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The Size Formula 1.1

I was chemistry major in College and landed a great Job in a small drug company. My project was to work on a drug that would help shrink the prostate gland. I was looking into the reason why the prostate gland would grow too large in male children who were given hormones to treat for under-developed penises. If I could find out why the prostate enlarged, I might use this to develop a treatment. I was also very curious about penis growth. For years I had been researching penis enhancement.

Most people would think this is a strange hobby and that I must have a small penis. They would be wrong about the latter. I’m a pretty big at 9 inches long and 5 3/4 inches around. I have been with four women and they all said that they had one guy who was bigger. I’m not the type of guy who likes to be number two at anything.

My research was going well and I was testing my test drug on rats. I was using data from my prostate study to also work on my penis enhancement project. I had crated a penis enhancement formula, and injected it into 10 male rats of various ages and penis size.

I had Jennifer (a HOT intern) work up all that stats on the rats. It was great fun watch her measuring a rat penis. I would have Jennifer chart the stats of the rat’s each week. After week one, the rats seemed to be in good health, have a higher sex drive and a 10% increase in penis thickness and length. In week two, the rats were still in good health and again showed a 10% increase in penis thickness and length.

After 5 weeks I stopped the injection of the penis enhancement formula in the rats. Penis growth came to its peak in the rats after seven weeks. But in those seven weeks, the rat penises grew to between 75 to 150% bigger their initial size. Jennifer the hot intern told me that she would like to try the formula out on her boyfriend. I asked her not to talk about the project and maybe we could work something out.

It’s now time for the next the big step. I was going use the formula on myself. I took two weeks off work because I did not know what would happen. I injected myself at the base of my penis. I started to feel sleepy so I went to bed. The next morning I woke up with a huge hard on that looked bigger then I had ever been. My penis measured 10.25 inches long and 6.5 inches around.

I just hung out at my apartment for the rest of the week. The formula made me very horny so I watched a few XXX videos. My favorite movies had John Holmes as the star. Watching those ladies work on John’s thick 14 inch cock made me shoot a huge load. At the end of week one, my penis measured 10.75 inches long and 6.75 around. My goal was to make my penis about 12 inches long. If the next treatment worked the same as the first, I figured my penis would end up about 12 ½ inches long.

It’s time for the next treatment. I injected my self at the base of my penis and, like before, I got very sleepy and went to bed. The next morning I woke up with a hard on. My penis looked to be every bit of 12 inches long and very thick. After checking it with the tape measure I recorded it in a journal. My penis now measured 12.5 inches long and 8 inches around. Wow! The formula worked a bit TOO well. I expected my penis to be 12 inches after the first night and 12 ½ inches by the end of the week.

Soon after, I got a call from my good friend Beth. Beth had a meeting in town, and she wanted to know if she could stay with me. Beth is a friend from college. She was never what I would call a girlfriend. I was the guy she spent time with in-between her “real” boyfriends. We did have sex quite a few times, though. Beth is very cute, she stands about 5-4”, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice rack. She is also one of the girls who said she’d had a ‘bigger’ lover than me. Maybe I would get a chance to test my newly upgraded equipment.

I told Beth she was welcome to stay and I would love to spend some time with her. She told me she would see me around 5:00 the next day. I looked around my apartment and thought to myself that it was time to clean up.

Beth arrived like clockwork a 5:00 pm and we went out to dinner. She told me that her boyfriend broke up with her because he did not like that she was always out of town so much. I told her that absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, and can lead to some great sex. Beth giggled and told me she’d missed me. I asked her what she would like to do that night and she told me she wanted to go back to my apartment and watch movies like we did in college.

After we arrived back at my apartment, we decided to change into something more comfortable. Beth told me she forgot to pack her pajamas so I gave her one of my t-shirts. I changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Beth looked very hot wearing only her panties and my t-shirt. Her large breasts bounced up and down as she walked toward the couch. I have a large collection of DVD’s, and I give Beth the printout to pick a movie while I went to get the popcorn and drinks. I returned with the popcorn and Beth told me she wanted to see ‘The BIG Leagues’ with John Holmes. With a big smile, Beth told me she loves baseball movies. I told her that I didn’t think that movie had much to do with baseball.

The movie starts with John Holmes and two girls trying to suck his huge cock. Beth sat next to me and watched the movie intently. She started to rub the inside of my leg. She purred that she would have loved to give John’s big cock a workout. I tell her no chance of that, since he died a few years ago.

Beth’s rubbing of my leg started to get my cock hard. My cock quickly grew and bumped into Beth’s hand. Beth then took her hand and moved it up and down the length of my now very erect cock. Then Beth grasped the top of my erect cock and then moved her hand down the shaft like she was using her hand to measure my cock.

“Your cock is much bigger than last time I felt it,” she said.

I told her that I had been doing a special exercise that I found on the internet. Beth told me to take off my sweatpants because she wanted to see my big cock. I quickly removed my clothes and Beth began to pump my cock in a hand-over-hand motion just like the girl in the movie was doing to John Holmes. Beth told me that she thought my cock was just as big as John’s cock. After hearing that, I shot a huge load of cum all over Beth’s face.

Beth took her clothes off and wiped cum off her face with the T-shirt. We moved to my bed, as I started to suck on her breasts while she played with my now hard cock.

“I must have your cock now!” Beth gasped.

I rolled over onto my back as Beth slowly worked my huge cock in to her very wet pussy. Inch by inch, she slow took in more and more of my cock until she was totally filled. Beth reached down to grasp my cock to feel how much was remaining. She finds that there is still a handful outside her pussy.

Beth started to move her pussy up and down my hard shaft, faster and faster, screaming as she came. All the moaning from Beth made me shot my load again and as I came, Beth orgasm for a second time.

Beth fell on me, panting, and told me that those were the best two orgasms she had ever had. She told me she’d see me again soon, since she plans to take all the sales calls in my city.


This is my first story and I welcome feedback.
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