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Walking Horse

In the year 1812 a group of Indians, whilst scouting near a forest found an unconscious black man.

They saw that he was hurt, so they argued for a few moments, and then they decided to take him back to their tribe.

They have now treated the man for four days, and still he has not fully come out of his unconscious state.

But then on the fourth day.

The black man opened his eyes and looked around.

He saw a couple of people sitting around him. He heard that they were talking, but he could not understand what they were saying. The man then noticed that he was in an Indian hut, and that the people around him were Indians.

"Where am I?" The man asked.

They said something to him, but they were talking in a another language, so he couldn't understand them.

He tried some signs, but they couldn't understand him.

But then a woman said.

"Are you ok?" It was a young beautiful Indian woman who asked him in English.

"Yes, just a little headache." The man told her.

The woman then spoke in her own language. She appeared to be translating. Then the older men around him said something to the woman.

"The elders want to know what happened to you, how you hurt yourself, and who you are." The young woman said to the man.

The black man thought about it for a moment. Then he got a blank expression on his face.

"I...I don't know." He told the woman.

"You don't know how you got hurt." The woman asked him.

"I...I don't know my name." He then said.

The woman looked at him and then she spoke to the elders. The woman and the elders talked for a moment.

"You have a nasty bruise and a cut on the back of your head, that might be why you can't remember." The woman told him.

The man felt the back of his head.

"Ah." It did really hurt as he touched the back of his head.

"The elders want to know what the last thing you remember is." The woman said to him.

The man shook his head.

"I don't know... all I can remember is waking up here." The man told her.

She then spoke with the elders.

"The elders say that it might be best if you stay here with us until you can remember." The woman told him.

The man looked around at the men around him and nodded his head.

"Thank you." He then said.

The elders then left the hut.

"I am to guide you around our camp when you are feeling better." The woman told him.

She then stood up.

"You have food there if you get hungry." The woman then told him.

"Thank you." He told her.

"I will come back later." She told him, and then she left.

He looked around some more in the hut and then he took something to eat. A few moments later he went back to sleep.

A few hours later he woke up again. He felt a lot better, so he thought that he would go outside.

He had some sort of quilt over him, and as he removed the quilt, he noticed that he was only wearing some sort of underwear.

He didn't think that it was his own. He then looked around for some clothes. But all he could find was some Indian clothes.

So he got up and got dressed in the Indian outfit. It was some sort of brown leather outfit.

Then as he was fully dressed, he went up to the opening of the hut he was in. He then stepped outside.

The bright sun caught him by surprise, and he had to cover his eyes for a few minutes.

Then as he looked around, he saw a lot of Indians walking past him. He also saw a lot of huts.

The Indians that walked past him looked a bit strangely at him.

Then two male Indians came up to him and started talking to him.

"I'm sorry, I can't understand what you are saying." The black man told them.

"Are you the dark skinned man that the warriors found in the forest?" One of them asked.

"I guess." He told them.

"Where do you come from?" The other one asked him.

"I can't remember." He told them.

They looked at him a bit funny.

Then the young woman from before came up to him. She said something to the males and then they left.

"I'm sorry about that, they're just a bit curious about you." She told him.

"That's ok." He told her.

"It's just that no one here has ever seen a man with dark skin like you before." She then told him.

"Oh." He said.

The woman then gave him a little smile.

"By the way, are you feeling better now?" She asked him.

"Yes much better, thank you." He told her.

"Where am I exactly?" He then asked the woman.

"You're in our camp, we are the Peak tribe." The woman told him.

"And what is your name." He then asked the woman.

"I am called Dancing Flower in your language." She told him.

"That is a nice name." He then told her and gave her a little smile.

She smiled back.

"I'm sorry that I can't tell you my name." He told her.

"Well that is ok." Dancing Flower said.

"The women that took care of you actually gave you an Indian name." She told him.

"Really, what is it?" He asked her.

"Walking Horse." She told him.

"Walking Horse... how did they come up with that?" He asked her.

"Well..." She giggled a bit.

"What?" He asked her.

"Well the women that took care of you also had to bath you, and they noticed that your... thing was like a horse's." She told him.

"My thing." He said a bit confused.

Dancing Flower looked down at him, as if she was pointing to an area of his body.

He looked down.

"Oh...Ohh, I see." The man said as he realized that she was talking about his penis.

"Well I guess you could call me Walking Horse then, until I remember my own that is." He then told her.

She nodded and smiled.

Then they began to walk around the camp as Dancing Flower showed him around.

"Can I ask you why your name is Dancing Flower?" He then asked the woman.

"It is because I was born in a field of flowers, and as my mother held me up a wind came by and made the flowers dance." She told him.

"Wow." He said.

She smiled at him.

"And can I ask you when this happened." He then asked her.

"You mean when I was born." She asked.

"Yes." He said.

"I was born 20 summers ago." She told him.

"So you are twenty years old." He said.

She nodded.

"By the way, how come you speak English?" He then asked.

"Well some time ago, there were these white men that came to us, I think you call them priests. They were with us for over four years and tried to make us worship the white man's gods. And whilst they were here, many of us also learnt your language." Dancing Flower told him.

Then as they were walking, another woman came up to them.

"So this is the dark skinned man." Said the woman.

"Yes." Said Dancing Flower.

"Although you have dark skin, you do look quite nice." The woman then said.

"Thanks I guess." He said.

"I'm Sparkling Eyes." The woman then introduced herself.

Sparkling Eyes were a beautiful woman as well, although she looked a few years older than Dancing Flower.

Dancing Flower looked to be a little annoyed by Sparkling Eyes.

"We really should be going, I have a lot more to show Walking Horse." Dancing Flower told Sparkling Eyes.

"Yes, I've heard why you got that name." Sparkling Eyes said with a smile on her face.

"Well If you ever want to have, you come to me." Sparkling Eyes told him.

Dancing Flower then took a hold of Walking Horse and guided him away from Sparkling Eyes.

"You shouldn't talk to her, she is not nice." Dancing Flower told him.

"She seemed nice to me." He told her.

"Well..." She said looking annoyed.

Then a few hours later, night came. And the man who was now called Walking Horse went back to his hut.

Months past and Walking Horse had now been in the Peak camp for more than four months, and during that time he had learnt from the warriors in the tribe how to hunt and how to do battle.

And one time as he had been out hunting, he had even saved the life of Falcon from a raging buffalo.

Falcon who was one of the most respected warriors in the tribe, made Walking Horse his blood brother, something that had never before been done with an outsider.

But even though he had gained all of this respect from the tribe, he still couldn't remember who he was.

But also during these months, Walking Horse and Dancing Flower had grown closer and closer. Everyone in the tribe could see that Dancing Flower had a place in her heart for Walking Horse.

One day Walking Horse came back to the camp, he had been out with a hunting party, and they had brought back more meat than they had ever done before.

The chiefs of the tribe called for a feast in the hunters names, that would be held later that night.

"It was a glorious hunt." Falcon said to Walking Horse.

"Yes it was." Walking Horse said.

As they were talking, a group of women along with Dancing Flower walked past them.

Dancing Flower smiled at Walking Horse.

"Dancing Flower is a fine woman." Falcon said to Walking Horse.

"Yes she is." Walking Horse said back.

"You should take her as your woman." Falcon told Walking Horse.

"Well... I don't know if she likes me in that way." Walking Horse said.

"You don't, believe me, the whole tribe knows that she ¨likes you in that way¨." Falcon told him.

"We'll see." Walking Horse said.

"Bah, you need a good woman like her." Falcon told him.

"Well I need a swim." Walking Horse then said to avoid the subject.

Due to his memory loss, he couldn't remember if he had been with a woman before, and this was making him nervous.

A few moments later he was down at the river.

"I really could use a swim." He told himself.

He looked around to see if he was alone, he was.

Then he removed his clothes and jumped into the river.

The water was nice and warm.

As he had been in the water for a little while, he heard a large splash in the water.

He turned around, and then a second later a woman came up to the surface a few yards away from him.

It was Sparkling Eyes, and she was completely naked. They were both in shallow waters, so she began to walk towards him.

He could see her busty chest. As he continued to watch her walk towards him and the sway of her large breasts, he could feel his manhood rising to attention.

"Mmm, would you look at that." Sparkling Eyes said as she came up to him and saw his huge stiff cock.

"It looks like you really like what you see." She told him.

"I...I..." He didn't know what to say.

Sparkling Eyes then took a hold of one of his big black hands, and then placed it up against her breast.

Walking Horse could feel the soft skin of her big breast.

"Squeeze it." She then told him.

Walking Horse then slowly began to squeeze her soft tits.

"Mmm that's nice." She moaned a little.

At the same time she reached down and laid her fingers around his huge erection.

"It sure is big." She moaned as she began to stroke him.

A moment later Sparkling Eyes leaned over and gave Walking Horse and big long kiss. As he relaxed some more, he began to kiss her back. Their tongues mixed their saliva with each others.

"Come with me." Sparkling Eyes then said.

She still had her hand on his black cock as she guided him up onto the shore.

Then she laid down on the grass.

"Come here you big hunter." She said.

He looked down at her naked body and her spread legs. Walking Horse then slowly got down in between her legs.

"Now take me." She moaned.

Walking Horse then grabbed his cock and guided it up to her awaiting pussy. Then as he was a little over anxious, he just shoved in his entire length.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh." Sparkling Eyes screamed out as her pussy was stretched out.

"Ohhh my yesssss." She then began to moan as he started to move his cock in and out of her.

"Ah...ah...ah...ahh." They both moaned as he then slowly picked up the pace.

As he was sliding in and out of her, he leaned down and sucked on her hard nipples.

"Mmm." She moaned loudly.

"Oh big, you're soo biggg." She then continued to moan.

He had now really picked up his pace and he was now pounding her hard.

"Oh yesss, oh yessss." Sparkling Eyes then began to shiver.

She had an enormous orgasm.

"Ahhh." Walking Horse then started to grunt heavier and heavier.

Sparkling Eyes knew that he was getting close, and that she didn't want to have a baby. So she leaned up and grabbed his cock.

"Pull it out for me." She said to him.

Walking Horse then pulled out his stiff cock.

Sparkling Eyes then began to stroke his cock over her busty chest.

"Ahhhh." Walking Horse was getting closer and closer to flooding her with his cum.

"Yeahhh." And just has he started cumming another woman saw this.

It was Dancing Flower, she had been out walking. She hid behind a bush, as she witnessed Walking Horse spurting his load all over Sparkling Eye's breasts.

"Mmm, that's good." Sparkling Eyes moaned as Walking Horse shot stream after stream of hot cum.

A few seconds later Walking Horse eased down.

"You completely drenched my breasts." She told him.

Walking Horse smiled.

"I need another bath." She then smiled at him.

"I guess so." He said.

Then a bit away from them in the bush, Dancing Flower almost got a tear in her eye. She then ran away from there back to the camp.

Later that night at the hunting feast, Walking Horse, Falcon and the other hunters were celebrated for their large catch.

"Falcon, have you seen Dancing Flower around here." Walking Horse asked.

"I thought I saw her over at her hut." He told Walking Horse.

"Have you thought about what I said about her and you?" Falcon then asked.

"Yes, and I think you are right." Walking Horse then said.

Walking Horse had received a lot of confidence concerning women from his experience with Sparkling Eyes.

So he then left the feast and went over to Dancing Flowers hut. As he got there he saw her outside of her hut.

"Dancing Flower." He called out for her.

But as she heard him she turned and went back into her hut.

Walking Horse wondered if she hadn't heard him.

So he went over and then he went into her hut.

When he came inside, he saw her sitting there alone with her face turned away from him. As he got closer to her, he saw that she had a tear coming from her eyes.

"What's wrong Dancing Flower?" He then asked concerned.

"Nothing." She told him.

"But I can see that something is wrong, why are you crying." He then asked her.

"I thought that you liked me." She then told him.

"What do you mean, I do like you. I like you a great deal." He then told her.

"Then why would you do such a thing with Sparkling Eyes. Don't you find me as appealing as her?" She then said.

"Oh that, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. And I do find you much more appealing than her." Walking Horse then told her.

"You do?" She then said after calming down a little.

"Yes I do." He told her.

She then turned and faced him.

"Well, then prove it to me." She told him.

"How?" He asked.

"I saw what you did with her. I want to be the one to have your juices on my chest, and not her." Dancing Flower told him.

"What?" Walking Horse said a little confused.

"You heard me." She said.

"Well that was just..." Walking Horse tried to explain.

"So then you don't like me." Dancing Flower then turned away again.

"That's not true, I do like you very much." Walking Horse then went over to her.

"Ok." He then said looking at her.

She turned and got a smile on her face.

Dancing Flower then slowly began to undo the top of her clothes.

Walking Horse watched as she removed it and exposed her small but perky breasts. He gave her a smile and she smiled back at him. She then slowly looked up at him and then at the bulge that had formed in his pants.

Walking Horse knew what she wanted, so he then slowly pulled his pants.

Dancing Flower smiled up at Walking Horse as she saw his rock hard 12 inch black cock.

He looked down at her.

Dancing flower then remembered what she had seen Sparkling Eyes do before. So she reached up and laid her fingers around his thick pulsating cock.

She then slowly began to pull it. Dancing Flower looked up at Walking Horse and saw that this was giving him a lot of pleasure.

She was so happy that she could pleasure him like Sparkling Eyes had done.

"Ahh." Walking Horse started to grunt.

Soon she saw that something began to leak out from the tip of his cock, and so she took his cockhead and smeared his precum over her soft breasts.

"Ahhh." He then grunted even more.

Dancing Flower had such incredible hands that Walking Horse couldn't hold out any longer.

"Ahhhhh." He grunted heavy as he came.

His first stream of cum hit Dancing Flower by surprise. But then she quickly held his cock up to her breasts, and continued to stroke and watch as he spurted his load all over her chest.

She felt his hot and gooey sperm on her breasts as he then started to slow down. Then as the last drop came out from the tip of his cock, she took his cockhead and smeared his cum all over her breasts.

"Ahh, that was great." Walking Horse told her breathing heavy.

She smiled at him.

"I will wear this all night." Dancing Flower then told him as she then put her top back on.

A few moments later they both went out and joined in the celebrations.

Then an early morning two days later, Walking Horse and Falcon was out scouting.

"We can't go any further now, this is the white man's land." Falcon then told Walking Horse.

But as they were turning around, they saw three men on horses coming towards them at high speeds.

Walking Horse and Falcon began to ride away from there, but then they heard a loud bang. And as Walking Horse looked over at Falcon, he saw Falcon falling off of his horse.

Walking Horse then stopped and jumped off of his horse and ran over to Falcon.

Falcon had been hit in the leg.

"Get out of here, you can't save us both." Falcon told Walking Horse.

"No, I can't leave you here." He told Falcon.

But then it was too late.

The three horsemen were already at them.

"I thought it was you slave, playing Indians are we." The man in the middle said to Walking Horse.

"What?" Walking Horse then said as he looked up at the horseman.

And as he saw the white man on the horse, it all came back to him. Walking Horse remembered who he was.

He had been a slave on a ranch not far from here.

"Mr. Thomas will be glad that we found you boy." The man in the middle said.

Mr. Thomas was the rancher that had "owned" him.

The man on the horse was Sanders, he was the man who was in charge of the slaves on the ranch.

"I'm not a slave anymore." Walking Horse told Sanders.

"The hell you're not, you will come back with us peacefully or we will drag you back." Sanders told him.

Then as one of the other men reached and pulled up his gun, Walking Horse quickly got his knife and threw it at the man.

It hit him hard and he fell from his horse.

"What the hell." Sanders yelled.

Sanders and the other man then reached for their guns.

Walking Horse then ran over to the other man and pushed him off of his horse. They struggled and then a shot went off. It had hit the white man.

"Don't move." Sanders then told Walking Horse as he had his gun pointed at his back.

"You're going to be hung for this." Sanders told him.


There was a noise and then Sanders screamed.

Walking Horse turned around and saw that Falcon had shot an arrow that had hit Sanders arm.

Walking Horse then picked up Sanders gun and pointed it at him.

"No, please don't kill me." Sanders then pleaded.

"Why should I let you live." Walking Horse said.

"If you let me live, I will ride back and tell Mr. Thomas that we killed you. That will make him call off the search for you." Sanders told him.

"Why should I trust you?" Walking Horse asked.

"You have my word." Sanders told him.

Walking Horse knew that even though Sanders were an awful man, he was a man of his word.
He thought about it for awhile.

"Ok, I will let you live." Walking Horse then told him.

Sanders then got back up on his horse and rode away. Sanders did keep his word, and Mr. Thomas called of the search.

"Now we have to get you back to camp." Walking Horse said to Falcon.

And as they rode back to the camp, Walking Horse made Falcon promise not to tell anyone about him being a slave before.

A couple of weeks later Falcon was fully recovered.

Then a few days later.

"I now join you two as man and woman, to be as one." The chiefs of the tribe pronounced Walking Horse and Dancing Flower, husband and wife.

And later that night in their newly built hut.

"Ohh yessss, yessssss." Dancing Flower moaned loudly as she moved up and down on top of Walking Horse.

"Ahh." Walking Horse grunted as Dancing Flower rode him.

He had reached up and was cupping her soft breasts.

"Ohh yessss." She moaned.

She felt as his fat black cock went in and out of her.

"Oh you're soooo biggggg." She moaned out.

She then leaned down and they tongue kissed long and deeply.

"Ohhhhhhhhh." Dancing Flower then pushed back as she felt her first orgasm.

"Ahhhh yess." And at the same time Walking Horse unloaded his balls deep inside of her tight pussy.

Dancing Flower shivered from her orgasm and from feeling him flooding her insides.

They then slowly sunk down into each others arms.

"I love you." Dancing Flower said to her man.

"I love you too." Walking Horse told her.

Over the past several years, Walking Horse and Dancing Flower had three strong children, who grew up to be great warriors. Walking Horse even became the first outsider to become a chief in the Peak tribe.

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