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Trapped in Glory

This is the first short story I've completed. Hope it's worth it!


So here it was, 7p.m. Friday night and no where to go. The girl I was supposed to take out had to cancel, due to a family emergency. Which totally sucks, because I was really looking forward to her giving me a blowjob. That girl can suck like there's no tomorrow. So yeah, I was pretty disappointed.

What to do now, I thought. Being that I was horny, I decided to take a chance. My friend from work, let's call him Doug, had previously told me about an Adult movie/book store down by the Interstate. He claimed to have been there several times, and that he had got a blowjob from a gloryhole there nearly every time he went.

"As long as the green light is on in the lounge area, the gloryhole is good to go." Doug isn't one to embellish, and he had seemed pretty stoked about his experiences there, so I figured why not?

I hopped in my car and started towards the store. I had passed it many times on the way to work, but never gave any serious thought about going in. Right by the Interstate, between an auto parts store and a large truck stop. As I was driving I have to admit that I was starting to get a boner. Just thinking about some random bitch sucking my cock was getting me hard. Also, the thrill of the unknown was helping too. I pressed the gas, I was so ready.

I pulled into the parking lot, and took a spot on the end. Kind of hiding my car from the main road a bit. I had a moment where I started to question if I was going to do this.

"Don't be such a fucking pussy," I told myself aloud. That gave me the guts I needed. I shut off the car, got out, and hurried inside the store.

When I got inside, I relaxed a bit. There were about 5 or 6 regular looking guys inside, mostly browsing. It just looked like a standard video store, and there was an erotic book/magazine section as well. Mostly just shelves with a lot of DVD porn. At the counter was a girl who was about 35ish, and she was smoking hot. Wavy blonde hair and big tits that were practically bursting out of her red v-neck shirt. My cock stirred again in my pants. I was now thinking this was a great idea, and that I would have to thank Doug on Monday morning at work.

As I wandered through the store, just casually browsing, I noticed a couch and some chairs at the rear of the store. This must be the lounge area Doug had mentioned. I also noticed a hallway with a few doors, and a red door at the end of the hall. DO NOT ENTER was posted on this door. I did not see a gloryhole of any kind. I looked around the lounge area, and there was a green light on the wall by the hallway entrance. It was not lit. My boner cried out in sorrow at that unlit light.

I figured I would make my way over to the hot girl working the register, and maybe discretely ask about this stores "extra" activities. What the hell, at this point I didn't have anything to lose, really. As I approached the counter, she looked up from a very kinky looking magazine, and spoke first.

"Can I help you sir?" her tits bouncing as she spoke.

"Maybe," I said very quietly. "l was kind of wondering-"

"About the gloryhole?" she said abruptly, cutting me off.

This caught me off guard a little. This hot ass bitch is straight to the point, I thought.

"Well, I saw the green light was out," I said, "and I didn't see any gloryhole, and I was kind of hoping-"

"Oh, so you are interested in our gloryhole," she said, cutting me off again.

I nodded, smiling shyly, and stole another look at her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. She then leaned over the counter, meaning to talk in a low voice. As I leaned in I could see that her huge tits were now almost flopping out of her shirt. Her right breast was starting to nip slip. My boner sprang back to life.

"The gloryhole is in the room with the red door, and the DO NOT ENTER sign," she said quietly. "We keep it that way so it is more discreet and doesn't draw unwanted attention. It's more of a word of mouth type deal," she said as she winked at me. "Would you like to check it out?"

"Hell yeah, I would!" I exclaimed, jumping at the chance. "But the green light wasn't on-"

"Don't worry about the light, it's just...not working right now. Go ahead and enter the red door. It will be dark inside. We don't like anyone to see inside, even from the hallway. Discretion is our top priority. When the door closes, the light inside will automatically come on and you will see the gloryhole. Simple as that."

"Sounds great. So I can go in now?" I asked eagerly.

"Yes, you can. There is no one in the gloryhole right now, so feel free to enter," she purred, licking her lips at me. "Have fun sweetheart."

I slowly turned away from her, and started praying that it would be her on the other end of the hole.

I made my way into the dimly lit hallway, and approached the red door at the end of the hall. I could hardly contain myself or my throbbing erection. It was really gonna happen. Free blowjob at a gloryhole. Hell yeah, I thought wildly.

I grabbed the doorknob and turned it, opening the door. She was not kidding - it was pitch black inside. I took a breath and stepped into darkness.

As I stepped in, the door swung closed behind me, accompanied by the sound of at least two locks clicking shut. Sweet privacy. A light immediately came on, a pink light bulb that turned everything in this tiny room into the color of cotton candy. The room itself wasn't much bigger than a small closet. I immediately spotted the gloryhole on the far wall, waist high, so my back would be to the red door. The gloryhole was as big as a softball, and had a perfectly round built-in little curtain with a slit in the middle. So I could just put my cock and balls through the slit very easily. There was even velvet lined around the outer edge of the hole for comfort. I went to push my finger through, into the darkness of the hole when it hit hard. This hole was blocked by wood.

What the fuck?, I thought, as I started to look around the tiny room. I noticed a small flat screen in the corner, (for porn, no doubt). There was also a speaker built into the wall, a lit green button and a lit red button just under the TV, and a footstool with a very comfy looking seat on it, in the left corner. None of this did I care about. I just wanted to get my dick through that hole.

Just then the TV blinked on, and faded into view. It was the hot blonde from the counter. Maybe I'd get to see those tits after all.

"Hey there, sweetheart!" she chirped. "I can hear you, so feel free to talk as necessary. I hope you're ready to get started. I just thought I'd let you know that the room you're in is soundproof, so enjoy yourself as much as you want."

"Umm, ok. But the hole is blocked," I said. "And yes, I am ready to get started, so let's get my dick through this hole, please!" I stated smoothly.

"Oh sweetheart, I'm afraid you misunderstood. YOUR dick isn't going through that hole tonight. But many other dicks will."

It took me a second to understand what I had just heard. No blowjob?

"What the fuck is going on, you crazy bitch?" I said, half to myself. I immediately turned for the door - and found nothing. There was no handle, no way to open the door, I was trapped in this pink closet nightmare. Getting mad now, I went to pound on the door.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," she said abruptly. "The last time my customers found out a guy was in here instead of a chick, they broke into the room and fucked him in the ass all night as punishment. They like girls to suck their cocks, not guys. Thank god you're clean shaven."

"What! I'm not sucking any cock! You're fucking crazy!"

"Take a look around princess. Pink light and a nice cozy stool for you to sit on as you suck dick for me. You're IN the gloryhole, bitch."

"That's not I wanted!" I said exasperated. "I wanted a blowjob! I didn't agree to be in here! Let me the fuck out right now!"

"Oh but you did agree to it," she said slyly. "I asked if you wanted to check out our gloryhole, and you said "hell yeah."

"I told you no one was in the gloryhole and you were free to enter. You chose to enter. I didn't force you. I've got you on video agreeing to it. So now here you are. You ARE the gloryhole tonight bitch, and you will suck every single cock that comes through that hole. Thank you for so eagerly volunteering to be my little cocksucking slut. And Friday's are usually busy, so you might want to sit your tight little ass on the stool. It's gonna be a long night."

I stood there, stunned for a moment. I couldn't believe this was happening. A flood of emotions washed over me: anger, fear, bewilderment. I was trapped with no apparent way out. Then a solution hit me: my cell phone.

"Fuck you bitch, I'm calling the cops," I stated gloriously. I whipped out my cell phone, ready to send this bitch to jail, when I saw it. No service. I tried dialing out to 911, but no luck. It was dead. A feeling of dread started to creep into my stomach.

"No electronics will work in the gloryhole," she said. "It is a sealed room. No signals in or out, other than the ones already working in the room. Now you said before that you were ready to get started, so-"

"Oh fuck that!" I shouted, interrupting her for once. "You may have me trapped in here, but there's no way I'm sucking anything! And you can't keep me here forever, so FUCK YOU!" I yelled harshly, as I flipped off the little camera I had just noticed in the corner of the room.

"Actually, I think you will suck a ton of dick for me, if you're smart, that is. But it IS your choice to make," she spoke. "Before you decide, why don't you look up to the ceiling."

I slowly raised my eyes up to the ceiling. As I did, the pink light went out and a regular white light came on. I glanced down quickly to notice the little curtain covering the gloryhole was green. Of course it was. I also noticed the walls in this room were standard off white, so the pink would show up better. As I looked at the ceiling now, confusion settled over me. The ceiling was white also, except for a 2x2 foot square in the center. The square was brown.

"Just what the fuck am I supposed to be looking at?" I asked.

"That square is actually a doorway," she said. "The door is made from clear plexiglass, and on the other side of that door is the secondary tank from this buildings septic system. You are looking at about 6 months worth of built up shit and urine from our restrooms."

This was unreal. Looking at it made my stomach turn. I could see tiny shreds of toilet paper, and I swear I thought I saw a piece of corn. I wanted to hurl, but kept my composure.

The bitch then continued to speak. "You may have already noticed the red and green lights by the tv."

I looked down at the lights just in time to see them both go dark.

"This is the part where you get to choose," she said delightfully . "Press the green button and that will turn on the green light in the lounge. Letting everyone know that the gloryhole is open, and that you are ready to suck lots of cock."

"And if I refuse?" I croaked, my throat suddenly very dry.

"Then simply press the red button, releasing the door above you, and flooding the room with all that disgusting waste," she said devilishly. "With your height, it should come up to about your neck. And it would take about 48 hours to properly drain the room. I can't even imagine what types of bacteria or disease have festered in that tank. I bet they would love to invade a healthy human body."

The full weight of the situation was now upon me. Like, literally right above me. I just might kill Doug when I make it out of this.

"I need a minute to think," I said.

"Sure thing sweetheart. Like I said, it's your choice. One night of being my little cocksucking slut or two days as a human waste biology experiment."

I already knew what choice to make, I just didn't want to. This was so unfair. All I wanted was a blowjob. It seemed like I had been trapped in here for days already.

"So what's it going to be, green or red?" she asked. "Please make your decision by pushing the button of your choice."

Slowly I reached out and pushed the green button. The button lit up when I pressed it. At that moment the overhead lights switched, and the world was pink again.

"Excellent choice! I just know that you will be a great little blowjob princess by the time this night is through," she said happily. I said nothing to this, as I was still processing what was about to happen.

"Now some ground rules. I have delayed the green light in the lounge until we are finished here," she explained. "Pretty basic stuff. A dick comes through the little curtain, you suck it until they cum. And remember, good bitches always swallow. If your performance is less than satisfactory, and I receive a complaint from any of my customers, the red light will come on. This will be your one and only warning. A second complaint will result in the human waste experiment, and I don't think you want that! So just think about all the blowjobs you've seen on porn, and do that. I just know you'll be sucking cock like a pro in no time!"

This was easily going to be the worst night of my life.

"Also, do not talk to the guys. They may ask you stuff and want you to answer, but just keep sucking those dicks and you'll be fine. Remember what happened when they found out a guy was in here. That poor bastard couldn't sit for a week after they were through with him. Do you understand the warning system?" she asked.

I nodded yes.

"OK then, I believe you're ready to begin," she said. "Oh, and one last thing. You will keep sucking until the last cock has cum, or until 2 a.m., whichever comes last. What I mean is, if 2 a.m. hits and there are no more cocks, you are free to go. If there are cocks still here, you keep going. You never really know with a Friday night. Might be 2 a.m., might be sunrise. And when you go to leave after you're done, don't think about doing anything funny. All of this is on video. If anything happens to me or my store, videos of you asking to be in the gloryhole and then sucking cock after cock will be on every social media site on the planet. Leave quietly, and no one in the world will ever know."

"I do have one question - can I get some water? My throat is very dry," I explained, finally accepting my current situation.

"Of course! There are two bottles of water strapped to the bottom of the stool," she answered. "If that's all, I believe you are ready. Try to have fun, I mean, it's only cock. It won't hurt you. Well, your throat may get a little sore after a while, and your jaw too. But it's a good hurt! Cock is so yummy! Enjoy it and you'll have a great time, I promise! Now go ahead and press the lit green button again, and that will turn on the light in the lounge. Then it's all on you princess. If anyone asks, I'm gonna tell them a really hot slut is in here! Happy sucking!"

The TV faded to black.

I reached under the stool and removed the two bottled waters, and took a good swig from one. That felt much better. I moved the stool in front of the curtain and sat down. It was actually really comfortable. I definitely was not happy about any of this, but what choice did I have?

I took a moment to prepare myself mentally. I took a deep breath and reached out, pressing the green button. It flashed once, then stayed lit.

It only took about a minute. I heard the wood on the other side of the curtain slide aside, and then a moment later, a man's penis and balls were resting a foot from my face, waiting for me. It wasn't even hard yet. I hesitated for a few seconds, and then thought of what was above me. I reached out and gently grabbed the limp dick with my fingers, and moved my face in closer. I decided to start with my tongue, and gave it a couple slow licks. The man on the other side moaned, as his dick started to grow. There was no turning back now. I closed my eyes and parted my lips, and slid my mouth down over his growing cock.

He groaned now, louder. That made my head start to move. Up and down, sucking my very first cock. It didn't smell or taste bad, and I was thankful for that. Just as he started to get really hard, I realized he an average dick. Maybe 5 inches now. I started sucking a little faster now, and he really started making a lot of noise, which oddly made me feel good about sucking his cock. Just then then head swelled and I got blasted by a stream of cum in the back of my mouth and throat. I immediately pulled away, his cock popping out of my mouth, as two even bigger streams of cum hit me right in the face. I involuntarily spit out the cum in my mouth, even as he was still coating my face with his warm fluid. For an average penis, he came a ton. He finally stopped cumming all over me, and quickly withdrew his penis from the hole, sliding the door shut.

Just like that, he was gone. I only sucked him for maybe a minute, and here I was, a total mess. My face, neck, shirt, and pants were covered with cum.

I took off my shirt and wiped my face and neck with it. I definitely hadn't expected all that. I decided to take off my pants, too. No point in getting my clothes any messier. That's when the red light turned on under the flat screen - the warning light. The TV then faded in, and my captor was giving me a very bitchy look.

"What in the fuck was that, bitch!" she almost yelled.

"Uh, what does it look like. I sucked his cock. Happy now?" I replied.

"No! Not happy!" she exclaimed wildly. "You spit out his cum! You removed his cock from your mouth while he was getting off. You didn't finish the job, and ruined his good time! He was very unhappy about it! Good bitches always swallow! Don't you remember me telling you that?"

"Yes, I remember," I said. "But I'm not a bit-"

"YES THE FUCK YOU ARE!" she yelled now. "Tonight you are MY cocksucking BITCH! And you will swallow every last drop of cum, you fucking cumslut whore! Pull a stunt like that again and I will make it rain shit on you! The warning light is on now, princess. Last chance! I suggest you learn to love cum real quick, because you are certainly going to get a lot of it tonight. Do you understand me you fucking cumslut?"

"Yes," I said flatly like a child who had been scolded.

"Good," she chirped brightly. Complete attitude change. This chick was crazy. "And I'm glad to see you're getting comfortable. Already stripped down to your undies, I see. Such a good little whore! Now swallow, bitch!"

With that the TV blinked out, and now the red light was full on. The green light flashed once, a signal I guess. I waited.

The next cock that came through the gloryhole was as long as the first cock, but it was soft. 5 inches soft. It also looked thicker. I leaned in and took him in my mouth. This cock also tasted ok. He started to grow and I realized quickly that this was no average cock. I doubled my effort, determined to beat this monster down, but he was winning. I could only get about half of his massive dick in my mouth.

That's when I heard him say, "Why don't you put your sweet pussy up to that hole, and I'll fuck you real good, baby!"

I ignored that and just kept sucking as best as I could, and started using my hands to jerk his super sized boner as well. I've always had smaller hands for a guy, and I take care of them, so they are nice and smooth.

"Oh yeah, bitch. That's real good. Work that cock bitch."

I went from fast to slow, fast to slow. I had been sucking for at least 10 minutes, when he finally started to moan. I started in on him faster now, swirling my tongue on his thick head every time I went down or up.

"Get ready bitch! I ain't cum in a month!" he moaned loudly.

My eyes got big at the thought of this, just as his cockhead grew in my mouth. A second later the first stream of hot, creamy cum flooded my mouth. It was followed by another massive burst and nearly filled my mouth. I instantly swallowed it all, to keep from choking. I had stopped sucking, but kept his cock in my mouth as I jerked him. Wave after wave of cum flooded my mouth as his cock spasmed over and over again. I kept swallowing it all, slightly salty, but warm and smooth as it slid down my throat. After I swallowed my fourth mouthful, he started to slow down, so I started to suck again to finish the job. Nice and slow, then fast to really give him a good time. He nearly screamed out, because he must have been sensitive from all the cumming. That's when I heard him say, "Don't stop! You fucking suck so good I'm gonna cum again!" which made me weirdly proud of myself as I felt a little flutter in my stomach.
Right then he moaned again, and shot another huge load of cum into my throat. This orgasm just seemed to keep going, so I had to swallow fast to keep up. I had to swallow three mouthfuls this time, and it was a lot of creamy hot cum. It tasted ok, I thought. I finished him off, nice and slow this time, and he pulled his cum cannon out of my mouth.

"Thanks baby," he said. "I hope you liked all that cum. I'm a heavy shooter, but I ain't never cum like that!"

I couldn't talk, so I kissed the tip of his beautiful penis as a confirmation. My first cumload, and it was a double. A massive double. I would never forget his cock for as long as I live. He pulled out, slid the door shut, and was gone.

I sat there for a second, taking it all in, feeling the taste of his cum in my mouth and my throat. And then I looked down to see my dick, rock hard, trying to burst through my underwear. There was a wet spot from my pre cum.

More cocks literally came, and then went. At some point I became totally naked. I lost track of all time. At one point a guy told me that word had spread at the truck stop, and that the line was now twenty deep in the store. Hell, I had already sucked at least twenty. I masturbated while I was sucking a cock. I had my first big black cock. I would have six more before the night was over. I had cocks that tasted sweaty or were a little smelly. It didn't matter. I got good at sucking dick. They all gave me their cum, and I swallowed it all. Every last drop. Like a good bitch.

Very late into the night, (or probably now the morning), the door locks clicked, and the door cracked open. I quickly dressed in my cum dried clothes and headed down the hallway. There was no one left in the store. I had sucked them all, like a good little cumslut whore. I didn't see the crazy blonde, but as I walked out the front door her voice shot through the stores speaker system:

"Sweetheart, they all said you were the best we've ever had."

I walked across the empty parking lot to my car, and got in. It was 4:19 in the morning. A tiny hint of a smile cracked my face as I drove home.


I got home and showered quickly, and then crashed hard. I slept until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I had a dream that I had been out to dinner with a very good looking man. It was a nice restaurant, where the tables had long tablecloths that stretched to the floor. He wanted me to suck his dick, right then and there, under the table. So I did. And I swallowed too. I awoke with a start, my lips still tingling from his dreamy cock, and my mouth still tasting like cum.

Monday morning arrived and I went to work as usual. I was just logging into my PC when my buddy, Doug, came strolling by.

"Hey what's up bro?" he said. "Do anything good this weekend?"

If he only knew. "Nah, nothing good," I lied. "How about you?"

"Oh yeah, crazy weekend. Remember that bookstore I told you about, with the gloryhole?"

Oh no fucking way. This is not happening. My heart skipped a beat. I tried to sound casual. "Yeah, did you stop by there again?"

"Yeah I did, Friday night. But it was about 10 o'clock and the place was jam packed, so I left and went to the club instead. I heard there was a really hot slut in there though. That place was going fucking wild for her!"

I breathed a huge sigh of relief inside. I said, "Damn bro, too bad you missed out on that, huh?"

"Are you kidding me!" he exclaimed. "After I left the club at 2 a.m., I stopped back by the store. The line was way shorter. I only had to wait about 20 minutes. And dude, let me tell you, best fucking blowjob ever! Damn that bitch was awesome! I bet she was hot as fuck too! With big titties! Man, you shoulda been there!"

Great. So now I get to think about Doug's hot cum sliding down my throat every time I see him, everyday at work. "Maybe next time, man. Maybe next time."


It was two weeks since that Friday night, and here I was at 7 p.m..

I got out of my car, and walked into the store. I walked up to the counter, and the crazy hot blonde instantly recognized me, and reached under the counter. I stopped short with my hands out in front of me, the universal "I mean you no harm" gesture.

She eyed me wearily as I spoke, "I was just noticing the green light wasn't on."

Happy relief flooded over her face. "l knew it! No one who sucks dick that fucking good can stop!"

"Water's under the stool?"

"Two bottles, just for you sweetheart," she answered.

As I turned to walk towards the hallway, she echoed out, "Have fun princess!"

At the corner of the hallway I stopped, looked back at her, and winked.

I entered the dark room and closed the door behind me. Two locks clicked into place as pink light flooded the room. I pushed the green button as I sat down, and waited for my prize. I'm a cocksucking bitch now, and good bitches always swallow.
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