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The Inquisitor Ch. 08

Once he had gone, the maid fulfilled her instructions with relish. She loosened her gown and slipped from it, climbing into bed next to the princess. Their naked bodies caressed each other, and the princess's lips began searching for the maid's breasts almost at once.

Chrysanthemum bade the princess release them, only to gently squeeze sweet streams into her eager waiting mouth. As the princess's tongue played amidst the shooting streams, the maid brought her other breast to her own lips, and suckled herself as well.

When the princess had drunk her fill once again, she urged the maid to again caress her sex with her tongue as she had done before. The maid smiled sweetly, and her fingers slid down to find the princess very wet and warm.

"I see you are most excited, my love." said the maid, "Since you have suckled me so well, I believe I shall instruct you in something new this evening."

She bade the princess to kiss her, and suckle gently at her neck, and then to kiss and lick down her body. The princess obeyed and soon had reached her smooth belly and below.

As the princess descended, the maid lay further back and spread her legs wide.

"Now, my love" whispered the maid. "Kiss me here. Make me very wet with your mouth." She guided the princess's face between her thighs, and her mouth locked upon the maid's wet crescent. She kissed the maid there, and her tongue slid out to lick gently at her.

"That's right, my princess. Yes, use your tongue. Explore me with it!"

The maid grew more excited as the princess discovered new tricks for her tongue, She licked in long strokes, and soon the maid had opened to reveal her secret button to the princess's mouth. Her tongue flicked across it gently, and then more urgently, as the maid's hips began to rise from the bed, seeking the princess's mouth. Her juices flowed and she began to moan and whimper as the princess slathered at her.

"Oh yes, my love!" gasped the maid. "Now your fingers, use them to enter me along with your tongue." The princess slid two fingers into the maid, and suckled her clit as she began to slide into the maid with her fingers. Soon more fingers had joined their sisters. The maid let out as low moan as her walls clenched round them, and she succumbed to orgasm.

As she still spasmed, she pulled the princess's face to her own. She licked and kissed her taste from the princess's lips, and showered her face with kisses. Soon the maid had recovered her breath, and lay holding the princess close.

After a time, she continued her lessons.

"That was wonderful, my princess." whispered the maid. "You did very well, but you shall practice upon me often."

Turning quiet, she continued. "Now that the Queen has discovered you, and has seen that you also wear the gem, it will not be long before she summons you to her. You must learn these lessons well. The Queen will not be as forgiving as he."

"You must use all that you learn here to attempt to satisfy her tremendous lust. But hear me- princess! Always remember you belong to him. Your body alone may you give to the Queen. Let not your heart become entangled in her webs, lest a fate you cannot comprehend befall you."

Her words hung in the princess's chambers, but the maid would say no more. At length, she asked is the princess was ready for another lesson, to which the princess quickly agreed.

"Very good, my love." said the maid, and without another word, slid from the bed and hastened into the Inquisitor's adjoining chamber of delights. The princess devoured the maid with her eyes as she went; taking in the smooth curves of her bottom, catching quick glimpses of her still wet sex as she walked.

Soon enough, the maid returned from the outer room, bearing one of the Inquisitor's creations. As she returned to the bed, she held it out for the princess to behold. It was very similar to one of the devices he had inserted into the tuning fork machine, but this one bore no attachment.

Unlike the tuning forked phallus, this one was exactly sculpted into an incredibly realistic circumcised penis. It was very large, and the princess's mind flashed on the huge device he'd used on her that first day. This one was just as big, if not bigger, it's bulbous head atop a mighty rod. Though her mind doubted it's fit, she felt warmth and urgency growing between her legs.

"Now, my princess." began the maid. "I will instruct you... with this." She exclaimed, hefting the huge phallus before the princess. "Please, lie at the foot of the bed, and watch as I pleasure myself with this. Afterwards, we will see what you have learned, and you will use this on me, and then yourself!"

The princess obeyed, stretching out before the maid, her fingertips absently playing with her own nipples. She watched as the maid wet the device with her mouth, as she had done earlier with the Inquisitor's cock. The princess marveled to see the maid's mouth take its huge girth into it, only to slide it back out, slippery with her saliva. As the maid sucked and licked at the device, her fingers played with her smooth crescent, fingers slipping about in her wetness, getting it ready for the huge sculpted cock.

Very slowly, the maid trailed it down her body to her wet opening, leaving behind a slick trail where it had traversed. All the while, her green eyes remained locked on the princess, drinking in the sight of her body, the hard points of her nipples.

Ever so slowly, she brought it's huge head to her opening, and began to slide it round her already soaked clit, and along her wet opening. While one of the maid's hands grasped the huge cock, her other worked her clitoris as the phallus began to slip inside her. The princess's eyes grew wide as she saw it slide deeper in, seeing its enormity entering the maid.

Chrysanthemum gasped as it drove deeper in, and moaned as she slid it back out, nearly all the way, before sliding it back inside. The princess grew more excited as she watched the maid, her own sex growing wetter as she watched the maid's lower lips stretch round the huge device. Soon the maid's fingertips found purchase upon her button and she rubbed it ferociously as she fucked herself with the big cock.

The maid shifted positions to lay more towards her side, one leg propped up and the other straight, as she pushed it into herself again and again. The device made wet sounds as it slid in and out. As the princess watched in amazement, the maid's fingers that had just been working her clit slid round, and began to wet her puckered ass. As the maid's moans became louder and deeper, two of her fingers slid deep into her ass as she continued to gorge her wet pussy with the giant device.

Almost at once, the maid threw her head back as she orgasmed round her fingers and the phallus. Her whole body jerked as she came with a throaty moan, and milk leapt from her terribly erect nipples.

Slowly she withdrew her fingers, her tight ass quivering, and then removed the mighty sculpture. In the light it glistened just as the Inquisitor's real cock had only a short time before.

The princess could see the maid had been rocked by a tremendous release, and went to her, holding her tightly against her own naked skin. The maid recovered soon enough, and they shared frenzied kisses as their fingers played once again, seeking out their own desires. At last, the maid passed the huge device to the princess.

"And now, my princess," she began. "You must show me what you have learned. I cannot endure another barrage of pleasure such as I just withstood... at least not so soon.

But I shall assume your place and watch as you pleasure yourself with it."

As she spoke she crept across the bed, like a stalking cat, her eyes never leaving the anxious princess, before settling down to take in the sight of her.

The princess seemed confused as to how to begin, and soon the maid soothed her with soft words. Slowly, she instructed her to excite herself once again, using her fingers as she'd been taught. The princess's body responded to the touches and arousal began to build again.

Though she doubted she could receive the huge device, she was surprised to find it felt extremely good inside of her, stretching and filling her as it slid into her. She found her fingers playing as it went deeper, and soon was taking its size in stride, her hips bucking as it plowed into her.

She rolled onto her knees, and the maid took over the device's charge, entering her again and again. The maid's tongue soon began to wet the princesses tight ass, bringing low moans of pleasure from the princess.

On all fours, the princess ground herself back against the maid's thrusts. As her climax approached, the maid fucked her harder, and slowly entered her ass with a finger. Finding the princess screaming with delight, she slid another in and felt the princess quiver all over with pleasures.

When it was done, they lay panting upon the soft pillows, utterly spent from their long evening of lust. The princess soon drifted off to sleep, cradled against the maid's heavy breasts.
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