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The Stalker: Sally's New Schedule

Sally woke up to the alarm going off. She shut it off and shuffled to the refrigerator wondering if Master was up. She wondered what his name was, but knew that it did not matter to her. She would never be able to say it out loud.

As she opened the refrigerator and got out an 8 oz. bottle of milk she thought about how much she did not like drinking milk, just one of the many things she did not like about her new life, but she drank it all, the repercussions were too much if she didn't.

The refrigerator had the schedule for everyday, no diversions no excuses. Each pumping session was in bold letters like It was important. Apparently it was to him. Here is what it read:

5:45 wake up my little princess & drink your milk like a good girl. (I will know if you don't)

6:00 Hook yourself up to the machines, turn on the video and relax, thinking about making milk, will help you to make it so do all you can to make milk.

6:30 unhook yourself, drink 8oz of milk, Take off your clothes, go to the bathroom (you may relieve yourself)

6:35 give yourself an enema, while you are holding it in, brush your teeth, shower, and shave all your hair every day.

7:00 call me on the call box and tell me you are ready to release. You may release at 7:05 I may be there to watch I may not.

7:10 be naked at the bottom of the stairs kneeling in the correct position with your cunt on full display as I come downstairs, lick my feet or shoes, suck on my toes or lick the bottom of my shoes. When instructed you will fall into ass fucking position and I will enjoy my property, you will make little noise and when I am done lick my cock clean, so give yourself a good enema.

7:45 Drink 8 oz. of milk

8:00 Hook your titties up to the milking machine, my little cow. Unless I am there and want to suckle them myself. This will only happen if you are good, and in this case you will caress me and tell me how nice it is I care for you so much. Don't forget the video!

8:30 Release your titties, drink 8 oz. of milk, get dressed, I love picking out the skimpiest clothes for you to wear! Put on makeup the way I like.

Eat what breakfast I have laid out for you

9:00 do your exercise video for 45 minutes.

9:45 Water and 8 oz. of milk

10:00 Time to manipulate those mounds of flesh again, soon they will be so much bigger and full of wonderful milk. (or you will get punished). So hook 'em up, sit back and watch all those suckling animals.

10:30 Release your breasts and drink 8 oz. of milk

I will come down usually with a snack you must earn. I will get my release, then you will eat.

11:15 Turn on your "this is how to please your master" Video. I will give you different motivational titles as time progresses. Watch for 20 min.

11:35 Turn off video. Lunch will be brought to you. Drink your 8 oz. milk with lunch

12:00. Aw my little heifer you are doing good you are halfway done with your dry breast feedings for the day. Hook them up. I would love it if you smiled at the camera for me. Turn on your breast feeding video

12:30 unhook & drink up your 8 oz. milk

I will come down and get what I want from you without complaint. Afterwards you can sleep till 1:45, NO OVERSLEEPING!!

1:45 drink 8 oz. of milk

2:00 Hook 'em up, watch your video

2:30 release your breasts drink 8 oz. of milk and take a nap till 3:45, this is an order not optional. Sleep is important to milk production.

3:45 drink your 8 oz. milk

4:00 Pump those breasts! You can do it! Don't forget the video.

4:30 release, drink your 8 oz. milk

4:30-5:30 clean up, entire basement should be spotless. Clean all toys, disinfect them and all surfaces in the playroom even if they were not used since last cleaning.

5:30 in position bottom of the stairs. NO milk before 6:00 milking, I will be using you.

6:00 I may suckle your breasts instead of hooking you up, my choice, if so you will sing & caress me instead of watching the video

6:30 finished with breasts, drink your 8 oz. of milk. I will leave, adorning you with toys as I see fit in my absence. Dinner will be ready by 6:45

6:40 in position at the bottom of the stairs. Stay still while I shackle you and lead you to the dining table.

We eat. You drink your 8 oz. of milk.

7:45 I will lead you back downstairs to have you hooked up by 8:00

8:30 done with last pump, drink your last milk of the day.

You are mine to do with as I please

11:00 bedtime Sleep well my sweet.

Sally looked at this schedule every morning while she drank her milk. She hated it. Why her? What could she do? She wanted to fight to say no more, but how? She had been brought here Saturday night and the schedule was already on the refrigerator, which was already stocked with 8 oz bottles of milk. There was a machine with two pumps already set up. He had explained this was a hospital machine and had cost him a lot of money, but having fresh milk everyday would be worth it, and if there was extra like he hoped he might be able to sell it.

The entire floor was open no walls, a bathroom in the corner, but without walls and a door it did not look much like a bathroom it had a tub toilet, sink, and a cupboard.

She went to the couch facing her pallet, he wanted her comfortable while she dry pumped her breasts. Attached the vampire suction things, and put the speed on maximum, Master had video and could see everything she did. He was a stickler for his schedule and his rules. She turned on the DVD player and up popped the video she was required to watch every time. Master had put together 8 hours of different animals nursing including humans, cows, goats, horses, pigs, cats, dogs, everything that nursed, and set it all to classical music. This was supposed to help soothe her while the machine viciously sucked at her dry breasts. This was the start of her fifth day so it must be...uhh Thursday. She knew she would lose track pretty quick.

Mike woke up at 6:15 everyday, he checked the video first and there she was on the couch, he had four different views and one of them showed which setting the machine was on. She had tried to cheat, but only once. Her clit was sore after that flogging. He had a call box in every room, so he knew she would contact him at 7:00, he liked to be down there when she had to go in the shower and expel all the contents of her bowels, the humiliation was beautiful.

Mike showered and shaved and dressed and grabbed a shirt that was one size too small for Sally along with some short shorts. He smiled to himself, and got downstairs just as Sally was hitting the button to call him.

"Here I am sweetie" he said and kissed her cheek. She knew better than to move away or flinch. She was pretty well trained already; He ran his hands over her breasts then mashed them against her chest.

"How do these wonderful milk machines feel?"

"Sore Sir! Please Master, I don't think I can produce milk Sir."

Mike slapped her hard, then took her cheek in his hand "Now sweetie, I told you no negative talk right? That has to be punished, so what do you say?"

"Thank you Master for correcting me, Sir." Sally wanted to die, but she knew it was not possible without Master's permission.

"Now get in the shower and release"

Sally did just that. Mike noticed she was still using a butt plug to hold it in. He would have to stop that next week, she needed to learn self-control. Sally was crying, usually she was by this time in the morning. Mike knew better than to pay her any mind.

He stepped into the shower and took down the shower head to clean her off all the while talking to her. "Sally, you know I like to fuck your ass right?"

"Yes Sir."

"And you want above all else to be a good girl and please your Master, right?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well after I fuck you I want you to clean it, now you don't want to eat your own shit do you?"

"No Sir."

"So the enema is for you, my dear. To make your life more pleasant, remember as a punishment I could not let you give yourself an enema, but you would still have to lick me clean after I fucked you up there."

"Please, no Sir!"

"Hush, Hush, You just have to be a good girl, and you can keep giving yourself an enema every morning, Okay?" Mike loved the way he twisted her torture into something he was doing to be nice to her. What a mind fuck. His toy just bowed her head.

"Yes Sir."

"Now come clean my feet"

"Yes Sir, Thank you Sir."

Mike smiled at the thank you, his little cow was getting it. She stayed on the floor sucking on his toes licking in between on the top, anyplace she could get when Mike was hard and could not take the buildup anymore. He removed his food pushed her head on the ground, and said "Ass up!".

She knew what was coming and she held her position, Mike fucked her hard and deep, her face sliding on the tile, gasping and trying to not cry out, she failed when he pulled all the way out and slammed into her almost hurting his balls. Sally started bawling. When he had emptied his load into her and put the butt plug in place so she could feel him in her all day long, she cleaned him off remembering what Master had said about the enema and almost grateful he let her give herself one every morning.

He went to the refrigerator and got her 8 oz bottle of milk and handed it to her. He led her to the couch and hooked her up to the machine and put on her nursing video for her. He wanted to sit with her, but was afraid that her fear and hatred of him would be reflected in her ability to produce milk quicker so he stroked her hair as he flipped the switch and left.

At 8:30 the video went to a black screen that said "This session is now over" she flicked it off, then flicked the machine off and went to get her milk. She just wanted to crawl into the corner, and be treated like a regular captive, why couldn't he just go away in-between fucks? Leave her alone? Why the milk thing, but she knew she would only get pain for asking.

She looked at the clothes he had left in the play room and cringed. He knew that shirt was too small and she knew she was only allowed one button, her choice, and those shorts! So short. She got dressed and realized that her boobs were getting bigger, so keeping them in the shirt was impossible. She barely managed to get the bottom button closed. She did her makeup, which was high end so it did not come off when she sweated through her work out video. Next she ate the toast and oatmeal Master had left out for her breakfast.

Now for her aerobics, she was sure Master picked aerobics because he liked the bouncing tits. They were so sore from all the pumping, the jumping up and down hurt, but she did her best, the first day she had not done her best and her ass had been punished harshly.

The time schedule kept her from dwelling on her situation too much in the morning and by afternoon she was just so tired. She went from activity to activity trying to not make Master mad. When he came downstairs with her mid-morning snack she was ready for food.

Mike grabbed the flogger off the table and told Sally to spread her legs, bend over and grab her ankles. She looked confused but did as she was told.

Mike admired her ass, her cunt and her white legs. "Ah my fuck toy. Do you know what makes me happy?"

"No Sir."

"Being able to do what I want with you when I want. I am going to flog you because I want to. Count in your head when I stop tell me how many so far. I will be keeping track, you best be right."

Mike brought the flogger up her legs and directly onto her cunt.

Sally just let herself start crying, she knew there would be no holding back as Mike continued to flog her ass, thighs, lower back, inner thighs and back to her cunt.

"How many slut?"

"45 Sir."

"How many more should I give you?"

Sally hated questions like this if she said too little he would double it and if she said more than he was thinking he would go with what she said. But she knew she had to answer.

"10 Sir?" she cringed.

"Okay that should do it." he gave her ten more then made her sit on the floor on her very sore ass to eat. He grabbed at her cunt pulling and stretching, enjoying her discomfort as she had her fruit snack.

"Time for your motivational movie, my sweet." Mike changed the disk to disk 2 and pressed play and headed back upstairs listening a bit to a female voice say how good her master was to take the time to punish her. Mike smiled. he might be able to take her out in public sometime, but he could not rush anything.

When Mike came back downstairs it was with food, he sat her in a chair and fed her. Not letting her use her arms, making her feel like a helpless child. He loved it. She opened when he said, chewed and swallowed on command. Drank when he told her to. He loved the control.

After her ass fucking and master's blow job. Sally fell asleep. The alarm woke her up, she pumped, then went back to sleep. The afternoons were the only time she somewhat enjoyed because he let her sleep.

Master came down at 5:00, early, and he did not warn her, she was cleaning up like the schedule said she should be. He picked her up and took her to the playroom. Without saying a word he undressed her, took out the white wand and smiled an evil smile at her. He pushed her into a chair and she spread her legs. Mike put the vibrator on her lap and grabbed each boob, mashing them, then sucking on the nipple, till Sally squealed. Mike smiled.

"Okay slut time for you to beg to be used" and he turned the vibrator on. Sally held out a long time, she got close to an orgasm and he switched it off. Sally gasped. Mike smiled, "beg me to turn it back on, beg"

"Oh fuck, Please Sir? Please put that vibrator on my clit, Please?" and he did.

Sally was worked up and ground herself onto it, and was getting close when Mike pulled it away. He did this for half an hour, Then he left her unsatisfied, gasping for release. He told her it was time to pump again get to it.

Sally sighed she went to the couch and Mike hooked up one of her breasts and turned the machine on, Sally knew what this meant before Mike latched his mouth onto her breast suckling as a child would while massaging her breast with his hand.

Sally ran her fingers through his hair and repeated the things she had heard on the video to her Master, and sang him a song. She was dying a little inside every time he made her, but the punishments were so much worse, and her breasts hurt so much already, and she was tired, so tired.

At 6:30 Mike turned off the machine picked Sally up by her hair took her to the foot of the stairs and told her to lay belly to the floor till he got back. he knew this caused her sore breasts to hurt more, and he smiled at the thought.

Dinner done he came down the stairs making a lot of noise with chains.

"Up cunt!"

"Sally stood, and shivered as Mike attached shackles to Sally's ankles, a belt around her waist, the attached her wrists to the belt.

"I don't trust you to not run, but I want to sit and eat at the table and you will join me. DO NOT FUCK IT UP! now crawl up the stairs."

Sally scrambled, trying to crawl as fast as she could, which was not very, and Mike brought down his crop on her ass time after time to speed her up. Sally was crying at the top of the stairs. Mike pulled her up by her hair, led her to the table, and sat her in her chair.

The table had newly placed rings in place at the setting he sat her down at. Mike undid her wrists from her belt and attached them to the table so she could feed herself.

Dinner was good as always, her diet was carefully controlled, both because she could not be trusted and because Mike was trying to get her body to produce. The ever present glass of milk sat there next to her plate. Sally was getting to the point where she hated milk.

Mike wanted to make conversation. "Sally, I think your boobs are getting bigger, I think that is promising don't you?"

"Yes Sir." Sally was feeling a little brave since he had let her out of the basement. "Sir?"

"Yes Sally?"

"Umm may I ask you a question? Will you please not get mad?" Sally was begging, but she really wanted an answer.

"Okay you can ask anything you want for the next five minutes, I may choose not to answer, but I will not punish you for the question." Mike figured she probably needed to talk to someone even if it was him. Girls always talked.

"How long am I going to have to pump? Why do you want me to produce milk? Are you going to let me go ever?"Sally asked the last question quietly, she was pretty sure how that one would be answered, and had not really meant to ask, it just slipped out.

"You will pump 8 times a day until you produce milk, once you produce milk you will have to ask permission to express your milk. Is that not a lovely way of saying it? 'express your milk' I love it. Trust me you will be begging for release if my research is correct." Mike paused studying his toy, wondering if maybe she was learning her place, maybe she could live upstairs with him, but not for a while he knew.

"As for your second question: Why? because it fascinates me, because I can make money selling it if you produce enough, and because I can. You belong to me now, you will never be allowed to go back to not milking, living your own life. Your life is mine." The last part he said with force. The discussion was over and Sally could tell.

"Yes Sir." Sally whispered and put her attention on her food.

This was their first dinner at the table together and Mike was tired, it had been a long week. After dinner he undid Sally's ankle shackles so she would not trip on the steep stairs, but kept her wrists chained at her waist. At the bottom of the stairs she stood and waited for his order, he unchained her, took her to the couch and supervised her hook up for the last pumping of the day.

Mike was pleased dinner had gone so well she would be allowed up for dinner from now on, and soon she would be living there and maybe one day they could go out in public and she could be trusted, but that day was far off.

It was only 8:00 and Mike was tired he had been playing with his new toy for almost a week now if you counted the time in her apartment, and he did not have it in him to play with her after her last pumping.

"Good night I am done with you for the night when you are finished you may do what you wish, well down here at least."

Sally was tired too, after she turned the pump off she turned on the T.V, but fell asleep on the couch watching it.

Mike saw on the video that she had fallen asleep and was not in bed. He came downstairs, undressed her, tucked her into her bed on top of the pallet and thought to himself he should get her a small mattress or a large dogie bed for her. He turned off the T.V. then the light and went upstairs, it was only 9:30. He was hoping she would start producing soon, this schedule was exhausting.
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