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The Hogarth Club Ch. 20

"Listen, the only reason I will allow you to continue breathing is to transport that wet cunt to wherever I say."

He stroked her through her clothing, she tried to withdraw but she was being held by two strong men, one on each arm.

"Your dripping minge is mine to be used and traded at my whim."

He looked her fully in the face, she was attractive in an angular sort of way.

"And, my pretty thing, if your cunt stops dripping, you stop breathing."

Jock Mosley was an imposing figure but the slight women in front of him wasn't cowed.

"You don't own me Jock Mosley, nor will you ever," the words were spoken with a softness that denied the steel beneath them.

There was a crack, and the woman fell to the floor holding her cheek, the backhand would have decked a heavyweight.

Mosley turned to his two bodyguards.

"Pick her up and tie her to the cruciform."

People who didn't know the black heart of the Glasgow Kiss would have wondered what the big X-shaped object was in the corner of the room.

Ashley Corbett soon discovered its purpose when she was tied to it her hands and feet splayed wide, her whole body was exposed.

"Have Arthur or Muscles turned up yet?"

"No Boss neither."

"Arthur likes this bit. Oh well, I'll do it myself."

Ashley felt fear for the first time, this X structure and talk about someone liking this bit led her to believe that this scenario had been played out many times. Jock pulled a knife from a his pocket and pressed a button, the blade flicked out. It was thin, a stiletto. He ran the reverse edge of the blade down Ashley's cheek.

"You are lucky Arthur's not here, he thinks my girls look better with a scar or two."

"Jock, don't please. I know my husband owes you money but I promise he'll pay you."

"He already has. You have settled all his debts."

Ashley had a burst of clarity.

"The bastard SOLD me?"

"He sure did, you are MY moist cunt now. Your mother sent you away or I would have had you before. You see the patience I have Ashley. He held the glistening blade before her eyes. "I always win."

He plunged the blade towards her, it slid down the front of her chest parting clothing as it went, he stopped at her navel and pulled the knife away. He stabbed towards her shoulder, Ashley flinched she knew a wounded girl could still work but the blade missed her skin and cut the clothing over her shoulder. Her clothing fell fully exposing her breast. Jock flicked the blade to the other side, her garments were in tatters and her chest lay bare.

"Your husband was right you do have a nice body," he cupped her breasts, they were full and heavy, exactly to his liking. The Johns liked big tits, buxom girls always had more clients.

"Fuck off you lot, I have some business to attend to."

His bodyguards filed out, Ashley had moved from brave to frightened, now she was terrified.

Jock caressed her bruised cheek, "No need for all this trembling. I'm just going to test the goods, make it good and I won't have to re-educated you."

"Jock, you said I work for you or die. I prefer to die."

He slapped her open handed, it was gentle in comparison to his backhand but he chose to slap her across her emerging bruises, she cried out in pained surprise.

"I own you, you will call me Mr Mosley and speak only when asked."

She realized her freedom had gone, sold by her husband. Then she buoyed, her freedom couldn't be taken only given and she wasn't giving.

"Well Mr Mosley it looks like my death will be painful but I'm not fucking at your command."

He slapped her again, she now hand two hand-prints superimposed on her bruises. He walked up to her and put his face so close she could feel the spittle caused by his harsh words.

"I have paid, I will get," he smiled, well he creased his cheeks, his eyes remained cold.

"Your mother is now a worn out slag but she used to earn real coin with her twat. I'll pull her out of retirement and give her to psycho's for favors, so either you will do as I ask or she will. In fact if you don't shut your cake hole I'll get her in here anyway. Are we crystal?"

Ashley nodded, she hadn't surrendered her freedom she viewed it as a tactical withdrawal. Her mother was almost killed for allowing her to escape, she wasn't going to drag her into this shit. She pondered if Jock at his most vicious would be worse than her husband. Having his cock up her would at least teach that bastard. She nodded.

Jock had expected nothing else, his knife was already working on the waist of her skirt, then her pantaloons.

"Class knickers for a cook."

She said nothing, he shredded her clothing then cut the shreds of her upper garments from her arms. She was tied, now fully naked on the cruciform.

Jock wiped his finger along her slit.

"Not wet, I'm going up there soon. You'd better start dripping or it will hurt."

He laughed, he liked the idea of pain as long as it wasn't his.

Ashley shut her eyes and tried to think of a good sexual experience, before she was married hadn't been so bad, all she had to do was wipe out her husbands face in here imagining.

Jock grabbed her tits, he mashed them against her chest.

"You are well endowed and soft, I like."

To make up for his compliment he twisted her nipples, despite the pain, they grew. He was less harsh, he obviously liked erect nipples. Ashley felt his mouth sucking them, it actually felt OK. He fondled and sucked skillfully she was able to kid herself that this was sex not rape.

His mouth left her, her chilled nipples grew and shouted for attention. Jock liked tits his hands returned, he leaned in and sucked her neck, it would leave a mark but she could feel her juices flowing. It was a cheap price.

He seemed to know what he was doing, he love-bit the other side of her neck, and nibbled down her throat noisily sucking and biting until he arrived at her nipples again.

"These are nice, they fill my mouth," he slurped.

He stood back to admire his handy work, she had goosebumps down her neck her breasts were puckered, he smiled, it almost touched his eyes.

His nails were long, her scratched her, along her side from the waist up, it was an exquisite pain, she felt shame that her body responded.

"You might be a keeper."

He slapped her other cheek, for no reason other than he liked to dominate.

"Remember slut, I own you."

She felt her orientation change, the cruciform hinged, Jock locked the mechanism when she was perfectly positioned for his height. She was almost laying horizontal.

"Well let's see what I have bought."

He spat in his hand and spread his spittle over the head of his cock.

"Bet you've never had one this big before?" he said.

She ignored him, she had not been given permission to speak.

He grabbed a pinch of hair each side of her cunt, and cruelly jerked them apart. Then brushed the hairs he'd pulled out off his fingers.

"Bet you've never had one this big before?"

"I'm sorry Mr Mosley, I was waiting for permission to speak. Yes, you are a big prick."

She expected to be hit or hurt but he laughed.

"I like courage, it's a shame I'm going to have to break you."

He thrust into her, his spittle and her dampness caused by her shame was enough to stop it being excruciating. Jock cared not a fig about her comfort, his own pleasure was his sole consideration.

He felt the resistance of her unprepared cunt but thrust anyway. Ashley still had her eyes shut imagining a pleasant experience, he wasn't using her violently so it worked. Soon she felt him sliding in her like it was a silk sheath.

"Good girl," he said, "you are still tight better than some of the sloppy twats around here."

He pumped into her, proud to be giving her all he had, he would almost slip out, then thrust himself up her like a medieval soldier with a battering ram. He knew it hurt her that was part of his pleasure.

He pumped and groaned he could feel his balls churning and grabbed her tits and painfully squeezed them. He was building, ready to let go.

The door behind him crashed open. Jock pulled a gun from a shoulder holster and flopping out of Ashley spun to confront the attack. It was Muscles, with his body guards close behind.

"This had better be good, I was about to come."

The menace in his voice was clear.

"The cops picked up me and Arthur for assault, he's put you in the frame for the Gynaecide murders."

"Arthur wouldn't dare!"

"The arrogant cops put their briefcase on my cuffs, maybe his statement is in it."

Jock tucked his prick back into his trousers then fumbled around in the case.

"Statement of Arthur Wesley Dunn."

Jock skimmed the contents.

"Fucking Wesley, what a soft cock," Lenny said.

"He fucking has, he's dead!" Jock screamed.

"Jock, they are coming for you, you'd better scarper," Muscles said.

As if he was prescient there was a clatter at the door and a shout.

"Open up, this is the police."

"Stay and slow them down Muscles."

"No, Lenny should. I've just escaped to bring you this info. I'll come with you."

"Well stop chatting and fucking move."

Jock was out of the secret door in a flash with Muscles hard behind him. The door accessed a stairwell which ran down to the garage. Jock was a cautious man, he had an Alvis Speed Twenty fully tanked and loaded. It had cash, guns, identities and even some clothes. They ran down the last flight of stairs and slammed open the door to the garage. They ran slap bang into five armed policemen.

Waverley stepped up, "Jock Mosley, I am arresting you for the murders of Joanne Birch; Virginia Dobie, Kay Cushing, Elizabeth Ricker, Polly Pounds, Diana Croston, Annie Hardway and Cynthia Becker. Anything you say will be written down and may be used in evidence against you."

"Are you sure Son, I doubt you'll live if you persist?"

"Cuff the bastard," Waverley said, "Take this piece of shit with you as well." He motioned towards Muscles.

They heard gunfire above.

Roger's status with the police was gray so he'd let Waverley organize the arrest. He chose to go in the front door with Dodson. His anger made the destruction of the door easy. He was pissed off because both Lola or Brielle refused to be excluded. It was ambivalence he wasn't really angry but concerned for their safety, he stepped aside to let the police through, the further back the girls were the better. They heard a volley of small arms fire, Roger told the girls to wait but they just pushed past him. Lola had her police issued revolver and Brielle her knife. They crashed into the outer room, two policemen were bleeding but breathing. One of the thugs was trying to stain the carpet red, he was being very successful.

Roger caught Dodson's eye. Looked at the thug and pushed up his chin in enquiry.

"Lenny Brules," he said.

The other police were staring at a frame at the end of the room. One of them reached out a groping hand. Brielle kicked the top of his calf muscle his leg hyper extended and he hit the deck. His fellow officer turned to confront Brielle there was an ominous clicking.

"Stay," Lola said, firmly.

"Detective, you are in serious trouble if you are threatening a lawful operation."

Lola smiled, "No, you are in serious trouble if you don't do as I say."

"What's happening?" Roger asked, with such authority that all the men offered an explanation.

"Quiet," he said, "Brielle?"

"This animal was about to grope this woman."

She stood aside so Roger could see.

"She's just one of his girls, they're all sluts. My hand would have been the warmest thing she would have felt for a while."

"Dodson, take these men away and ensure the premises are clear," Roger said.

He nodded, "Come on boys let's flush out the nest, who know what we will find."

By the time they had gone Brielle had straightened the frame and released the woman. Lola offered her coat.

"Thank you, my shit of a husband sold me to Jock fucking Mosley to settle a gambling debt, he was appraising the goods."

"You'll come with us," Brielle said.


Reggie felt guilty about almost messing up Georgina's plans in Oxford so she offered to pillion. She had orgasmed before they even joined the A40 at Headington. Georgina stopped the bike and pulled Reggie off into a hug.

"Reggie, you are a joy," then she stilled, "Reggie I am sorry about taking over with William-"

Reggie interrupted, "Georgina, I have never met anyone who is more willing to fight for her friends. Having you on my side is a joy too."

They swapped positions, Reggie got them home swiftly and safely. They re-garaged the bike and walked around to Little Sanctuary to find their friends exiting a police car. Georgina shouted and joined them at the door.

Roger would have covered his ears but even he was able to discern some sense from the three simultaneous conversation shared between the women. Each of them seemed to be holding two conversations. He conceded it was the quickest debrief he had heard.

They took the conversation to the kitchen and put the kettle on, by the time the tea had brewed the frenetic pace of the conversation had slowed so that Roger had been able to catch up. They laughed at each others exploits. Brielle who claimed to be a capable rider wanted to take Reggie around the block.

"These street are cobble stones, I reckon Reggie would make 30pph."

"PPH?" Roger asked not realizing he was being the perfect straight man.

"Paroxysmal excitements per hour."

Their laughter was interrupted by a knock on the door. Crash showed the guests to the kitchen and stayed,

"Three o clock, Inspector Dodson, Sergeant Waverley, how punctual. Please come in."

"Reggie could you grab the photos please," Georgina turned to the policemen, "Tea?"

They accepted the offer, after all tea was the universal balm to all problems. They choked when the photos were put on the table. They had been framed to exclude the handcuffs it looked like they were holding the lamp post for better leverage. Their arses were bare, they were both rampant. The killer was the look on their faces, surprise that they had been interrupted. Both men recognized that if the photos got into the wild it would be the end of their careers and probably their lives.

Lola who had never liked Dodson said, "Waverley is that a pimple on your arse, Oh no sorry, its Dodson's cock."

"What do you want?" Dodson said, angrily staring at Lola.

"Who is Jock Mosley's contact at the met?"

"You mean who does he pay?" Dodson asked.

Roger nodded.

"Get fucked."

"Daily Sketch or The Express?" Roger said.

Lola picked up one of the photos, "Page three of the Sketch. This would rate better than their usual pin-up girl."

"Fuck you, it's Deputy Assistant Commissioner Young. He passes the money down monthly."

"So how much would Grierly get as a Chief Super?" Roger asked.

"30% but Grierly's not in it."


"He's squeaky clean. Young has been trying to get rid of him but he's too well connected."

"How much do you get?"

"Inspector, 15%."

Roger nodded at Waverley.

"Detective Sergeant 10%, but I have never used it. It's not why I became a copper."

Roger addressed Dodson, "What would happen if Waverley refused the money?"

"Demotion and out of the door, in that division you are in or out, by out I mean totally out. I didn't use mine either until my daughter got sick."

"OK, of those on the payroll, I want to know who are committed and who are not, like you and Waverley."

Dodson looked again at the photos and nodded. Brielle spotted a sly grin.

"Inspector, these photos, like all our extortion media, are also vault stored. Further, if anything happens to any of us all the media will be released," she said.

Dodson looked like a gold fish, his mouth was trying hard to form words.

"There's a fucking war on, any of you could be killed quite innocently."

Georgina loved Brielle's perception, she added, "We have two vaults, good behavior will give us the confidence to remove these negatives from the release vault."

This time Dodson nodded without the grin.

"Do you want a cut?" he asked.

"No, there is two things we want," Roger said.

He handed Dodson a piece of paper, he read it and laughed.

"So Cyril Muscles Newton will be the new boss?"

Roger nodded at the note, "That will play out overnight. Tomorrow you need to see Young and tell him that you have released Muscles who will continue the payments as long as he gets the same protection as Jock did."

Dodson smiled, "Clever, I've protected the money and stopped a gang war, he'll probably promote me to Chief Inspector."

"That's the idea, he needs trusted close confidants, you should become one."

"Yes, I can work with you, I'll see him tomorrow, Come on Waverley."

He stood.

"We need to clarify Waverley commitment privately, can you leave him with us please Inspector?" Georgina asked.

Dodson laughed and walked out without a backward look. Waverley was looking pensive.

"You had a successful career with MI6 until you were wounded and considered unfit for the field. Why did you refuse MI5's offer?"

Waverley calmly accepted that Roger knew things he shouldn't know, then a smile played with his eyes.

"I was sick of all the clandestine brouhaha. I wanted to help real people and see the difference I had made. With MI6 it was about kicking over termite nests but never seeing the repercussions. You lot must be MI5 or something?"

"Or something..." Roger said.

"You may be confused but our agenda is specific but lawful. We appreciate you refusing the bribes. We need someone on the inside, is that you?" Georgina asked.


Just before Muscles walked from the yard, Dodson, as directed, put a message in his hand. He read it outside and headed for Little Sanctuary.

Crash opened the door, neither of the big men had ever seen anyone of their own size. They straightened their shoulders and eyed each other off. They stared at each other, no word was said neither was prepared to stop their preening, their silent fight for ascendancy.

"Crash, let him in and shut the door, it's cold," Lola shouted.

When they arrived in the kitchen Muscles selected a seat where he could watch Crash and Crash stood in the door with his arms crossed.

Muscles accepted Tea.

"Well here is the story. Lenny is dead, he was killed at the shoot out at Jock's house. Jock and Arthur are safely out of the picture. You need to go and consolidate your new empire."

Muscles was so distracted by Crash, he didn't notice Brielle was in the room.


"You need to lift your game, pay the girls who want to work well and look after them. Those that don't send to me, I will employ them here or they can join the Land Army," Georgina said.


"Because we want your business to go up-market, we need to work with your better girls to extort their clients."

Muscles was now in familiar territory, "What cut do I get?"

Two knives flew, one thunked into the chair under his right arm the other under his left. He looked stunned as her watched both blades quivering.

The ominous effect of Georgina's and Brielle's blades was totally undone. They both screamed and danced around the room congratulating each other. Neither knew what the other had planned. Roger coughed. Georgina sobered first Brielle was still laughing with the other girls.

She eyeballed Muscles who looked in shock.

"Three things, we have made you king it can be undone just as easily. Dione would be very happy if you found it difficult to co-operate and finally..."

Georgina paused for affect, "... the continued good health of your mother and daughter may well depend on you."

Muscles leaped to his feet, Crash moved swiftly towards the table, Roger reached for his revolver and Georgina pushed the base of her open palm into his chest, he collapsed back into the chair, struggling to breathe.
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