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The Humiliation of Katie

Welcome to the Humiliation of Katie! - By Uman

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This story will/does contain a multitude of adult themes, please avoid reenacting these events in real life. Enjoy the story and please respect other writers.

The themes you will see are pretty much limited to only light-hearted, real-life scenarios. Yes the ridiculous is okay, but we aren't looking for causing permanent damage to our characters. Imagine this being a comedic even if humiliating experience for Katie (humiliation and embarrassment are being used interchangeably)

Feel free to make your own additions! For now I have admin authority over the chapters just so I can complete the move as many of these chapters were written by other people over on the editthis version, but don't feel estranged to add your own. I can integrate practically any chapter that anyone writes. - Uman


Katie is a teenage girl who is about to experience some of the worst times of her life. Humiliation, public nudity, being treated like a child, and public accidents are only a few of the things she will encounter. How she encounters these are up to you! Be creative! It's okay to take a leap of faith as long as it is interesting and in good taste. This story focuses on Katie's unwilling humiliation. She doesn't want these things to occur to her. Sex is not explicitly prohibited, keep it realistic that Kate doesn't want to screw just anyone.

Katie is a dark chocolate brunette who (depending on the age selected) has roughly C-cup breasts, a curvy and large butt, and an overall soft, tender, and pale skin.

To begin, select what point in Katie's life you want to begin the embarrassment.

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