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Undercover Brother in White girl Paradise

Pardon the shortness for the first thread.

Undercover Brother was continuing to be trouble. He had taken the man’s organization down. The man organization was now replace buy the White Queen, Peggy Sue. She was an uptight soccer mom racist with a secret love for black men that was hidden to even her.

She would prove that Uncover Brother could be taken down. So she set a trap. She was going to give Undercover Brother and invite to the Martin Lawrence film festival. Unknown to undercover brother it was a trap. When he entered the town they would blow out his tires so he stuck there. There were machine to block cell phones. The town was in the middle of nowhere. It was a town filled with the hottest white women she could find.

They would be the one to take him down, or so Peggy thought. She plan to have the soul and funk fucked out of him. Will she succeed? It up to you, the writer.

We find undercover brother with his car broken down on the road. The town looked like something from and old 50's sitcom.

What's next?

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