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The Secret Life of a Croft

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There she is at non other than Croft Manor, the beautiful & busty Lara Croft sat on the sofa, with a laptop in her lap. She wore nothing but her pink panties & a plain white tank top.

"I can't wait to go on vacation. Only a few more days before my flight to The States." Lara said as she browsed photos of Miami Beach, Florida.


Lara's attention shifted over to her phone. She picked it up to reveal that she's received a new email. "Let's see..." She opened up the email & began to read through it.

The email read as followed, "Greetings from New York City Ms. Croft. My name is Martin Cruise & the reason for this email is simple, I require your services. I have made an astonishing discovery earlier this week. The discovery, an ancient long lost artifact said to have the ability to control one's mind. It is known as, The Mentis Imperium Amulet. Do to your renowned rate of success & recent achievements, I believe you would be perfect for the job. If you are interested, I would like you to meet me here in New York City this Monday as I will be leaving Tuesday morning with my team to find this artifact. If you're not interested, I do understand & I appreciate the time you've taken to read over this email. Hoping to hear from you soon!"

"The ability to control one's mind?" She asked herself. "This is something I can't pass up. If this artifact falls into the wrong hands, it could pose a real danger to others. But crap, he want's to meet on Monday, & my flight to Miami leaves on Sunday." Lara then began to rub her forehead at the thought of it all. "It's been ages since I've taken some time off for myself & had a nice, relaxing vacation." Lara continued to ponder her predicament. "What shall I do?"

What's next?

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