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Ultimate Movie Editor

Sam sat down and looked at his final creation, the Dream Reality editor. It took him several months of coding and training the deep learning AI he stole online but now it was ready. To test it out Sam grabbed "Age of Ultron" and put it into his computer. Selecting Black Widow, Sam saved her as a "Subject" and let the program create a model for her. With that running in the background Sam started searching for a new movie to put her in.

Since this was just a test Sam went online and found a typical 10 minute prono. With that selected Sam selected a door for Black Widow to enter through and let the program simulate the new movie. As the new movie started the man and woman were sitting in a living room and talking about there date. Just as they becan talking dirty Black Widow walked in as programmed. What Sam didnt expect was that she was still in character from "Age of Ultron". Black Widow opened the door took a quick look around and then shut the door again leaving the couple confused as Sam was.

Trying again with the same porno, Sam this time swapped Black Widow for the woman who was originally in the film. This time when it loaded Sam got the results he was looking for. When the movie started it was the man and Black Widow talking in the living room. The spy was talking about how hard it was being a woman with needs when the people around her only saw her as either just a spy or as a team member but not as a woman. Black Widow then jumped the man, tearing his clothes off like a hungry wolf. The next 6 minutes Sam watched in awe as the smoking hot Black Widow rode that poor man for all he was worth.

Once he had finished Sam took stock of what he had learned. Unless characters where swapped, they stayed in the mindset from the film they came from. Next, swapping a character into a new movie changes their role and mind set but not who the character was. Scarlett Johansson may play Black Widow but in the porno film she only referred to herself as Natasha.

Now that Sam knew how the program worked it was time for some more movie editing.

What's next?

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