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The Naked Adventures of Lilly and Friends

"Forgetful" Lilly is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, with the one exception: She has a dreadful short-term memory and as a result frequently forgets to wear clothes! Much to the amusement of her group of mischievous friends and neighbors. Lucky for her, those same friends like messing with each other as much as her and it's not uncommon for one or all of them to fins themselves without a stitch of clothing on their bodies. Those group of colorful characters are as follows:

Lilly- She's called forgetful because she is...well very forgetful. She is 5'3" with green eyes and bright red hair that goes a little past her shoulders and freckles with impressive DD breasts. She is 24 years old. Most of the time she forgets to put clothes on and walks around the home and outside completely naked. She's mostly oblivious to this. And when she actually remembers to put clothes on her two female roommates (whose names are Alex and Claire) like to think of different ways to strip her without her noticing.

Alex and Claire- They both have some of the same personalities. One of them being they're both exhibitionists. Not only do they like to try and strip Lilly, but they also try to constantly outsmart each other out of each others clothes. They are different in some ways. Alex is the more outgoing while Claire is kind of lazy. Alex is a brunette with C-cup breasts and is 24 years old and Claire is a natural blond also with C-cup breasts and is 23 years old.

Sun- She is their next door neighbor. She is Japanese with jet black hair that reaches half way down her back and is 26 years old. She's kind of short, being only 4 foot nine inches, making her the shortest of the eights girls and has the smallest chest,with only an A-cup. She sees the three of them naked a lot and occasionally pulls off some exhibitionism of her own. Because of her exhibitionist streak, she frequently helps Kate make her ENF videos

Kate- She is there other next door neighbor. She is a petite 19 year old with B-cup breasts pale skin and long light brown hair tied in a pony tail. She is almost always see with her video camera. She uses it to record stuff for her ENF website that she set up two months prior to Lilly, Alex, and Claire moving in to the neighborhood. Her frequent target is Rose, much to the latter's chagrin. Usually when she's spying on the others around the neighborhood she likes to wear a black thong bikini made by the "Get Naked" company.

Rose: She lives down the street. She's also 19 years old. She had dark-tanned skin, jet black hair that goes past her shoulders and is the tallest of the girls, standing at an even 6 ft, and is a natural athlete with well-toned muscles and abs which accentuated her C-cup chest. Rose used to go to high school with Kate and is her rival. She has a huge crush on Kate, but flat out denies to admit it to others. Rose is not cruel in her actions she just likes to have fun.

June: A mutual friend to all the girls who shows up from time to time and Mimis roommate. June has white skin, long blond hair and DD cup breasts. She is the most willing to get naked and if she sees any of the girls in a naked situation, rather than help them, she will join them whether they want her to or not. She also went to High School with Rose and Kate, and loves being part of Kates videos.

Mimi: Another mutual friend to the girls, former school mate of Rose and Kate and best friend to June. She has pale skin, freckles and a mess of bushy red hair. She's a bit of a klutz and the most unwilling to get naked, so therefore she spends most of her time trying (and failing) to stop June from getting naked. She wears glasses and is practically blind without them. Unfortunately, she sometimes ends up naked either by June doing something or by her own clumsiness.

Tess: Not part of the original story initially, Tess is best friend Rose and out of all the girls likes to get naked the most. She is a part-time nudist and therefore simply takes her clothes off whenever it suits her. Like Rose she is a natural athlete, standing a 5'11 with strawberry blond hair that goes to her neck and shinning white skin that always has a full-body tan.

There is of course some antagonists they have to watch out for:

Victoria: A by-the books cop who frequently runs into the girls when they are caught streaking or showing off their "goods" in public. Although she is beautiful-with black hair and C-cup breasts-she still finds no end to her frustration with the girls. Because of their antics, the local police station even has a special "nudie cell" she throws the girls in to teach them a lesson, one they never learn.

Maxine of Max Exposure Palace dot com: A rich business tycoon that Kate has a personal grudge against. She makes her fortune off of sexy videos, most of which involve ENF and frequently steals Kates business or just makes life difficult for everyone else. She is a gorgeous dark-skinned beauty, but what lies under her clothes in a mystery as nobody has ever seen her naked, Kate has made a vow to capture Maxines nakedness on camera and bring a rich snob down a peg.

Mindy: The younger sister of Maxine and her sisters right-hand woman. Like Maxine she has dark skin and black hair, but smaller breasts. Also unlike Maxine she has trouble keeping her clothes on, much to her sisters chagrin and the happiness of the main girls who like to see this arrogant girl get her just desserts.

Final note before beginning (written by the original author)


No mentions/use of violence, derogatory names or any combination thereof. I hate stories like that. I want this story to be funny and lighthearted. You can mention alcohol and drug but try not to go overboard on the use. Keep the main characters as women but men ca play supporting roles.


To be clear Lilly is not an exhibitionist. She does not go out of her way to be naked in public. She is embarrassed by nudity. She does like seeing other girls naked, especially her roommates. And she's not by any means shy. She likes to wear slightly revealing outfits. Rose and Kate get embarrassed but tolerate what happens to them if others also get stripped. Alex, Claire, and Sun enjoy being naked more than others but still get embarrassed if it happens involuntarily. June is an exhibitionist, Tess is a nudist, and Mimi is just a prude.

With that out the way, who do we start with? and How to they end up nekkid?

What's next?

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