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The Not So Long Road Ahead

The Not so Long Road Ahead

I want to give you all a brief outline to explain where we were. If you have read my previous stories than your already up to speed. In the previous chapters, I described our journey and what has brought us both to this point. Here is a quick breakdown of those chapters.

Let me give you a little background information on us before I get into telling you the events that unfolded.

My wife and I are a happily married couple that has been married a little over 10 years. Basically what let us to where we are at is a little game between lovers. Something that started as a fun and harmless act has taken a huge turn into some hidden desires. We have an amazing marriage and spend a ton of time having fun and living life to its fullest.

We started with a friendly game of me sitting back and watching my wife flirt with another man in a local bar. What started as a innocent little game took a bit of a turn when the man who approached, had a secret.

He revealed that secret after a very erotic and exciting chat session, he is a sex therapist in a sense. This was after he gave her the famous crimson note, during their last face to face encounter. I still am trying to figure out exactly what made my shy and conservative wife shimmy out of her lacy panties and leave them for her new friend.

The bar flirt thing was just meant to be something exciting and a way to spice up our love life. Turns out my wife and John hit things off and created a meaningful connection. There is still a lot of questions on exactly where he fits into everything at this point. However, you will get a chance to jump on board with us while we all figure things out together.

They have not seen each other in a while, but he has pushed us both to down an uncharted path. What better way to start things out then to re-share the email that took things to a whole new level.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Hey Good Looking

Have you ever heard the term of Hotwife or know what that means? It's evident to me your screen name is just a reference to the fact your Hot and a Wife. But there is also another meaning to that name. A "Hotwife" is a term that can apply to any woman whose husband feels she is beautiful and attracts the attention of other men, but more specifically, it is meant to imply that the husband desires some level of interaction between his wife and another man. Research has shown that many men fantasize about watching their woman engaged in some degree of activity with another man.

I agree that may sound like a weird concept for you, but it is an extremely popular hidden fantasy of many married men. There is no reason at this time to tell you all the details about it just yet, but I will leave you with a couple of positive things to help put your mind at ease.

It increases intimacy within the marriage believe it or not. It can give both the man and woman in a couple the perfect chance to gain important knowledge about themselves and each other that can help increase the intimacy of their connection. The new adventures and the wide variety of options dramatically deepen a couple's bond. As well as it increases trust and communication between the couple and brings them closer together.

It's important to tell you this is not anything like the swinging lifestyle you probably have heard of. The husband remains faithful to his wife in the lifestyle I mentioned above. Even though he is very much a part of the process these husbands have no desire to be with other women.

I will tell you I only mentioned the hotwife thing to you for one very important reason. It is no secret that your husband and yourself have a strong and amazing marriage. I can tell how much you are deeply in love with each other. You and he did play that little game in the bar with me so I can assume that part of this idea turns you both on.

The above-mentioned description is not for the faint-hearted or a couple on the rocks. So my disclaimer for you would read as follows. Excitement Ahead...Only Strong and Solid Couples Apply.

I realize this is a lot to take in and a lot to get across in one email.I'd like to keep the conversation going. Are you open to that? I'd like to leave you with a question for your husband. When and if you're interested in finding out more.

"John's suggested we try hotwifing. He 's offered to be our mentor. I don't know what this means yet, but the feeling between my legs says I'd like to put my faith in him, only if you and I go into it united as a couple. How do you feel about that?"


After I heard the words leave her lips I was shocked. More like I was freaking out on the inside while trying to stay calm on the outside. My brain was in complete overload at that moment. I was asking myself things like What the hell is going on? and What did my conservative wife just suggested? I asked her to give me just a minute before I came back with her answer. I made my way out on the patio to get gather my bearings to get my mind right. My immediate reaction probably would have been a good old fashioned "Hell No". But I didn't want to act on impulse at that moment. After all, I did tell her that we were always in this together and felt she deserved an answer from the heart.

There is no point in lying to you and not admit I haven't found all of the John talk a bit exciting. Heck, the flirting between them has lead to some steamy hot sex. I also am man enough to acknowledge that I was nervous as hell about all of it too. We have always been an adventurous couple in the way we live life. This, however, was going to test us in more ways than one. The worst part of standing out on the patio that day was seeing my wife's reflection in the glass door. I will never forget that look on her face as she waited for my reply. If you are wondering how long it took for me to walk back in the door that day don't worry. What seemed like an eternity in my head was only a few short minutes.

She welcomed me as I made my way back in. I asked her to walk to the bedroom and I would tell her exactly what my decision was. After we both got comfortable and laid back on the bed here is my reply back to her.

"I am sorry if you were worried when I walked outside. It wasn't you, I just needed time to think about that bombshell you just dropped on me. After I had a chance to think about it here is what I have come up with. First of all, I didn't know what this hotwife thing is about or what exactly it entails. You know I love you more than anything in this world. So if this is something you want to explore, then we are in this together. I know its hard for us to discuss our sexual desires and fantasies sometimes. It's strange how we can discuss everything else but sex subjects seem to be our Achilles heel. Babe, we have an amazing marriage and love each other to the moon and back. I think John seems like a good guy and I am fine with this if you are. So the only question I have for you is, does this idea turn you on baby?"

It's not fair at this point to not express with you what she said, so here it goes. She said "Its something I hadn't ever given much thought about before now. But, yes I get turned on by it more than I had ever wanted to admit. I know this is way outside of our comfort zone but I am very curious. This has to be our decision together so that is why I asked you. Of course, I love you and that will never change. So if you are giving me a yes then I will send him an email back tonight to find out more. I love you so much".

We sealed our decision the best way a loving couple could, with a passionate kiss. Let me just tell you the rest of that day was amazing. We acted like a young couple just meeting for the first time. I couldn't get enough of her smile, her touch, and her sexy little butt. What was simply an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing turned into a romantic adventure between a couple deeply in love.

She didn't waste a minute in sending John a replay back. Here is what she wrote.

From: [email protected]

To:[email protected]

Hello John,

I am sorry it took so long to send you a message back. I thought about using Kik but decided this might be a better forum for this. First things first, WTF was up with that last email. Way to give my ass a heart attack LOL. So I am sure you want my answer but its not a simple YES OR NO sorry.

Yes, I did ask your question to my husband, but it comes with stipulations. Even though he agreed (after stressing me out thinking about it) I do want to make a few things clear. I am intrigued and would love to hear more about the subject. You must never forget that I am not alone on this side of the table. I have ZERO intentions of doing anything that could jeopardize my marriage or family. I love my husband and he will always be my number one. If after you tell me more and its something I don't like, you have to understand either of us can put the brakes on this at any time.

If you are fine with our demands then let me know.


To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Hi Good Looking,

I am a confident man normally but waiting for your reply did have me stressing out a bit if I am being honest with you.

I have read your list of demands and totally agree with them all. I also want to reiterate that I have NO intention of stealing you away or doing a single thing to hurt your family or the relationship you have with your husband.

I only brought this idea up to you because it was very evident that the times we have talked or flirted you got pretty worked up. I have no doubt your husband has reaped the benefits of that as well.

I think the best option is to start slow and test the waters. The pyramids weren't built in a day and neither is a hotwife. Well, it could be, but that is not the right way to do this so here is what I am proposing.

Think of admitting your interest as your first taste of becoming a hotwife.

Talk to you soon Sexy


I was unaware at the time but in a few days, my world was about to be rocked to the core. I can remember some events that lead up to that memorable Friday night My stress level was at an all-time high due to a lot of meetings at work. Those meetings that turned into gripe sessions and not a one was close to productive. I spent several nights that week out on the patio just relaxing to calm down Kicking back a few long island's definitely helped.

Something seemed off when I got home that Friday from work. My wife seemed overly joyed and that is not the norm for her after a long day at the office. I had planned a trip to a local restaurant and back to the house for a night of cuddling and watching a movie.

As I made the way in the bedroom something snapped. In a flash, her attitude changed. She instantly went from a woman I have known, to some kind of wild animal. I am paraphrasing of course, but it was very clear she was hornier than normal. She asked me "Hey babe are you up for a little game". How many husbands would say no to that, not a single damn one and I was not about to stop my little vixen. Here is when things heated up and quickly.

I was told that I needed to get naked and lay down on the bed face up. She slipped off to the bathroom after lighting a few candles to give our bedroom a sensual glow. Patience is not a strong point for me, but in a few minutes, she made her entrance.

I remember it like it was yesterday she walked in looking sexy as fuck. She was dressed in a silky smooth deep purple baby doll, tight satin black panties with the word "Hotwife" imprinted on them. That image will forever be burned into my head. Oh, and her walk towards me was the sexiest thing. It was the sexiest strut I have ever seen.

I knew things were about to heat up. What I didn't realize is it was going to be an experience that would change our world forever. Here is how that night that memorable night unfolded.

Her voice filled the room as her lips started to speak. "Tonight I want us to try something different for a change. You know, lets spice things up a bit."

"I promise you this will be a night you will never forget."

It was at this time where a blindfold came out and she placed it over my eyes. Something odd happened at that very second. Once my sight went spiraling towards the darkness her demeanor changed. She went from my sweet wife to very stern with her directions.

"You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Tonight I want to take control. Don't make a sound until I tell you to... and if you do, I'm going to wait until you can be quiet again, like a good boy."

I was it a small state of shock, but I was not going to complain. Hell, I was turned on more than ever.

"Listen up because I am only going to tell you this just once. There is three simple rules tonight so pay close attention. Rule #1, You don't cum until I tell you can, trust me you aren't ready to find out what happens if you break this one. Rule #2, You must be truthful in your answers, I want total honesty and don't worry about my feelings. I am not made of glass and I don't break easy. Rule #3, Simply I am in charge, You can beg and plead but I make the decisions tonight. All you have to do is follow along. Do you agree to these like a good boy."

Yes I agree

"My panties are so wet seeing how hard you right now, I love making you hard. Do you want me to be your sexy hotwife. Give my your hand"

I relaxed my hand so she could do what ever is she had planned. I remember the feeling of silky fabric coming in contact with my finger tips.

"Give me your fucking fingers, Can you feel how wet I am getting"

I immediately got an erection and nodded my head. I realized very quickly she wanted more than a nod.

"Don't just nod anymore I want an answer."

I said Yes

"Remember I am in charge and its Yes Mam"

Yes Mam, I wasn't thrilled with the Mam thing but went with it at that point.

"See I can tell that you're having fun. Even if you aren't ready to admit it. Lay Still and don't move."

I started to hear noises that sounded like clothes being removed but it wasn't long to realize my intuition was spot on. This was the point I felt her body climb up on top of me.

"Use your sense of smell, and tell me what you nose is detecting."

I smell your beautiful pussy Mam

"Well don't just smell it, stick that talented tongue out and prove to me you want it."

It was evident that she was turned around sitting on my face. Something we haven't done it a while, but a position I absolutely loved.

"Worship my hot little pussy, if you can really get me going I will suck that hard cock of yours." I know you would love that wouldn't you"

I tried the best I could to Say Yes Mam to her but her pussy slammed hard on my face made it difficult to speak.

"I want talented little mouth to make me cum so hard, taste every drop of my cum. Make my body explode."

I was licking every single inch of her engorged vagina. The only thing on my mind was simply bringing her to an orgasm. One so extreme that she would slide my cock deep in her body. Here was when I felt her moist warm lips contacting my penis.

"Mmm... you taste so good baby. You like that don't you, you miss your cock between in my mouth huh."

Now is the part I started to get nervous. She did tell me I need permission to cum and I was about to shoot just from eating her. Fighting back was already tough and the fact her lips were on my cock, sure as hell wasn't helping.

This went on for a few minutes before I felt her body raise up off the bed. Without my sense of sight it was a little difficult to imagine her new position. All I knew for sure was her body weight was now on top of me.

"Can you feel how wet my pussy rubbing on you? You are making me so horny I cant stand it. Make me loose control and ride your hard cock."

At this point I would have said or done anything to feel the warmth of her sensual love canal.

"Tell me how much me becoming a hot wife turns you on."

Oh baby its such a fucking turn on

She leaned down and whipsperd in my ear "I love the idea too"

"How bad do you want to fuck me"

Please put me inside you

"You can do better than that, Convince me that you need my pussy to survive"

Fuck I need your pussy more than anything right now, I need to cum so damn bad

After what felt like forever I got the best feeling in the world. The unmistakable feeling of her pussy receiving my dick. After every inch was deep inside she rested on top of me.

"Your dick is so full. It feels amazing. Don't you dare fucking cum. The fun is just beginning for you."

I didn't plan to completely surrender to my wife that night. At that exact second, I was putty in her hands. No matter how hard I tried to fight it, there was no turning the tables now.

"Its time for you to answer a few questions for me. No need to lie when I can feel every single twitch your penis makes. It my own personal lie detection devise."

"Tell me how much you want me to be your hotwife"

More than you will ever know

"You feel how fucking wet I am right now, I am so turned on hearing your confession. You want me to stop talking to John."

No I don't

"It makes your dick hard when I talk to him doesn't it"

Yes very much

"You know he is trying to convince me I need to be a hotwife"

Yes I know he is

"He had told me before he wants to fuck me, how does that make you feel"

A little nervous

"Nervousness can be sexy, I want you to convince me. If you really want me to take the next step with John then I need to know you need this."

Please taking the steps

"You can do better than that. Beg me I am not sure you want this."

Keep letting him do what he is doing, Please baby

She slowly began to rock her hips front to back. I keep fighting back the flood, but things were getting harder by the second.

"Beg me to be a hotwife for you. Stop fucking around and tell me."

Please be my hotwife baby, I really do want it

"You ready for John to see me in this HOTWIFE panties you got me."


"He might want to feel how wet his idea makes me. You want me to let that happen."

Oh yes I do

"I can feel you needing to fill me up, Beg me boy, Beg me to let you cum. Totally convince me you are serious and ready for be to be your official hotwife."

Please baby, I think your so sexy and want you to be a hotwife. I need to cum so bad, Please allow me to cum.

"You love this pussy, I make your dick so hard talking dirty to you. Don't cum untill I say. Fuck me like your life depends on it."

I started to fuck her as hard as I could. I was determined to make her need to cum as bad as me.

"Fuck me, pound my little pussy and make me your hotwife. Convince me with your cum."

Oh fuck your pussy is so wet.

"Cum in me, Seal my hotwife pussy fate with a huge fucking load. I want every ounce you can give me. Drain your fucking balls."

I came harder than I thought was possible. A load that I didn't realize was so large.

She moved up my body and straddled my chest, This is when she finally removed the blindfold from my eyes for the final time.

"I want you to watch something, stare at my shaved pussy. Focus on it and nothing else. Don't move your eyes off of it. I want you to watch cum dripping out of me. Oh look at it, see that huge glob. Its beautiful seeing that isn't it. I asked you a question you need to answer me NOW.

Yes, it was so fucking hot babe. I love you so much.

I have to admit the combination of her words combined with visually seeing it was amazing. Its strange to admit, but I had never witness something so erotic as that specific image.

She leaned down and gave me a very passionate kiss and simply told me "I love you so much and thank you babe". After we both finally got ready for bed and curled under the covers. We were both definitely beat. We spend a little time watching TV and reading up on social media. That is the time an email came in from our buddy John.
To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Good Evening Hottie

I will assume that you have just successfully completed your first toe dipping experience of the hotwife lifestyle. Hopefully it was a great experience for you both. I know you are probably exhausted not only physically but mentally as well. This however is a very important email and it needs to be answered while the evening is still fresh on your mind. Answer the following questions and its crucial to be truthful with your replies.

Give a short description or answer to the following questions.

  1. Explain how the role-play made you feel.

  2. Explain how the role-play made your husbands body react.

  3. Pick one single part of the role-play that drove you wild with desire

  4. Was there ever a minute that you became scared or nervous but your lust forced you to continue

  5. Now that you have had a little taste do you want to take things to the next level.

Have amazing dreams and keep staying sexy. Talk to you soon.


From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]


You are right I am wiped out in both ways. I don't know if my answers are good, but I will answer them the best I can.

Explain how the role-play made you feel?

Overall it was very exciting.

Explain how the role-play made your husband's body react?

LOL, He had no issues in that department. He was excited in more ways than one.

Pick one single part of the role-play that drove you wild with desire?

That is a tough question I enjoyed most all of it. I liked being in control and showing off my teasing abilities.

Was there ever a minute that you became scared or nervous but your lust forced you to continue?

Maybe when we discuss his and mine desires for the hotwife thing.

Now that you have had a little taste do you want to take things to the next level?

Yes, I am pretty sure we are both open to that. Unless something changes when we both wake up and realize what we just did.

That is the best answers I got, I am exhausted, Goodnight


I remember falling asleep holding her in my arms. That was something we don't normally do and never the entire night.

The first words that she spoke that morning were "I can't stop thinking of what we did together last night". I was expecting her to feel a bit uneasy or have some regrets since that was out of our normal sexual realm. It was a relief to realize that she also enjoyed our amazing adventure.

Here is the moment when I found out a dirty secret she had been hiding. She confessed that John had sent her an email the day before. It was very explicit and gave her in-depth instructions to guide her into the staring role of our little role-play adventure. The way she described it to me was he wanted her to test and see if we were on the same page. It is strange when I had a chance to think about the entire experience. The woman she was the night before is defiantly not someone I recognized. It was totally out of character for her and outside of her normal demeanor. She explained how tough it was for her to get her mind wrapped around the idea of it all. It was an internal struggle between her mind and body. She professed to me that even though it was hard to get going, she loved how the night made her feel.

JohnXXX: Are you online HW

NaughtyHotWife. Yes but just a few, we have a busy day planned

JohnXXX: That's awesome I won't take up much of your time

NaughtyHotWife: OK

John XXX: I got your email back and just wanted to say congratulations to both of you, really seems like you both enjoyed your naughty little adventure.

NaughtyHotWife: LOL, Thanks, yea we had fun

JohnXXX: Is he around

NaughtyHotWife. LOL, yes he is watching our chat

JohnXXX: Good, I will send you another email this evening

NaughtyHotWife: I will watch for it

John XXX: I know you are about to head out but think about something today.

JohnXXX: Close your eyes and picture yourself in a sexy pose. An image that makes you feel like a model and would make anyone desire your amazing body. Once you have that in mind, get your husband to snap a pic of you like that. You will find out soon enough the significance of that photograph.

NaughtyHotWife: Your nuts but OK I can handle that. Talk to you later

JohnXXX: Later HotWife

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Hi Hottie

I am so proud of the steps you have taken, they might seem small but trust me, you took a huge leap in this process.

Its time we turn up the excitement, We need to plan a little get together. Let me help guide you as your full of exhilaration. I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy email you are about to read. LOL

First, there is something you need to do. Remember that pic you had your husband took of you. Its time you send it to me. Don't over think this, just go off your instinct and let your body make the choice and send my request.

Its also time that you do something just for yourself. You may truly be that shy and conservative woman I met that night at the bar, but its time you embraced your new sexual being and shed some of those inhibitions. So I have a small task for you, this is for you alone and not you as a couple. You need to find some time alone and break out your electronic device. I am pretty sure this task is about to be something your not quite a veteran at, but just go with it. Its time you watched a porn video. Just find a free site online and enjoy. I don't care what type or scene at this point, but watch one for at least 5 minutes. Then tell me how it made you feel.

I have another short experiment for you this week. If you don't have one go purchases one, but its time to obtain a realistic dildo. Not one that is purple or blue but one that looks and feels similar to the real thing. Introduce it to your lovemaking sessions. It may sound a bit strange, but I promise you that it's going to be amazing. As a bonus its always hot for you to name your hot new toy. I am partial to the name John LOL. That is just my name suggestion for you. Any name will work just make sure its a man's name. It's OK to use your new toy alone, but its important you both open up and embrace your new erotic friend.

You ready to crank things up another notch. We can discuss a date but you need to discuss with your husband about us meeting at a hotel taproom. I think it would be best to plan it in a hotel away from where we all live. That way it would give you the peace of mind to be as free as you hearts desire. Trust me this will take your relaxation and sexual drive to a whole new level.

I will be in touch with you very soon so be looking for me on the chat. You are about to take another step on your exciting journey and you're going to love it.

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