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The Kardashians Meet The Bangers

This is a parody... It is not real

The Kardashian women, all of them, were driving to Palm Springs for a little getaway when their Escalade ran out of gas. Kris, the mom, who was driving just shook her head, not believing this could happen. "What's wrong mom?" Kim asked. She was in the passengers seat. All four other sisters were in the back seat. Kris thought it would be a nice, relaxing trip for them to all go and not have a whole entourage with them. At the moment, that didn't sound like a good idea.

"No gas babe. No body thought to fill it up before we left." To top off their miserable luck, they weren't getting any cell service either. Kris realized they had to walk to the nearest gas station, since there was no other traffic passing them by.

"Mom we can't walk to a gas station. We don't even know if there's one out here." Kourtney chimed in.

"Well... there's no phone service out here and no other cars, so unless you want to wait for who knows how fucking long, we have to." Kris said, agitated. She took the keys and got out. Her daughters realized they didn't have a choice and they all got out too.

They all made their way down the desert road and surprisingly only had to walk a mile. They saw a station and walked up to it. There were a bunch of motorcycles out front, but no cars. They looked around and Kourtney broke the silence. "I don't know guys, this place looks dangerous." Kylie looked around and smiled.

"Cool, a biker bar. I've always had a fantasy about getting gangbanged by a bunch of bikers in a biker bar. Looks like it's my lucky day." She squeezed her big tits and smiled big.

"Kylie, don't talk like that. You don't know who these people are." Kris said, sternly.

"Well it's a DICKTHEPIMP story mom, so I have a feeling, it's gonna be my lucky day. Thanks Dick." Kylie blew me a kiss and winked.

They went up to the door and saw looked at the sign above it. It said, THE BANGERS BAR."

"Hey Kylie, looks like it really is your lucky day. Look at this." Khloe pointed to a sign beside the door that said, "HOME OF THE 12 INCHERS."

"FUCK YEAH!! BRING 'EM ON!" Kylie smiled big and shook her big tits in her sports bra.

"Kylie stop it right now. You could get in big trouble talking like that. Stop." Kris tried to calm her nympho daughter, but it was too late. Kylie rubbed her beautiful pussy, through her sweatpants thinking about all those 12 inch biker cocks molesting her body. She came in her pants.

"Mom, I'm getting gangbanged. It's my fantasy and I'm gonna be a biker whore whether you agree with it or not. Maybe they will get me pregnant and make me their official whore too. A girl's gotta have goals you know." Kylie opened the door and went in by herself. Her mom and sisters shook their heads and looked at each other. They heard loud moans and went in to check on Kylie. They couldn't believe their eyes, when they saw Kylie was already nude and laying on a table, getting fucked by four big, hairy bikers. She works quick. She was moaning loud and getting two cocks in her beautiful bald pussy, one in between her big tits and one in her gorgeous mouth. Her red lipstick was already smeared all over the 12 inch biker cock in her mouth. She sucked like a hungry sex crazed nympho... yeah she is, I know. Khloe went up to a big fat biker and smiled.

"Do you all have 12 inches?" She got her answer when she grabbed his crotch. It was huge.

"Fuck yeah whore! Now suck me off bitch!" Khloe obeyed and knelt down, pulling his thick monster out of his jeans and deepthroating it repeatedly. She an experienced blowjob whore. She's sucked more dicks than even Kim. Kendall let two hairy bikers fuck her ass at the same time, at the end of the long bar. Kris, Kourtney and Kim sat at the bar and ordered a drink, shaking their heads, at the other three. One big hairy biker walked up behind Kim, reached around her and roughly groped her big tits, through her sports bra. All the Kardashian women were wearing the same outfit, white and blue striped sports bra and sweatpants.

"Get your fucking hands off of me you creep!" Kim smacked his hands, trying to pull them off of her tits. The biker, Big Daddy, was the leader of the gang. He was huge. Tall, fat and hairy. He grabbed Kim's hair and pulled back on it, hard.

"I will bitch! When I'm done, not before!" He let her hair go and went back to roughly groping her big tits. She gave up trying to move his hands, he was too big and strong, so she just endured the groping with a look of disgust on her face. Her nipples were rock hard though. Big Daddy pinched and pulled her thick nipples hard. Her tit milk shot out all over her sports bra. He smirked and pulled them harder, squeezing her big tits harder too. Kim just turned her head with that disgusted look on her perfect face. He mauled her big tits harder and harder, pulling those big nipples hard. Her milk kept shooting out of her nipples, drenching her sports bra. She closed her eyes, not wanting him to see how turned on she was. Her pussy was soaking wet. Kim loved being sexually dominated, but she wasn't going to admit it to Big Daddy and give him the satisfaction.

He pulled his cock out and pulled her hand back behind her back, holding it on his huge cock. He stroked his cock with her hand, not letting her let it go. He went back to roughly molesting her big, perfect tits. Her hand stayed on his cock. She even jerked it a little, getting a smirking groan from Big Daddy. Kris watched, but was surprised when another biker came up behind her and pulled her sports bra over her beautiful tits and sucked them as hard as humanly possible. She started to say something, but he stuck his thick hand down her sweatpants and fingered her pussy very fast. Three thick fingers drilling up her pussy faster and faster, as he sucked her big tits, drawing out her tit milk and swallowing every drop. She just closed her eyes and moaned.

Big Daddy was moaning too, as Kim had given up her facade and was happily stroking his 12 inch cock, as he groped her big tits. Kim moaned and jerked his cock faster. She pulled her sweatpants off and bent over the bar. Big Daddy smiled big and smiled, smacking her thick, perfect ass hard. He slammed his 12 inches right up the world's most famous ass and assfucked her relentlessly. In and out, pounding her ass as fast and hard as possible, slamming up it, with awesome force, each time.

Kourtney was getting three 12 inches in her pussy at the same time. "FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!" She screamed in ecstasy. Kylie had already swallowed four big loads of jizz and was wiping another load off of her face and sucking her hand clean, as she took two cocks up her awesome ass. Another cock started pissing all over her face and she opened her mouth to swallow it down. She was a total slut. She was living her fantasy. All the Kardashian bitches were now getting all there holes stuffed. Kris was sucking off two huge cocks and getting assfucked by two more. Kourtney was taking two cocks in her ass and pussy at the same time. Khloe was taking three 12 inchers up her ass at the same time and getting pissed on by four others.

Kim was swallowing Big Daddy's cum for the second time, as three bikers fucked her ass at the same time and two more fucked her pussy. She was loving every second. "FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH!! POUND MY FUCKING HOLES MOTHERFUCKERS!! PISS IN MY FUCKING MOUTH BIG DADDY!!" He let loose with a huge stream of piss in her perfect mouth, as he smirked and slapped her face. He spit in her face repeatedly, as he pissed in her mouth. Kendall was swallowing her fifth load of biker jizz. She loves to swallow. All the Kardashians do. Their mom Kris, taught them well. Kris was swallowing two thick loads at the same time, smiling big, as she ride a biker reverse cowgirl. Another biker pissed all over her big, natural milf tits. Kourtney pulled his pissing cock in her mouth and swallowed all the rest of his piss, as she took three more biker cocks up her ass at the same time. Six more bikers lined up and piss in Kourtney mouth. She swallowed most of it, but the other bikers just pissed on her face.

All 20 bikers fucked Kim's ass. She loved it and they loved it too. They all pissed in her ass as they fucked it. She squirted 15 times, smiling so big the whole time. Kris fucked them all too, riding every 12 inch cock twice. All of her daughters ate the cum out of her pussy and ass each time. Kim squatted over Kylie face and pissed all over it, as the bikers cheered her on. Kylie stuck out her to guest and smiled, lapping up the piss as it poured onto her face. All the bikers pissed on Kylie too. She laid there and smiled the whole time. They took a break to eat and drink beer then they went back to fucking and sucking. They fucked the whole day. Kris took 37 loads of biker jizz in her pussy alone. Her daughters ate it all out of her pussy, swallowing every fucking drop. All 20 bikers came in Kylie's pussy. She let her sisters eat most of it, but kept some in her pussy hoping to get knocked up.

Big Daddy filmed 10 fellow bikers gangbanging Kim while she posed and got fucked. She took pictures with all of them, with their huge cock in her mouth. They all came on her face, completely covering her perfect face with jizz. They then pissed all over her, washing the cum off of her face. They pissed in her ass while they fucked it for an hour straight. She sucked every biker off three times, all 20,swallowing 40 loads of biker jizz and taking the other 20on her tits and ass. The bikers and her mom and sisters cheered her on the whole time. Big Daddy filmed every second. He took Kim in his bedroom and let her shower. He then kept her for himself, fucking her holes hard and fast, and cumming in her mouth every time. Four biker shoved their clocks up Kris' beautiful milf ass at the same time. Everyone cheered her on. She told them, "I taught these bitches everything they know about being a slut... but I'm the biggest slut here." She proved it swallowing 10 loads of cum and 15 mouthfuls of piss.

The Kardashians forgot about their Palm Springs spa weekend and spent it at the biker bar being whores for the bikers and any other guy that came in. Kris sucked off every guy a dozen times times over the weekend. Swallowing a record amount of jizz. Kim took 25 loads of piss in her ass from Big Daddy alone over the weekend. He never used the toilet, he just pissed in Kim's ass the whole weekend. Kim sucked off every biker 3 times a day and let each one cum on her perfect face twice a day, while her sisters licked it all off and swallowed every drop. Kylie took 10 loads of cum a day in her pussy trying to get knocked up. She ate out the cum from Kourtney's pussy at least four times a day. She only ate cum the entire weekend. She loved it, saying, "it's the best diet, nothing but protein. It's tastes fucking great too." Kendall let every biker fuck her ass twice a day and followed Kylie's all protein diet, only eating cum.

Khloe got her thick ass drilled the most over the weekend, taking all 12 dicks in her ass 5 times a day. They smacked that gorgeous ass so hard and so much, it was red with handprints. Kourtney sucked off every biker three times a day and titfucked them all three times each too. Finally late Sunday night Big Daddy put them in his van he had out back and drove them to their Escalade. He filled it with gas he brought and they all sucked him off twice to thank him. They all swallowed the jizz both times. He assfucked Kim once more, cumming up it. She gave him her number and told him to come over the next night. "Kanye is out of town, so you can fuck me in our bed."

"Fuck yeah bitch, I'll fuck you real good. You can ride my cock in your ass, while you talk to that asshole on the phone." She laughed and agreed. They pulled off and waved at him. Kylie did get pregnant. She doesn't know from which biker, but it didn't matter. She fulfilled her fantasy so she was happy. It was a blast for her and her mom and sisters. They all get together and fuck and suck like crazy, every week now. It's always like that when... The Kardashians Meet The Bangers.
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