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The Transformation Ch. 01

This is the start of a series I have written for a very special fan of my work. She has been the motivation for this work. This is her story written by me. We would love to hear your feedback.


"Hey hon, what you doing?" asked Alan.

"Off to the gym babe, I've been couped up inside all day and just need to do some exercise, hey want to join me?" replied Jessica.

"Oh Jessica you I'm not really into the gym, maybe next time," replied Alan grabbing another handful of chips from the bowl.

'No way, not this time. You're coming with me and I won't take no for answer. You know how hot working out gets me....I promise to be good when we get back home," said Jessica now rubbing her hands across Alan's chest before reaching down and grabbing Alan by his cock.

"Oh OK hon, just give me a minute to get changed," said Alan as he headed off to the bedroom.

As Alan got changed Jessica took a moment to check out her new gym suit in the full length mirror in the bathroom. It was a red two piece Adidas outfit. The bra top cupped Jessica magnificent full breasts and accentuated an already impressive cleavage. It had four buttons in the front and Jessica decided to undo the top two to show even more cleavage. Jessica took the full weight of her breasts in her hands and squeezed them together. God she felt hot and why not she thought to herself. She was 25 in her sexual prime she had a magnificent body blessed with big full breasts that literally stopped men in their tracks, a small waist and curvaceous hips.

Running her hands down her side over her taught stomach she reached behind and felt her toned buttocks. She smiled as she thought to herself how all those hours on the step machine at the gym had paid off. The bottom of the outfit covered her bum but not much else. She even teasingly slapped her bum and was impressed how hard it felt. God the guys at the gym were going to be beside themselves today when she walked in. She loved the look on their faces as she went through her routine particularly on those who tried to pretend that they weren't looking but stole glances whenever they could.

Suddenly Alan appeared at the door and for a brief moment Jessica thought that Alan would forget about the gym and tear her outfit off her and fuck her there and then. She closed her eyes awaiting the feeling of her husband's hands on her body pawing at her breasts his mouth on her erect nipples his cock thrust against her pelvis. She bit her bottom lip in anticipation but the ravishing she so desperately needed never came.

"So...right to go are we?" asked Alan.

"Mmmm yeah I guess so," replied Jessica her disappointment barely contained.

Arriving at the gym Alan and Jessica went in as per usual. Alan grabbed a magazine, "Sports Illustrated", from the pile and took a seat on an exercise bike and started to slowly peddle.

Jessica's routine was much more intense. First the rowing machine to warm up followed by some light weights. After about 20 minutes Jessica's workout was stopped in its tracks as in walked a guy she had never seen before.

The guy strolled in a casual confident way taking in the surroundings. He was a big guy, Jessica estimated that he was at least 6 foot three maybe four and easily over a 100 kilos. He had olive skin with wavy brown hair with just the hint of blonde through it. Jessica thought that he might have been in his early 30s.

She couldn't tell what sort of shape he was in as he wore a baggy tracksuit top.

Jessica continued on with her routine but kept one eye on the big guy as she did. It wasn't long before the guy removed his tracksuit top. Poor Jessica almost dropped the barbell when he did. He was wearing a white skin tight sleeveless lycra top which hugged his broad shoulders and torso.

Jessica couldn't believe what she was seeing and then it dawned upon her that she was standing there staring at this guy her mouth ajar her eyes wide open and that was just the outward visible signs inside she was tingling blood moving rapidly to her sexual organs.

The guy for his part just casually walked up to Jessica.

"Excuse me, are you finished there?" he asked.

"I wasn't staring, I wasn't I was..." gasped Jessica embarrassed being caught out.

"No, I mean with the bar. If you have finished with it can I use it?" asked the guy trying to conceal a smirk knowing exactly what was happening.

"Oh oh yeah sure by all means, sorry I just... I didn't mean to stare," Jessica finally got out.

"No problems, I'm Brad, come here a lot do you?" enquired Brad.

"Yes, quite a bit. I'm Jessica....You know gotta keep in shape," replied Jessica.

"Yeah I can see that," said Brad casting an approving eye over Jessica's body.

As Jessica went to do her next exercise routine she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and was shocked to see her large nipples protruding so clearly through her top. As she checked herself out she noticed that she wasn't the only one. A few of the guys across the room had also noticed her erect nipples and were blatantly staring at her. Instead of feeling embarrassed Jessica felt horny thinking that all these guys were probably secretly wanting to do her. But not Alan, he seemed oblivious to what was going on with his head still stuck in the football magazine barely working up a sweat.

Jessica had one final exercise to do which was the bench press. Wanting to impress Brad she put on 10 kilos more than usual and commenced pumping out reps. As she did she could see Brad doing arm curls nearby. His arms were massive, so strong and well defined. His biceps reeked of power and his forearms had large veins pumping blood through them. The sweat just highlighted the muscularity of the man.

Poor Jessica felt helpless as she looked on she could feel her pussy tingling getting moister by the minute bit unable to avert her stare. Suddenly she felt weak. The bar felt heavy and was pressing down on her. She struggled to raise it but just couldn't. Grimacing she closed her eyes to focus on raising the bar. Just as she thought it would squash her the weight was lifted effortlessly from her.

Standing there behind her was Brad lifting the weight.

"Can I offer you a hand there Jessica, that's some weight you have on there," stated Brad lifting the bar up.

Jessica was laying on her back on the bench looking up at Brad. As she did she realised that her face was just under his groin and she couldn't believe what she was seeing....There no more than a few inches from her was the most massive bulge in a man's pants than she had ever seen. It was HUUUUGE, obviously well constrained but even so it was massive.

For Brad's part he was looking down at as he would say the best rack going around. He thought to himself that this girl was stacked. As their eyes met Jessica felt an electric shock move through her body. She stood up and for the first time fully appreciated the size of the man. Standing at 5 foot six her head was level with those large pecs her huge breasts topped by erect nipples pointed at his six pack.

"Thanks Brad, thanks a lot. I feel a little embarrassed needing your help like that," giggled Jessica like a schoolgirl.

"No problems, hey are you with someone here?" asked Brad.

"I am actually, my husband Alan," replied Jessica pointing over at the guy on the bike.

"Oh, well it's been great meeting you. Will you be coming again tomorrow?" asked Brad.

Poor Jessica lost it. The idea of this stud asking her if she would be coming was too much for her.

"I wish I was coming sooner that that let me tell you," she giggled again.

Brad's eyes opened wide his mouth opened and he just smiled.

"See you tomorrow then," he said as he turned and walked off to the change room.

Jessica had had enough and went grabbed Alan and told him it was time to go.

They headed off to respective change rooms for a shower.

When they caught up Alan seemed a little preoccupied.

"What's up honey?" asked Jessica.

"That guy, did you see that new guy in there today?" asked Alan.

See him. Jessica had mentally undressed him and fucked him in her mind numerous times already.

"You mean that big guy?" she replied.

"I can't fucking believe it. He told you did he, just like that, came straight out with it did the bastard. What an arrogant son of a bitch," said Alan.

"What are you talking about?" asked Jessica.

"You said the big guy, he obvious told you didn't he?" Alan again asked.

"Whoa back up honey, what happed in the change room?" asked Jessica.

'Well I went into the change room just after that guy and we went into the shower together and as I removed my towel so did he," started Alan.

"So what?" Jessica asked.

"So what, so fucking what!!! The guys huge big you know massive," blurted out Alan.

"Yeah I could see that in the gym he's tall and must weigh over a 100 kilos, so what are you going on about?" said Jessica.

"I'm not taking about his size, I'm talking about IT'S size!!" said Alan now slightly flustered.

"Just tell me Alan what do you mean IT?" asked Jessica.

"His dick honey, his cock, its fucking gigantic. When he removed his towel it was like looking a fucking rogue elephant. This thing hung down around his knee and fat, fuck it was fat as well. I swear I thought he had a third leg and he just stood there washing himself and IT. Took it in his hands and washed that big fucker right there in front of me," said Alan.

"Oh my god Alan, I've never heard you talk like that before. Are you sure it was really that big?" said Jessica.

"Honey he walked past me and I swear the god dam thing swung and nearly hit me!!" gasped Alan.

After that not a word was spoken between them on the way home. Jessica felt so hot and horny and Alan felt rather inferior.

Jessica tried to get Alan to have sex with her but he just wanted to watch the world cup football so Jessica went to bed yet again unfulfilled left to play with her pussy thinking of big Brad.

The next day she went to the gym by herself as Alan was preparing for having a few of his mates around later in the evening to watch the football.

Brad was at the gym and Jessica and Brad flirted with each other. Brad loaded up the weights and pumped some serious iron his muscles bulging but for once it wasn't his muscles that Jessica focussed on but rather that big cock of his.

This went on and on with Brad spotting for Jessica on the bench press. Jessica could smell him and so desperately wanted him to fuck her with that massive fat cock but for now she had to settle with just looking at it as bulged in his pants.

At the end of the session they showered and met at the coffee shop. Small talk was made but finally Jessica got up the courage to talk about what Alan had told her yesterday.

"Brad, Alan spoke to me yesterday and said that when he was in the shower so were you," she began.

"Yeah, nice guy we had a good chat," he replied.

"Yeah well he told me...well he told me that you had ...I'm not sure how to say this," stammered Jessica.

"Just say it, we're mature adults, just say it Jessica, please," begged Brad.

"OK then, Brad he said that you had the most gigantic cock he had ever that true," asked Jessica now blushing.

"Well Jessica I can't comment on how big a cock Alan has seen but mine is well, well it is rather big. A lot of women have told me it the biggest they've ever seen by far so he'd probably telling the truth," said Brad surprisingly candidly.

"Oh my god so it is true....I can't believe it you're hung like a rogue elephant," gasped Jessica.

"Rogue elephant, now that's a new one. Horse donkey those I've heard but rogue elephant. I like that," he laughed.

As they laughed Brad reached over and grabbed Jessica's hand from the table and slowly pulled it under the table and placed it on his groin.

"Oh fuck, is that for real?? No way!! Its sooooo fucking big its huge, I love it!!" said Jessica now running her hand back and forth along his rapidly hardening shaft.

"Thought you might need to feel it for yourself just to check I wasn't lying," said Brad.

"How big? 10?" asked Jessica shyly.

Brad shook his head.

"12??" tried Jessica shaking her head in disbelief.

Brad smiled and then shook his head.

"Oh no it's 13 fucking inches isn't oh my god," said Jessica visibly shaking, her large breasts heaving almost to the point of bursting from her brassiere.

"No surely not, no way it couldn't be, could it 14 fucking inches say it isn't so??" gasped Jessica her hands now moving involuntarily to her breasts.

Brad the real showman didn't immediately reply.

Instead he measured out 14 inches on the table making sure that Jessica took in what 14 inches actually was and then looking into her beautiful green eyes

"Yes," he replied smiling.

Jessica's hands moved from her nipples to her mouth where she bit down hard as the thought of his massive cock sunk in.

"It's such a shame you're married, you are such a sexy women I would love to make love to you and fuck you with my big cock..." he said.

"No yes no I mean we can do this, I feel like a football widow, we haven't had sex since that start of the new season and there's a game on tonight so I guess its no sex again for little ole me. Alan will just get pissed with his mates and I'll be left playing with myself as he collapses on the couch.

Over the next few minutes Brad and Jessica hatched plan for Brad to go to Jessica's house that evening and while the boys watched the game Brad promised to give Jessica the fucking she so rightfully deserved. A fucking that only a 14 inch cock can give a woman like Jessica. They laughed as they discussed how he would lick her pussy as she lay on the bed listening to the guys before Brad would suck her big tits as she handled his monster cock.

God Jessica felt so damn horny driving home from the gym. The conversation she had just had with Brad was still ringing in her ears. As she drove one of her hands was rubbing her panties which were wet with juices that flowed just thinking about the fucking Brad had promised her.

Her mind was everywhere but on the road. Suddenly she was shaken from her daydream as the traffic light turned red. She slammed on the breaks and shook her head aware that she was so absorbed thinking about Brad and his massive cock that she was in real danger of having an accident.

As she waited at the lights she looked to her left and noticed an Adult Shop. She realised that it must have always been there but today was the first time she noticed it. Could surely not, I'm not that type of I??? She questioned herself. No I'm not she told herself as she looked straight ahead. But something deep inside made her look again and as the light went green instead of going straight ahead she turned left and pulled up in a side street near the shop hoping like hell no one she knew would see her there.

By now her heart was racing, her chest thumping, her breathing short and sharp. What made her do this? What could she possibly want from the shop? There was only one thing on her mind - "COCK!! Big fat huge Cock, Brad size cock." She had to have it NOW!!!

She tried to compose herself as she got out of the car thinking what if someone I know sees me go into the shop. She stopped and was about to get back into the car when she was overcome by the need to go inside and find a sex toy that reminded her of Brad.

This was not the Jessica she thought she was and certainly not the one Alan knew. That Jessica was shy and reserved the type who blushed at dirty jokes and the thought of talking about sex. But this was the new Jessica, bold and brave, she new what she wanted and she was going to get it.

As she entered the Adult Shop she was surprised at how much stuff there was in there. Everything was on display from DVDs, blow up dolls, and sex toys, lots and lots of sex toys. She new that she must look like a novice a first time visitor but the guy behind the counter gave her only a brief look as he continued to read the latest edition of Big and Bouncy.

Jessica tried to look casual as if this was like going to the supermarket for her. Pretending that she had set out from home with a shopping list in her mind which read like this:

Carrots Steak Butter Milk 14 inch Dildo Bread

She even smiled and giggled at the thought of such a thing and how very naughty she felt doing this.

Finally she found the section with the vibrators and life like dildos. She tried to appear like this was a common occurrence for her but as she looked at them her eyes bulged and her pulse raced. They came in all sorts of sizes and colours. Slowly her eyes worked through the assembled toys but sadly she couldn't find one big enough. There were a few black ones that said they were a footlong but what about the 14 inch white ones, where the hell was that thought Jessica getting a little frustrated.

"Can I help you?" came a voice from behind her.

Poor Jessica nearly wet herself as she realised the guy from behind the counter was now standing right there offering assistance as calmly as if she couldn't make her mind up over organic or non-organic tomatoes.

"Uh oh sorry I didn't see you there" replied an obviously startled and slightly embarrassed Jessica.

"What exactly are you after, maybe I can find it for you," he asked.

"Well lets see, I'm after one of these......only bigger," stated Jessica pointing at a 10 inch dildo.

"How much bigger? 12 inches?" he asked matterafactly.

"Mmmmm, no its got to be bigger than that. I NEED it to be 14 inches and very fat," replied Jessica.

The guy looked at Jessica. He looked her up and down before replying.

"Hey honey, that is some huge fucking dildo you're talking about there. Are you sure you want something that BIG? I mean that is way way big.." he started to say.

"Do you have something or not," snapped Jessica surprising even herself desperate to get it and get home.

"Well actually I do, we don't keep it on the shelf, we don't want to scare anyone do we, I'll go get it," he said as he headed off.

Jessica went to the counter and waited.

As she did a couple of young guys took some DVDs to counter and waited. Jessica couldn't help but notice the title of one was "Big titted babes do massive cocks". She smiled thinking that that about summed her up. The young guys couldn't help but look at Jessica who was still in her gym gear.

When the guy returned with the item he placed it on the counter right in front of Jessica and the two guys. They just stared at it their eyes bulging their mouths gaping.

"OK, here it is the legendary pussy tamer guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest desire. Enjoy!!" he said smiling.

"Oh I will, I WILL," replied Jessica who couldn't help giving the boys a great big smile as she turned to leave. God she felt naughty but oh so horny.

As she left the shop she stole a glance around to see if anyone she knew was walking past. Phew...the street was empty.

As she got in the car and put the package in the passenger seat Jessica couldn't believe what she had just done. Had she really just gone into an Adult Shop and bought a 14 inch dildo???? Fuck yes was the answer and she was sooooo happy that she did. So happy that she just had to open the package and feel it in her hands before heading home. As she sat there in the side street she again forgot where she was and suddenly there was a tap on the window. Jessica almost died when she looked up and saw a police officer standing there.

"Is everything OK miss?" he asked.

Jessica couldn't believe it. There she sat holding a 14 inch dildo in her hands being asked by a police officer if she was OK.

"Oh yes officer everything's just fine, really perfectly fine," replied a highly embarrassed Jessica trying to put the huge life like cock back in the bag.
The officer just watched in surprise as she did.

"OK then miss, just checking, have fun!!" he added before walking off.

I can't believe what just happened thought Jessica to herself. What is going on with me. I've got to get home and quick.

When she arrived home around midday Alan had left a message that he would be out for the afternoon and that he was still intending to have a few of the guys around for the big game tonight.

Fantastic thought Jessica....I have a few hours all by myself. Jessica was like a naughty little girl as she sat done and planned out her afternoon.

First she decided she needed a long hot bath after the gym workout to get know her new "friend" from the shop a bit better then she thought that she'd go out and buy some new clothes for the night. She wanted to make a good impression after all.

After a long hot bath Jessica slowly undressed in front of the mirror and ran her eyes over her body. Not bad not bad at all she thought as she squeezed her beautiful big full breasts together.

Grabbing her new toy she slide into the hot bath and closed her eyes.....

She lay like this for about 5 minutes casting her mind back over the events of the previous 24 hours from when she first laid eyes on Brad. She giggled to herself thinking about how Alan had described the shower scene with Brad.

As she reminisced she began to stroke her toy. Slowly at first but then faster feeling its awesome size in her hands made them tremble. As she became more and more excited she placed it between her large breasts and squeezed them tightly together. She was amazed at the feeling it gave her and she longed to feel Brad's hugeness between them. Next she held it in her two hands and ran it over her erect nipples teasing them to even further hardness. She even embarked on a little role playing with her toy....

"Oh Brad OHHH Brad your soooo big, let me feel its pulsating power on my breasts......" she said out loud before laughing to herself.

This was nice and Jessica was enjoying it immensely but she could not resist the feeling in her pussy any longer.

Slowly she ran the tip of the toy down her stomach lower past her belly button until finally it reached her throbbing pussy.

Again she let her feelings be heard.

"Oh yes Brad, I need it, I need your big hard cock, please Brad please...." her voice trailed off as she rubbed the head of the toy against her swollen clit.

The next 10 minutes were like a blur as Jessica fucked herself with her mighty toy all the time thinking it was Brad who was there his massive weapon pounding her.

Orgasm after orgasm racked her body as she convulsed in the bath.

"Oh Brad, Ohhhh Brad fuck me with your big beautiful cock...fuck me you stallion, OH GOD I"M CUMMMING!!!" she screamed as she climaxed yet again.

This time she could take no more and closed her eyes as she lay panting in the bath.

An hour had passed since she had got in the bath and finally she was able to get up and dry herself off. As she did she looked in the mirror and was stunned to see the size of the dildo in the mirror. God it was big, no not big, fucking huge better described it and tonight she would feel the power of a living breathing throbbing one.

That afternoon Jessica was like a cat on a hot tin roof, jumpy as all hell and desperate for the time to pass quicker.

She thought that it would be a good idea to go and get some special treatment as she wanted to look her best for Brad later that night. First she headed of to get a massage and facial to relax her. While she was there she also had a bikini wax. She wanted everything to be just right for Brad.

Next she went and did some shopping. Some new lingerie was first up. She tried on lots and felt oh so sexy in it all but finally settled on a red combination of bra and panties. The bra accentuated her full breasts with just a hint of lace and the panties were brief, thank god I had that wax thought Jessica.

She picked up a new top which was white and tight fitting with a few buttons that she would leave undone which would show her beautiful big breasts off magnificently. A new denim shirt which was short was next. This showed off her toned legs and strong calves god I love that gym she thought as she looked at how good her bum looked in it. Finally she lashed out on a pair of red shoes with high heels (are these called pumps???).

By the time she returned home she realised that Alan and the boys would be home soon so she raced off to get dressed.

As she dressed she couldn't help but look at herself in the mirror. Was this the same shy Jessica who only last week blushed when a guy at the gym flirted with her??? What had happened to her she thought, whatever it was she loved it.

As she finished dressing her cell phone beeped with text.

It was from Brad. Oh no don't tell me he's not coming....

No thank god. The message read:

Jessi, honey can't w8 to see you 2 night. I'll meet you outside at 8pm. Looking forward to licking your delicious pussy. Looking forward to a BIG night with u. Until tonight take care. Brad

Oh my god. "Lick your pussy" did he say "lick your pussy". Yes Yes YES!!! He did.

Jessica sunk to the floor staring at the text thinking about laying back naked as Brad buried his tongue into her pussy. Jessica couldn't help but rub her pussy at the thought of it.
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