the slave really wasn't allowed to leave here tonight! She thought. Steve was a good master though. He had provided her with some comfort!

She soon discovered that if she knelt down in front of the hole she could get her mouth right up to it easily. It wasn't long before she heard the main door open and someone got into the booth next to her. Her heart was racing! Could she do this or would she chicken out? No, she was determined to do it! When she heard pants being undone she could feel herself getting very wet.

Suddenly the cock was thrust threw the hole just inches from her face! Timidly she reached out and touched it caressing it with her hands. She could feel the hardness of it, but whose cock was it? Was it Steve's? Brad's? Some other guest? Janet had no idea, but just the thought made her reach down and touch herself. Her panties were soaked right threw. She could feel the dampness from the outside!

She moved forward kissing the cock on the head gently before slowly engulfing it with her mouth. Carefully she sucked and caressed the head and shaft with her tongue. She lost herself in the moment and she continued to rub her own crotch. Soon she could feel the cock twitching and she knew the man was close to shooting. She held the cock at the base and tried to hold back the orgasm as long as possible. Suddenly she let go and her mouth was flooded with the strangers cum. She swallowed more out of instinct than anything else. She sucked hard trying to get every last drop out before finally letting go. The cock withdrew and she heard the man clean up and leave. She was still playing with herself. The whole scene had made her so horny!

She wasn't given much time maybe a minute or two, before the next man came in. Suddenly there was a longer and wider cock sticking out threw the gloryhole. Janet wasted no time at all. She started to caress the cock as she had done to the first one. Sucking on it hard she could feel it swell in her mouth. It was big and she hoped she could handle it all. She tried to deep throat the cock, but it was difficult. She had only ever deep throated Brad's cock before, but it was a little bit smaller. She got most of it down her throat before it started to choke her. She hoped the stranger wasn't disappointed. She made it a point to suck his cock really good, before he finally exploded into her mouth. Again like a good little girl she swallowed every drop. She used the towel to wipe her face as the cock withdrew and the man left.

She had neglected herself, but she had little time to do anything about it. Nature was calling. The drinks had gone threw her fast. She got out the chamber pot and squatted down to pee. She wiped herself with a towel and had just put the chamber pot away when the next stranger walked in. This time she couldn't take it any more. She had to get off. When the cock was stuck threw the hole she caressed it with her hands and felt the hardness, she pulled down her panties to her ankles and felt how wet she had become. She moved the chair around so she could bend over and use it to hold on to. She back up against the hole and using her one hand the spread her lips she guided the cock into her warm moist slit. It felt so good to have a cock fill her up like that and the fact that it could have been anyone on the other side made her cum almost instantly. She leaned back hard against the hole as the stranger pumped his cock with forceful thrusts, slamming her as hard as he could. The wall between them made things awkward, but suddenly Janet felt her orgasm build and then she exploded. Her cunt gripped down hard on the cock causing the stranger to moan and shoot, filling her pussy with his hot cum. As she felt his cum squirt into her it only prolonged her own orgasm. The stranger withdrew and Janet collapsed on the ground, struggling to catch her breath. She was still shaking from the power of the climax.

After a few minutes the man cleaned up and left. Janet could feel the stranger’s cum ooze from her pussy, but she just lay there resting. She had a bit more time before eventually another man came in. Now she was getting very daring and adventurous. She wanted more, and she still had one hole left that hadn't been used. Janet had found anal sex enjoyable even if she didn't have it all that often. Once in a while Brad would want it and Janet had no problem offer her ass to him. But the thought of offering her ass to a complete stranger filled her with both fear and excitement, but she had to find out what it would be like! When the cock was stuck threw she went to work. First caressing and then licking, making it grow wider and hard as stone. She used the cum in her pussy to coat her asshole and she worked it a bit with her fingers to loosen herself up.

Once she was confident that it would work, she back up to the hole and placed the cock head against her puckered hole. As if sensing what was about the happen the man stayed very still waiting for Janet to impaled herself upon his cock. Slowly she moved back sliding the rod into her well lubed asshole. It hugged his cock tightly and slowly she was completely filled up. Goosebumps covered her body as she slowly started pumping back and forth. Soon the cock was matching the rhythm. It was the most incredible felling as her G-spot was hit over and over the orgasm built up quickly. Remembering that she was not to make any noise and fearful of being discovered. She grabbed the nearest towel and covered her mouth. It was the towel the slave had used and suddenly she had the woman's taste in her mouth! It was too much! She screamed into the towel muffling the sound as she climaxed as her anal muscles squeezed the cock! Suddenly she could feel her ass filling with cum taking her climax to heights she had never reached before! The cock withdrew leaving her feeling empty, open vulnerable. She savored the feeling of the stranger’s cum oozing out of her ass before cleaning herself off with the cloth!

The man washed up and left. Janet tried looking as respectable as possible and then quickly left to find the washroom. Brad would want to have sex tonight for sure so she sat down on the toilet and expelled what ever cum was left inside of her. She cleaned up, fixed her hair and make-up hoping that no one would ever suspect, aside from Steve, just who was in the gloryhole. She came back downstairs and told Steve that she obviously left and no one was in there right now.

"Don't worry, I saw you go upstairs. There is already someone else in the gloryhole," He whispered in her ear. Had he been watching her? Was her the one who fucked her ass? She would never know. He added. "You're not the only woman with an interest in the gloryhole!"

Wow, Janet thought. What a night! Her ass and pussy were feeling a little sore, but she tried to walk normally so Brad would not suspect. Eventually she found Brad. He looked as tired as she was and the night was getting late. Guess were starting to leave. How long had she been down there? Hours? Janet had completely lost track of time. Her and Brad sat quietly together and talked about some of the people they met while they had one last drink before leaving.

Finally the two left the party and drove home. They arrived home and went threw the usual routine of getting ready for bed. Janet made sure to change her panties when Brad wasn't looking, they were covered in cum and she could feel it all night. They climbed into bed, but neither of them could sleep. Sex was the only thing on their mind.

"Janet can I confess something to you?" Brad asked not knowing what to expect.

"Is it about the Gloryhole?" Janet asked. "Its alright you can tell me. I expected you to use it."

"Yes, I did go down and use the gloryhole. But I used it more than once," He admitted.

"Really?" Janet said very interested. She started to get excited. "Tell me what happened?"

"Well the first time I went down it was early on in the evening and I got a fantastic blow job from the slave girl," He explained.

"Wow! I bet she was good at it!" Janet putting her arms around his neck and seductively she pulled him in closer.

"Yes, she was. But I couldn't resist so much later on I went down again! But the second time she offered me her ass!"

"Oh my God!" Janet exclaimed. It was Brad who had fucked her ass. This was amazing, he had no idea it was her and she would never tell him! "How was it? Was she good? You are so lucky!"

"Janet it was amazing. It fact to be honest it was the best I have ever had. My only hope is that we can do better someday," Brad said. He was relieved that Janet actually understood him and that she was just as excited. He had no idea he would get this kind of reaction out of her!

Janet leaned her body in tight against his. "You know, we can practice right now if you want..!"
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