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Up the Butt in the Parking Lot

'Just a very nasty little stroke story, all dialogue. Edited by Red Martha.

"You are one nasty little slut! No panties I see, you're always ready for cock, any time, any place, any hole, aren't you, cunt? I'm going to fuck you up the ass again. You know how much I like my cock buried inside your tight little shitter, baby. Open that hot little ass for me you filthy slut. Show me what a nasty little ass whore you really are. Just bend over the hood of the car and get ready for some cock. That's right, shove your finger right where you want this fat cock!"

"It burned a little last time...but it hurt good! I may be a whore but you were the first in my ass; I can't believe what I'd had been missing! We're out here in the parking lot...suppose someone comes along?"

"Then we'll give them a good show---or let them join us. If that cop comes along, you know you're going to have to blow him again, don't you, you hot little fuck toy?"

"He had a nice cock, big black cock; I hope he does come along again. I'd love to have my ass and mouth fucked at the same time. Maybe he might like a little ass fuck himself."

"You can suck off any one you want, you dirty little cum slut but your ass is mine and mine alone. I took your anal cherry and it's mine and no one else's. I don't care who you give your pussy to, either; maybe he'd be in for a little DP action. A big fat black cock up your slippery little cunt and a long fat white one in your ass. You'd like that, would you, slut?"

"Hell, yes! One in my mouth at the same time would be even better. Will you use your mouth and tongue like you did last time? That really turned me on."

"You bet, baby! Bend over and spread those sweet little butt cheeks of yours! It'll hurt less this time, baby; your asshole will be more used to it. I've got a jar of Albolene Cream, that'll grease your butt hole just fine, after I work my tongue inside that tight little brown eye."

"Oh, that's nasty! I love it when you do nasty things to me like fucking my ass with your tongue or even pissing in me like last time. You like the way my asshole tastes; don't you, you dirty prick? Oh, that's it, shove those greasy fingers inside my tight little ass. Okay, that feels good! I think I'm ready---but go slow and let me get used to your nasty cock!"

"Tell me where you want this fat cock you horny little bitch whore!"

"Up my ass you kinky mother fucker! Shove it in slow, that's it, a little more, a little more, okay...oh fuck! That cock is so damned it all the way in yet?"

"Not yet halfway you fucking nasty little slut, but I'm getting there. God I love the way you tiny little asshole stretches with my cock in it. I wish you could see my fat cock splitting your tiny little ass cheeks. I'm almost balls deep in my favorite little butt bitch! A little more...there! You can feel my nuts slapping against your bare little pussy can't you, cunt?"

"You make me feel like such a nasty little whore....I love it! I'm your little anal bitch aren't I...are you proud of me? I'm the best God damned piece of ass you've ever had, aren't I? It's so fucking tight and so fucking deep! Sodomize me with that big fuck tool you dirty bastard!"

"You are the best fucking piece of ass in fifty states. You're an amazing little cock sucker and you love sucking my cum, don't you cunt? I'm a pretty lucky man to have a little fuck toy like you around any time I need to get off."

"You bet, you fucking horny bastard! And after you cum inside my bowels, you know what I'm going to do, don't you?"

"You're going to clean my cock with that hot little mouth, aren't you, you sick little whore? You love the taste of my cum mixed with your own ass funk, don't you, you filthy little cunt?"

"You know it! You're in balls deep, your dirty bastard! Now fuck my ass hole like you mean it! That's right, pinch my little titties! I've got half my hand inside my slimly little snatch. Slap that ass! Show me who's in charge! Make me your personal ass whore!"

That's it, work that hot little ass, you dirty little whore! Take that cock---all of it! God you are one easy little piece of ass and so fucking nasty! I've never met a woman that loved cock any time, any place and in any fucking hole the way you do! You are a very dirty little girl."

"As long as it's your cock, baby! Make my asshole gape mother fucker! That's right, drill me like a damned street whore! Split me in two! Jam it deep and hard! You know I like it, you know I need it! You're so fucking hard and deep! Yes, that right, do it!"

"Are you ready for your load of slimy cream up your greasy little asshole you little anal cum slut?"

"Oh yeah, I'm ready! Fill my rectum with your spunk, give me that hot load of ass cream! Then do what you did last time...suck your own cum out of my ass you dirty bastard."

"Here it comes, cunt! You can feel it, can't you? You can feel me shooting my load deep in your hot little rectum, can't you?"

"Oh yes! Keep drilling me until you start to go soft...I'm so fucking close! That's it! Yesssssss! Now suck that hot little ass clean you ass fucking freak...don't leave a drop!"

"That's all there is bitch; now clean my cock like a good little whore. That's right! Wow, that was even better than the last time! I can't believe I wasted my time trying to pick up girls in bars when you were right there all the time."

"Well, son, I'm still horny and you'll be hard in no time. What do you say we go home and fuck your sister for the rest of the night?"

"Sounds like a plan, mom."
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