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To Be, or not To Be; Fucked

Gabrielle was far from below the average highschool boy standards of excellence. For starters, he was way shorter than any boy he knew, he was a stout 4 foot eleven inches, making him even below or barley on par with women. He was very curvy and feminine growing up as well, attempting many sports like track or swim had only decreased his hope in attempting to achieve true masculinity; he was not only as tall as a girl but looked like one too what a terrible fate. He would often be left alone but was not inexperienced to the torture some of the other boys and girls brought him, this lead to him becoming a nobody throughout most his childhood.

His household life was no different, both his parents died when he was young in an accident. Thus he was left with his two sisters, Keira and Diana. Both of his sisters were physical specimens. Keira had taken the sport route and become the school's baseball captain two years in a row. Part of it has to do with her being a 6'4 toned giant, but to contradict this label she has weapons of her own, double DD breast to die for, a curvy ass to love, and two well crafted thighs to die between, she emitted power and feminimity at the same time. Diana was not that different besides the fact instead of playing baseball she played volleyball, same as she was also a captain and same in that their body figures were not far off. Diana was 6'5, just an inch shorter than Keira, and was a mere C cup compared to her, but where she qualified were in the legs. Her calves were well pointed, her thighs could crush boulders if they wanted to, and her ass put Keira's to shame with how versed it was in giving off a feeling of fear, and excitement.

Despite their figures giving off a feeling of temptation and success in the world, their personalities told a different story. Once your parents had passed away they made a full 180 and backstabbed you together for your 33 percent of the will. No longer the caring sisters you grew up with, just like in life they saw you as nothing more but an opportunity to be taken advantage of. This led to the rest of your life ,even to now, to be the opposite of what a young boy should go through. You had become proficient in makeup and crossdressing, not by choice, and constantly forced to learn subjects two years ahead of your own in order to earn the right to eat. Not only that but you have become well experienced in pain both physically and mentally, not that you enjoyed it, leaving you no place to be independent than school. You didn't know this until much later in puberty, but they were also dosing you with pills to ensure they were the " of the house." There was no help from anyone and if you tried anything against those two, well lets just say they haven't just been enjoying torturing you, they recorded it as well.

That independence that school gave you from home ironically, would be your only chance to turn it all around. Of course doing good in school was a big deal but enjoying it was a bigger deal. You loved one subject more than anything, something you truly enjoyed, music. Music had given you life, an outlet for your ideas and feelings that nothing else could grant you. Its now the beginning of a new school year and the dawn of a new horizen has struck. You are pleased to see you received all the classes you wrote down, mostly advanced subjects, and you begin the school day with your first class, music.

You enter the classroom and see everyone has already divided themselves into friend groups and circles of interest. You see nowhere to sit except next to a girl, a girl you've never seen before sitting by herself with an empty chair next to her. Seeing this as one of those rare opportunities you take it. Hopefully this is the start of a new change in your life, for better, or for worst.

In a much more open sense the world he lives in is exactly the same as our own. That includes currency, time management, etiquette, etc.

What's next?

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