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The adventures of Cobra.

Featured in this chapter:
Cobra - Ben
Luscious Lips - Dodie Clark.

Neon signs and giant screens illuminated the Mega city skyline, high rise apartment buildings towered across the city, standing tall against but one building, a giant skyscraper that read JUGS CORP. in bold pink lettering. Standing in the window of one of the apartment building a man looked out, a man by the name of Ben, he looked up at the garish lettering in disgust, wondering how such an eyesore could exist, a pair of arms wrapped around him as he looked out, they belonged to his long time partner and soon to be fiance Dodie, she gave him a kiss on the cheek before looking at the monstrosity with him, she removed her arms and grabbed his wrist, guiding him over to the bed, no words, grunts or anything, all that could be heard was the hubbub of the streets below faintly, Ben sat on the bed and scooted himself back, Dodie slipped into the bathroom, just opposite the balcony, before emerging in a short yet flowing yellow dress, her hair all frizzy and unkempt, and her makeup recently reapplied, all that was missing was lipstick, Dodie slowly made her way to the bed, her sock covered feet creating dull thuds against the floor with each step adding to the tension, she sits down to the side of Ben before reaching down under the bed and pulling out a small decorative bag, a bag that read JUG CORP in a rather feminine and cursive font, she pulled out a small tube of lipstick, the base a piano black and the removable cap clear, displaying the highlighter yellow lipstick.

Dodie began to twist the cap, looking at Ben whilst doing so, before slowly moving it to her lips and pouting, she began to apply it in a most sensual and teasing manner, before pressing them together and blowing a kiss to Ben. She could clearly see this was turning Ben on under the covers as a prominent tent rises and she knew that she had him right where she wanted him. She would never admit it as she was an innocent girl but under it all she was as dirty as the top dogs inside of JUGS CORP.

Ben: "UGHH come to bed already honey, I've missed you since you've been touring" Ben says his eyes not leaving her cute face and new lipstick.

Dodie: "One second, I want this to be special, we've been apart for what seems like forever" I say as I spin my self around, lifting my legs up onto the bed, I place the cap back on the lipstick and place it on the bedside table, the small bag beside it before turning to you and placing my now bold and bright lips on yours, the color as garish as the JUG CORP sign but perfectly complimenting my dress and nail polish, the outfit having been chosen to go along with the lipstick, as our lips touch I begin to caress your arms and unbutton your shirt, not taking my lips away.

Ben: I try to control my self as I get urges to just rip my clothes off and do the same to hers. But she wants this to be special so I will control my self and pace myself. I tease her now wet lips with my tongue trying to force my way in but her freshly colored lips stay strong.We start to peck at each others lips as she looks down occasionally as she was struggling with my clothes mean while her out fit is perfect.

Dodie: I carry on trying to unbutton your shirt, the buttons getting harder and harder as I progress down, I begin to feel light headed while doing so but try not to show it, the excitement of returning and being with you fueling my passion, I pull my lips before eventually asking "Could you..." whilst looking at the remaining 4 buttons, I move my hands down and start to unbuckle your belt, my position changed as I now am kneeling on the bed. My grey underwear now resting on my white socks, a small but visible wet patch apparent, I unbuckle the belt before undoing the button and zip, and trying to push them down, unable to do so, whilst trying to push I lift my ass up, the wet patch now more visible and larger than before, your erect cock being held back by the fabric of your underwear now fully in my view.

Ben: I take my last buttons and do pull at them full force tearing them cleanly off. I groan as my tight trousers are released and now just my underwear separates me from you and my tight underwear clearly showing off my impressive member. I look at your socks and your underwear and I'm in full view of a goddess and right now I wouldn't want to be any where else as I hang off your every action.

Dodie: I place my fingers in the waistband of your underwear and slide them down slowly, within a matter of seconds your erect shaft is showing, pushing against the elasticated material, I carry on pulling before suddenly your cock springs out, standing tall at 8 inches, I yank down your underwear a bit more before wrapping my hand around it and kissing it on the head, leaving a bright yellow mark "I've missed you" I say giggling, before letting go and crawling round so that i'm between your legs, I pull of the trousers and underwear from your thighs before laying down between your legs and taking hold of it once again, my socked feet hovering in the air for you to see as I slowly run my hand up and down it.

Ben: As you lay down I give your firm ass a nice slap seeing it jiggle just a little as you lay yourself down to get to work on my shaft. The yellow print rubbed in by your thumb. Now Dodie was not the most experienced lover but she took time and attention usually bringing me to the edge then stopping just to make me last that little longer. She was my second girlfriend and I had a tendency to Cum on her feet but something was different recently she had wanted it more in her mouth or inside her. She always talked dirty about breeding and its something we had only seen in porn and tried once or twice.

Dodie: I lay there massaging the head with my thumb, I lean in whilst looking you straight in the eye and lick all the way up the shaft, being uncharacteristically confident with initiating this, as I reach the top my mouth opens as I take it in, the head now in my mouth as I slowly begin to bob up and down, my hand caresses your balls whilst stroking the base of your shaft.

Ben: I stroke your brown locks as you Bob up and down. I thrust my hips in time for you as I groan. She holds a finger to her lips as Hazel is still next door and has known to listen in when Dodie has moaned her head off for my impressive cock.

Dodie: As I take your cock lower and lower the shaft slowly starts to turn a pale shade of yellow, the smearing of this lipstick unlike any others I have worn before, I feel you thrusting as I time my movements to be in sync, every thrust takes you deeper and deeper into my throat, the hand which was stroking your shaft now placed between my legs and rubbing the ever growing wet patch, a soundtrack of gags, moans and grunts fill the room, as I start to take almost all of your cock deep in my throat.

Ben: I start to lose myself and go as deep as possible getting louder and louder. "Take my meat Dodie and Rub your pussy for me" My Cock getting brighter and Dodie's mind tells her that she needs more lipstick. She feels her pussy and it squelched as she rubs against her cotton panties.

Dodie: I pull away and grab for the lipstick before apply far too much and diving back down on your dick, taking down three quarters of it in one go, gagging like crazy however I don't take it out of my mouth, I catch my breath while its still in my mouth before take it down deep again, your cock now bright yellow from the excess of lipstick being smeared on it.

Ben: She can't think straight as she talks dirty and wants to ride me. "You can do what ever you want honey, just keep talking to me" I let her take it all and her mouth close around me as Dodies was turning into a BJ expert.

Dodie: I take my hands off of your thighs and start to slide my dress down, your cock still planted in my throat as I bob my head up and down, my tits fall out as i slide the dress down before swiftly tugging it down, I slide it over my legs and throw it to the side, now just wearing my soaked panties and socks, one hand moves to the base of your cock and holds it in position as I suck while the other moves between my legs, rubbing vigorously, squelches and wet rubbing sounds getting louder and louder whilst moans and grunts still fill the air.

Eventually the rubbing doesn't cut it as I slide my panties down, before plunging my fingers deep inside myself, the door now noticeably ajar and Hazels eyes visible, I look over before turning myself around so that my ass and pussy are facing her and giving her the best show, I start raise my head more and more with each bob, your shaft now bright yellow and throbbing.

Ben: The door now open as Hazel sits there, her back resting against the door frame and her dress ridden up, her hand slowly rubbing her pussy her leg obscuring your view, she keeps looking over and locking eyes with you, you feel like you should invite her over but worry that Dodie wouldn't like to share and that it would never be as good as you've imagined with her, and would rather just appreciate the view, you raise a hand and place it on Dodies head to put on more of a show whilst moving the other into the air and motioning for Hazel to turn around and let you see more.

"Oh Dodie I want to get inside you I want to feel your wetness on me" I let go of her head as she looks up at me smiling her lipstick still glowing perfectly as the rest of her makeup starts to run and ruin from the mixture of sweat and spit on her face.

Dodie: I pull your cock out of my mouth with a pop before standing up, I slowly slide down my panties which are now completely drenched and throw them over to the side near Hazel before getting on the bed and crawling over to you, I eventually reach you and start to kiss you, my hand grabbing your cock and rubbing it against my dripping pussy, i slowly take the head inside me and carry on taking it deeper and deeper.

Ben: "You sure honey you have never taken it all before and you....ughhh are very tight" her new look empowering her as I see my rod slip in. I look across to Hazel who now has the wet panties and is licking and sniffing them, her mind clearly a million miles from her boyfriend as her eyes lock onto my Cock.

Dodie: "I'm sure" I say confidently, lust taking over me as I reach halfway and keep going, your cock still filling me up as my drenched pussy grips it.

Ben: I start to rock my hips back and forth pushing me deeper as you start to talk dirty.

Dodie: "Ben!" I start to cry out getting louder and louder, "I want to feel all of you inside me, I NEED to feel you inside me" I say as I near the base, 7 inches of cock now deep inside me as I feel you lightly thrust in and out.

Ben: I speed up and get deeper with my thrust getting much firmer with them. This seems to work on Dodie and Hazel who is rubbing her pussy right outside whist she bites on Dodies panties.

Dodie: I start to bounce myself on your cock as I feel you getting faster, I try to match your speed but carry on getting faster as you thrust, "Fuck! " I say as I lean back and start rubbing my hands through my hair "This feels amazing" I scream in order to tease Hazel.

Ben: I keep going Like a jack-hammer I could blow at any second and breed your body but some force is stopping me at that edge allowing me to continue exploring this tight hole.

Dodie: I carry on riding you and screaming praise for your cock, my hand slips down to my pussy and starts to rub on my clit while the other one rests on your chest.

Ben: I give a quick look to Hazel who's eyes are pleading for me to do the same to her.

Dodie: I turn around and stare at Hazel, her eyes locked onto you and her fingers deep inside herself as I carry on rubbing my clit, I try to attract her attention by puckering my lips and blowing kisses at her, my lips glowing yellow with all round them being smudged I carry on riding getting more and more aggressive as time goes by, my hand now violently rubbing my clit.

Ben: "Oh Dodie where do you want my Cum?" As Hazel moans for it and I see you apply even more lipstick as you tease Hazel and not knowing you are addicted to this lipstick.

Dodie: "I want to feel it in my throat" I say rather slowly as I slide off your cock in a trance like state, the thought of your cum taking over me as I slide back before grabbing your cock and jerking it slightly, my bright lips wrapping themselves around the head and sucking, your cock twitching and throbbing like crazy, I sway my ass in Hazels direction and I carry on sucking, I raise my hand and hold up 3 fingers, i wave them for you to see before folding a finger down to act as a countdown, my lips still planted around your cock head, two fingers remain as I twirl my tongue around and ever so slightly get lower, I lower another finger, before lifting up my head, the final finger goes down.

With a violent attack I take your cock down my throat in one go, all 8 inches sliding down it as my heavily coated lips make contact with the base, I feel you pump what feels like gallons of cum down my throat as I try to take it all in, gags and grunts being let out as I start to cough slightly before regaining my composure and carrying on taking it, my lips still planted against your crotch.

Ben: I cum hard not just releasing one powerful stream but three or four making sure to cover those lips too. And at the same time the hallway get a load from Hazel after which she tip toes away. I stroke Dodie beautiful brown locks as she gets every last drop out.

Dodie: My lips begin to warm up and glow, the smeared lipstick on your cock doing the same, I reach up to my mouth and start to try to rub it off, the glowing continuing and the rubbing just smearing it all across my face, my pupils start to get bigger as I feel my body getting weaker suddenly I let out a groan, a very loud very sexual groan as I lose all control of my body and collapse, makeup and cum covering my face, a bright flash fills the room from the lipstick smears and my face as you fall unconscious, your cock throbbing with pain.

To be continued...

(Sorry about the length of this chapter as this was two sessions combined)

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