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The Player:

This story is inspired by both The Gamer Manhwa and The Gamer, Chyoa Edition. Due to reasons it will be posted as a separate entity from the Chyoa Edition however I highly recommend reading both the original Manhwa and Chyoa Edition as both have a large amount of depth and various writing talents contributing to the stories there.

Tim Blake awoke with the same way he had for the past year, with a slight migraine and a sense of depression. “Maybe today will be different.” Tim said with an exasperated sigh. Tim climbed out of bed willing himself to get dressed and ready for school. Leaving his room and heading downstairs to the kitchen he noticed one of the only sources of joy remaining in his life, his mother Barbara. “Hey Honey come sit and eat breakfast with me. I made your favorite.” Barbara insisted after spotting her son. ‘Odd she doesn’t make breakfast unless it’s a special occasion or she has bad news, knowing my life it’s probably the latter. Okay Tim brave face she needs you to be strong.’Tim thought to himself as he put on his practiced smile and strode confidently over to his mother.

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