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The White River

EXPLICATION: This is a deviation from my previous stories as it explores a different field in this website. This story features fictional drugs, extreme breast enlargement and lactation, a rather large mess, and a lot of pleasure. Enjoy!


This is the odd tale of Karen, a college-age lesbian who lives in a rented house, living a somewhat ordinary suburban life. But recently there has been an unfortunate predicament regarding her breasts. Karen always thought that her breasts were too small ("only" size D), and she and her friends happened to have a breast milk fetish, but none of them could lactate. Despite how ridiculous this all may seem, these thoughts gave her so much anguish that she couldn't feel much comfort when she had sex with a few of her lesbian friends. She could see how they were pleasured by how her tits looked now, but she could also see the disappointment, how her lovers wanted Karen's breasts to be bigger. And so Karen vowed that she would stop at nothing until her breasts were bigger and literally squirting milk. Now it may seem that this situation would be hopeless for her, but despite all odds, Karen had a plan.

Karen lived in Sacramento, California, and there happened to be a not-so-secret lab for Grantchester Inc., a private company researching female hormones, only a few miles away. The company had recently been posting ads requiring women to test some of their more "experimental" injections, ones that boasted to increase fertility, sex drive, retinal cognition (reason unknown)... and breast size; the last one was iterated quite often in almost all of the advertisements. Karen, naturally, decided it would be interesting to try it out, and just one day after responding to a flyer at the local university, she drove down to the lab to receive her injection. Well, actually, it wasn't that simple; she had to go through a brief "examination" of her bust and answer some minor questions, but other than that it was just like getting enhancement drugs for free.

Once she got there, she reread the flyer just to be certain of the benefits and if she was at the right place:

"WANTED: Young females willing to participate in Female Hormone Tests by Grantchester Pharmaceuticals Inc. The drugs we intend to test will have benefits of Increased sex drive, better sexual performance, increased depth perception, and a possible enlargement of breasts or lactation. If interested, please come to 196 W. Cymbaline Rd., Sacramento, California, building Q-7."

After confirming that she was in the right place, he walked into the flyer-designated building and almost thought it was the wrong one; the room did not look like a research lab, but more like a local Pharmacy, they even had shelves with little bottles all lined up in the back. She walked up to the counter and found the room seemingly deserted, so she tapped on the little bell on the counter like it was a hotel. Immediately, a middle-aged man with long brown hair and a tattered lab coat rolled out on a swivel chair like he had been rehearsing it all day.

"You must be Karen." the doctor said with a smile.

"Yes, I have an appointment with Dr. Klose to receive some, uh... "tbs vials". I'm responding to the flier you guys posted." said Karen.

"Yes, we know," said the doctor, " and it just so happens that Dr. Klose is me. So I guess you should step behind the counter here and sit in the chair so we can begin the exam."

Karen went behind the counter and sat in the chair as Dr. Klose put on some latex gloves. For about two minutes he squeezed and, for lack of a better word, "inspected" her breasts, but Karen only felt a little queasy as she assumed it was all part of the inspection. She actually almost enjoyed it, being a lesbian she had never had a man touch her breasts before, but she liked the experience. He then did a brief eye check and then sat down in front of an old desktop.

"So what was the reason you applied again?" said Dr. Klose typing information into a computer.

"Uh," said Karen, trying to remember the false reply she sent to the company, "oh, yeah, I'm wanting to produce more breast milk for my, uh, infant daughter."

Dr. Klose paused and looked at her nervously, "To produce milk for a child?"

"Yes, sir." she said confidently.

"Are you aware of the effects of the TBS strain of hormones?" he said slightly worriedly.

"Well... I just assumed it would... make my breasts bigger, and, allow me to lactate more." said Karen, now starting to wonder about the drug's reliability.

"Those are the main effects," he said, "the full list of possible side effects is longer that an

insurance form. I mean, don't get me wrong, it will increase your bust size and milk production, but the extent to which it'll happen depends on a person's genes."

"So... what are these... extents?" Karen asked, now letting her greed take control of her.

"Well, in the proto-test last year we had a woman's breasts grow to the size of commercial-grade beach balls, and also produce almost 60 gallons of milk in one day," he said rather statistically, "but don't worry, she's fine now and anyway I think the numbers were exaggerated. However, I do have to say that we won't know for sure of what the drug will do to you until you test it."

"So then... what are the guarantees?" Karen asked, again giving in to greed.

"The company guarantees your breast size will increase at least two bra sizes within two weeks," said Dr. Klose, "and that you'll produce at least one pint of milk per month. Otherwise Grantchester inc. will compensate you."

Karen thought that sounded good, but she was still curious and had one more question:

"How many applicants have there been other than me?" she asked.

"You are our first so far," said Dr. Klose, to Karen's surprise, "but we have had twelve other people respond to our fliers to come in at later dates. So, essentially, you are the first public person we are releasing the drugs to."

"That sound's... interesting." said Karen, adding a bit of sexual flair to her voice to make her sound more excited.

"Okay... so then if there are no further questions, I'll go get your samples." he said.

Dr. Klose went over to the shelves and came back with two average-sized medicine vials, which he handed to Karen along with two syringes. Karen noticed that the vials were marked "TBS9" and "TBS14".

"Ok, you're going to have to insert the needle directly into your milk duct," said Dr. Klose, "please do not put in any more than the instructions tell you. We don't want any lawsuits on our hands, if you know what I mean."

Karen laughed a little, thanked the doctor, and then walked out of the lab. She drove straight back to her house, almost speeding, and sprinted to the door, almost unable to contain her excitement. Once she was inside, she immediately threw off her shirt and bra, then she took out the TBS drugs and looked at the label of the vials; strangely, they both said virtually the same thing:




94% Tetribacisachomised Estrogen

1.2% Refined Quicksilver Serum

0.6% Dihydrogen Monoxide

0.1% Chlorine Trifluoride

0.09% Magnesium Tetrafluoride

0.054% Strained Evrika Minerals

0.02% Hydrogen Peroxide

0.013% Fluoroantimonic Acid

0.01% Other Minor Ingredients


Then it gave a long list of possible side effects and instructions on how to use it, but she didn't care as long as she'd have bigger, lactating breasts soon. Karen filled the first syringe with exactly 20 cc's of TBS9, and the same to the other syringe but with TBS14. But then she decided, why not just a little more? And then she filled them both with an extra 10 cc's and injected them through the milk duct of her nipple, TBS9 to the left and TBS14 to the right, just as Dr. Klose and the instructions had said. Almost immediately she felt a little burning and tingling sensation in her breasts, which only made her more excited. But she lost most of her excitement when she remembered that the instructions said she had to lie down for a few hours after injection; so she put a shirt on (one that was three sizes too big, just in case) and lay down on her bed and began to read a magazine.

As the hour passed her breasts began to burn a little more, and now she felt an almost... bubbling sensation in them, but she only ignored it and continued reading. She began to get drowsy, and almost drifted off to sleep, but then she noticed that something white was blocking the bottom of her magazine. She looked down and her jaw dropped - her breasts had grown. Quickly she jumped up and ran over to the mirror in her room; after a careful examination, she found that her breasts had grown an entire size... in just one hour. Karen now noticed that her breasts were indeed expanding before her eyes, but slowly, slow enough that she had to look for a few minutes straight to see any change. But then she became curious and reached her hand underneath her shirt to feel her breast; the skin was quite soft, softer than she could remember, and she also noticed that they were a lot... firmer. She pulled her shirt up and squeezed her right breast a little, it was much firmer, she could tell from when her friends would squeeze them during some of their sexual play-throughs. But the best surprise came from how after she squeezed it, she saw a little white droplet at the end of her nipple. "Could it be?" she thought as she stared in awe at it, and then, without hesitation, she swept the little drop onto get finger and into her mouth. Just as she thought, it was milk; she had only done the injections about two hours ago and she was already beginning to lactate.

Any fear she could have had was easily overshadowed by the pleasure she now felt, and also the taste of her new milk. She thought it was a bit... creamier, she thought it probably had a higher fat content, as it was pure milk straight from the source. But she had never tasted breast milk before, and she was delighted at how similar it tasted to regular cow's milk; she was also intrigued at the concept of tasting something that had come out of her own body. After waiting for so long she finally had breasts that could make milk, and it tasted good! After her excitement had died down a little, she assumed her breasts would not lactate on their own for another few days, and continued reading, still conscious of them growing with every minute.

She discovered that she had drifted off to sleep for another hour, and when she looked down she noticed a definite change in her bust. They looked like they had grown another size, and she put her bra to them and was able to confirm it. Two bra sizes in three hours, her breasts weren't supposed to do that for two more weeks, this couldn't be normal! Then she remembered, the vials, she had added an extra 10 cc's into her breasts. Now she truly began to worry that she had added far too much, she wondered what would start to happen in the next few hours. But her train of thought was broken when she felt something wet inside her shirt. She looked down and saw wet darkness spreading over her shirt around her nipple; her breasts were lactating of their own accord, and even worse, in a large quantity.

"Shit, no!" she yelped as she began to panic.

She quickly ran to the bathroom and threw her milk-soaked shirt to the ground. She saw in the mirror that her large breasts were shooting out milk with the pressure of a small water gun, but she wasn't able to see for long as the mirror too began to get soaked in the milk streams. She put her breasts down into the sink, where the milk squirted directly down the drain. She tried to calm down but she couldn't, the injections were working too fast likely because she had put too much in her breasts. But what if it wasn't? She now began to wonder if it was the drug itself that was causing this effect. But as the white liquid jetted into the sink, she could not believe her eyes... her breasts were getting bigger as she lactated; she wanted to call someone, to get help. But she didn't want to call Dr. Klose, because she thought that he would make her breasts go back to the way they were before, she didn't know what to do. She tried to clear her mind, remove anything sexual from it, and, surprisingly, it worked, her lactation slowed to just a small drip in just seconds. 'Sexual contact must cause them to lactate' she thought, it was probably linked to the other effects of the drugs.

But when she remembered the other effects, they began to take effect; she immediately had a sexual desire unlike any she had experienced before. She lay down on her bed again and her belly began to rumble, her desire for milk had been increased; she wanted to drink her own milk, immediately. She looked down at her breasts again: they were now about the size of large watermelons, and almost as firm, they must be filled with delicious milk. She wanted to taste it again, she had only tasted a drop, and now she wanted to fill her mouth with it. She hungrily licked her luscious lips and picked up her heavy right breast in her hands, then she put her lips around the nipple. Instantly the sweet milk began to flow into her mouth at a rapid rate, and in just a few seconds she detached, letting a white waterfall cascade from her mouth, back onto her breasts, making them all wet.

"Wow, that comes out fast!" she said to herself.

But then she had an idea; Karen ran to the kitchen and came back with several jars and pitchers, she intended to catch the milk that flowed out of her other breast while she drank from the first one. She prepared herself, one giant breast in front of a jug, and the other in front of her face, and once again she took her mammoth breast in her hand and put her lips on the nipple.

She did not even need to suck, the milk just poured into her mouth in torrents, filling it in mere seconds; it was warm and tasted better than any liquid that had ever passed her lips before. Karen looked down at her mouth on her tit, it was arousing, stimulating her to want more, but the milk came out so fast that she had to swallow it at a rapid rate. This experience greatly pleasured her, and it seemed as time went on her breasts never softened, in fact they seemed only to be growing a little, actually swelling with the pressure that begged to be relieved. But she could not swallow all the milk that came into her mouth, and so on occasion Karen made floods of cream spurt from where her mouth met her nipple and fall onto her soaked bed. But she did not slow down, she only swallowed and swallowed more and more milk as it cascaded down her throat into her belly. Karen eventually noticed that several of the pitchers had now been filled to the brim with the delicious cream - she hadn't even realized she was replacing them subconsciously - and Karen's stomach grumbled more at the thought of drinking her tasty milk later.

She decided not to let the excess cream go to waste and used it to lubricate the breasts, and soon they were all oiled up with milk. Now that they were so slippery, it was easier for Karen to slide her hands across them, arousing their sensitive spots and making more milk flow into her. She was also beginning to squeeze them more, putting her wet hands on her equally wet tit and trying to wrap her arms around it, but it was too big and too firm to have any effect. During this time she also experienced pleasure in the feelings her belly gave her as it was filled with warm milk, making her drowsy and comfortable.

But despite the mouthful after mouthful of milk she drank from her own breast, she still could not seem to get enough, and so her fingers found her milk-soaked pussy, and they began to pleasure it. As Karen orgasmed, entire floods of milk flowed out of her nipples, overfilling her mouth and making the bed thoroughly soaked in it. And she did not just attack her clitoris, her other hand was also squeezing as much of the giant tit it could reach, though it was so full of milk that it was just like squeezing a basketball. This went on for several minutes, as milk filled the jars and her stomach, but the surprising aspect is that she never slowed down, she didn't try to rest for a while because she didn't feel tired; perhaps the drugs also gave her increased stamina. But as she shoved her fingers up her vagina and pressed her face against her breast, more and more milk came out and made her taste buds frolic in the joy of having a mouth filled to the maximum with something so sweet and delicious. But eventually, her belly began to hurt, for it was almost completely full with her own warm milk, but all of the tasty white liquid had made her a bit childlike again, and she came up with another idea.

She removed her mouth from her nipple and joyfully watched a large quantity of milk cascade from her mouth, soaking the skin of her breast even more. But she wanted to play a little game with them, and so she grabbed a vibrator off the table near her (it was difficult to reach because her heavy breasts made it difficult to move), turned it on, and stuck it in her clit as far as she could get it. Then she grabbed her giant tits, which now weighed over 50 pounds, and when the vibrator's pleasure reached her brain, milk shot out of them with exceptional force. She laughed as she soaked every object and surface with milk, making the walls, the tables, everything covered in white liquid. She even played a little game to try and shoot the milk into the jugs on the floor; they filled up within minutes. But she was greedy, she wanted more milk to come out, she almost wanted to swim in it, and so she picked up the TBS vials and put a little liquid on her fingers. Then she pressed them to her nipples and twisted them, making the pain feel so good as the drugs seemingly absorbed through her skin; she laughed again, thinking wonderfully about how much milk she would produce now.

But she quickly regretted this act of desire, for her lactation fountains abruptly ceased, and her breasts hurt as if they were each pressed under a boulder. Almost immediately she felt them grumble and burn as if they were put on hot coals, then Karen watched in horror and ecstasy as her breasts grew exponentially right before her eyes. They grew like balloons being filled with air, but her breasts were being filled with milk, in much greater speed and quantity than she would have ever expected.

"What? No! They're not supposed to grow that fast!" Karen yelped as she helplessly watched her breasts grow to the beachball-size Dr. Klose had talked about.

She was now frightened out of her mind, and she thought for a moment that she might be able to remove all sexual thought from her mind to make them smaller again. But she had forgotten one thing... the vibrator, still humming inside her vagina. She quickly took it out but it was too late, her gargantuan breasts swelled in front of her, and then they did not just spray milk, they exploded it. With an almighty liquid-gushing sound huge streams of milk, just like from a fire hose, blasted out of the giant milk-sacks and knocked Karen back into the wall. She immediately felt fear, ecstasy and pain all in harmony as the milk-hoses nearly blasted the walls down. She wanted to stop before anything worse could happen, but the pleasure that the giant lactating tits gave her was tremendous. Her mind was split between fear and bliss, and she was powerless to stop them as the milky flood began to fill the room.

Karen could have had her wish to swim in her own milk as the level quickly rose in the small house. Her milk-covered furniture, and the very bed she lay on, was already beginning to float as Karen's breasts began to approach the ceiling. She didn't know what to do, her breasts had become so heavy that she couldn't even drag them; she tried calling for help, but her voice couldn't be heard over the rushing sound her milk made. The only thing she was able to do was aim her milk streams at the windows to blow them out, but all the milk that rushed out of them was still not enough to stop the rise. As she had run out of options, she tried pulling her now pickle jar-sized nipples into her mouth to reduce the flow, but the moment they entered her mouth the milk rush poured down her throat without her control and filled what little space remained in her belly. She tried to take them out but they were stuck, and she could feel her belly expand and push her breasts outward with the milk being filled in them. The pain was almost unbearable and she felt like she was about to explode in milk, but then she punched the massive milk bags as hard as she could and dislodged them. As she gasped for air and marveled at how she now looked severely pregnant, hope seemed to be lost as there was only a small number of feet left to the ceiling. She thought this was the end, that she would drown in her own breast milk in a fantasy gone wrong... but then, she had a miraculous idea.
Her tiny house was made in the late 1940's, and nothing had ever been done to reinforce the walls for decades. She looked at the corner and found the wall was already beginning to crack under the pressure, and she knew what she had to do. She aimed her milk cannons to that corner and squeezed them with all her might, even trying to pleasure her clit a little more. A force unlike any she had ever seen slammed into that corner as it cracked under the immense liquid pressure. After only one minute, she heard a crumbling sound, and then the wall gave way. Her tables, furniture, even her bed with her on it flowed out of the gaping hole in the building as the milk tsunami rand through the neighborhood, slamming it's force into other houses. After she finally settled on land about a quarter of a mile away, her breasts were still pumping out tremendous amounts of milk, looking like two geysers in the California sun. She strained and strained to clear her mind of any sex, but it was not easy due to the great pleasure her lactating gave her; but after a few minutes of receding breast flesh and milk pressure, her tits finally reverted back to their watermelon size, only minorly dripping milk. They would never get smaller any time in her life.

In the aftermath she went back to Grantchester Inc. to tell Dr. Klose about her endeavor, and obviously he was stunned, but also angry that she didn't follow the instructions. But regardless, he offered to reimburse her for her house, but she was cunning: she asked to live on the grounds of the Grantchester labs. Dr. Klose knew this would provide them with research capabilities, and solve Karen's problems if any arose (and give him the opportunity to work within a close proximity of her giant tits); and so he accepted. Karen now lives in a spacious room of building L-8, where she is given daily treatment to aid in her lactation, while not inhibiting it. By a further request, she is also allowed to bring some of her lesbian girlfriends to the facility for some... activities.

And so this is her new life, every night two of her friends put their mouths to the nipples of her giant tits and drink her delicious milk, and Karen feels so much ecstasy as they bite on her flesh-mounds that she cums several times. Sometimes, even the doctors would join in on the party, and before long several mouths found themselves quite accustomed to the feel of nipples. Life is good for Karen, and the white river still flows...
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