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Under Her Clothes Ch. 01

It was crowded in the kitchen. Perspiration gathered on the back of her Alba's neck under her long, dark hair. She was about to escape to her best friend Abby's room when she felt a man press his body against her back. She felt his warmth through her tank top and across the back of her legs. A hand, armed with a carrot, reached around and scooped onion dip out of the bowl in front of her. She moved to get out of the man's way. She stopped when he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Oh, don't worry, I got what I wanted," he murmured in her ear. He leaned into her before moving away. She turned and caught a glimpse of Abby's neighbor, Troy. Troy was old, like at least in his mid-thirties. He had thinning sandy hair and a beer belly and there was no reason for Alba to suddenly feel squelchy between her legs, but she did.

She moved away from the table and made her way to Abby's room. It was the middle of summer and without the crush of bodies that made the kitchen so hot, the air in Abby's room was arctic relief. She flopped down on Abby's bed face first and then rolled over onto her back.

It was Abby's twenty-first birthday, and she had opted to let her parents throw her a party, rather than go out clubbing. This was strategic. Abby was only halfway through the first semester of her senior year in college, and she'd already busted through all of the spending money her parents had given her for the year. She figured that if she could get all of her parents' friends around, get them drunk, and play up the poor college girl thing, she could walk away with a few thousand in a day.

That would never have worked if Alba had tried it, but Abby had charisma for days and could generally get anyone to do anything she wanted. Alba and Abby had been friends since they were kids and Alba had moved in down the street. Abby had come over, learned that their names were similar and their birthdays only a month apart, and had declared that they would be best friends forever. So far, that had proven to be true.

"There you are."

Abby breezed in. She was blonde and curvy. She was just shy of chubby, but worked it with the confidence of a supermodel. She had mischievous gray eyes that turned silver when she was really up to something. She walked over to the bed and tweaked Alba's nipple. "Cold in here," she said with a grin. She reached down and rubbed between Abby's legs over her shorts. "How's Regina? Ooh, she's warm! What have you been up to?"

Alba flushed, partly out of embarrassment, partly out of arousal. The girls had experimented with each other as their bodies had developed along with their curiosity. They had been each others' first kisses, and one day, impatient with Alba's prudish ways, Abby had given an eighteen-year-old Alba her first orgasm. Directly after which, Alba had gone home and feverishly attempted to recreate the result on her own. It had taken weeks to perfect the technique, but it had been a fun series of experiments.

Oblivious to the response Abby's casual teasing had caused to Alba's body, Abby moved away. She opened her closet door. "I'm going to have to go with a short skirt." She was currently wearing a cropped t-shirt and jean shorts. "I've only gotten twenty bucks so far." She flipped through several dresses and pulled out a yellow sundress with blue flowers. It was obviously new, as it still had the tags on.

She took the dress into the bathroom and closed the door. Alba debated calling her friend back to help her out with the itch between her legs, but she didn't want to mess with Abby's concentration. The girl was on a mission.

Instead, Alba stood, and headed toward the guest bathroom down the hall. She closed the door and locked it. She'd been too shy to ever refer to her vagina by its scientific name, and she found the world 'pussy' too graphic, so she'd named that area of her body 'Regina'.

Right now, as her outer lips rubbed against her lacy underwear, and the denim above that was rough and unforgiving, Regina was hot, and begging to be touched. Alba leaned against the door, and slid her hand past the waistband of her shorts, and then into her panties.

A sigh escaped her at both the relief and the torment that movement caused. She slipped her fingers through her outer lips and sighed again. Her entire body flushed with the heat of anticipation.

It took a moment for the sound to break through the haze of lust, but she realized that someone was pounding at the door. "I really have to get in there!"

For one frustrated moment, Alba considered leaving the person to whatever potted plant they could find, but her kind heart overruled her loins. She slipped her fingers out and patted Regina's pouting lips. "Soon," she promised.

She let the desperate person into the bathroom, and the door was slammed so fast behind her, Alba didn't even see who it was. She made her way to Abby's parents' bedroom. She would prefer not to do something so dirty in their bathroom, but she couldn't wait.

Unfortunately, she'd have to. Their bedroom door was open, but the bathroom door was closed. "That's my dirty slut," Alba heard. It sounded like Abby's stepfather. A woman moaned. Alba hoped it was Abby's mother, but it was hard to imagine ice-cold Alice being called a slut and liking it.

Alba pressed her body against the door, listening to wet, slapping sounds and sighs. When she found her hand making it's way into her waistband, she flushed. She pulled away from the door, reluctantly, ashamed of being turned on by the sounds of her friend's parents having sex. Alba patted Regina through her shorts. "Sorry," she said. The action only made her ache worse. "Later," she promised herself, with a groan.

It was hours later, when Troy found Alba in the kitchen, washing dishes. It was a good excuse to get away from the crush of drunks in Abby's backyard. Alba was a bit tipsy herself. Even though she wouldn't be twenty-one for another month, none of the adults seemed to care. Alba had already had two wine coolers pressed into her hand and a third was open on the counter.

Regina was operating at a dull roar. It hadn't helped that Troy had, several times throughout the day, taken opportune moments to slide his hand down her arm in a friendly way, or accidentally brush his fingers against the side of her breast. She'd even once found herself briefly cupping his crotch, although she still wasn't sure how he'd managed that.

Now, he came in and leaned against the counter, his back to the drainboard. She had to reach past him to place a dripping plate into the drainboard. Her arm brushed his. She glanced at him. Little crow's feet etched the corners of his eyes, and a hint of gray brushed the temples of his sandy brown hair. His t-shirt rode up a bit, exposing his chubby belly, but he didn't seem to care, as he looked her over. He smiled as her nipples perked up under his stare.

Still, without saying anything, he picked up a dish towel and slung it over his shoulder. He didn't turn around and start drying, though. Instead, he reached over and touched her bare thigh under the hem of her shorts. She gasped, but didn't pull away. She felt a combination of panic and excitement as hot tingles brought Regina roaring to life.

Regina demanded that Alba swivel her hips and bend her knees, to force Troy's hand into direct contact.

Troy removed his hand, and Alba wasn't sure if she was relieved or disappointed. Regina throbbed between Alba's legs, furious.

Troy's hand moved to the hem of her tank top, and slipped underneath to stroke her belly. The heat of his hand sent tingles shooting down her body, all the way into her toes. He slipped his fingers into the cup of her bra. Like Abby had done earlier, Troy pinched Alba's nipple, but unlike Alba, he didn't pull away immediately. He rolled her nipple between his fingers, sending delicious shivers straight to Regina.

"Oh, Alba, Troy, you don't have to do that."

Alba could see Abby's mother out of the corner of her eye. The woman stood in the door frame of the kitchen. At her angle, she wouldn't be able to see the placement of Troy's hand.

"Oh, we want to," Troy said, grinning. "Don't we, Alba?" He tweaked Alba's nipple, which made her knees weak. She held onto the edge of the sink for strength, and nodded.

"We were just talking about college," Troy said. "Me, the good old days, Alba's good young days. What was your major again?"

"Astrophysics," Alba answered, surprised at how normal her voice sounded. She still couldn't look over at Abby's mother, who seemed to have lost interest in the conversation.

"Okay, well have fun with that," Abby's mother said, moving away from the door frame. A moment later, the screen door slammed shut.

Through the window, Alba could see Abby's mother walk over to her husband, who was standing next to the hot tub. She looked around quickly and then squeezed his butt. He turned and grinned at her.

The sky was quickly darkening, but it seemed like the party was just ramping up. The pool was full, the grill was burning, and Alba could hear shouts of laughter, even through the closed window.

"We are having fun, aren't we?" Troy asked. His fingers moved again. When he released her nipple, she sighed. This time she was sure she was disappointed.

"If anyone looked in, they would have no idea, but no one is looking, are they?"

Alba shook her head.

"Stick out your tongue," he ordered.

She hesitated for a moment, and then allowed the tip of her tongue to slip out through her lips.

"More," he demanded.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as far as she could.

He grinned. He slipped his hand out of her bra and caressed her stomach. She felt butterflies fluttering underneath his hand.

"Have you ever kissed a man?" he asked.

She withdrew her tongue and closed her mouth, wondering if she should lie. She wasn't ashamed of her lack of experience, even though Abby teased her mercilessly about it. Alba's last kiss, aside from Abby, had been in high school. And she and the boy hadn't gone any further than that.

"No," she said. This time, she heard a tremble in her voice. She waited for him to taunt her, but he just grinned.

"Tongue," he ordered again.

She stuck out her tongue. He looked at her for a moment and then stuck out his tongue. He leaned forward and licked her tongue with his. This wasn't kissing like in the movies. It was - dirty - his tongue sliding against hers out in the open, outside of the privacy of their mouths. It was indecent.

Regina got wetter. Troy moved his hand to the waistband of Alba's shorts and flicked open the button. He moved his lips to cover Alba's, and his tongue continued to dance with hers.

His hand slipped up to cup her neck as he kissed her deeply but returned quickly to her waistband. He rubbed her through the lace of her underwear, the lace abrading her clit, which throbbed with the sensation. He smiled against her lips as she whimpered.

"Any man ever touch you there?" he whispered.

She shook her head. He moved behind her and slipped his fingers through the leg of her panties, teasing the hair that covered her outer lips. She trembled. His middle finger worked its way past her lips, brushed her clit, and finally made its way into Regina.

"God, you're so hot and wet," he groaned. He added another finger and Regina sucked at them both hungrily.

The palm of his hand rubbed against her clit, and her head fell back against his shoulder. If anyone looked in the window now, they'd had a pretty good idea of what was going on, but that thought only made Regina hotter and wetter.

Alba wasn't a person anymore, she was just a series of nerve endings, all of which throbbed with pleasure. As Troy slipped a third finger into Regina and his palm increased pressure on her clit, she exploded.

A second later, she exploded again, but better. A series of smaller explosions took over her body and she shuddered.

A million years later, she found herself hunched over the sink, Troy's hand still in her panties, and Regina sucking at his fingers in a steadily decreasing series of throbs.

Regina let go reluctantly as Troy slipped his hand out of Alba's panties.

Alba straightened, but still held onto the sink for support. The scent of her release filled the kitchen.

Troy grinned at her, and she smiled back, shakily.

"That was fun," he said. He patted her on the head with the hand that had just been inside her underwear.

He walked past her and she heard him whistle as the screen door slapped shut behind him.

Alba's breath returned to normal, slowly. That had been fun. And her source of fun had just sauntered away.

But that was alright. She knew where he lived.
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