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Twin Sisters Ch. 07

"Kirk, wake up, you gotta see this." Kirk looked up to see Kimberly one of his twin sisters. "Come on Kirk, hurry up," Kimberly said quietly. "We gotta be quiet or we'll get caught."

"What time is it?" Kirk asked.

"After 2:00am," Kimberly answered in a whisper.

"Where are we going?" Kirk asked.

"Ssssssshhhhh just follow me," Kimberly said.

Kirk followed Kimberly down to their parent's bedroom door. Kirk could hear the loud moans as they got close. Krista was already there. There parents had not latched the large double doors that went into their bedroom. There was a 5 inch gap. The Pearson kids could see the whole bed clearly. A gasping Debbie Pearson was sliding her asshole up and down Stanley Pearson's greased heavy veined thick 10 inch cock. Stanley Pearson's hands were cupping the large firm tits of Debbie Pearson tweaking the thick raw tender nipples.

"Oooohh darling, I don't think, I can stand, much of this," Debbie Pearson gasped.

"That big black 12 inch cock of George Timmons really got you going huh Deb," Stanley Pearson said. "I think you need that big black pussy buster we have." Stanley Pearson grinned evilly at the thought of what it would do to his wife.

"No, Stanley, please," Debbie Pearson gasped. "Don't use, that thing, on me. I'm to, tender. Oooooohhhh God," Debbie gasped her asshole squeezing hard on Stan's big thick cock. "Please, darling, it'll make, my cunt, buzz for days," Debbie pleaded gasping. "You know what, that thing, does to me."

"All the better," Stan said. "You won't be able to say no when George or Grace Timmons call you Monday. I want your pussy to squeeze hard on all 12 inches of George Timmons big black cock." Her whole body shuddered and her ass muscles squeezed harder at the thought of what that thick 12 inch cock might do to her.

Kirk Pearson's 11 inch cock was like iron as it stuck straight out. He almost moaned when the hungry mouth of Kimberly Pearson started sucking on it. His attention was directed back to the bedroom when Debbie gasped, "Nnnoooo, please Stan, nnnooo."

Stanley Pearson had a thick black 9 inch rubber cock in his hand. It had a protrusion at the end that would stimulate a clitoris. There were wires attached that led to a small control box. He pulled his gasping, pleading wife tight against his groin and said, "Here we go Deb," as he reached around and inserted it into Debbie's still slick pussy. The dildoe had little protrusions that expanded and contracted making it feel like a pulsing cock to stimulate the vaginal walls. When he had it all the way in he said, "Squeezing on it hard, aren't you Deb?" The hard squeezes of Debbie Pearson's big ass muscle told the story. "We'll start slow Deb."

"Oooohhh, you Bastard," Debbie gasped throwing her head back. Stan had turned the setting to 3. Debbie knew the slow pulsing of the dildoe would drive her into countless hard orgasms. "Oooohhh, God damn, you Stanley," she gasped as her tender pussy squeezed hard against the pleasure giving invader.

It was too much for Kirk Pearson. The head of his 11 inch cock was in Kimberly's throat when it began to shoot Jizz. He was biting his lip to keep from making any noise. Kimberly swallowed it all humming quietly.

Debbie's tender raw nipples were being stimulated as they rubbed against the rough texture of the bedspread. "Aaaaaaahhhh Fuck," Stanley Pearson cried as Debbie's anal muscles milked his big 10 inch cock over the edge.

"Ooooohhh, Jesus," Debbie gasp weakly as Stanley turned the setting to 6. The hard pulses and vibrations of the dildoe in combination with the strong streams of Stanley's Jizz splashing into Debbie's asshole drove her into a massive whining gasping pleading orgasm.

Kirk Pearson's 11 inch cock was hard again and in the hot sucking mouth of the other twin Krista Pearson. Kirk could feel the stimulation from Krista's teeth as she bobbed her head.

"Please, no more, Stanley, can't, oooohhh God," Debbie gasp as she pleaded and begged her husband to stop. Stanley had turned the setting back to 2 and the slow pulsing was driving her super sensitive cunt back up the hill to another orgasm. Stanley Pearson knew how to play his wife like a guitar string. "Stanley, nooooooo, you Bastard," she gasp as her cunt immediately felt the pulses and vibrations when he turned the setting back up to 3. Debbie Pearson was on her back now and Stanley smiled as she arched against the pulsing dildoe. "You Asshole," she gasped arching even higher as Stanley turned the dildoe up another notch to 4.

"Tell me Deb, did you want to run in and suck on Kirks boy cock when you saw him jacking off?" Stanley asked grinning like the lecher he was. He saw his wife's body tighten and knew her cunt was squeezing hard on the dildoe.

"Fuck you, asshole," Debbie cried gasping. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees."

Kirk Pearson's cock exploded in Krista's throat. The thought of his beautiful mother sucking on his cock was more than he could stand. A soft moan escaped his lips as Krista sucked him dry.

The thought of sucking on her young sons cock drove Debbie Pearson into a mind shattering orgasm. Stanley Pearson kept her there for 10 minutes as he turned the setting to 9. "We'll have to see if we can't arrange that soon," Stanley Pearson said grinning. Debbie Pearson's vaginal muscles were locked on the vibrating dildoe. The vibration on her thick raw distended clit was driving her close to the edge of sanity. She could almost taste Kirks young Jizz in her mind.

Kirk Pearson felt a tug on his arm. Kimberly whispered, "Let's go." They went quietly back to Kirks room. They could still hear the soft cries of their mother. "They're almost done. We better get back in bed. We can talk tomorrow," Kimberly said.

"How do you know they're almost done?" Kirk asked.

"Cause we've seen it all before," Krista answered. She kissed him on the lips and said, "We love you big brother." Kimberly kissed him too and they went quietly back to there room.

The lecherous Stanley Pearson smiled. He had seen his 18 year old twin daughters suck the juice out of his 20 year old son. He looked at his gorgeous beautiful wife sleeping. He had driven her close to the edge. Her sex drive matched his own and he loved her very much. He had purposely not closed the doors knowing the twins had been spying on them for sometime. It was the first time he ever saw his son. Debbie's body was still twitching as he crawled into bed. As he drifted off to sleep he thought I'll call Grace Timmons in the morning and have her call Debbie.

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