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The Weekend Getaway That Got Away

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The Weekend Getaway That Got Away

I'd like to thank BGMISFUN for all of his help in editing my "amateur hour" punctuation in this story as well as the suggestions he made for improving the flow. I appreciate the time you took to help.

This is a long story with what I hope is good character building. If you're looking for a short "get to the sex story" you may want to move on. Hope you enjoy.


Early on a Friday afternoon in June of 2010 I closed up the machine shop that I'd purchased in 2004 when I was 32 years old. Being a business owner had never even crossed my mind until that day six years ago when my boss had called me into his office and told me that he was going to sell the business and retire. My boss, Ben, was a kind man in his early 70's and was the only person I'd ever worked for since graduating from high school back in 1991. He had tears in his eyes as he apologized, telling me that he had an offer from one of our long time competitors that was just "too good for him to pass up". He promised that he'd give me 6 months of pay and would pass on his highest recommendation to the new owners that they keep me around to run the shop. It was a kind gesture but he and I both knew that the competitor making the offer would shut down this location and consolidate everything into their mega-shop 80 miles away before the ink was dry on the check.

This had been my one and only job since I'd gotten out of high-school. I'd started off as a simple "shop boy" earning minimum wage while sweeping up the shop, emptying trash cans, and performing other menial tasks. After about 6 months Ben had taken the time to train me on some of the machinery that was used around the shop. Pretty soon afterwards I was promoted from "shop boy" to a "machine operator". I continued working hard and learning more and more about not only the machines that operated in the shop, but with my work ethic and eagerness to learn I'd earned the old man's trust and respect. About 5 years after I had started working for him, I'd become his unofficial "right hand man". I was the one left in charge while he went on vacations, I also handled the hiring and firing of employees (because he hated that part). Eventually, I even got into helping with sales and he even trusted me with the books. When he had a heart attack back in 2002 I'd even run the business on my own for a little over two months while he was recovering.

Ben had two kids of his own who were about 15 years older than I was but they were both very successful in their own careers as a doctor and a banker and had no interest in the family business. So I had slid into the de-facto position of one of the kids working at the small and very successful, specialized machine shop. I had always looked at him as a father figure and had never even thought about him retiring as a possibility. When Ben gave me the news about selling the shop on that Friday afternoon I was in a state of shock. I went home for the weekend and after talking about it with my wife Kim I decided that I would see if I could work out a deal with Ben to buy the shop for myself.

Early in my career I'd met Kim through some friends while she was a student at the University of Oregon majoring in Public Relations. Kim was (and still is) the undercover hot chick. When we first met 16 years ago she was about 5'6", 125 lbs, with deep green eyes, and long brown hair. She was normally very proper and polite and I was very surprised the first time I had gotten her in the sack. When her clothes came off, I quickly discovered that she in fact loved having sex and when she was naked she was not the proper girl I'd thought. I'd been with more than my share of young women and Kim was far and away the best lay of my life. It also didn't hurt that she gave the best blow job any one could ever dream of. Before I had even gotten in her pants, I was falling for her. After that first experience I knew that I'd regret it if I ever let her get away. We dated for a few years before finally settling down and getting married in 1997.

When I showed up to work on Monday I told Ben that if I could get a loan, I was willing to match any offer he was receiving. Even though I was only 32 years old at the time I'd been working closely with the books for several years and I was confident that even with a loan payment, I could run the business and still make a good living. Ben was thrilled with the idea. After a little bit of number crunching he ended up selling me the business at 15% less than what he had been offered from the competitor. Ben even pulled some strings at the bank that his son ran and got me a great interest rate that my credit rating at the time didn't deserve.

Owning my own business seemed like a great idea at the time but I quickly realized that I would have to work a lot more hours than I had before. Because Ben had owned the building and the business outright he had the luxury of being able to afford an employee like me. With my loan payment I wasn't as lucky. For the first few years, I was working 60-70 hour work weeks on a regular basis.

It had now been six years since I bought the shop and although things were a lot better than they were those first few years, I still typically left the house by 7:00 a.m. and normally didn't get home until after 6:30 p.m. Quite often, I also found myself working a few hours on Saturdays doing billing and the other tedious office work that every business owner despises. Although the hours were still long, I was actually able to expand the business and the financial side was turning out to be far more rewarding than I'd ever anticipated. I'd recently started looking for a mid-level manager but hadn't yet found the right person. So my 50+ hour work weeks continued for the time being. It felt good closing the shop at 2:30 in the afternoon and heading home to surprise my still under-cover hottie of a wife.

Kim was a very successful Marketing & Sales Executive for a Fortune 500 company. She loved her job, made very good money, and had great benefits. The only downside was that about once a month she had to take short business trips to attend meetings with clients, do presentations with potential clients, attend trade shows, etc. This week had been one of those trade show weeks and she had left on the previous Sunday afternoon and wouldn't be home from the airport until today (Friday) at about 5:00 p.m. Because of the extra money we were making we were able to afford an in-home Nanny who stayed from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. during the week so our two boys were well taken care of.

The reason I had closed the shop early was that I had arranged for our boys to go to their grandparents house for the weekend. I was going to surprise Kim with a quick "just the two us" weekend camping trip to one of our favorite mountain lakes near our home in Eugene, Oregon. After a week of being apart, I was ready for some alone time with her and I knew that she would be too. My intention was to get home, get everything packed into the Fifth Wheel and get it hooked up to the truck before she got home. I was hoping that all she would have to do was grab a bag of clothes and we could hit the road. Kim had no idea I had this planned and I knew she'd enjoy it. With our demanding work schedules we didn't do nearly enough of it anymore. I rushed through the early Friday traffic trying to get home with the goal that we could get to the campsite and get our camp set up before dark.

I arrived home a little after 3:00 just as the kids were getting home from school. We talked for a few minutes about their day until Rosie, our Nanny, ushered them off to get their clothes packed and ready for the weekend at Grandma's. I turned to watch her hustling the boys down the hall and for about the millionth time admired her swaying Latino backside. Rosie was in her early thirties and very attractive. How Kim ever agreed to let me hire her, I had no idea. Nothing had ever happened between us and for that matter I'd never cheated on Kim since the day we said "I do" but that didn't stop me from catching a quick glance whenever I could.

I headed to our bedroom, changed into shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed the keys to my truck and went outside to get it started up and let it idle for a bit before hooking it up to the trailer. My 10-year-old diesel truck had 125,000 miles and with the outrageous price of gas the last 5-6 years I had retired it to being strictly a tow vehicle for our fifth wheel and the occasional trip to the local hardware store. Since I hadn't started it in over two months I had placed the battery charger on it the night before with the hope that it would start right up. I put the key in the ignition, waited for the glow plug light to come on and turned the ignition. The starter cranked the engine, but it wouldn't start. I waited a minute hoping that it would start on the second try. I said a quick prayer and tried again to no avail. I popped the hood and looked for any obvious loose fuel lines or wires but couldn't find anything. I knew that it was far too late in the day to have a mechanic fix it in time for us to leave tonight. I was really looking forward to a weekend away from everything with just Kim and I.

While I stood there staring at the engine an idea popped into my head. Giving up on the truck, I went into the garage and started pulling out camping gear that hadn't been used in the five years or so since we'd bought the fifth wheel. I gathered what I hoped were all of the necessary supplies, tent, butane stove, air mattress with a foam topper mattress, gas lantern, a bunch of candles, camp chairs, coolers, and anything else I could fit into the backseat and trunk of my 6-month-old Mercedes. With the back seat of my car packed with supplies, I asked Rosie if she wouldn't mind taking our kids to their grandparents. Being the great help that she was, Rosie agreed to help out.

I was in our driveway stuffing blankets and pillows into the backseat and trying to figure out how to fit the ice chest full of food and beer into the small space when Kim's taxi pulled up and dropped her off at the curb. I watched Kim get out of the cab admiring, my 36-year-old MILF. Even through working full time, and bearing two children, Kim had changed very little since we first met. She's carrying an extra 10-15 lbs but I didn't mind that at all. Working Mothers in their mid-thirties are certainly entitled to carrying a few extra pounds. Even when traveling she found the time to go to the gym 4-5 days a week and still had a great ass and legs, along with small perky breasts that somehow hadn't seemed to age.

Our boys must have seen her arrival from the house and they burst out the front door greeting her with hugs and kisses. Following the boys, Kim and I exchanged a long hug and a quick kiss. After 5 days apart our kiss was shorter and less passionate than either of us would have liked but was appropriate with our two boys looking on. I grabbed her bag and the boys ran back inside toward their rooms to finish packing for their weekend at Grandma's. Kim and I headed towards the house, making small talk about how things had gone at home and at her work. Before we entered the house she saw the open back door of my car that was packed with gear and asked what was going on.

I told her of my failed plans to take the RV out and had decided we could just go camping instead. Kim was a trooper and said that she thought was a great idea. Her enthusiasm increased when I told her that it would be just the two of us. I was sure Kim had missed the boys but in the last 11 years since our first son had been born we had always tried to make a point of vacationing alone at least a couple of times a year. With all the pressures I'd had over the last 5-6 years growing the company in the poor economy I hadn't made nearly enough time for just the two of us. We stood on the porch for a minute while I told her to pack a bag for the mountain lake that we frequented and also to remember that we'd be camping, not staying in our RV. I set Kim's bag down on the porch and told her I was going to finish packing the car. Her eyes twinkled and she leaned into me giving me a long wet kiss with her hips pressed tightly against me. She broke our kiss and then whispered into my ear "I have a little confession to tell you about." I instantly felt a tinge of excitement.

Up until now I had forgotten about a cryptic text that Kim had sent the night before. It was a picture of a good looking couple standing on a beach and had included, "I met a couple this week, I think they could make interesting friends?" She had sent the text after I'd gone to bed and when I'd woke up this morning and had replied with a simple question mark, she hadn't responded. I had completely forgotten about it up until this point but now I figured it must have something to do with her confession.

A few years ago, Kim had confided to me that the thought of exposing herself to strangers had always been a fantasy of hers. After quite a bit of discussion I had allowed her to indulge in this fantasy. At first I would take pictures of her in various states of semi-dress and undress and we'd post them on a couple of exhibitionist websites with her face blurred out. She really enjoyed reading the following posts of how hot she was and how men (and women) wanted to fuck her brains out. Over the next couple of years that fantasy had escalated into her occasionally doing it in public as well. As long as she didn't flash people we knew like neighbors, coworkers, or friends, I was not threatened by any of this and it had been very rewarding for me in our lovemaking sessions.

A recent example of her living out her exhibitionist side had taken place about three months prior. She was at one of her business functions in a Las Vegas hotel that had Valet service. Kim had flirted a few times with one of the young men working the Valet area when she had used the service over the course of several days. For her final pick-up before heading off to the airport with the rental car she wore a short skirt with no panties. When the Valet guy was holding open the door for her as she got into the drivers seat, Kim looked at him and very purposely dropped a ballpoint pen on the ground next to the door. Both her legs were on the doorsill of the car and she asked if he'd mind picking it up for her. Seeing what was going on the young man did as asked and when he picked up the pen he was rewarded with a close up shot of Kim's exposed pussy. Kim allowed him about 5-6 seconds staring at her bare pussy before she turned back into the car and took the pen from his hand. She tried handing him a tip but he refused it, saying, "That was enough. Thanks." He closed her door and she took off. When Kim got home she told me all about it and we had great sex (in the garage with her bent over the car of course).

My exhibitionist wife also enjoys putting herself in positions where men can see down her top at her braless breasts. Believe it or not, she finds that scenario harder to arrange so her flashing usually consists of giving glimpses of her pussy. Sometimes she does it while I'm with her but most of the time she just confesses about something that she has done when we have a spare private moment. I love it when I'm helping her collect dishes or some other random daily chore and out of nowhere she whispers to me, "I flashed somebody at lunch today." Once the kids go to bed I'll get the dirty details out of her and our resulting sex is typically off the charts.

Sometimes when we were watching adult movies and group sex scenes came on we even fantasized about going to swingers clubs and having sex in front of others. We had even discussed the idea of swinging and while I had always thought it would be exciting, Kim had never seemed to be into the idea outside of fantasy so I didn't push the issue. After 2 kids and 13 years of monogamous marriage, I was just happy that my wife was still up for even discussing new and exciting things in our sex life.

Without another word Kim headed into the house. I returned to the Mercedes and managed to fit the ice chest into the back seat. I then went to the wood pile and crammed enough firewood into the trunk to get us through the weekend. Returning to the house, I gathered up Kim, who was in her home office printing up some documents she told me she had to get in the mail. By the time we were ready to hit the road it was close to 5:00 p.m. It was about a two-hour trip to the lake and I wanted to get going so we'd have time to get our camp set up before dark. Kim and I both skipped much needed showers, said goodbye to the kids and hit the road.

Fortunately the traffic wasn't too heavy as we left our home on the outskirts of town. Within about 20 minutes we had cleared the 4-lane interstate and were driving along the 2-lane highway at 70 mph heading towards the lake. I had nothing but Kim's confession on my mind. I wanted to hear every detail but I didn't want to be the one to bring up the subject. Kim knew she had me on edge but decided to pretend like everything was normal, telling me all about her trip except what the confession was about. I knew she wanted me to be the one to bring up the subject but playing the game that we often do, I let the tension build and we toyed with each other, making small talk for the next hour or so.

Our conversation had run its course and when there was no more to talk about we rode along in silence for about 10 minutes with the radio playing quietly in the background before entering the last small town and turning off into the mountain road leading to the lake for the last 30 minutes or so of our trip. I was running a little low on gas so I pulled into a gas station to fill up the tank, buy some extra ice, and use the restroom. When I got back from the restroom I saw that Kim was sitting in the driver's seat. I knew she enjoys driving my car so I didn't think much of it as I replaced the gas nozzle and climbed into the passenger seat.

As I sat down I said, "So you feel like driving, huh?"


Kim was pulling out of the gas station when I noticed a stapled sheaf of papers sitting on the dashboard. I reached out to take a look as I asked, "What's this?"

Kim just stared ahead and said, "Oh, just something I thought you might be interested in."

I looked down at the first page of type printed text and started to read......


Hi, Lover

I thought you might like hearing about my latest adventure that took place this week. I had two evenings to think about it before coming home so I thought I'd just write it all down while it was fresh in my mind. I hope you enjoy :)

The Hotel was L-shaped. I was on the top floor and my room was the first one on the "inside of the L." On Monday night I noticed that in the room on the other side of the L right next to mine was a couple that had left their drapes open while they walked around nude. They both had wet hair and it was obvious they had just gotten out of the shower. Their lights were on and they had to know that there were at least 2 or 3 rooms that would be able to see into their brightly lit window. I turned down the lights in my room, poured a small bottle of wine from the mini-fridge into a glass and went outside on my balcony to sit and enjoy the evening air. I left my balcony light off but there were lights on the outside of the building. Since I wasn't more than 20 feet away from their window, I knew that they could see me if they looked my way. I sipped my glass of wine and tried to pretend like I wasn't paying attention. But they both caught me glancing into their window several times. Since they didn't close the blinds I knew they were showing off and were glad I was watching. After a few minutes I dropped any pretense and kept my eyes focused on their window as they moved about the room.
They both disappeared for about two or three minutes and I started to think that the show was over. I was a little chilly and was thinking about heading back inside when the man appeared in the window. He stared at me with nothing but a smile on his face and gave a little wave. He then closed the blinds a couple of feet or so (it's a little hard to describe but because of the way our rooms were situated at the inside of the L shaped hotel and also that we were on the top floor, I doubt that after he adjusted the blinds that anyone but me would have been able to see into their room when they were standing a foot or two from the window). The man sat down on the bed and the lights dimmed to a light glow. He stared straight at me with a sly smile on his face and the woman appeared into view.

I took a break from Kim's story and looked over at her. She was staring straight ahead, paying attention to the winding road. There was a slight flush in her cheeks and I had to ask...

"Seriously? You're bullshitting me, right?"

Continuing to pay full attention to the road, she smiled with a devilish grin and replied, "There's no bullshitting. How far have you gotten?"

"The guy is sitting on the bed staring at you."

Kim asked, "That doesn't bother you, does it?"

"Hell no. This is great!"

"If you like it so far, then keep reading. It gets much more interesting."

Kim's eyes never left the road. Her cheeks were flushed with a bright red shade that couldn't hide her embarrassment.

The man stared at me with a smile on his face and the woman got between his legs and started to give him a blow-job. This went on for a few minutes while he continued staring at me the entire time. I was really turned on watching this and I really wanted to return the favor and masturbate for him but in the back of my mind I was worried that these people might in one of the groups I was presenting to. I didn't want to have to deal with any embarrassment if they ended up in one of my seminars over the next few days. Watching them was bad enough but if I started fingering myself in front of them I wouldn't be able to keep it together if they were staring at me from the front row of one my sessions. After a couple of minutes they switched positions. She laid back on the bed while he got on his knees on the floor and went down on her. She didn't stare at me like he had but I did catch her glancing my way quite a bit and she must have been into it as much as he was. After a few minutes she grabbed the back of his head and although I couldn't hear, she was obviously having a screaming orgasm. When she finished cumming, he flipped her around and got on the bed behind her on his knees and did her doggie style while he stared at me. After a few minutes of hard pounding he pulled her hips into him, staring directly at me as he came inside her. When he had finally finished releasing himself, they both collapsed onto the bed panting and staring at the ceiling. I couldn't take it anymore and took the opportunity while they stared at the ceiling to pleasure myself. I was wearing a summer dress with no panties so I just reached between my legs and within about 30 seconds brought myself to a quick orgasm. Just as I finished the man started to get up off of the bed. I quickly pulled my dress back into place and watched him as he walked to the window. It was hard to pry my eyes off of his glistening, swinging cock but when I did he gave a smile and a little wave as he pulled the curtains closed.

I reached over and took Kim's right hand off of the steering wheel and placed it on my bulging cock. She gave a few appreciative strokes through the fabric of my shorts before putting her hand back on the steering wheel while saying, "Sorry but I need to concentrate on this mountain road." When I looked back down at the papers in front of me and started reading again she said, "By the way, I hope I'm not destroying your nice leather seat, I'm dripping wet." My cock swelled with a few more PSI of pressure and I continued reading.

There was a jacuzzi tub in the room and as soon as it was full I got in and put the jets on full power. I positioned myself against the jets and within a minute or two had a very intense orgasm. After soaping up and washing my hair, I still wasn't satisfied so before getting out of the tub I used the jet to bring me to another quick orgasm. You would have laughed if you had walked in on my last foray with the jacuzzi jets. For some reason I decided I wanted to use one of the jets on the side of the tub instead of one at the front like I normally would. To do this I had to get on one knee in the tub and drape my other leg around the outside of the tub while I held onto the faucet to balance myself. I have no idea why I wanted it that way but I did. It felt good, I just hope there were no hidden camera's because I'm sure it was quite the site.

I got out of the tub on weak knees, dried myself off and collapsed into bed sleeping soundly until my 7 a.m. wake up call. When I got out of bed I briefly questioned whether last night had been a dream but when the morning fog cleared I knew that it had been real. I kept my blinds closed while I got ready for my day and prayed that I wouldn't run into them in either one of my days sessions. I was grateful when the day was over and I hadn't.

As usual, our boss invited me and all of my co-workers to dinner in the hotel restaurant. There was about 10 of us all together. Just as we finished dinner I noticed the exhibitionist couple sitting at the bar. I'd had it in my mind all day that if I saw them I wouldn't make eye contact and I'd just pretend like I didn't recognize them. It had been dark last night and I figured there was no way they could have positively known that it was me but when I looked up again the man was staring directly at me with that same smile on his face. As soon as I'd made eye contact, he gave me the same little wave he'd done last night. I could feel the warmth in my cheeks and I'm sure they were crimson red as I looked away and regained my composure. I knew that my reaction had given away any attempt at innocence.

I started to chuckle at her predicament imagining her sitting with her boss and co-workers while she undoubtably re-played the previous evening in her mind.

Without looking up from her story I said, "Busted huh?"

Kim asked, "Are you at the dinner part?"

"Yea, it must have been a lot of fun sitting there replaying that scene in your head while your boss droned on about work?"

Kim's cheeks were still crimson red, and smiling, she replied, 'It was pretty difficult to keep a straight face."

I didn't want to interrupt her embarrassment so I went back to the story.

I refocused my attention on my own table-mates while we all finished our drinks and my boss paid the bill. My co-worker Michelle said she wasn't ready for bed yet and as she headed for the bar she asked me if I wanted to have a night cap. I wavered for a few seconds but decided there was no sense in trying to hide now. My identity was already known to the couple. If they ended up in one of my sessions over the next two and a half days I'd just have to deal with it. Fortunately Michelle picked a couple of seats at the opposite end of the bar and we had a good talk about the week's events so far and what lay ahead while having a drink. When our drinks were just about empty, the bartender placed two fresh ones in front of us and indicated that the "couple down there" had bought us a drink. Michelle and I both acknowledged them with a cheers gesture and she asked me if I knew them. I came up with a quick excuse that they looked familiar and must have been from one of my sessions. I'm sure I had a guilty look on my face but fortunately Michelle let it go.

By now it was almost 10:00 and we had both drawn the morning shift so we finished our drinks pretty quickly and headed for our rooms. Before we reached the elevators Michelle peeled off to buy a bottle of water from the gift shop. I pushed the call button on the elevator, and waited a few seconds for it to arrive. I got in the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor. When the doors started to close a hand reached in stopping them. Without having to look I knew who it was going to be.

I surprised myself by feeling quite confident and not in the least bit embarrassed when I looked up at the couple and made eye contact. The male half was smiling at me while the woman seemed to be slightly uncomfortable. I looked at the woman and as the doors to the elevator closed I surprised myself and confidently said, "I guess I don't have to ask you what floor you're on."

They both laughed and the woman's face relaxed while she replied, "I guess not." This was the closest I had been to them. Standing in the close proximity of the elevator I realized that they were both very good looking. The man looked to be in his early 30's with closely cut black hair and a body that obviously spent an hour or so in the gym on most days. The female half seemed to be about the same age, had long brunette hair and also took good care of herself. The elevator started its ascent towards our floor while I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that they were wearing name tags bearing the name of one of the other seminars that was going on in the hotel.

Breaking the silence I said, "Thanks for the drink."

The man replied, "You're welcome."

Feeling confident with myself I then looked at him and added, "Thanks for the show as well." I did my best to be bold and upfront but as soon as the words left my lips, I felt my cheeks flushing and my confidence eroding.

The man smiled at me and said, "It was nice having such a good looking spectator."

A few floors passed in silence before the woman took me by complete surprise and asked, "I don't suppose you'd like to join us, would you?"

Her question shocked me. This had never even crossed my mind!

As you know, it's not all that uncommon for me to get propositioned by men at a lot of the hotel bars I find myself in during my travels. As you also know, I always turn them down. It's flattering, but never tempting. I have to admit that after the initial shock of her proposition, that for the first time EVER, I had a VERY BRIEF moment of temptation. Instead of going down that road filled with bad consequences, I did my standard move of holding up my ring finger and saying, "Sorry, I'm married."

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, "Oh well, it was worth a shot."

I managed to smile and reply with what I hoped was a flirtatious tone, "Well, I can't blame someone for asking."

When the elevator reached our floor, the man held the door for us. As she and I exited the elevator he asked, "Forgive me for asking, and I'm not trying to be pushy, but I'm curious. If you weren't married, would you have accepted our invitation?"

Once again, I was shocked, but also impressed at the boldness of his forthright question and before I could stop myself I heard the word "probably" escaping from my lips. The three of us walked down the hallway until we reached their room and the woman put out her hand and said, "I'm Stephanie and this is my husband Rick. It was nice meeting you." I took her offered hand in mine and then his and told them that I had enjoyed meeting them as well.

As I turned towards my room Rick said, "We're leaving in the morning but there will be a farewell show in about 30 minutes, if you're interested."

By now my mind was in a whirl. I still couldn't believe the boldness they had. I was also quite excited by everything that had happened in the last two minutes. While continuing my walk towards my room I took a moment to regain my composure before glancing back over my shoulder to make some sort of reply. By the time I had come up with one they had already entered their room. I walked around the corner to my own room, fumbled with my key and finally got in. Immediately plopping down on the bed.

I have to admit that I am ashamed of how turned on I was thinking about their offer, and how turned on I am right now while writing about it.

Taking a break from my story: (Right now it's 7:15 on Thursday night and we just got off the phone. If you remember, I was asking you about how the backyard landscaping was going but what I really wanted was for you to phone fuck me. Unfortunately for me, I knew the kids were still up and about but the sound of your voice was enough. As soon as we got off the phone I had a quick rendezvous with my faithful traveling vibrator).

Now, back to Tuesday night :)

I laid on the bed for a few minutes, thinking about what had just happened. I think the thing that turned me on the most was the forthright manner that they had. There were no qualms or hangups associated with "normal" society. I lay on the bed wishing you were there with me. I don't know if they were only interested in me but I'm pretty sure if you'd been there and they'd suggested a foursome I would have agreed to it in about half a second. (A little more on that later).

While I lay in bed as horny as I think I've ever been in my life, I started planning out how to watch the show that would be starting in the next 30 minutes and how I could best participate without actually being in the room with them. I took a quick shower, put on the hotel bathrobe and got busy with my plan. I placed one of the armchairs facing towards their window and then moved one of the nightstands from the bed next to it. I dug into to the Emergency Travel Kit that I always carry and got out the three little candles and matches. I placed two of the candles on the floor in front of the chair and the other one on the nightstand I had set up. I turned off my lights, went out on the balcony and looked into my room.

With the indirect light from outside and the candles that I had set up inside, I figured that they should be able to see into my room enough with their own eyes. But, if they were pointing a video recorder into my room I was confident that there would not be enough light to show any details through the two panes of glass that were separating our rooms. Satisfied with my work and very turned on by the thought of what I was preparing to do, I turned the lights on in my room and stepped out onto the balcony. I intentionally left the outside light turned off but I knew from the evening before that there would be enough illumination that my new friends would be able to see me. Sitting down in the balcony chair, I made sure there wasn't anyone else sitting outside. I parted my bath robe and slid my hand between my thighs, I was already extremely wet but I was careful not to go overboard. Although I could have very easily made myself cum, I didn't want to yet. I wanted to enjoy the show that I knew was coming in it's fullest. I just needed to feel something rubbing against me while waiting for it. I sat there for a few minutes lightly pleasuring myself and fantasizing about things I'd never, ever, fantasized about before.

When the blinds in Rick and Stephanie's room opened, my first inclination was to pull my hand away but as quickly as the thought entered my mind it vanished and I continued rubbing my fingers against my pussy. It felt way too good to stop and now that I knew I didn't have to worry about seeing them sitting in the front row of one of my seminars, I let go and allowed my exhibitionist side to take over.

Rick's naked body appeared in the open window and he stared directly at me while I played with myself between the folds of my robe. The balcony railing was simple rod iron and although it was fairly dark and he wouldn't be able to see any "details" I could tell from his staring eyes and smile on his lips that he could tell what I was doing. Like the night before, Rick arranged the blinds so that I would be the only one able see into their room and then Stephanie walked up behind him. Her hands reached around and started stroking his muscular chest. She spent a minute or two running her hands up and down his chest, stomach, and inner thighs while I watched his erection grow. When he was fully erect her hands reached out and started stroking him. All the while he stared directly at me with that same grin on his face. I hadn't had a clear view of his cock the night before but now that it was pointing straight at me and Stephanie's hand sliding along the shaft I figured that he had to be about 7 inches long and was very thick. (I'm sure it's not of interest to you but her fingers could barely reach around the circumference). His cock was glistening with some type of lube and Stephanie was working him over from the head all the way to his balls, over and over she stroked with a steady rhythm. I could already feel my orgasm building but I didn't want to cum so quickly and forced myself to pull my hand away from my pussy. I stood up and held up a finger signaling them to give me a minute while I went inside my room. I dimmed the lights and arranged the blinds so that they would be the only ones with a view into my room. The emergency candles were burning, giving off plenty of light to give them a good view. I dropped my robe and stood in front of the chair, completely naked. I did a slow turn to let them see me, while Rick "mock clapped" In appreciation. I bowed and then sat down in the chair.

Behaving like the slut I was feeling like at the moment, I draped my right leg over the armrest giving them a clear candlelit view of my exposed pussy and began pleasuring myself. Rick's hand reached out and braced himself against the glass while Stephanie continued stroking his cock. I was dripping wet and my clit was hyper-sensitive as my finger ran over the swollen bud. I reached onto the table I had set up next to me and got my vibrator. While watching Stephanie stroke his cock, I pushed it into me as far as it would go. I put the vibrating clitoral stimulator and swirling beads on high speed and let my mind fill up with all kinds of thoughts a faithful married woman shouldn't be having. I was instantly close to having an orgasm but was able to control myself and enjoyed the show taking place 20 feet from me. I timed her stroke on his cock, matching it with the insertion of my vibrator into my pussy. I have to be honest and say that I was fantasizing that it was his cock sliding into me instead of the pink plastic.

All three of us stared at each other as we masturbated. In a few minutes Rick's sly smile turned into the unmistakeable face of a man getting ready to cum. His jaw tightened and his smile turned into a grimace while he stared at me pressing his hand flat against the window as if reaching out to me. When his cum splattered against the glass window I jammed the vibrating, swirling dildo as far into me as it would go and had a long powerful orgasm as I stared back at the stranger peering into my room, watching me fuck myself with my plastic cock.

Rick's orgasm was over long before mine but Stephanie continued pulling on his glistening cock, both of them staring at me while I jammed my dildo as far into me as it would go. When my orgasm was finally over, I turned the vibrating rabbit and swirling beads off but left it inside of me, wedging it between the chair and my pussy. Once again, I have to be honest and tell you that I was imagining that it was his hard cock pressing against my cervix while I sat in the chair trying to catch my breath.

Stephanie laid down on the bed and Rick got between her thighs and started eating her pussy. Now it was Stephanie's turn to stare into my room while he went to work on her. His face was buried between her open legs while I casually rubbed my tits and kept the dildo jammed between the chair and my pussy, letting it fill me up. Stephanie stared into my window and within a couple of minutes she grabbed the back of his head pulling him into her as she broke our gaze and screamed at the ceiling. I switched the beads and vibrator back on full power and was able to have another orgasm while I watched her cumming on his face.
When our orgasms were done, I sat breathless in the chair and reluctantly pulled the vibrator from my pussy. Rick and Stephanie lay on the bed spooning while we all stared at each other for a couple of minutes. Amazingly enough, part of me was still hoping for more, but I was also exhausted. I looked over at the alarm clock laying on the floor and saw it glaring 11:33 at me. My mental time clock for the events of what had just happened only seemed to be about 10 minutes but had apparently been closer to 30. I had to be up in less than 7 hours and had a full day ahead of me so I reluctantly got up and waved goodbye to my new friends as I closed the curtains. I put the furniture back in its place, climbed into bed, and immediately fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

The alarm clock started blaring at me at 6:15 and as I woke up I started remembering the dreams I'd had throughout the night. As you know I don't usually remember much from my dreams but I can remember that they were very sexually focused and had to do with You, Me, Stephanie, and Rick entangled in various erotic scenarios. Some of them were guilty dreams of me sneaking around and having sex with them (I'm sure these were related to the guilt I was feeling taking my exhibitionist side to another level without talking to you about it first) and some of them had you involved with the 3 of us. I wish I could give you details but it's really all a blur. I can tell you that I immediately reached for my vibrator and masturbated myself to an orgasm in my half-awakened state. After taking care of my most pressing need, I got up and took a shower. As the hot water beat down on me, I couldn't shake the thought of the offer Stephanie and Rick had made. I even went so far that I decided I was going to create a new anonymous e-mail address and slip it under their door so that after talking to you about it we'd have some way to correspond with them if you were interested.

As it turns out, none of that was necessary. When I was done with my shower, I noticed that there was a piece of paper slipped under my door. At first I figured it was probably a "how are we doing" or something from the hotel but when I picked it up, I saw that it was a note from my new friends. It had an E-mail address as well as a website (along with their username) that they suggested I take a look at. I didn't have any spare time to take a peak at the website and I reluctantly got dressed and ready for my day. I was able to forge through my morning work routine but as soon as lunchtime hit I couldn't resist the urge to skip eating with my colleagues and instead I headed up to my room to sneak a look at the website they'd mentioned. It was a "Swingers" dating site like you and I have browsed in the past. But this time I was able to look at people I had actually met and read about their adventures. (This is where I got the picture of the couple I sent to you on Thursday). They live in Seattle, only about a four hour drive ;) I wont go into details of my Wed and Thurs afternoon/evenings but let's just say that I spent a lot of time with my vibrator and jacuzzi jets while looking through the site.

I know we've talked a little about it in the past and I've always gotten the sense that you'd be up for something like that? After what happened this week, I think I may be ready to give it a try? We don't have to, I am perfectly happy with our sex life but I think it might be fun?

I'm sitting here at the airport finishing this and praying that no one can see over my shoulder and read what I am writing. Boarding the plane in about 5 minutes, really, really looking forward to seeing you tonight. I think we should get a baby sitter sometime this weekend. I desperately need a good hard FUCK. Believe it or not, the vibrator and jacuzzi jets just don't compare to the real thing!



I put the story on the floorboard and digested everything I'd just read. I was completely turned on by all of it and since all of my blood seemed to be concentrated in my groin I was having a hard time organizing my thoughts. I looked over at Kim who was still staring straight ahead at the road. After a minute or so of silence, with a nervous tremor in her voice she finally asked, "Well what do you think?"

I was still organizing my thoughts and I replied, "I'm not sure what to say."

I didn't want her to get the impression that I was upset by anything she had confessed so I immediately followed up with, "I am definitely turned on by all of it, I'm just not sure where to go with it."

I sat in silence collecting my thoughts for another few minutes until I saw a turnout on the road and told Kim to pull over. When we stopped, I told her to get out of the car, took her by the hand and led her into the woods. When we got about 25 yards into the forest I saw a large clump of boulders and led her over towards them. Without saying a word I started kissing her hard and passionately while pulling at the underwear beneath her skirt. When her panties hit the dirt floor and she had stepped out of them I undid my shorts dropped the to the ground and bent her over a large boulder. I pulled her skirt up over her ass and placed my hard cock against the lips of her wet pussy. It was easily apparent that neither of us needed any foreplay so I slid my cock between her moistened lips. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her, fucking her from behind. As soon as I had entered her, Kim reached between her legs and began playing with her clitoris, my balls slapping against her fingernails with each thrust. Much faster than usual, Kim started moaning in orgasm. As soon as she started cumming, I let myself go. I held her firmly by the hips pulling her fine ass tight to me while I shot my load deep into her pussy. By the time our orgasms were complete my knees felt like jelly and when I finally pulled out of her I immediately had to lean my naked ass against the cold granite boulder and take a few seconds to regain my sense of balance.

After a few moments we regained ourselves, got dressed, and headed back towards my car. The only words we exchanged were that I would drive. She handed me the keys and we got in the car heading off towards camp in satisfied silence.


10 minutes later we pulled into the camping area. After driving around the entire site we were happy to see that it was practically empty. The camping area I had chosen for this weekend has been a family favorite of ours for many years. It consists of about 60 acres of heavily wooded "free roam land" and is not structured into marked camping spots. There are 3 bathroom/shower facilities but no hook-ups for individual electricity or septic. The users of the area are free to find their own plots of flat ground in between the towering pines to put a motor home, RV trailer, or tent, place the $12 per night fee into the locked box at the "Welcome" area and make do with what they had. There are spots for about 125-150 campsites but fortunately for us there were only 4 spots occupied on this weekend. They consisted of two camps of fishermen in tents, one family with children in a small RV trailer, and a couple in their late fifties in a very expensive motor home.

Everyone seemed to respect each other's space, even though the family in the RV and the couple in the motor home had taken two of the best camping spots right next to the lake. The two groups of fishermen hadn't crowded them and had made their campsites several hundred yards from each other. My wife and I enjoy our privacy while camping and I had chosen this area for just this reason. It is fairly secluded and rarely crowded with the exception of major events like opening Trout Day the 3rd week in April, Memorial day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Since we much preferred having privacy over an optimal location near the lake, we found a spot deep in the woods, several hundred yards from the closest camp and lake. We rushed to set up our tent before the sun set and then by light from our gas lantern we made a small fire and a quick dinner. I really hoped that Kim would take the lead on any talk about her new fantasies. I had been thinking/fantasizing about trying out the swinger scene for a few years. One of the things I had learned from looking into that lifestyle was that you had to be careful about pushing your partner into it. I knew that I was intrigued and thought I wanted to give it a try but I also wanted Kim to decide on her own that it was something that she really wanted to try. I knew that I was going to have to work very hard to restrain myself from becoming a cheerleader and pushing her into it.

After dinner, I tended to the fire, and when Kim had finished cleaning up the dishes she came and sat down next to me. As soon as she sat down she broached the subject by saying, So you said everything about what I told you turned you on? Does that include the part about swinging?

As much as I had been thinking about this over the last couple of years (and fantasizing about it becoming reality over the last couple of hours) I asked her to give me a minute before replying. Thinking and fantasizing about something is different from actually doing it and I wanted to get my thoughts in order before replying.

After organizing my thoughts I replied, "You kind of took me by surprise. Whenever we've talked about it in the past you've seemed like it was something you weren't really interested in. At least, that's the impression I got. For the last couple of years I've always thought it could be something fun to try but I don't want to push you into it. Now it sounds like you want to maybe try it? I guess my theory is that you never know if you'll like something until you try it. If you're absolutely sure you want to, I guess I'm up for giving it a shot if you are?"

I had been staring into the fire when I spoke and I could see out of the corner of my eye that Kim was looking at me, waiting for more. I turned towards her and looking her in the eyes I asked, "So this couple must have really gotten to you?"

It was Kim's turn to get her thoughts together and decided it was her turn to stare into the fire before replying. She pulled her knees up tight against her chest, resting her chin between her knees for a minute or so and then replied, "I guess they did. I mean I barely even spoke to them but they were absolutely un-inhibited about sex and so matter of fact and bold about it. Something about that really turned me on. It's hard to explain but sexual energy just poured out of them. I would never cheat on you but I have to admit when I was laying on my bed right after they had propositioned me, the devil on my shoulder was urging me to go knock on their door. I've known that this idea of swinging is something you've been interested in for the last couple of years and I've always thought it could be fun but I've always had the impression of a sleazy atmosphere filled with sleazy people so I was hesitant. I guess this planted a different vision in my mind. I mean what they did was pretty off the wall but it wasn't sleazy. It was just two seemingly normal people having a good time with sex."

There was a long pause and I could tell Kim was waiting for me to respond. I was trying to be very careful concealing my enthusiasm and instead of suggesting that we pack up camp and head off to one of the several swingers clubs we had near our home I asked, "So what changed your mind around the "sleaziness" of it?"

Kim took a moment to collect her thoughts and replied, "My impression of them was that they seemed like two normal successful people on a business trip. According to the name badges they were wearing, the seminar that they were attending was for Medical Sales Professionals. I'll admit that when I was laying on my bed fantasizing about joining them I didn't know that and I had to look up the organization on their name badges the next day. But my impression of them was very different from anyone I'd have suspected was into swinging. They were both dressed very nicely and it was obvious they were both successful and well, I guess, just from the way they carried themselves? I'm sure it sounds funny from the way that they propositioned me in such a matter, of, fact way, but it just seemed like they were in a good place in life and enjoying what they were doing. There was no shame, embarrassment, or worry about being ridiculed or rejected. In going back and thinking about it, I think the thing that hit me the most is that when I let them know I was married by holding up my wedding ring they didn't push me at all. I'm sure that they had noticed my wedding ring before then but when I held it up and let them know I was committed to my marriage they seemed to respect that and immediately backed off. Most of the time when I'm at a hotel bar and I pull the "show the ring trick" the men (both single and married) don't let it go at that and come up with more bullshit lines about how what happens in "wherever" stays there or some other stupid line. A lot of them will show me their own wedding ring while saying these desperate lines. When I showed them my wedding ring they completely backed off other than Rick asking me the "what if" question which I think was just for their own curiosity and maybe to plant a seed in my mind about swinging. It was just completely different from what I'd imagined. I mentioned it in my letter that on Wednesday I was so pre-occupied with the note they'd slipped under my door that I made an excuse of not feeling well and skipped out on lunch with my boss claiming that I didn't feel well. I had meant to just spend an hour or so checking out the site but when the hour was up I called him and told him I was still sick and asked him to cover my afternoon session. I also bowed out of dinner claiming to still be ill. Basically I spent from about 1:00 till 11:00 looking at hundreds of different people and reading their profiles. From what I saw a lot of them seemed to be very similar to us. Married for many years, successful, and just looking for extra excitement in the bedroom. It was really difficult for me to go back to work on Thursday and put in a full day. I found myself wishing I could skip out and get back to the website and my vibrator."

Kim had stared into the fire avoiding looking at me the entire time she had spoken. There had been many pauses in between her thoughts and we both sat in silence for a few minutes when she finished talking.

A few years ago when we had first flirted with the idea of going to a swinger club I had done quite a bit of research into it. One of the things I had heard over and over again was that communication is the key to making a successful swinging couple. I wanted to make sure Kim and I followed that advice and now that Kim had decided she wanted to look into this, we spent the next 2 hours discussing our expectations, fears, and excitement.

In my research I had also learned that there are all different kind of rules that people have and that everyone is expected to abide by each couple's various rules and that the "Golden Rule" of swinging is that "No Means No." When I started discussing what I knew about the swinger lifestyle, I could tell that Kim had not been exaggerating when she said she'd spent a lot of time over the last couple of days looking into it. Just about everything I brought up regarding rules and expectations she seemed to have already thought about and quite often would even bring up things that I didn't know or had forgotten about. It was a very detailed and open discussion and by the time it was over I was able to mentally check off the "open communication" box in my head. Kim talked more openly about her sexual preferences, fantasies, and fetishes than she had ever done in our 13 years of marriage. Despite her exhibitionist side Kim had always been very reserved when it came to vocalizing her sexual wants and desires. In the past, Kim had always wanted me to take the lead in suggesting new things but after our two-hour-plus discussion I realized Kim was moving past her verbally shy personality.

The main thing that Kim and I discussed was that within the swinger scene (which many people refer to as "The Lifestyle") there are many different variations of what people are looking for. Some couples will go to a swingers club and only watch others having sex. Other couples will have sex with each other in the open but not invite others to join them. While some clubs and swingers frowned on these two types, others are more accepting of them.

The next group of swingers are known as "soft swap." These couples have rules varying from light contact with others like kissing and fondling all the way up to having oral sex with others but no intercourse. A lot of couples just entering the lifestyle seem to start off with this style.

The last group of swingers are those considered "full swap." These couples will have sexual intercourse with others. Even among those "full swap" couples almost all of them still have their own set of rules. In fact, throughout all of the different "categories" each couple may have their own set of rules regarding certain acts ranging from a "no kissing rule" (even some full swap couples do not kiss others), no swallowing or allowing a man to cum in a woman's mouth, whether or not a couple will have sex with other partners in a separate room from their spouse, anal sex, condom use, and a whole host of other rules. Another thing to be considered is bi-sexual contact between both women and men. Most men in the lifestyle are straight, but lots of women are bi-sexual. With all of our research we'd learned that all of this needs to be addressed before jumping in to avoid having regrets in the days and weeks afterwards.

I'm sure it sounds like a laborious process to go through all of these different possibilities but once Kim and I started going through our own preferences the discussion flowed quite naturally and easily. In my mind I had always thought that if we were going to try this, that we would start off with a version of soft swap or even the Voyeur/Exhibitionist stage. Then progress from there if we felt comfortable. To my total surprise Kim was completely into the idea of jumping in with both feet and going for it all if the opportunity presented itself. Her sudden willingness to fuck other people took me by surprise and now it was my turn to have reservations. The thought of her letting go of all taboos was exciting but I wasn't sure if the reality would match the fantasy. While I selfishly had fantasies of fucking other women I wasn't completely sure if I would really be able to handle seeing my wife of 13 years getting fucked by another man?

After a lot of discussion I learned that Kim's reasoning for jumping in headfirst was why would we limit our first time with rules that might take away from the experience. Why complicate things and possibly make it not as enjoyable as we thought it could be? She also reasoned that neither of us were virgins when we'd met and had been with many partners before we got together so it wasn't like we were broaching new ground in having sex with other people. At the end of our discussion she had me convinced that jumping in with both feet was the way to go. The simple rules that we decided worked for us were.

1: No separate room swapping, We were doing this as a couple and we'd stay as a couple.

2: No anal sex (too easy to contract potentially deadly disease).

3: If either of us were uncomfortable with anything taking place we were to stop everything immediately.

4: If either of us decided after the fact that we were jealous or had regrets we wouldn't hold any grudges. We were both going into this with our eyes wide open and knew that this was unchartered territory in our relationship.
5: We would keep all of this between just the two of us. Any swinging activities we engaged in would be with people we didn't currently know or could possibly be involved in our "regular" lives.

I didn't mention anything to Kim but I was a little disappointed that Rosie (our Nanny) was off limits but I had to agree that rule #5 was sound reasoning. It wouldn't be very smart to possibly allow what was supposed to be fun sex turn into any kind of trouble or drama in our lives. Kim and I were going into this as a loving, dedicated couple and were giving each other permission to explore our fantasies in this new world we were jumping into.

We extinguished the fire with a bucket of water and climbed onto our air mattress snuggling between the blankets in the tent around 10:30. We were both very turned on by the decision we had made and the possibilities it opened up but between the long day and the fact that we were both in desperate need of a shower, we simply gave each other a deep goodnight kiss before quickly falling asleep.

Early Saturday morning the sun peeked through the window of our tent waking me up after a restful night's sleep. Kim is an early riser and I wasn't surprised that she wasn't next to me when I awoke. I pulled on some sweats, T-shirt, and a light jacket and emerged from the tent into the chilly mountain morning. From our elevated campsite we also had a great view of the crystal clear lake that I hadn't noticed the evening before.

Kim was nowhere in sight and I figured that she had gone on a walk to the waterfall that was about a mile into the forest. I built a fire to warm up with and cook our breakfast over. As the fire built, Kim appeared heading down the trail that led to the waterfall. I bid her good morning as she approached. Returning the gesture, she walked up and we gave each other a quick "before tooth brushing" good morning peck on the lips. Kim went into the tent while I worked the fire into coals to place a griddle on and cook breakfast. Kim came out of the tent a minute or two later with her wash bag and a towel and asked if I minded taking care of breakfast while she went and grabbed a shower. I told her that I didn't mind at all. I watched as the backside of my bride and mother of my two children made its way the 50 yards to the closest bathrooms/showers.

I worked around camp, organizing chairs and cooking breakfast for about 20 minutes until Kim emerged from the showers wearing flip flops and a towel wrapped around her torso. Carrying her wash bag and dirty clothes in her left hand, she strode towards the campsite. When she got to within about 25 yards she took a quick glance around and then pulled the towel from her body and draped it across her right arm walking the remaining distance to our tent wearing nothing but her flip-flops and a smile.

We have a private backyard at home and Kim likes to suntan in her birthday suit so her tan lines were almost nonexistent. Her small breasts jiggled nicely. Even after two kids and 36 years, they still looked fantastic. Ever since I've known her Kim has always kept her pussy lips shaved smooth and she is constantly changing the size and shape of her pubic hair. She varies between different sized triangles, stripes, and shapes. We've never discussed it but over the years I have discovered that when Kim is feeling "especially frisky" she will even shave completely bald. I was a little surprised but not disappointed, that she was still sporting a small triangle patch of trimmed brown pubic hairs that blended in nicely with the tan skin surrounding her bikini line.

I remained sitting on my heels stoking the fire, appreciating not only the view but mostly her boldness of walking around a public camping area completely naked. Kim simply smiled as she passed by me entering the tent. I was tempted to follow her but I knew that she would insist that I showered before engaging her in any type of carnal pleasures. I knew that she was just teasing me and while I appreciated the effort, I wasn't going to take the bait just to be turned down.

In a couple of minutes Kim emerged from the tent wearing a short sleeved thin white cotton gown that hung loosely from her body and was cut just above her knees. From her hard nipples poking through the fabric, it was immediately obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. The gown was simple but effective at showing off her gorgeous curves. It was at this moment that I first realized that in just a couple of years, Kim will be described as a "MILF" in hushed whispers by our kid's friends.

Strutting around the camp, she took on the duty of making coffee while I finished preparing breakfast. With the way the campsite was arranged, Kim was mostly between me and the rising morning sun. Her cotton gown was thin enough that when she was positioned just right between me and the sun, it was somewhat translucent. Kim moved around the camp, her small, perky, braless breasts swaying freely beneath the gown. The morning chill had her nipples standing at attention while I fought my own manhood from doing the same. Kim knew exactly what she was doing and used the backlight of the sun like a professional photographer would. At one point she stood on the other side of the small fire and casually reached her arms up above her head in a long drawn out yawn and stretch. Her gown blossomed out and the silhouette of her toned muscular legs leading to her fine hips made quite the sight. She brought her hands down to her waist and slowly twisted her torso allowing her proudly protruding tits a moment of their own highlighted in the sun. To top off the show she turned around and spread her legs about 2 feet apart. I could clearly see the crack of her ass where it met her legs and when she casually stretched down touching her toes while the gown rose up along the back of her legs stopping just sort of flashing me her sex. I lost the battle fighting my growing erection. If we had been alone in the camping area I would have taken her where she stood, shower or not.

Kim went back to her chores, feigning innocence at the show she had just performed for me. I went along with her tease, trying not to let her see how it had affected me. I had to spend a minute or so squatting over the cooking utensils, pretending to focus on getting them set up just right until my excitement subsided. I knew from experience that I had no shot of getting anywhere until I had showered and I wasn't going to let her win this little game by abandoning breakfast to run and get a shower. We had the rest of the weekend for that. I finished the last of the breakfast preparation and told her that it was time to eat.

As we ate our traditional camp breakfast of bacon and eggs, I felt like there was a slight tension between Kim and me. From my perspective, it was somewhat awkward that we hadn't even mentioned or acknowledged the discussion that we'd had the evening before. Maybe it was just me but it was such a big decision and to not even mention it seemed a little odd.

By the time we finished breakfast, the sun had risen well above the mountain and the chilly morning temperature was climbing rapidly. The sky was free of clouds and after a quick discussion, we agreed that a warm sunny day in a beach chair with a book, a cooler full of beer, and a bottle of wine was just what the doctor had ordered. I had brought some fishing gear but wasn't feeling the need to show the other campers what a superior fisherman I was.

I took care of the dishes while Kim headed to the tent to change. She appeared a few minutes later dressed in a pair of tight fitting, high cut, gym shorts and an old sweatshirt that had been cut into a tank top with the neck cut wide and low in the perfect 80's style of Olivia Newton John. The bottom half had been cut off about 2 inches below the bottom of her breasts and her pierced belly button was visible on a stomach that had just the right amount of body fat for a 30-something-year-old working mother. I knew from experience that there was no chance that she was wearing a bra underneath the cut off sweatshirt and the odds were about 50/50 on whether she was wearing anything under the gym shorts. The shape of her body would have made anyone doubt her when she told them that her oldest of two son's would be starting the 6th grade in September.

Kim relieved me of the dishes and suggested that I should take a shower. I took the hint and grabbed my wash-bag, towel, board shorts, and a clean T-shirt. After a quick shower, I shaved and brushed my teeth while considering walking back to camp with my clothes in my hand. In the end, I didn't have as much courage as Kim and got dressed before heading back to our campsite.

The forecast for the weekend called for air temperatures in the high 80's to low 90's but the lakes in Oregon that are fed by streams of melting snow and ice tend to stay on the cold side throughout the early summer months. We knew that the water temperature wouldn't be more than 55-60 degrees at this time of year and Kim decided that she wouldn't be going more than knee deep into the water. So she didn't bother bringing a bathing suit when we set off for the lake.

The sandy beach was empty when we set up our little day camp consisting of two beach chairs, two towels, a cooler full of beer, a bottle of Chardonnay, our books, and a couple of sandwiches Kim had packed for lunch while I'd showered. We settled in and relaxed in our low slung beach chairs reading, talking, and enjoying the quickly warming summer day.

About two hours into our relaxing day, four kids ranging in age from about 10 to 15 emerged from the RV campsite, each of them holding a corner of a large inflatable island. They carried the island 50 yards or so off of the beach into about 3 feet of water before dropping it. Three of the boys remained holding the inflatable island in place while one of the teenagers went back to their camp and grabbed a cinder block. He carried it back out to the island and attached a piece of rope before dropping it into the water anchoring the island in place. The kids didn't seem to mind the chill of the water too much and as soon as the inflatable was secured they started splashing each other and playing "King of the Island." I felt small pangs of guilt that we hadn't brought our own children on this trip but was able assuage my feelings of guilt when I looked over at my hot wife and knew that I wouldn't be able to do the things I was planning on doing later this evening if our kids were with us in the tent.

Other than the children playing in the water, we were still the only occupants of the beach. The two groups of fishermen were out in boats fishing for trout on the lake. The Motorhome couple had driven off towards town in their towed vehicle while we had set up our day camp. The parents of the kids in the water were playing some sort of board game at the picnic bench in their campsite which was about 200 yards or so from us.

20 minutes or so into the kids splashing and playing, their parents were courteous enough to come down and introduce themselves. They offered to have their kids move further down the beach so that we could have some peace and quiet but Kim and I both assured them that kids laughing and having fun didn't bother us. During the conversation we learned that they were the parents of two of the kids and the other two were friends that their children had invited along. The parents were very polite and let us know that if the noise was any bother to us to just let them know. As we chatted, I caught the husband casting glances at my wife which I always take as a compliment and don't mind. I knew that Kim was looking especially good sprawled out in her low beach chair in her cut off sweatshirt with her belly button ring shining in the sun. His wife was also good looking and I wouldn't have kicked her out of bed but she didn't compare to the beauty of Kim. After a few minutes of friendly chat, they headed back to their campsite, leaving us alone on the beach.

When they had gotten out of hearing range I looked over at Kim and playfully said, "I think the husband likes you. Should we see if they're up for a little fun?"

Kim knew I was kidding and played into me replying, "Sure, in fact I'm pretty sure I saw them on that swinger site." It was easy-going banter and was the first time that we had acknowledged what we had talked about last night. It was good to get it out in the open and I felt a small weight lift off of my shoulders.

By now the temperature had climbed into the high 80's. Occasionally Kim and I would get hot and venture out knee deep into the water, splashing ourselves with the chilly water to cool off. The water was fairly cold but as long as we didn't get our clothes soaked it was a refreshing change from the heat of the sandy beach. Other than a few knee deep forays into the lake we spent our time reading, enjoying each other's company and relaxing.

The kids rotated between the lake and beach. Playing for a while in the cold water and then heading back to the beach to warm up for few minutes before racing back out to their island and continuing their games of "King of the Island" and "Biggest Cannonball Splash." We spent the rest of the late morning and early afternoon chatting, reading, and cat-napping in between the screams of laughter from the boys.

Sometime around 1:00 the sound of a motorcycle echoed across the lake. I looked up from my book as a man on a combination street/dirt version motorcycle with large saddle bags draped across the rear fender and gas tank rode into camp. The motorcycle looked like something you'd see trekking across the plains of Australia in a National Geographic special. He rode slowly through the camp and being the semi-paranoid type I began to worry that he might be looking to steal things from uninhabited campsites. The trees were thick but I had good view of our camp from the beach. All of our valuables including my Smith and Weston .357 were locked in the car but I had left my car keys in a pocket of our tent so I'd look up once in a while to make sure he wasn't parked in front of our camp rifling through our things.

After a few minutes, I heard the engine shut off. Looking back into the woods I could see him parked at a campsite about 150 yards or so from ours pulling a small pop up tent out of one of his saddlebags. Seeing that he was just another camper I was able to relax and returned my attention to watching the kids as they set up a foot race back towards their island after having spent a few minutes warming up on the beach.

It must have been about 1:30 or so when Kim and I decided we were hungry and broke out the sandwiches she'd packed. I had my fourth beer of the afternoon while Kim had her second glass of Chardonnay. We finished our lunch and Kim decided that she was hot and headed back to the water to cool off while I returned to my book. Kim must have been feeling adventurous and I saw that she was venturing further out in the water towards the boys on the island. When she was thigh deep in the water the two older boys headed towards her. I could hear them talking but couldn't make out the words being said. After a minute or so, the boys attacked her with playful splashing. Kim made a few weak splashes in defense before making a quick beeline towards the safety of the beach while laughing. The teenage boys playfully yelled "quitter" and broke off their attack as she retreated. Kim was ankle deep in the water when I noticed her eyes looking beyond me to my left.

I turned my head around towards her gaze and saw a young man in swimming trunks heading towards the beach. He was about six feet, of average build, well defined but not overly muscular. His hair was slightly wavy, shoulder length, and sun-bleached blond. Tossing his towel and a small backpack onto the sand about 50 feet from me he strode towards the water. When he reached the chilly water that Kim was exiting I saw her smile and mouth a Hello. They both slowed and chatted for a few seconds as they passed. At first the young man pulled back from the chilly water, turning around knee deep in the water. He pretended to be looking back at his camp while staring at Kim's ass. I was wearing sunglasses and pretended to be looking far off to his right side out at the boys on the Island. Out of the corner of my vision, I could see him ogling Kim's suddenly swaying ass.

He continued the deep contemplation of "his camp" until Kim had grabbed her towel and sat down, at which point he suddenly lost interest and turned towards the boys out on the island. Wisely he decided not to enter the cold water step by step and instead started sprinting towards the inflatable island until he was almost waist deep and then dove headfirst, swimming underwater the last 20 feet or so until he surfaced near the kids playing in the water. After about 30 seconds of exchanging unintelligible words, the boys began yelling "INTRUDER" and began splashing him. Kim was suddenly bored with her book, fixating instead on what was going on in the water. The young man was a good sport and splashed the kids back. He was outgunned 4 to 1 and quickly recruited the two younger boys onto his side ganging up on the teenagers. There was a lot of splashing and playful wrestling. After a few minutes the formidable team of the young man and the younger boys had taken control of the island and the teenagers decided it would be a good idea to call a truce. Soon after the truce was declared they all decided to have another cannonball contest. This splashing went on for 30-45 minutes until all of them were blue from the cold water and headed for the warmth of the sand and their towels.

The young man exited the water and as he walked up the beach towards his towel, he stopped and introduced himself as Matt. He was instantly charming and we found out that he was a 25-year-old college student from the University of Washington. He had just completed his second year of law school and was traveling as far South as he could on his summer break before heading back for his final year. He had stopped here for the night before heading down to Fresno CA, to visit some friends. He stood in front of us and talked while we sat in our beach chairs. I could see out of the corner of my sunglass covered eyes that Kim was having some difficulty avoiding staring at the bulge in his swimsuit. I did most of the talking to monopolize his attention, allowing her to indulge herself.

I offered Matt a beer from our cooler and invited him to join us which he gladly accepted. Jogging over to retrieve his towel and backpack, my wife unabashedly watched his backside until he grabbed his things from the sand. On the return trip Kim suddenly focused on a fleck of sand in front of her, showing no inclination of interest in him. He returned to our spot, placed his towel on the beach on the other side of Kim sitting far enough forward that he could engage both of us in conversation while I tossed him a beer from our cooler.

As the minutes wore on and the three of us talked and laughed, Kim was practically drooling over this 25-year-old man and his charming personality. At one point I even thought about offering her a towel to wipe the drool from the corners of her lips. Matt was very humble and I didn't see him as any threat. He was taking everything in stride and being polite to both of us, even though I'm sure he knew that if my wife was here alone that she would take him to the nearest secluded area, rip his clothes off and fuck him on the spot. I was enjoying watching my enamored wife doing her best to play it cool while all of us knew that she was failing miserably.

By the time we finished our second beers, the kids had warmed up and started foraging back into the water. Our new friend decided that he was hot and excused himself, heading back into the water to join them. Kim's eyes never left his ass as he made his way towards the inflatable island.
Sitting back in my chair I said, "Well it seems like someone has a little crush?"

Without missing a beat Kim replied, "Yea, good-looking guy, what a great ass."

Staring out towards the lake I replied, "From what I saw before I invited him to have a seat, you seemed to like the front side just as much?"

Instantly blushing but making no pretense at innocence Kim replied, "You saw that, huh? Yea, even with the cold water it looked pretty impressive."

The discussion we'd had last night was suddenly front and center on my mind. I had of course envisioned another couple and I think Kim had as well but suddenly another possibility was in the air. My heart beat a little faster and my stomach suddenly had a butterfly or two buzzing around. Kim watched Matt swimming to the island while tapping her feet in the sand like a nervous schoolgirl.

I thought for a minute or two weighing the thought before finally telling her, 'Why don't you go and see if you can make a new friend."

She looked at me in the eyes and asked, "Are you sure about that?"

I leaned over kissed her and said, 'If you'd like to, then go for it. We only live once right?"

Kim looked at me with a questioning look and asked, "What do you mean go for it?"

"I mean go make a friend. You probably shouldn't fuck him out there in front of the kids, but if you'd like to go make a new friend then go for it."

Kim looked at me and replied angrily, "I'm not going to fuck him!"

I chuckled at her defensive reply and stared at her with a smirk on my lips. The look on her face shifted quickly from anger to embarrassment as she realized that she had over-reacted because of her own internal guilt at being so enamored with the young man. We stared at each other for a few seconds while I smiled. She quickly regained her composure, shook her head and replied, "I promise, I won't fuck him... in front of the KIDS.... okay." Jokingly placing a big emphasis on the word "kids".

I smiled and said, "Then go make a friend."

"Are you sure?"

I had no idea where this would lead but I knew that Kim was having a good time flirting with this young guy. Just as importantly, I selfishly know that when Kim gets turned on I'm always the recipient of great sex soon afterwards.

I looked at her and replied, "Like I said, we only live once. Might as well enjoy it, right?"

Kim leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, got out of her chair and waded into the water toward Matt and the kids on the island. The water was up about knee high when I heard Matt yell "Intruder" and all of them attacked. The 5 of them attacked her with a thick wall of water but Kim quickly recruited the teenage boys onto her side and the odds equaled out. The teenage boys attacked the younger boys and Kim and Matt locked on to each other in a fierce battle. Her wet brown hair clung to her scalp and the cotton sweatshirt clung to her chest. When she'd put on the outfit that morning, she'd had no intention of going into the cold water. Now the wet material hung on her body, the weight of the water threatening to expose her small perky breasts, causing her to constantly have to hold it up, leaving only one hand to defend herself with.

The play continued with Kim doing as much splashing as the rest but concentrating her efforts toward Matt. They were about 50 yards from me but it was obvious that Kim was doing the married mother version of flirting. When the boys were occupied with each other, she would forget about holding her top and reach both hands into the water to splash Matt giving him a clear shot of her bare breasts. Her gym shorts clinging to her cheeks and settling nicely into the crack of her ass. During Kim's frequent retreats, Matt was left with no question as to how good her ass would look when devoid of clothing.

Kim was giving it her best fight and when Matt would turn his attention to the boys she would sneak up behind him and jump on his back, trying to dunk him. He was plenty strong enough to thwart the efforts of my 140 lb. wife and each time would end up peeling her from his back and gently dunking her instead. I saw him looking up at the beach several times to see if I was having a reaction to him wrestling with my scantily clad wife. I was smiling, watching them play and after about the third dunk followed by his quick look towards the beach, I gave him a thumbs up to ease his mind. They continued to play wrestle and splash each other and the kids for a few minutes before I heard Kim beg off claiming to be cold. I'm pretty sure that she could have handled the cold a while longer but being the Mom that she is, I don't think she wanted things to get out of hand with her new friend in front of the kids. I'm also sure that the teenage boys were enjoying Kim's sagging wet outfit as much as Matt was.

She exited the water with the cotton sagging and clinging in all the right places. Her nipples proudly poking through the heavy material from the cold water. I was also sure that she was swollen and wet in another area that the cold water had nothing to do with. Matt tried not to make it obvious but I could see him watching her retreat from his peripheral view watching her ass swaying until she wrapped in a towel and sank down in her chair beside me. I asked her if she'd had fun and she did her best to nonchalantly tell me that she had.

We watched the young man and the kids for another 30 minutes or so. By then it was approaching 5 p.m. and the rapidly setting sun behind us was not offering much warmth. Kim was shivering and having a hard time getting warm despite both of our towels covering her up. Since we hadn't planned on going into the water today, we didn't have anything else for her to put on so I suggested that we pack up and head back to our camp to get dinner going.

Kim was still shivering and agreed that she wanted to head back to camp to warm up. As we started packing up our things it was obvious by her several glances towards the water that she didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to her new friend. I also noticed him glancing up at us as we gathered our things. Before we were done packing up and disposing of our trash, Matt headed ashore just as we were ready to return to our campsite.

As Matt approached, Kim quietly asked if I'd mind if she invited him to our campsite for a cocktail. I looked at my wife and could see that she was in a different place.

"A cock-what", I asked?

"A cocktail! You know, a drink!" She whispered tersely. Again, she was immediately embarrassed with her defensive reply as my devilish grin grew across my face and she realized I was just playing with her.

Through my smile I told her, "The more the merrier. Sounds fine to me," reassuring her while trying not to laugh out loud at her childish behavior.

I wasn't sure what I was agreeing to at this point but I knew that if I didn't like what was going on I could stop it at any point. Although Matt was a young guy in good shape, he was not a physical threat to me and from his constant glances towards me during their playful wrestling match, I knew that he was aware of that as well. What I wasn't so sure of is how far Kim would want to take this. Was she just enjoying the attention of a young good looking guy or was she actually fantasizing about taking things further? I had to admit that seeing her so flustered and obviously turned on by his attention was exciting to me as well. But everything had been out in public and in the back of my mind I knew that things wouldn't get out of hand with the kids around. The question suddenly running through my mind was, how far would Kim want to take this once we were back in the privacy of our own secluded camp? This wasn't what I'd envisioned as we'd discussed things last night. But Kim was obviously enthralled with him and seeing her so flustered was quite entertaining. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had to admit that it was turning me on, seeing her like this.

Matt made his way over to us and picked up his towel drying off. With a slight break in her voice Kim asked him, "Why don't you come over to our camp tonight for a beer?" Instead of replying to Kim, Matt looked towards me.

I smiled at him and said, "Come on over. We'll have a fire going. We'll cook some hot dogs and we have plenty of beer, wine, and margaritas."

With my reassurance he said, "Sounds good to me, thanks! What time?"

"How about 7:30 or so," I replied.

"Great, see you then." With that, Matt grabbed his backpack and towel and headed off towards his camp with Kim watching intently as he left.


Back at our camp, in the privacy of our tent, Kim changed out of her wet clothes. Naked and cold, goose bumps protruding from her tanned skin. I took her into my arms and ran my hands over the cold cheeks of her ass. With a tremble in her voice she asked, "Do you mind that I invited Matt to join us tonight?"

Sliding my right hand down over her ass, reaching inwards, I ran my finger along her pussy which was showing all the signs of excitement that I had expected. I removed my finger from her wet lips, looked her in the eyes and said, "You should know me by now. If I didn't want him to join us, I'd have said so." After a few seconds I continued, "Speaking of him "joining" us. How far do you really want to take this?"

Averting my eyes she pressed her forehead into my shoulder, avoiding eye contact, paused for a few seconds before quietly replying, "I'm not sure, but as I'm sure you can tell, I'm kind of excited just thinking about this."

I didn't want to beat around the bush and replied, "By "this," do you mean that you're thinking about fucking him?"

Kim kept her forehead pressed into my shoulder avoiding eye contact and replied nervously, "Well, yea sort of... I mean... To be completely honest... I'm actually thinking about both of you fucking me." I let that comment hang in the air like a thick fog. I didn't want to interrupt her thoughts so I just held her in my arms until she worked up the courage to continue and whispered, "What do you think?"

When we had discussed all of this last night, I had envisioned us with another couple and both of us having the opportunity to have sex with another person. Up until now I had been enjoying watching her get all worked up over this young man and it had all been fantasy in my mind. Now faced with the reality that she was actually fantasizing about this, I took a few moments to reflect and get my thoughts in order before gently pushing her from my shoulder so I could look in her eyes and said, "Let's just take things as they come. Who knows if he'd even be up for something like that? I mean I'm sure he'd fuck you if I wasn't around but... That's not what you want, is it?"

Kim quickly pulled her head away from my chest and said, "No, no, not at all!" Sinking back into my chest avoiding eye contact she continued, "I want both of you. I can't believe I'm saying that... but I really do."

Reassuring myself that I was still in charge, I again pushed her away from my chest, looked her in the eyes and said, "Let's just take things as they come, if either of us has any reservations, we'll end it, O.K.?" Even as the words left my mouth I knew that I was only reassuring myself. Kim was hornier than a drunk teenager on prom night.

Kim was in a daze and replied with a simple O.K. The look in her eyes betrayed how badly that she wanted this. At that moment, I realized that unless Matt wasn't up for it, we would both be fucking her before the night was over.

The next hour or so was filled with doing camp chores, getting things prepared for dinner and starting the campfire. Kim was visibly nervous while she waited for Matt to arrive. My nerves were also rattled and I started to have serious doubts as to whether I would actually allow this to happen. About 6:30 Kim excused herself and headed off to take a shower. I broke out a bottle of red wine and by the time I was pouring my second glass, Kim appeared from the showers wearing nothing but a towel around her waist. This time she removed it without bothering to check and see if anyone was looking. I noticed immediately that she had taken the time to shave her pussy completely bare.

Unlike this morning I didn't let her pass me by on her way to the tent. I grabbed her and gave her a deep, tongue probing kiss. She smelled of fresh soap and a hint of her favorite perfume. She still sported damp hair but had managed to take the time to apply a coat of make-up, heavy on eye liner and a not very subdued red lipstick. I knew the make-up and perfume had been applied with thoughts of Matt in mind. There is no way she would have done that if the evening was just going to be the two of us camping in the woods.

We broke our kiss and without a word she headed for the tent. I watched until her fine, naked ass disappeared into the tent and then I called out to her offering a glass of wine, which she accepted. I poured her a glass and placed it on the picnic bench before returning to the fire getting it ready for our hot dog roast with her new friend. A couple of minutes later Kim reappeared from the tent wearing her simple white cotton gown. I handed her the wine and ran my hand down her back and over her ass. As I expected she was unencumbered by any undergarments.

I quipped, "I take it from your outfit that you don't want to waste any time having to remove excess clothing, huh?"

Staring intently at the fire she took a healthy swig of the wine before glancing at me out of the corner of her eye and with a devilish grin replying "nope" and then staring back into the fire. For now, all of her nerves were settled. Tonight a stranger would be joining us for the evening and my wife was dressed in a thin cotton gown wearing nothing underneath. I knew that her intentions were real and that she was planning on taking our relationship to places it had never been before.

Matt arrived soon after carrying a six pack of Corona. He was dressed in tennis shoes, loose fitting sweat pants, and a University of Washington T-Shirt. His shoulder length blondish surfer hair was combed straight back and was wet from a recent shower. I'm a completely straight man but I could understand why Kim was so turned on by him. He was young, charming, good looking, in good shape, and obviously interested in her even though she was 10+ years his senior.

While Kim started gathering hotdogs to roast I grabbed a towel, clean pair of underwear, shorts and a sweatshirt. I excused myself and headed for the showers. I had purposely timed a late shower to give them some alone time. I knew that while I was hanging around, Matt would be on his best behavior so I wanted them to have some time to get to know each other one on one. He seemed like a respectable guy, but I knew that the one thing that would turn Kim off is if he was arrogant or rude. I wanted to give her a chance to get to know him without me around before going any further with her fantasy. I spent about 15 minutes in the shower. I was tempted to masturbate but resisted the urge. If things went the way that they were looking, I knew that at 38 years old I was going to need all of the energy that I could muster to even try and keep up with Kim's 25-year-old suitor.

When I returned to camp I half expected to find them in the tent fucking each other's brains out. Instead, they were sitting next to the campfire talking and laughing. I joined them and we proceeded to roast our hotdog dinner. We sat around the fire in folding camp chairs seated boy, girl, boy with Kim about 12" from each of us. The conversation progressed from talking about his family, college life, and partying until Kim guided it into some light sex talk. Without going into graphic details, Kim gave him enough information to know that she and I had both had some pretty wild times and plenty of partners before we got together during her junior year of college. She even went into the fact that she had been involved in a light threesome with a guy and his girlfriend.

Matt also offered that he'd had one encounter with two drunk girls a year or so ago but that it hadn't turned out well with one of the girls passing out before things had gotten interesting. Without going into specifics, Kim let him know that her experience had turned out a little better and a good time had been had by all. I didn't know if it was the alcohol or her new liberated personality but I was surprised at how casually Kim had offered up this information. It had taken me years to even get her to admit that she'd been in a threesome, let alone offer up any details.

Several times during our conversation I noticed him casting questioning glances in my direction to see if I was having any kind of negative reaction to the risqué talk at hand. I had none, in fact my cock was beginning to swell as I watched Kim's inner slut revealing itself. Instead of easing his fears by standing up and showing him my half hard cock I waited for an opportunity to squelch his worries.

When Kim was telling him a story about walking in on her college roommate having sex with a guy in their dorm room, I took the opportunity and reached over and grabbed a towel from the picnic bench. When Kim had finished her story I handed her the towel while looking at Matt and said, "You have some drool on your chin, honey." Kim shot me an angry look while I winked at Matt. Reaching over I took her chin in my hand and gave her a quick kiss. Her anger turned into a slight smile and then a chuckle. I started to laugh with her and soon after Matt was laughing as well. The light hearted laughter eased the tension that had been building and we continued our evening while Matt and Kim flirted with each other.

Sometime around 9:00 Kim decided that we had all had enough beer and wine so she made us a round of Margaritas on the rocks. They were tasty and strong but within 20 minutes all of our glasses were empty so Kim made us another round. The talking and laughing continued for a while longer and the verbal flirting progressed quite a bit as Kim's buzz reached that perfect point where inhibitions seem to vanish.

As her buzz took hold, Kim decided that she'd had enough of the verbal flirting and reached over for my hand. With my hand clasped in hers, she then reached over and ran her free hand along Matt's thigh while saying he had nice legs and awkwardly asking him if he rode a bicycle. Her hand ran all the way up his thigh and although I couldn't actually see from where I was, I was sure that she hadn't stopped until her hand met resistance in the form of his cock. Her hand lingered there for about 10 seconds or so before patting his thigh and then placing her hand in her lap and squeezing my hand in a silent question of whether I was OK with this. I gave her a gentle squeeze along with a wink in return, giving her my approval.

With that I got up, stoked the fire and added another piece of wood resulting in a warm, bright light. The mood had again become somewhat tense as Matt knew that Kim wanted him in the worst way but he had no idea how, or if, to try and move things forward with me sitting a few feet from him. I was fine with everything going on and was surprisingly actually excited about where this was leading. However, I didn't want to be, or for that matter have any idea on how to be, the instigator in this situation. That left my normally, somewhat sexually shy wife to move things in the direction she desired.

In a couple of minutes, Kim got up and started to tidy up the campsite from our hot dog roast. Matt and I both offered to help but she begged us off and told us to relax. It was a chore that quite often placed her between the two of us and the fire. Matt and I both leaned back in our chairs and enjoyed the fire. Before too long, we were also enjoying a show.

Kim was fully aware of the effect firelight had on the light gown and while moving between us and the fire she paused a couple of times turning slowly in front of the fire claiming to be warming up. As she "warmed up" she kept her legs spread just wide enough that we had a nice view of firelight reflecting between her legs and the clear Y-shaped area where her vagina met her thighs. From her earlier walk back from the shower, I knew that her pussy was shaved completely bare in anticipation of tonight.
When the cleaning chores/mating dance were done, Kim walked to the wood pile on the other side of the fire and grabbed a small log. Instead of just tossing the log onto the fire, she bent over at the waist allowing the gown to fall far enough from her neck that we both had a clear view of her perky breasts falling away from her chest. She took her time adding the log to the fire, giving us a good long view of her tits as she placed it in "just the right spot." From the corner of my eye, I could see that Matt was sporting an erection that he was unsuccessfully trying to hide by crossing his legs. I knew that at 25 I would have been doing the same. Even at 38 I was having difficulty keeping control of myself.

"Another Margarita?" I called to Kim.

"Sure, why not?" she replied as she innocently stood up.

Nodding at Kim's body that was now standing on the opposite side of the fire, I glanced towards Matt and queried, "Nice view, don't you think?"

"Umm yea.... fantastic," Matt returned while staring at my hot wife.

When she looked up at us, her face was slightly flushed with embarrassment and apprehension at our verbal exchange. When she noticed Matt's straining erection she quickly recovered and smiled with a hunger in her eyes and replied, "I agree". I couldn't help but chuckle and I looked over at Matt who was smiling as well. He turned to look at me and I offered him a high five which he playfully returned.

With that I made all of us another Margarita. Kim sat down in her chair while I handed her and Matt their drinks. Feeling comfortable with the situation, I quipped "I have taken a scientific poll with every male present and within a margin of error of 0% we are in agreement that you are looking very fucking hot. Don't you agree Matt?"

"Definitely, you're a lucky guy." he replied.

I'd had the intention of this being somewhat of an ice-breaker but instead, we sat in a slightly awkward silence for a couple of minutes, no one wanting to make the first move.

After two or three minutes, Matt stood up and said he needed to relieve himself. Instead of just going around a tree he walked the 50 yards to the bathroom which gave Kim and me a minute of privacy. She looked at me with unbridled lust in her eyes asked me if I was OK. I gave her a smile and a nod of my head in return. Looking back towards the fire, she stared into it as she said with an intense look on her face, "I am so fucking horny."

I've mentioned that this was not the Kim I knew. Even though she enjoys flashing strangers and is pretty much un-inhibited once she gets in bed, she is typically pretty reserved when it comes to verbally expressing herself about sex. Even though we had been drinking, she was in full control of her sexuality. Tipsy or not, she wanted to fuck this young man in the worst way. Yet I knew that the alcohol probably wasn't hurting in giving her the courage to move on with the inner desire, she wasn't nearly drunk enough to "blame it on the alcohol".

Matt returned in a couple of minutes and took his chair. As he sat down Kim stood up and positioned herself, between the firelight and Matt. She spread her legs slightly apart, took a sip of her margarita and said, "I'd like to thank you two for the complement." With a slight tremor in her voice she continued, "I must think of something to return the kindness."

Feeling confident with the situation and before I could change my mind I replied, "Why don't you start by thanking our guest." Kim gave me a raised eyebrow, questioning look, asking silently for the final time "Are you sure about this"? Looking her in the eyes, I smiled and nodded, giving my approval.

Kim walked to the side of Matt's chair where his outstretched arm immediately wrapped around her waist. She took a deep pull on the Margarita and moved in tight standing next to him. Kim put her hand on our guest's far shoulder and was gently rubbing the side of his neck. He could undoubtedly feel her trembling as her right breast rested inches from his face, her erect nipple poking through the thin cotton.

Kim then asked, "I think we should move into the tent so I can show the two of you my full appreciation"?

"Sounds good to me," I managed. "Matt, did you have any other plans tonight?"

Smiling widely and tightening his arm around my Kim's waist he replied, "None that I wouldn't break unless you wanted me to." To which I shook my head "No." With that, Kim bent down and kissed Matt deeply on the lips. Soon afterwards they began probing each others mouth's with their tongues.

After about 30 seconds she pulled herself from his embrace and moved to where I was sitting. As her arms went around my neck, she whispered into my ear, "I think my pussy may actually be on fire!" Without any more words being spoken, we all stood up and moved towards the tent.


A tent flap and a metal zipper became the point of no return in the game Kim and I had started this afternoon. I was nervous and I felt like I'd swallowed a hornet's nest but my cock was now matching Matt's and was pressing at the fabric of my shorts in excitement.

Our tent is large with two-rooms, each room measuring 10' X 10' with two open screened windows in the back wall. In our bedroom portion there was a single queen sized blow up mattress with a foam mattress on top of it. The bed was un-made with various blankets and pillows strewn about from the previous night. In the second bedroom normally used by the kids, were two camp chairs and an ice chest placed between them, set up as a sort of table. The second bedroom was open to the first due to the tied back partition between them.

I turned the gas lantern down to a dim glow while hanging it from the nylon strap on the roof of the tent. I sat down in one of the camp chairs and motioned Matt towards the other. We placed our drinks on the ice chest watching Kim as she started lighting the 7 or 8 candles she had placed around the tent last night. As she lit the candles, the flame of the lighter trembled in unison with the fingers that were holding it, her hand shook wildly and the confident woman that had been outside flashing her breasts by the fire and making out with her new friend was obviously feeling a little bit nervous with what she was about do.

Kim was finally able to finish lighting the candles without dropping the lighter and setting the tent on fire. She then zipped closed the main screen door. The sound of the zipper closing was ominous in my ears and I knew it was the last point of no return. In a few minutes I knew that it was very likely that for the first time in 15 years or so that she was going to have another man between her legs fucking her brains out.

A nervously smiling Kim, sipped from her margarita and while facing us she knelt down between Matt and me. To break the final bit of ice that remained, I reached down and cupped my wife's right breast through the thin cotton gown. I pinched the sensitive nipple between my fingers and nodded to Matt's questioning, letting him know that it was OK to move forward.

With my reassurance, Matt reached out and began massaging Kim's left breast. As a welcome to the advance she pulled his head down and placed another lingering, hungry kiss on his mouth. I could see her cheeks depressing as she sucked in his probing tongue. After a minute or so she finally broke the kiss. As she pulled back from him I could see that her left hand was already stroking his hard cock through the fabric of his sweatpants. Kim put her drink down on the ice chest and pulled me to her, I felt her heavy breaths as our tongues met each other. I could feel her heart beating rapidly as I squeezed her breast in my hand. Her right hand reached out and began stroking my cock through my shorts. After a minute or so she pulled away from our kiss, and looking back and forth between the two of us, said, "This is my party tonight and I'm in charge. Agreed?"

Without pause, I quickly said, "You're in charge. All you have to say is stop and we will." I looked at Matt and with a slight rise in his voice he replied "Of course!"

I had mistakenly assumed that Kim was telling us that she still had reservations about what was happening but quickly realized I was wrong when the next words out of her mouth were, "I'm not worried about asking anyone to stop. I'm more concerned about you two wearing out before I'm done with you."

I looked towards Matt hoping for a moment of "What have we ourselves gotten into" look but he was only focusing on Kim's smiling face. He didn't say a word but he had a confident look in his eyes, showing no worry that he would leave her unsatisfied.

Kim then stood up and pulled Matt to his feet. She moved into his arms grabbing his ass with her left hand and without any hesitation pushed her groin into the bulge in his pants simultaneously bringing her lips to his in another deep kiss. Matt slid his hands down Kim's back and cupped her ass in a firm grip, pulling her tighter against his hard cock which was restrained only by the cotton material of his sweat pants. As he ground his cock into her, Kim responded with an appreciative moan, obviously wanting more of what he had to offer. Her left hand reached up and grabbed the back of his head entwining her fingers in his hair. She pulled him into her, receiving his tongue into her open mouth. Kim's right hand reached between them and I knew that she was forcing his cock down his leg so she could better rub her pussy against it.

As I watched them, part of me was a little troubled by how much Kim was enjoying this and how easily she had made the transformation into this slut in front of me. But I was also turned on by it and at no point did it ever cross my mind to call a stop to what was going on.

When I could take no more of sitting idly by watching them dry fuck each other, I got up out of my chair, moved behind Kim and reached between their bodies to cup a breast in each hand as I ground my cock into the crack of her ass. Kim broke her kiss with Matt and turned her head around enough that we were now twisting our tongues in each other's mouths. Her breathing was rapid and her moans were increasing in volume. I ground my cock against the crack of her ass while the two of them fucked each other through their clothes.

After a minute or two of this, Kim finally pulled away and separated herself from between us. She motioned towards the bed and without hesitation or any nervousness in her voice, ordered, "Why don't you two get undressed and lie down."

Matt quickly shed his T-shirt, shoes, and dropped his sweatpants. Emerging from his pubic bone was about 7-8 inches of thick circumcised cock. He was fully erect and as only a man under 30 can accomplish his cock was pointing up at a 45 degree angle from his pelvis. Thick veins bulged from the shaft. A purple swollen head sat on top of his rigid member. With his cock pointing up at that angle Kim could see his tight swollen balls pulled up firmly against his body. The deeply tanned, defined young man finished removing his pants while my wife unabashedly stared at his impressive cock and swollen balls, absentmindedly licking her lips once in anticipation.

For me, everything was moving in slow motion. Matt was now standing next to the bed completely naked. Before he could lay down as ordered, Kim reached for his cock stroking the bare skin a couple of times before putting her hand on his shoulder and guiding him down onto the mattress.

By this point I was already naked and laying on the bed. My cock was rock hard and pointing straight up at the roof of the tent. My cock is an inch or so shorter than the monster Matt was packing but like him I've also been blessed with a very thick shaft and a large head protruding from my 6 1/2 inches. Kim has always told me that she enjoys my girth and although I'm not sure I believe her, she had always sworn that I had the biggest dick she's ever had. Seeing what Matt had going on, I had to wonder if she'd enjoy the extra size that he was sporting even more? I also realized that after tonight, she wouldn't be able to say that I was the biggest she'd ever had.

Now Matt and I were lying on our backs with about 2 feet of space between us. Kim kneeled down between the two of us and parted her legs as far as possible. Her hand gently stroked my shaft and I pulled her in for a kiss. No matter what had been said in the last few hours about stopping at any time I had known 15 minutes ago when Kim zipped up the flap of the tent that we had passed the point of no return and that very soon, this well-hung stranger would be fucking her brains out.

I was still apprehensive but also very turned on watching this side of my wife's adventurous and slutty personality coming out in full force. Kim squeezed my cock and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I could feel her heart beating through her tongue as we kissed.

Kim suddenly broke the kiss and sat back on her heels, ordering, "I want both of you keep your hands to yourself until I say so. I want to enjoy this scene for a while. So NO touching!" Then she reached down and pulled the white cotton gown over her head and casually tossed it aside as if she had done this a hundred times. She was kneeling between us completely naked with her legs spread about two feet apart. She rose up and gave Matt his first glimpse of her bald pussy. The swollen, protruding lips of her vagina glistening with moisture in the candlelight.

Two things immediately popped into my mind. First, I wanted nothing more than to bury my face between her legs and second, I wished that I had a camera as it would have made a great picture for future masturbation when she was out of town on one of her business trips.

Kim's exhibitionist side was in full display as she stayed in this position for about 30-45 seconds, allowing us to take in her womanhood. After giving us a good view she slid her left index finger across her wet pussy lips and then her right. Shocking me she then placed one of each of her fingers into our mouths. Her finger was slick with her sweet juices and I wanted nothing more than bury myself between her thighs. After allowing us to lick her fingers clean she reached out to us and began lightly and rhythmically stroking both of our cocks up and down in unison.

The image of those horse like oil derricks that permeate the West Coast pumping up and down immediately came to mind. The pressure of the oil boiling to the surface was a perfect comparison to the pressure building up in my balls.

Kim is normally an exhibitionist only in a quick flashing manner. Even when it's only the two of us she is not normally comfortable allowing me to sit back and just enjoy her naked body even though it is quite the sight to behold. In a total transformation from anything I'd ever seen, my wife allowed Matt and me a minute or two of admiring her pussy shining in the candlelight while she teased our swollen cocks. She knew she had us both mesmerized with her sex and was making the most of it. After allowing sufficient time for our inspection she released our cocks, leaned back on her heels and while alternating her gaze between the two of us, she began to rub her pussy allowing us to watch. The middle finger of her right hand slid between her swollen lips and moved in a slow and rhythmic pattern on her clitoris. Their was an audible sound (like the light smacking of lips) as she played with her dripping cunt.

Both of our cocks stood at full attention pointing up at the ceiling of the tent, twitching with excitement. When Kim took her wet fingers and placed them to her lips, tasting herself, Matt couldn't restrain himself any longer. He managed to obey her instruction of not touching her but exhaling loudly. He began slowly stroking his cock up and down. Kim's eyes fixated on his hand sliding up and down the hard shaft. She licked her finger clean and went back to work on her pussy while she stared at Matt stroking himself. From her moaning and the look on her face, I could tell that she was just short of an orgasm. Instead of finishing herself off she stopped and laid down on her back between us, telling him, "Don't you dare cum yet."

Matt replied confidently, "Don't worry. You're first, I promise."

She continued laying on her back alternating between caressing her breasts, fingering herself, and sucking on her fingers while Matt slowly stroked his cock. I laid still, enjoying her performance and respecting her no touching rule for what seemed like an eternity. Kim finally decided she'd had enough of teasing us and reached down to fondle the two hard cocks she had at her disposal. She continued stroking our dicks for another minute or two, ensuring that they were as hard as she could get them.

The only sound I could hear was her heavy breathing echoing throughout the tent. There was a sexual energy permeating from her body. The outside world of socially accepted behavior had completely disappeared from her consciousness. Right now, the only thing on Kim's mind was these two hard cocks that she had to play with and the taboo pleasures that were about to unfold within the nylon walls of her private, candle lit tent of self-indulgence.

In a hushed tone, Kim finally said, "I'm ready to be touched now." Beating me to the punch, Matt immediately rolled over and engaged her in a deep tongue swirling kiss. Since her lips were already engaged with Matt I rolled over and began sucking on her right nipple. I was rewarded with a garbled moan from her belly as my mouth enclosed over her breast and my tongue swirled against the hard sensitive nipple. I slid my hand down Kim's belly. When my hand arrived at the intended destination, it came to rest on the back of Matt's hand already fingering her pussy. Kim spread her legs wider urging both of us to play with her.

Kim continued doing her best to suck Matt's tongue down the back of her throat while we played with her pussy. At times we both had our fingers inside of her at the same time. Moans of pleasure and lust escaped from between their lips . We continued finger fucking her wet cunt and playing with her hard clitoris for a few minutes while they kissed. Matt finally released her lips and I quickly replaced him trying to force my tongue as far down her throat as possible. While we kissed, I felt Matt shifting on the mattress and realized that his hand was no longer playing with her pussy.

Pulling away from our kiss I looked down and saw that Matt had moved into position between her legs waiting to taste her pussy. I removed my hand and returned to giving her a deep penetrating kiss while Matt dove in on her clitoris with his tongue. Kim immediately wrapped her hands into the hair on the back of his head, pulling him into her and in about 30 to 45 seconds his swirling tongue brought her to a long powerful orgasm.

While she came, Kim grabbed me by the back of my head with one hand pulling me into her as she convulsed. I kept up with our kiss, forcing my tongue into her mouth muffling the screams escaping from her belly. After 45 seconds or so, her screams turned into breathless groans while Matt continued working her clitoris with his tongue while finger fucking her, doing his best to keep her orgasm going as long as he could. When her groans of pleasure turned to cries of surrender she pushed Matt away from her sensitive pussy.

I peeled myself from her lips and looked down at my wife. Her eyes were closed tightly and there was a look of concentrated satisfaction covering her gorgeous face. Despite the chilly night time temperature, beads of sweat covered her forehead.

Before I knew it, Matt was on his knees between her spread legs. His swollen cock was in his hand and he moved forward and placed the head of his cock against her slippery cunt. Teasing her swollen clitoris with the head of his cock, he uttered in a hoarse voice, "God, I want to fuck you" while sliding his cock up and down her pussy lips, waiting for her permission. The crude statement and his bare cock sliding along her pussy stirred Kim from her comatose state. She reached down and took hold of his cock guiding it up and down along her slit a few times.
From my vantage point, lying on my side I could see his bare cock popping up from between her legs as she guided it along her pussy and clitoris. Each time the swollen head popped up from between her legs, it was more and more coated with her slick juices. It took a few moments for me to process what was about to happen and just as I was about to wonder out loud if he needed to be wearing a condom, Kim held his cock in place against the bald skin above her pussy and said, "I promise that you're going to fuck me but I really want to suck that beautiful cock of yours first."

I've always been the one vocalizing and guiding during foreplay and sex. I was surprised and pleased that Kim was un-characteristically taking complete charge of the situation. Any shyness or insecurity that she normally possessed was replaced with the lust of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. It was obvious from the look on Matt's face that he was disappointed that he didn't get to fuck her right then and there. But I knew that he would be rewarded for his patience with the best blow job of his life. Kim pulled Matt up the mattress and onto his back. I moved to the side and decided to take in the show for as long as I could.

Kim moved down between his legs and gently grabbed his cock with her right hand and began slowly stroking him. His cock glistened with her pussy juices and she had a look of pure lust in her eyes as stared at the massive thing she was holding between her french-tipped fingernails. Kim's blow-jobs almost always start off with a good tease and an almost worship like appreciation of my cock. She didn't change her normal mode of operation with the stranger's cock that she was now holding between her fingers. Instead of just taking his cock into her mouth and getting him off as quickly as possible, she firmly grasped the tip of his cock and pressed it tightly against his stomach exposing the sensitive underside of his shaft. Kim then moved down and began licking his balls, coating them with a healthy layer of saliva before moving up and slowly sliding her tongue along the underside of the shaft. Kim's tongue traced slowly up and down from his tight nut sack to the tip of his cock, over and over while staring directly into his eyes to show him how much she was enjoying this. After a few minutes of teasing, she released his cock from her grasp. It immediately sprang up from his belly, twitching with excitement.

Kim then pushed his legs up until his knees were almost touching his chest and went to work on his balls, ignoring the hard cock that was resting just inches from her forehead. After a minute or so of sucking on his balls Kim moved further south. I couldn't see details but when Matt let out a shocked but pleased groan I knew that Kim was going the extra mile and was giving him a good ass rimming. Matt was in ecstasy as she worked over his asshole, taint and balls. Every once in a while she would reach up and give his cock a few good strokes just to keep him on the edge.

After a few minutes of voyeurism I decided that I'd had my fill of being a bystander and moved down on the mattress. Kim was laying flat on her stomach as she licked Matt's balls and asshole and for me to get access to what I wanted I needed to get her into the doggy-style position. Doing my best to keep from disrupting her rhythm, I helped her into position. When she was finally up on her knees I laid down on my back with her pussy just a few inches from my face.

I reached up and grabbed a free pillow to rest my head on, doubling it up so that I was comfortably within reach of her glistening cunt. Her lips were swollen like I had never seen, they were each the size of my pinky fingers and were slathered with her juices. Her clitoris protruded from in between the swollen lips just begging to be taken into my mouth and nibbled on. I closed in on her wet pussy and my mouth engulfed her lips while my tongue slid into her pussy. My assault on her was only seconds old and I knew from years of experience that the sounds pouring out of her meant that it wasn't going to be difficult to make her cum.

The taste of her familiar juices filled my mouth as I buried my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go. I alternated between tongue fucking her and then withdrawing my tongue I would suck her swollen lips into my mouth and gently suck and nibble on them. After a couple of minutes of licking and sucking on her pussy, her hip joints began rocking. Between that and the muffled moans escaping from her lips, I could tell that she had finally taken Matt's cock into her mouth and was giving him a proper cock sucking, urging the cum from his balls.

With Kim going to town on his cock like she was, I was pretty sure it wouldn't take Matt long to blow his load. Kim was really moaning now and pressing her cunt hard against my mouth. I grabbed her by the hips holding her still and went to work on her clitoris sucking and nibbling my way to her second orgasm of the night.

Her body went rigid, her leg muscles tightened and her toes dug into the mattress as spasms wracked her body. From around Matt's thick cock, deep moans and groans of pleasure escaped from her while I held her tight against my mouth sucking her engorged clitoris. Within a few seconds of the start of her orgasm Matt's groan's joined hers. I could tell from the muffled sounds that Kim hadn't bothered pulling his cock from her mouth and he was filling her throat with his cum. Kim ground her pussy into my face, prolonging her orgasm while swallowing his load deep into her belly.

When their orgasm's ran their course, we all untangled. Matt sprawled out on his back breathing deeply trying to catch his breath. Kim moved up from between his legs and laid down on her side facing him. She gently fondled his balls that were now empty and hanging loosely from his groin while his half hard cock pointed up at the ceiling of the tent glistening with a mixture of his cum and her saliva.

While Kim was fondling his cock and balls and trying to catch her breath, I moved in from behind and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart placing my swollen cock onto her wet pussy lips.

"Mmmmm, would you like me to take care of that for you?" she asked.

In answer to her question, I slid my cock along her dripping pussy and then let the swollen head rest against her asshole. I pressed the head of my cock against her ass and said playfully, "I think it's my turn for a blow job, but if you'd like, I'll figure out another way to relieve this. Your choice?"

Without missing a beat, Kim replied crudely, "Mmmmm, sucking another dick sounds good to me."

She gave Matt's cock one last squeeze before rolling over and pushing me onto my back. I wasn't in the mood for any teasing and I entwined my fingers in her hair guiding her mouth directly to my aching cock. Sensing my mood the wet lips of her mouth immediately closed around my throbbing cock and began working their magic. With visions of my wife eagerly giving our guest a blow-job dancing through my mind it wasn't going to take long before my own seed joined his in her abdomen. Kim took me into her mouth while her hand squeezed my cock working in unison with her lips and tongue. It only took a couple of minutes until I felt the cum racing from my swollen balls and exploding into her willing mouth. She stroked and milked me until I was completely dry and finally had to push her away from my cock before I had a seizure.

Kim climbed up straddling my left thigh, grinning ear to ear. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand while she slid her sticky wet cunt against my thigh and ordered, "No falling asleep, I'm just getting started!"

Between heavy breaths, I managed to reply, "There's no way I'm falling asleep."

Still straddling my thigh she looked at Matt and ordered, "You either."

Returning her gaze, Matt replied with an air of confidence, "After that blow-job there's not a chance I'm falling asleep. I can only imagine how good of a fuck you are"

Kim collapsed between us and the three of us lay in silence for a few minutes while my cock and brain raced with conflicting feelings. On one hand I was fighting with what I have to think, are the normal feelings of jealousy of a man who had just watched his wife suck another man's cock. On the other hand, I knew that in the moment, it had been a huge turn on and I had definitely enjoyed it.

I knew that Kim had plenty of sex with plenty of different partners before we got married, but as far as I knew, she had been completely faithful since the day we'd said "I do" 13 years ago. I have to admit that part of me was jealous with her enthusiasm in the encounter. I was also aware that I had probably enjoyed it almost as much she had. While I was busy dealing with my thoughts, Matt got up from the mattress and announced that he had to use the restroom. He pulled on his sweat pants, grabbed a flashlight and headed out towards the bathrooms. As he was leaving the tent, Kim called out, "I hope you have condoms?"

Matt turned around and with sadness in his voice replied, "Umm, I don't. I was uhh, hoping you guys might have one? I didn't think I'd need any out here in the middle of nowhere." He paused for a moment and before Kim could reply he turned around and headed off sulking towards the bathroom.


With a deep sigh, Kim sank her head down into her pillow. I wasn't sure where Kim would want to go with this information but I knew that I had an easy out if I wanted it and I knew that I would be justified in stopping anything from going further if I chose to.

I was staring at the roof of the tent but from the corner of my eye I could see (and almost feel) Kim staring at me. Feeling her stare I knew that condom or not, she still wanted to fuck him. I lay there visualizing Matt kneeling between her legs fucking her brains out on the cheap mattress and I could feel my cock beginning to twitch. My excitement had nothing to do with Matt, it was all about Kim and how much she was enjoying herself. I've always believed that all women have an "inner slut" hiding within themselves and right now I knew that Kim had found, and fully embraced hers.

I breathed a silent sigh, turned to look at Kim and asked, "Do you have something you want to ask me?"

Staring at me with lust in her eyes, Kim said in a pleading voice, "I won't let him cum inside me. I promise." She then continued with a rapid fire scrambling of words that went something like this....

I know it's crazy so... we can stop.... or I won't... fuck him.... but..... and I don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with.... or that's going to cause us any regret. I don't know... I don't know what's come over me but I really, really want this! But... well, I understand if you don't want to... and I know.... so I totally understand if you don't want to.... but....

It had taken Kim about 20 seconds or so to speak those words followed by a brief pause before she regained her thought process and came out and said....

" I guess it's up to you? If you're asking me what I want? I want this, I want him... I mean... Well, Yes... I want to fuck him."

Due to complications with Kim's second pregnancy she'd had her uterus removed so there was absolutely no chance of her getting pregnant. I tried convincing myself that I was concerned with the risk of STD's but seeing as how a few minutes ago she had swallowed his load into her belly, that argument didn't seem to make a lot of sense. I knew that the real reason I was having second thoughts was that I had a mental hang up with her taking his bare cock into her pussy. In my mind it seemed like if there was a thin layer of latex between the skin of his cock and her pussy it would be more like a dildo and not a real life cock made of flesh.

We had agreed to try out this swinging thing and so far we'd both really enjoyed it. In the heat of the moment it seemed liked denying Kim this opportunity that she so desperately wanted would be selfish? I asked myself if the situation was reversed and an attractive young woman who we knew couldn't get pregnant was laying next to us, ready and willing to let me fuck her, would Kim deny me the chance over the lack of a condom? The only answer I could come to in my mind was that, no, she wouldn't.

From the short time we'd known Matt he certainly didn't seem like the type of person to intentionally spread a STD. I'm also smart enough to realize that you never know what a guy with a hard dick is capable of. But sometimes, you just have to go with your instincts. As my thoughts completed their journey through my mind the flashlight beamed onto the side of the tent marking his return from the bathrooms. I took a deep breath and simply replied, "you owe me one."

A few seconds later, Matt walked into the tent. He zipped up the fly of the tent before turning around and with a pleading voice said, "For what it's worth, I swear I've never even had sex without a rubber. I understand if you don't believe me, but I promise I'm clean."

Kim and I exchanged a glance and wondered silently if this was just a line of bullshit or if he was being honest. In the end, it didn't matter if he was just offering a line or not. Kim had made up her mind and unless Matt had walked in and admitted that he had some sort of STD she was ready and willing to fuck him with or without a condom. I gave Kim a nod of the head and let her take the lead.

Kim replied, "Well you seem like the trustworthy type so get ready because it's your lucky night."

Matt smiled in relief and offered to get us all beers from the cooler. Kim's eyes fixated on the cock dangling between his legs and told him that she could use one and I told him I could use one as well. Matt grabbed the beers from the cooler and headed back towards the mattress with his cock swaying side to side and a relieved grin on his face.

When he got to the mattress we both sat up Indian style, Kim's hungry eyes continued staring at his dangling member. Smiling and knowing exactly what he was doing he reached across to hand me my beer while placing his cock inches from her face. It wasn't a surprise to either of us when Kim reached up and grabbed it firmly. Her head quickly moved forward and she took the tip of his cock in his mouth sucking deeply on him for a few seconds. With an audible pop, she released it from her mouth and we all laughed. That act broke any tension that I was feeling, her play-fullness had put everything in perspective for me. This was just casual sex, fucking, or whatever you'd like to call it and all of my doubts disappeared for the moment. Kim was letting go and having fun and that was good enough for me.

Matt sat down and we all re-hydrated with the ice cold beer. After a few minutes of sipping on our beers Matt and I started casually fondling Kim's naked body. Occasionally we'd take turns sliding a finger between her wet pussy lips. Kim sat back taking it all in stride, shifting her beer from hand to hand enjoying our attention while casually taking turns stroking new life into our cocks. Matt was recovering more quickly than I, which wasn't lost on Kim. She drained her beer, tossed the empty can towards the spare bedroom, and began concentrating her efforts on his swelling member. Kim clamped her mouth to Matt's while she eagerly stroked him back to life. With her extra attention, Matt was soon fully hard. He broke the kiss for a moment, took a last swig of his beer and tossed the empty can before turning back to her and reengaging her lips.

Both of them gradually slid down and were now lying on their sides facing each other. I remained sitting and enjoyed watching the two of them. Matt's left hand was pawing hungrily at the cheeks of her ass while his right hand wrapped around the back of her head pressing her lips to his. Kim's hands worked on his cock while they kissed so deeply that it looked like they were sucking the tongue out of the other. After a minute or so Kim broke the kiss and with lust in her voice, matter of factly announced, "I think I'm ready for you to fuck me now."

She rolled over on her back and without provocation spread her legs apart awaiting Matt's arrival. Before Matt could react, I took the opportunity to dive between her legs and take one last taste of her dripping pussy before our new friend slid his cock into her. She was covered in juices and her lips were still just as swollen as before. She trembled at the feeling of my tongue sliding along her slit. I could only imagine her reaction when Matt slid his long thick cock into her. I only played with her for about 30 seconds before moving out of the way and allowing Matt to place himself between her legs. Kim and I both stared at his cock as he moved the swollen head towards her pussy.

My wife lay on the mattress with bangs of sweat-tinged brunette hair clinging to her forehead, the rest flowing onto the pillow, her tits lying beautifully on her chest. Her toned muscular legs were pulled up and spread apart like a complete slut, giving the stranger kneeling between them the correct idea that she wanted him to fuck her brains out. Although hornets were buzzing in my stomach, my cock was now fully recovered and standing at attention while I watched him put the head of his swollen cock against the lips of her cunt. Kim lifted her head from the pillow and managed to tell him, "Just don't cum inside me, OK."

Matt didn't miss a beat and while the head of his cock slowly disappeared into her cunt, he replied in a voice filled with lust, "No problem, I'd love to cum on those fantastic tits though."

Kim moaned in pleasure as he slid the first couple of inches of his XXL cock into her. Before slipping into sexual oblivion she managed to look him the eyes and say, "That sounds good, but there's no hurry."

Matt grinned and replied playfully, "I'll do my best."

Matt took it slow and let Kim's reactions control the pace of his insertion. Taking a pause when he got about 6" of his cock into her he held the position and allowed her time to adjust to his size. Within thirty seconds or so Kim rewarded his patience by reaching down around his ass and pulling him slowly into her. Matt was obviously used to letting women adjust to his XXL size and he didn't force the pace. He was patient and let Kim control the last couple of inches of his long thick cock entering her.

When the bare skin of his cock had finally disappeared completely into her pussy and his pubic hair was pressing against her shaved mound, I looked up at her face. Kim's eyes were closed tightly, her lips betraying a grimace and if it weren't for the moans of pleasure escaping from her pursed lips, I would have thought he was too much for her to handle. Matt held himself steady while buried completely inside of her, still patiently allowing her time to adjust to his size. Kim suddenly opened her eyes and saw me staring at her. Reaching out with her right hand she grabbed me around my neck pulling me to her hungry lips. As we kissed I could feel her body trembling as Matt started slowly pumping his cock in and out of her. Moans of joy vibrated on her tongue, becoming louder and more urgent as he slowly increased the tempo.

I was busy kissing her and couldn't see what was going on but it was obvious from the movements they were both making that he was quite good in the art of sex and was using every bit of his cock to pleasure her. The whining sounds escaping Kim from around my lips continued getting louder and louder. I pulled away from her kiss and propped myself on my left elbow. I stared at her and squeezed her right breast while the tempo of Matt's onslaught on her pussy increased.

I was fully recovered by now and I got on my knees next to her face. I placed my cock against her lips and Kim turned her head and eagerly took my cock into her mouth while Matt fucked her. Her moans of pleasure vibrated on my cock with each hard thrust. It felt amazing but after a few minutes of this I could tell that she was too busy trying to multi-task to fully enjoy herself. I decided to pull back and just let her enjoy getting fucked. When I pulled my cock from her mouth, I couldn't help but look down and watch Matt's thick cock sliding into her. Kim's legs were pulled up so that her calves were resting on his forearms with the underside of her knees wrapped around his elbows. He was strong enough that while supporting most of her weight on his forearms, he was able to hold her by the hips and lift her ass up an inch or two off of the mattress while fucking her. Holding that angle he'd be stimulating her G-Spot just as I knew she liked. With each stroke he would bury himself into her and then withdraw almost completely before plunging back inside her. This was happening at a pace of about 80 strokes per minute and I was quite impressed at his prowess. He was obviously driving Kim nuts and the groans and grunts soon turned into crude cries of "Oh, God, Yes, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me with that big dick!"
By now I'm pretty sure that Kim had forgotten that I was even present. Her hands were grabbing a fistful of his long hair, her green eyes were now wide open and fixated on his, her hips reacting to his every thrust, impaling herself as far as possible on his cock. Her leg muscles were flexed tightly trying to hold the perfect angle against her G-spot. The sound of her wet pussy being jack hammered echoed throughout the tent each time their hips slammed together.

I realized that my only purpose at this point was as an extra to their enjoyment. Reaching up to the top of the mattress I grabbed two unused pillows and slid them under Kim's ass allowing her and Matt to relax their muscles while maintaining the angle that she enjoyed.

With the extra support of the pillows his pace increased even more. Her cries of pleasure increased into a breathless array of groans, "Fuck Me's", "and Oh God's". His fingers dug into the skin of her hips as they worked as a team making sure he continued hitting the perfect angle. The whines, grunts, screams, and groans ran together from both of them. Despite the chilly evening air, both of their naked bodies glimmered in the candlelight with a heavy layer of perspiration.

About 10 minutes into his assault, sweat was by now, pouring freely down Kim's forehead. Her drenched brown hair clung tightly to her scalp and the sides of her head. With a crazed look in her eyes, Kim suddenly reached up and grabbed a fistful of his hair as an orgasm wracked her body. Without concern that we were in a tent with neighbors just a few hundred yards away she screamed out, "FUCK ME, OH YES, FUCK ME!!! I'M CUMMING ON THAT BIG FUCKING DICK, YES!!! FUCK ME!!!"

Matt had a pained look on his face as Kim yanked on his hair, demanding that he continue fucking her. Dutifully, and as ordered, he continued pounding her until he could take no more. I could tell from the look on his face that he was about to explode. Just as I was just about to ruin the moment and yell out, "Don't you dare cum inside her." Kim also realized that he was about to explode and managed to groan, "I'm ready for that load on my tit's now."

Matt was able to hold out about 3 or 4 more hard thrusts before pulling his cock out of her. Leaning forward he jacked his dick once or twice and a thick rope of milky white cum shot over her pierced belly button and landed squarely between her tits. A second rope managed to shoot even further and left about a 4-inch strand of cum on her face just below her left eye leading down her cheek and onto the side of her neck. While Matt continued exploding onto her, Kim's left hand went to work on her clitoris keeping her orgasm going. Her right hand grabbed his spewing cock and urged the cum from the swollen head. Even though Matt had just cum about 30 minutes ago, by the time Kim was done stroking him, her tits, neck and face were covered with thick streams of his appreciation. Panting in exhaustion, Matt collapsed onto the mattress beside her. Kim's eyes were closed and she had a satisfied smile on her face, her hands absentmindedly rubbing his cum into her tits.

I immediately got on my knees between her spread legs and placed my cock against her pussy lips while she played with the cum covering her tits. From the pounding Matt had just given her with his big cock, her pussy lips were loose and swollen. I pushed forward and my cock slid easily into her wet, sloppy cunt.

Kim's eyes opened and she gave me an evil smile.

I pushed as far into her as I could, not stopping till my balls were pressed tightly against her asshole. The inside of her pussy was a loose spongy mess. Kim let out a little moan and staring me in the eyes, ordered, "I want you to fuck me fast and hard!"

Getting into her use of "Gutter Jargon," I replied, "You want me to fuck your slutty cunt?"

Staring directly into my eyes with a look I'd never seen she replied, "MmmmmHmmm, Fuck Me, Fuck your slut wife."

With her talking like this, I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold out very long. I love it when Kim talks dirty and this was by far the dirtiest she had ever been. I held my cock throbbing inside of her while she laid back and stared at me with a dazed look and that evil smile on her lips. I held tight inside of her for about another 30 seconds, staring into her eyes and watching her rub Matt's cum into her tits. I then placed her legs over my shoulders, grabbed her by the hips and started fucking my slut as hard as I could. Matt's stream of cum still stuck to the side of her cheek and ran down the side of her face. Looking down from there, her tits were glazed with cum and when I noticed that her pierced belly button was filled with cum, jiggling like a miniature pool each time I thrust into her it almost brought me over the edge. Her loose pussy made wet sloshing sounds each time I thrust into her while moans of pleasure poured from her mouth.

Thoughts ran through my my mind questioning why this was a turn on for me. But as I looked into her dazed eyes and the smiling grimace on her cum covered face I realized for the umpteenth time tonight that it was because Kim was so completely totally enjoying, and embracing being this complete slut. She had left every bit of sexual inhibition outside of the tent. I couldn't believe that she was laying there with a stranger's cum running down her face as she rubbed the rest of his load into her tits while I was fucking her. The moment was totally surreal and I had a hard time believing it wasn't all just a crazy dream.

I managed to hold out for about 10 minutes, never taking her legs off of my shoulders or switching positions. I knew there was no way Kim was going to cum again from getting fucked but from the moans escaping her lips and her dripping pussy I could tell she was still enjoying the pounding I was giving her. When Kim sensed that I was getting close to blowing my load she began urging me on while staring directly into my eyes.

"Fuck me baby, fuck your little slut. I want another load of cum on my tits. Come on baby, fuck me, give me your cum," she begged.

I was able to hold out through about 30 seconds of her gutter talk until I felt the orgasm creeping up from my balls. I pulled out in enough time that I was able to move up and straddle her chest. Her hands immediately reached out and stroked my twitching cock. She managed to get in 3 to 4 good strokes before I shot my load onto her tits, neck, and face. While she pulled on my spewing cock I realized that her hands were slick with his cum. Amazingly, even that didn't do anything to minimize my pleasure at the moment. I knew Kim was immensely enjoying herself and that was still all that I cared about. When Kim had milked every last drop from me I collapsed onto the mattress beside her, completely spent.

I looked over at her while she started rubbing my fresh load of cum into her skin with her left hand and began playing with her pussy with her right hand. I felt shifting on the mattress and was surprised when I saw that Matt was kneeling on the ground next to the mattress tugging on his cock. He was about 3/4 of the way hard again. Kim looked over at him and immediately shifted on the mattress. Still lying on her back and playing with her pussy, she moved over until her head was laying comfortably on the edge of the mattress and rolled her head to the side. Kim grabbed his cock with her left hand and guided him into her mouth. In this position Kim was able to just lay still on the mattress and let him fuck her face while she fingered herself.

I always love watching her masturbate and this was definitely the best show I had ever seen. Kim's left hand was pressed against her lips in an "O" shape while Matt pumped his cock between her hand and lips, fucking her face. While this was going on Kim's right hand moved in a steady pattern sliding between her pussy lips while her palm rubbed against her clit. At one point, Matt reached down to help but she gently pushed his hand away. After a couple of minutes Kim masturbated herself to a final orgasm while Matt fucked her face. Her orgasm was short and quiet and when she was done she pulled away from Matt's cock. Staring at the ceiling of the tent she said, "Sorry Matt but I'm spent." Matt just smiled and as he collapsed onto the mattress he said, "No problem, so am I. I just wanted to make sure you were satisfied."

In an exhausted voice Kim managed to reply, "I am more than satisfied, thank you."

We all lay in silence for a couple of minutes until I pulled together enough energy to get up and grab three waters and a towel. I tossed Kim the towel and passed out the waters. Kim wiped our mess from her face and hands and we all took a long drink of water. I couldn't help but notice that Kim didn't bother cleaning our mess from her chest. Instead she just laid there wearing our cum like a badge of honor. Laying on her back with us on either side of her she said, "That was fucking amazing. I hope I showed the two of you enough appreciation for the compliment earlier?"

Matt and I both chuckled and assured her that she had. Then we all fell asleep in a pile of sweat, sexual secretions, and good dreams.


I awoke about five in the morning alone in the tent. As I lay in the quiet the sound of people doing their best to be quiet while fucking came from outside. I looked out the window of the tent and in the early dim light I saw Kim bent over the picnic table with her cotton gown pulled up around her waist. Matt was behind her wearing his T-shirt. His tennis shoes were on and his sweat pants were dropped around his ankles while he fucked her from behind. Kim was whimpering quietly with each long stroke. Matt was uttering muffled snorts like a bull in heat holding her hips tightly while pounding her pussy with long hard strokes. After a few minutes of this I heard him quietly groan that he was going to cum. My wife quickly pulled herself from his thrusting cock, turned around, and got on her knees in the dirt. He grabbed her by the hair at the top of her scalp and pulled her mouth onto his cock. He slid his dick between her lips a few times and then shot his load into her belly as she stroked his shaft and balls, milking every bit of cum that he had left to give her. I laid back down on the mattress and listened as they said a quiet goodbye.

When Kim returned to our tent, I pretended I was asleep. She went to our cooler and grabbed a bottle of water washing his sperm down her throat before removing her gown and crawling into bed snuggling up against me. Part of me was a little upset at what she had done because I felt that it went against our rule of "no separate room swapping." But part of me was excited that she had been so "won-tan" fucking this stranger in the open woods. The previous night had been fueled by a full day of sexual teasing/innuendo and possibly a little too much drinking. Seeing that Kim was still enjoying the same slutty role after sobering up made it obvious that she didn't have any regrets about what we had done.

I rolled over and now laying face to face, she slid one leg over the top of me and before too long was grinding her pussy against my thigh. Her hand reached down and tugged at my sore cock, urging it to life. When I was fully erect, I roughly pushed her over flat onto her stomach and straddled the back of her thighs. I pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and slid my cock between her over-worked pussy lips. She was well lubricated from the fucking Matt had given her and my cock slid easily into her. From her muffled screams into the pillow it was obvious that she was enjoying the hard fucking I was giving her.

When I felt Kim reach between her legs and begin to massage her clit I knew that she was getting close to cumming. I did my best to put any negative thoughts about her fucking Matt outside and enjoyed our mutual pleasure. My rhythm increased until Kim reached her peak, screaming into the pillow muffled cries of FUCK ME, OH GOD YES, I'M CUMMING. I knew that she wanted me to shoot my load deep inside her while she came but I had other plans and managed to hold out until she had finished her own orgasm.

When her screams came to an end I pulled my cock from her pussy and gently placed the swollen head on her tight asshole. My dick was slick with her pussy juice and pushing very slowly I watched the head disappearing into her ass. As the shaft slowly disappeared I could already feel my orgasm building. I held tight into her, throbbing while she relaxed her muscles and began pushing against me signaling that she was ready to get her ass fucked. I started slowly stroking in and out a couple of inches at a time, increasing the thrusts until I was giving her long hard strokes while she screamed into the pillow. I managed to hold back for only a minute or two until I buried my cock and exploded into her ass. When I had drained myself, I collapsed down next to her and without a word spoken between us since she had re-entered the tent we both fell back asleep.

A few hours later I woke up with Kim lovingly rubbing her hand along my arm and lightly kissing my back. I rolled over and snuggled into her. We held each other snuggling like we would on any other Sunday morning. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes until we heard the sound of a motorcycle start-up and accelerate out of camp. I chuckled and said, "Well he's gonna have a hell of a story to tell his buddies that's for sure."

Kim buried her head into her pillow and said, "There's no way any of em will believe him. My God, I'm such a slut." I grabbed her ass, pulled her tight against me and replied, "I'm just glad you're my slut." I gave her a quick kiss before climbing off of the mattress. I stood over her looking down and realized what the term "rode hard and put away wet" meant. Kim was an absolute mess. She had pulled the blankets off of her and was laying naked on the mattress. Her hair was a mess and had several tangles where cum had dried in the night. The sheets surrounding her were also covered in dried stains of cum and her pussy was swollen and dark pink. She looked like she had been gang banged by a basketball team.

We both took much needed showers, made a quick breakfast, and then packed up camp and headed back to the real world. While we were packing, neither of us talked about the previous night's adventures. I didn't mention the "good-bye" that I had observed earlier that morning and neither did she.

When we got on the road and were about 10 minutes out of camp, I asked her If she had any regrets. She thought for a few seconds before replying, "No, I had fun. I think the only way I'd have any regrets is if you did?" I didn't have to take any time to think before assuring her that I had no regrets and had really enjoyed seeing her "inner slut" reveal itself.

We drove on a few more miles until I asked her if she had a favorite moment. She thought for several minutes while she replayed the evening in her mind. Finally she told me that she had two favorite parts and couldn't decide. One of them was when I was eating her pussy and she had cum on my face while swallowing Matt's cum. (Kim has always loved swallowing me, and others before me but she told me that his cum had been "especially good" under the circumstances.) The other was getting fucked by Matt. Without me asking, she assured me that it wasn't that he was "better" than me but that it was because he was "different" and also because of the "slut" factor of having sex with someone while I watched.

Kim of course then turned the tables and asked what I had enjoyed the most. After a minute or so I told her that my favorite part was just seeing her let "inner slut" out. Kim didn't let me off the hook with that general answer and asked me what my favorite "individual moment" had been. I thought another minute and decided that it was when I was fucking her as she rubbed his cum into her tits. That had been the ultimate moment of her slutty side coming out in full force and seeing her do that had been a huge turn on for me.

In retrospect I think the biggest turn on for both of us was the fact that we had done something that very few people do during their lifetimes. I think that most people, both men and women, fantasize about having multiple partners at the same time but few have actually done it. Marriage and commitment are great, but sex is also fun and meant to be enjoyed. Now, neither one of us was going to the great beyond wondering what it "would have been like." We have "Been there and done that."

The part about her fucking him that morning gnawed at me for a couple of weeks and as much as I'd enjoyed our experience, it bothered me that not only had she done it but even more so that she hadn't mentioned it to me. A few weeks later when we were laying in bed on a Saturday morning she told me that she had a confession to make and told me how she had fucked him that morning. I let her do all the talking without asking questions. She had woken up as he was quietly getting dressed. She had to use the bathroom so she put on her gown and went to the facilities. When she returned he was just leaving the tent and one thing had led to another and they had ended up fucking. She told me that the heat of the moment had gotten to her and that she felt guilty about doing it. She had tears in the corner of her eyes as she confessed her sin. I told her that I had seen her and that I was glad that I hadn't had to press her to come clean. With her confession she had confirmed the trust I had for her, and our marriage.

Kim also confessed to me that Matt had given her his phone number and e-mail address. Although we haven't contacted him, we have been in contact with her friends from the hotel and things are looking good that we may be traveling to Seattle in the near future. We've also been in contact with others from the website. If there are any updates I'll be sure and tell the story(s).

The End...
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