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Working Relationship Ch. 04

Using the site she had already seen as a base, she began to look at other links which took her to more information. She found that a married woman who had relations with other men, with her husbands approval and consent, was referred to as a 'HotWife'. On another site she found a definition of what made up a HotWife relationship. She copied and pasted it onto her word processor.

Was this what John wanted? Did his erection stem from the scenario that Mick had suggested, and which was so close to that being described on here? There was no way that she would ever let an uncouth, loud mouthed lout like Mick anywhere near her. She shuddered at the thought, "Quite apart from him being physically repulsive, he would be bragging all over the town that he had bedded me," she thought. Her thoughts turned back to David. If she was ever going to take a lover, he would be exactly the sort of man she would be looking for. He was kind, considerate and gentle, and she was sure that he really cared about her. She was also sure that, if only because he already had certain 'unconventional desires', given the chance of becoming her lover, with or without her husband's consent. He would be ultra discreet. She was shocked at herself as she realised her thought had included 'without John's consent'. She knew, at that moment, whatever John said, at some point, and very soon, she was going to either be unfaithful, or become a HotWife. But either way, she knew she was going to sleep with David.

She remembered, a few days after he had left that magazine where she would be bound to find it, John had said something about involving someone else in their sex lives. At the time she had made a joke of it, asking if he was having difficulty keeping up with her demands, and did he want her to slow down a bit? He had never mentioned it again, but he would ask her opinion about men, either on TV or in the street when they were out together. Now she came to think about it, there were lots of little things, on their own they were nothing, but when added together seemed to point in this direction. Last night had been the most blatant, which was what had made her think, but adding in all those others, Sarah was beginning to see a pattern. She changed her mind about how she was going to handle this, and began to put together an email to send to John at work.


I have been thinking very hard about last night's discussion and it has seriously interfered with my work today. So much so, that I have had to take time off, leave work and come home, where I can think about this more clearly. This situation cannot be allowed to continue, either at work or at home, so I have decided to put the thoughts that have caused me so much concern, together and write them in this email to you. I may of course have completely got the wrong end of this particular stick, but I am sure you will appreciate, unless you have some other explanation for what has been going on, this explanation looks to be so close to incorporating all of the known facts, it is the best I can come up with.

In the past you have made suggestions, regarding a third person in our relationship. Quite regularly pointing out other men, and asking if I like the look of them, both on TV and when we have been out. You buy me items of clothing, much more revealing and, quite frankly, more downright sexy, than I would normally wear. The suggestion that I leave off my bra, my panties or even both when we have been going out are not uncommon.

Last night you said that Mick, (a repulsive, ignorant lout) had suggested he might make an acceptable replacement sexual partner for me, simply on the basis that his endowment was bigger than yours. You also admitted that him making the suggestion that he wanted to 'have a dance with me in our bedroom' and that he would let you watch, caused you to have an erection, which he then ridiculed and made disgusting and stupid comments about your possible ability to father a child.

Given all these pointers, I have done some research on the internet and I want you to look at what I have found. Firstly I want you to look at this site.


Although it is possibly an extreme example of this kind of relationship choice, I want you to consider whether it coincides with the direction that any of your feelings and thoughts are taking.

I also found a site where a lady had asked for guidance regarding her boyfriend, who wanted to become the submissive partner in their relationship. I thought one reply to her was relevant to our situation, as it appears to me at this time. It said:-

If he is going to be submissive to you, your concern about providing discipline actually becomes irrelevant. If a man is sub to a woman, he is just that. This may or may not involve her beating him but anything that she isn't comfortable with, she doesn't do. It is not for him to demand she perform acts to please him. The whole point is that being submissive to her, means that those decisions, as with all decisions regarding their life together, are for her to make, not him. If she felt he needs to be spanked for having embarrassed her, or for disappointing her in some way, that too is her decision to make. She would carry out his punisment, to whatever level she felt his offence deserved, in whatever way she thought appropriate. She might decide he only deserved banishment to the spare room, which might hurt the submissive as much as a caning although in a different way, or she might decide he actually deserves a caning. How many strokes and how hard, are for her to decide. As a submissive, he would have to accept whatever she decided. Her decision was made to please her not him. She doesn't have to fulfil any of his fantasies, unless she wants to.

I found this, on a site where a relationship such as the one suggested by Mick was obviously the desire of the members of that site. I don't know if this is relevant, but again I offer it for your comments. Does it stir any fantasies for you? This piece is in regard to the name given to ladies who take part in this kind of lifestyle, and is in the nature of a definition of the term 'HotWife':

A hotwife is a happily married woman who enjoys intimate relations with other men, with her loving husband's full and genuine support, but where he typically agrees to be monogamous with his wife. Both spouses derive satisfaction from the wife's extramarital pleasures. The husband is not necessarily submissive. Some husbands like to join in, or watch, and even clean up afterward. Some husbands like to select the clothes the hotwife wears on her date, even down to her underwear, or lack of it. The husband, whatever the individual couple decide, is turned on by his wife's adultery, whether this happens as part of threesome where she first has sex with her lover and then her husband, or both with her at once. If her lover comes to their home it could be with him watching, or listening through the door. If she goes to meet him, she may well tell her husband what went on later, when she returns home from her date. These situations vary as much as the couples involved, but the hotwife in the long run always ends up choosing the other man, determining the encounters and the regularity of such meetings.

Hot wives most often continue to wear their wedding ring and bands. They feel great freedom in being able to meet men for possible sexual gratification. There is no cheating in their marriage and this can be a wonderful thing.

I look forward to your comments on this. Does this have any relevance to what you were trying to dodge around telling me last night? As you appear to be unable to actually tell me what is going on in your head, I have made up my mind that we must face this by taking it one step at a time. For this reason I have devised a 'code' for you to use tonight, which will at least give me some idea about your feelings regarding what I have written here. I will expect you home at your usual time. I will be waiting for you in the lounge.

1. If I have read the signs wrongly, you will come in and greet me in your usual manner. We can then continue to get to the bottom of last night in our own way.

2. If I am right about you wishing to be 'submissive' to me, but that is all, you will stand in front of me, head down, arms by your side. You will say, "Good Evening, Ma-am." and then you will wait for me to speak.

3. If you wish me to take on the role of your Mistress, and to become a HotWife as well, there must be absolutely no misunderstanding between us about what the term 'HotWife' means. Whatever it may or may not mean to other couples, in any other time or place, for the purpose of this discussion, a HotWife is as described above. 'A married woman who enjoys intimate, sexual relations with other men, with her husband's consent.' To put it even more plainly, you are telling me that you want me to have sex with another man, or men, with your knowledge, your full consent and your support. If this is NOT what you want me to do – do not choose this option! By choosing it, what you are saying is you want to release me from the part of the vows I made at our wedding, where I vowed 'Forsaking all others, keep me only unto you.' although you do not ask to be released from this vow yourself. Is this correct?

As I see it, from researching this on the internet, being a HotWife would only really be possible if I am also to be your Mistress. Unless what I have described is really what you want, I repeat – DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION!

If, after reading this and fully understanding what it is you are asking me to do, you wish to take this option - You will kneel down in front of me, head down, looking at the floor between my feet, and your greeting will be, "Good Evening, Mistress. Do you have any particular requirements for me to fulfil, regarding your date for tonight?"

The use of these greetings, all very different so there is no mistaking which Option you want me to follow, will, hopefully, tell me which way your mind is working. Then maybe I can begin to respond in the way you desire. We can then dispense with the 'spare room' punishment and return to our normal sleeping arrangements. The 'spare room' thing hurts me every bit as much as it hurts you. You are my husband and as I told you last night, you are the one I love and wish to stay with. I still do, so I have come up with these three options, and however extreme these thoughts are, I will be here waiting for you to come home. This should at least tell you that I still want to be your wife I and want us to work this out.

You can rest assured, that even if your desire is for me to avail myself of 'option 3', that Neanderthal idiot, 'Mick', or anyone like him would never figure anywhere in my choice as the kind of lover that I would accept. I also note that many of these sites seem to almost exclusively focus on the 'boyfriend' being coloured, and having an exceptionally large endowment. The term BBC seems to appear in almost every comment. I have to tell you now that this does not appeal to me at all. While I have nothing against 'black guys' I would never choose a lover based solely on his skin colour. Big may sometimes be better, but is not automatically so. You are not going to pick out a lover for me, just because he is black and/or has a big cock. In fact, you are not going to pick out a lover for me at all.

I am NOT and will never be, a whore or a slut who will sleep with anyone! I will NOT accept being referred to in that fashion. If you ever refer to me as such, as some of the men who post comments, refer to their wives, I warn you now that our marriage will be over.

If you want me to become a HotWife for you, the choice of partner will be mine, and mine alone. It will have to be someone who genuinely cares for me, and he must be discreet. It will also have to be someone I care about, so if this hotwife thing should ever happen and I do enter into an additional, loving relationship with another man, it will be a long term commitment. Please remember that when making your choice. It will be an additional loving relationship, alongside our (changed) relationship. I will NOT do 'one night stands' with all and sundry. I will not just 'fuck' anyone to give you a cheap thrill. I will be 'making love' with another man, a man I really care for! The word 'Lover' is only one letter away from the word 'Love' and in my mind the two words are inseparable. You have to accept therefore, that there is, of necessity, a risk to our marriage in me doing this. If you cannot live with that, you then have two options. 1. You drop all thoughts of this HotWife thing, because it is NOT going to happen. It will then never be mentioned or referred to again. OR, 2. We look into getting a separation, leading to divorce, so you can seek a partner willing to fulfil your dreams and fantasies and I can look for someone who wants me for who I am.

You know I will be making enquiries, to see what went on last night at the club (Initial probes have already been put out) so the choice of 'Option 1', hoping that I will 'let sleeping dogs lie', would be futile. 'Option 1' only means I still need to find out what that was about, and if, when I do, I find that 'Options 2 or 3' would have been more applicable, then you will be guilty of not only hiding the truth about last night, but of lying to me when I have given you the chance to come clean and get our life together back onto an even, if unconventional, keel. DON'T DO THAT. I WILL BE VERY ANGRY IF YOU DO!

This, which I also found, seemed to be relevant, given you have been pointing out to me for some time, men that you think might be acceptable lovers, and buying me clothes which are far too revealing for normal wear. Is this why you have been doing that? If so, you seem to have forgotten the 'role play' part, which apparently is the initial part of the plot to get me interested. The second and third parts, it would appear, have been in operation for some time.

Getting started as a hotwife/cuckold couple is best achieved by introducing role play in the bedroom to establish this as something shared between rather than something she does on her own.

From there, the talk of her being a hotwife should extend outside of the bedroom; quietly ask her which men appeal to her when around others. Ask her which one she'd go on a date with. Make discussion of such things seem a matter of when, not if.

Next: To become a hotwife, your wife should adopt the persona of one. This means dressing and behaving as a married woman who is sexually available and obviously interested in inviting male attention.

From there, nature will take its course with men approaching her and the usual courting behaviour taking place, but this time, she'll have you to share it with and together, you'll choose your path forward.

NOW! You will delete this email immediately you have read it and looked at the site I have instructed you to look at. Under NO circumstances is any part of this email to remain on your computer. Delete it and then empty the trash bin. If your computer has a 'file shredder' I suggest you delete it using that.

I am sure you realise, I have spent some time today researching this particular subject on the internet. I have not spent this time, trawling through the seamier side of, what has been until now an unknown fetish to me, out of idle curiosity. These are my genuine concerns and I need to know if they are what, for the last couple of years, has been making our life together feel so strange. If this is what you want, and I think I can live with it, it will be in my way and on my terms. I will not become a figure of fun, my name written on toilet walls, being laughed at and shunned by people I have known all of my life.

Decide on the greeting you will use! The way you greet me will determine my response to you. Changing your mind later will be a matter for negotiation and it is by no means certain that a return to yesterday's 'status quo' will be possible. You note I say 'yesterday's status quo' because at the moment I do not know what today's version is. That is what we need to sort out.

Your loving wife


Sarah pressed the 'Send' button and leaned back in the chair feeling drained. Now she would have to phone John and tell him to expect her email, but only to open it when he was sure no-one else was around. She knew she had to phone soon, to catch him before he opened the email or went to lunch. At lunchtime he could be alone in his office, but she needed a moment before she trusted herself to speak to him calmly.

Picking up the house phone, she phoned his office. When he answered she spoke briskly to him. "John," she said, "I am at home. You have an email from me in your inbox. You will read it when you are certain there is nobody else around who could possibly read it over your shoulder. Reading it may take some time and you may need to read it a couple of times to ensure you are absolutely clear about what I have said. Should anyone come in while you are reading it, clear your screen and do not re-open it until you are alone again. You will NOT phone me at home, you will read the email, and do what it tells you to do. I have spent some time making sure my instructions are clear, so do not phone for clarification. When you have finished reading it, you will destroy it. You will NOT leave it on your computer where it could be seen by anyone else. IS THAT CLEAR?"

John said, "I understand – But ........."

Sarah cut him off before he could continue, "There is no need for questions at this point. We will talk when you get home, but remember I have a meeting tonight, which is important to my future. That email should explain to you why, especially now, my future at work is so very important to me. I am being picked up at seven by David. Because we have things we need to discuss which could not be done at work. This is a private meeting, for just the two of us, so we can do that, over dinner. I will have only limited time for discussion before I go out, because I need time to get ready. For that reason, only essential discussion of anything in the email will take place prior to my meeting. Anything requiring longer discussion must wait until later or tomorrow." She hung up the phone without waiting for him to comment.
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