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Women Want You Naked

You wake up, on a morning like any other, your bed disheveled after a night of tossing and turning. You had an unsettling dream last night; your clothes would just disappear after you put them on! What's more, tons of women were there every time you tried to get dressed again, women you knew and women you didn't. Checking that the t-shirt and boxers you wore to bed were still on your body, you knew it was just a dream... but it felt uncomfortably real.

A buzzing to the side of your bed draws your attention, an alarm ringing on your phone. Shaking the strange dream from your head, and stumbling out of bed, your semi-hard erection making it a little awkward to find your feet, you look at the phone, and are reminded that you don't have the time to lay around. You need to be on time this morning as you go to...

What's next?

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