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Total Time Control

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Ben, is 18 years old and just a normal, not very popular, boy. Ben lives at home with his parents. While his older sister, lives in her own house with her boyfriend.

Ben has never been popular so he has just a few close friends that he has been with for what seems like forever. Ben sometimes has text convosations with Jack about sexual things. But with Harry things like this dont happen, although Ben is much closer to Harry as a friend.

One day Ben was extremely bored, he was at home alone as usual when he recived a text. It displayed no number from where it came from but it read:


"You are now the ultimate time keeper, you control it all. You can stop, rewind or fast forward time. If you stop time, everyone and everything will be frozen, however you can unfreeze other individuals at your wish. Simply say "stop time" or "rewind time" "fast forward time" and you guessed it "play time". To unfreeze people all you need to do is grab their hand and say "unfreeze". The power is yours, use it wisely..."

After taking all that infomation in, {he} had to test it out and see if it was just a stupid prank or not.

"Stop time" he said. Everything became silent, cars had stopped still in the street, people walking had stopped, everything, still.

"Wow! It works!" He shouted.

All that was racing through his mind was; all the girls that had rejected him, all the girls that he jerked his cock to constantly and people that had always pissed him off. He could do anything to them now...

What's next?

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