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Trailer Slaves Ch. 02

Linda looked over at Eric and noticed his dick was getting hard again. "Watching me play with your pussy has turned your dork on." She whispered to Kat. "Let's see how much he can take."

Linda pulled out a strap-on dildo and put it on. She forced Kat to her knees and guided the dildo to Kat's mouth. Kat let the dildo slide between her lips as Linda grabbed the back of Kat's head. "Suck it." Linda ordered. "Suck my big fat dick." Kat started sucking hard on the dildo until it was slick with her saliva.

Linda pulled the dildo out of Kat's mouth and forced Kat to turn around. Linda knelt behind Kat and guided the dildo to Kat's pussy from behind. Kat gave a sharp moan as Linda pushed the dildo into Kat's pussy. Linda grabbed Kat's waist and started fucking Kat from behind with fast and hard thrusts. Kat continued to moan and Eric's dick continued to harden.

Linda pulled out of Kat's pussy after Kat had another orgasm. "I wonder what he would do if he couldn't see you being fucked, but could hear you." Linda commented. Linda got up and pulled out a blindfold. She put the blindfold over Eric's eyes and tied it tightly around Eric's head so he couldn't see a thing. "There." Linda remarked.

Linda went back over to Kat and helped her up. Linda forced Kat onto the bed next to Eric. Linda forced Kat's legs apart and propped Kat's waist up on a pillow, raising Kat's pussy to a great angle for Linda to fuck it.

Linda climbed on top of Kat and guided the dildo into Kat's pussy again. Kat continued to moan as Linda fucked her harder then she had earlier. Linda also grabbed Kat's breasts and started squeezing them. Kat came to another mind-blowing orgasm, her pussy juices flowing from her cunt and drenching the bed.

Linda looked over at Eric and noticed that his dick was even harder. She climbed off of Kathy and guided the dildo to Eric's mouth. "You want to taste Kat's juices, don't you?" she asked.

Eric nodded his head. "Yes, Mistress." He begged.

"Good." Linda said as she forced the dildo into Eric's mouth. Eric tried to spit it out, but Linda pressed it so hard that he had no choice but to submit to having it in his mouth. "Suck your slutt's juices from my big, fat, rubber dick, and then I'll fuck you." Linda said.

Eric sucked the dildo with mixed emotions. Kat's pussy juice tasted different on the rubber dick, and Eric was looking forward to fucking his new dominatrix. He continued to lick the dildo until it was clean. Linda pulled the dildo out of Eric's mouth. "Now can I fuck you, Mistress?" Eric asked.

Linda forced Eric to his knees. Linda spit on Eric's ass hole and rubbed the dildo against it. "I said that I would fuck you." Linda reminded Eric. Linda forced the dildo into Eric's asshole as Eric let out a light scream. Linda slapped the back of Eric's head. "Shut up and take it, dork." She commanded. Linda grabbed Eric's hips and kept thrusting the dildo in and out of Eric's asshole.

Meanwhile, Kat just laid there watching Eric getting fucked up the ass with a dildo. Her nipples started to harden as she became excited about watching her fiancée being completely dominated by a younger woman.

Linda looked over and saw how excited and aroused Kat had become at watching Linda take control of Eric. "Your slut has become completely turned on by watching me have my way with you." she whispered into Eric's ear as she continued to fuck Eric's asshole with the dildo.

Linda moved Eric so that his dick was directly over Kat's breasts. She continued to fuck his ass. Now, with every thrust, Eric was pushed forward, causing his dick to rub against Kat's breasts. Kat started moaning again, as the combined stimulation of watching Eric being dominated by another woman and Eric's dick rubbing her breasts caused Kat to have another orgasm.

Finally, Eric shot another load of cum. This time it spurted all over Kat's breasts. "Look what you did." Linda ordered as she took the blindfold off of Eric. Eric looked down at Kat's breasts shining with his cum all over them.

Linda forced Eric to lick the cum from Kat's breasts as Kat began to moan louder. Linda pulled the dildo from Eric's asshole and forced him into a sitting position, facing Linda. Linda guided the dildo back into Eric's mouth and forced him to lick and suck it until it was clean.

(To be continued)
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