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X-Change, X Change, Xtreme

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

* * * * *

Monthly meeting of X-CHANGE Marketing Department:

Sam Donasen: "People, sales are down. We have to do something to increase sales. These pills are expensive to make, and expensive to buy. We have to do something to get more people to try them, and to get our existing customers to use them more often. Any ideas?" Sam was chair of the Marketing Department and the CEO had told him to increase sales or find a new job.

Sylvia: "Maybe we need variety. The pills just do the same thing over and over. Men take a pink pill to become a woman, then a blue one to change back to being themselves. Women, likewise. Isn't there some way to add some variety to that?"

Sam: "I've asked R&D to be part of this meeting. Maybe they have an answer for you. Dr. Peter Francois is head of that department. Pete, what about Sylvia's idea."

Pete: "Perfect timing. A few months ago, some of our team got bored with the same old X-CHANGE chemistry. After all, the formula has been perfected and all undesirable side-effects have been eliminated. The blue pills change a woman to a man, and the pink one change a man to a woman. The effects last approximately 24 hours and the subject changes back. It's a great system, but the team wanted more challenge. And they succeeded. Here are some of the possibilities with which they have already come up. Now, if you want, we can make a pill that is permanent until and unless a change-back pill is taken. And we have pills that not only change your sex, but also allow you to specify certain sexual characteristics: penis length, breast size, and so on. It might even be possible to choose some extreme changes, such as four breasts, or the ability to cum a gallon at a time. You marketing people can probably do some kind of focus group to find out what specific sexual characteristics for which customers would pay extra money.

For me, the most exciting change was the ability to make a change to a different race complete with skin color and typical physical characteristics for that race. You could be black, white, oriental or anything else you want. We could even offer a Platinum Service where a person could specify certain characteristics all in the same pill. For instance, say a rich black man wants to become an oriental woman with four breasts, tiny nipples, long blonde hair, no pubic hair, and phat ass, and he wants the changes to remain permanently until and unless he swallows a change-back pill. We could do that. Of course, it would cost more—much more—and so this would have to be a premium service for only the highest paying customers. By the way, we can also make pills for a person who doesn't want to change their sex, but just wants to enhance certain characteristics. So, if a man wants to remain a man but wants a 10-inch cock, or an athletic build with six-pack abs, or a woman wants to remain a woman with four D-cup breasts, we can do that, too."

Sylvia: "That's exactly what I was thinking. I believe such variety would be just the ticket to boost our sales."

Sam: "How long to go into production? And how would you tell the pills apart?"

Pete: "Well, as I said, the chemists have been working on it for months, just for something to do, so it's just a matter of expanding the factory to produce more lines of pills. As for identifying the pills, it seems like a good idea to keep the pink and blue scheme, and we could supplement that by printing numbers on the capsules for the additional characteristics."

Construction to expand the X-CHANGE factory began immediately and was in full production in four months.


Dr. Brandi Fanteri: "Trudi, look at this letter I just got from X-CHANGE Corp. They are going to start making dozens of variations on the X-CHANGE pills. They suggest that we purchase a starter-kit which includes one bottle of each of the presently available pills." Brandi was the chief pharmacist for a chain of drug stores and was responsible for keeping an adequate supply of all medications on hand. Trudi was her administrative assistant.

Trudi: "Just what we need! As if it wasn't a big enough job to keep REAL medications on hand—medication that people need to stay healthy. Now we have to stock all these designer recreational drugs."

Brandi: "They will keep the blue and pink capsules but add a number printed on each capsule. Here's a list of what will be in the starter kit, and a note that says new options will be added from time to time as they are developed."

Brandi handed her the pamphlet promoting the new options and Trudi folded it out to see the numbering scheme.

1. Blue or pink, original X-C with 12-hour automatic change back.

2. Original with 24-hour automatic change back.

3. Original with 7-day change back.

4. Original with 30-day change back.

5. Original X-C, permanent until/unless change-back pill taken.

6. African physical characteristics.

7. Caucasian physical characteristics.

8. Amerindian physical characteristics.

9. Asian physical characteristics.

10. Indian physical characteristics.

11. Arabic physical characteristics.

12. Pint of ejaculate.

13. Quart of ejaculate.

14. Gallon of ejaculate.

15. Extra large testicles.

16. A-cup breasts.

17. B-cup breasts.

18. C-cup breasts.

19. D-Cup breasts.

20. DD-cup breasts

21, Extra small buttocks

22. Extra large buttocks.

23. Ample body hair.

24. Eliminate pubic hair.

25. Eliminate all body hair.

26. Blond hair.

27. Brunette hair.

28. Red head.

29. Brown hair.

30. Extra large feet.

31. Large capacity urinary bladder.

32. Lactating breasts.

33. 2-minute refractory period.

34. 10-second refractory period.

35. Blue eyes.

36. Brown eyes.

37. Cat eyes.

38. Futanari

39. Age 18

40. Age 30

41. Age 40

42. Age 50

43. Age 60

44. Athletic build.

45. Petite build.

46. Plus-size build.

47. Extra long legs.

48. 8-inch penis.

49. 10-inch penis.

50. Four breasts.

51. 100 times pheromone production

52. Undo last change.

Premium Membership Service: All options listed above include one specific change within one pill either blue or pink. To combine 2 or more specific characteristics requires that you become a Premium Member, after which you may request any combination of specific changes within one pill. That pill will be customized for you. The cost will be determined by the number of characteristics you specify.


Trudi: "Do you think people will go for this?"

Brandi: "I don't doubt it for a minute. So I guess we will have to stock everything. One good thing is that they have no expiration date, so we can store them forever. Go ahead and order the starter kit. I'll keep the numbering guide4 here in my desk."


Fred: "What are we going to do this weekend?" Fred was Brandi's 18-year-old son, and he was talking with his classmate Chuck.

Chuck: "What can we do? We have no money. I'm tired of playing video games. I want to get laid."

Fred: "Yeah, me too, but fat chance of that happening anytime soon." Fred and Chuck tended toward the nerdish side of life. They spent many hours playing video games, and talked more about sex than doing it.

Chuck: "Can't you talk your mom into getting us a couple of X-CHANGE pills?"

Fred: "I told you before; mom plays by the rules. Her drug warehouse is full of X-CHANGE pills. In fact, I heard her say she just got in a new shipment. The problem is that she has to account for every pill."

Chuck: "Couldn't we sneak in and liberate some?"

Fred: "Woah, you might be onto something. I heard her calling the security company that guards her warehouse. She said the alarm didn't work on the employee's bathroom window, and the repairman couldn't come until next week sometime."

Chuck: "So, let's slip in and liberate a few of them."

Fred: "That just might work."


Late that night Fred and Chuck snuck up to the employee bathroom window.

Chuck: "Are you sure there's no security guards inside?"

Fred: "There's only old Mosby, and he's drunk or asleep by now."

They slowly and quietly slid open the window and carefully climbed inside. Looking around, they came upon a shipping box with a return address for X-CHANGE Corp.

Chuck: "This must be it!"

Fred: "What was that? I heard something. Let's get out of here."

As fast as they could, they left carrying the shipping box with them.

Fred: "Where should we go?"

Chuck: "My folks have a cabin up at Big Rock Lake that I can use any time I want. We could go there. . . . . . When they reached the cabin they opened the box. Inside they found 52 bottles, each labeled with a number but no papers explaining the contents.

Fred: "Now what do we do?"

Chuck: "Well, I heard that guys that a pink one to change to a woman."

Fred: "But what do the numbers mean?"

Chuck: "Maybe we should take them in order starting at number 1."

Fred: "Makes sense to me."

Chuck: "Who goes first?"

Fred: Rock, paper, scissors. Ready, GO!"

Chuck: "OK, Fred, you win. I suggest you take a number 1 pink."

Fred: "Here goes nothing. . . . . How long does it take?"

Chuck: "I'm not sure, but I think it works pretty fast. Do you feel anything?"

Fred. "Yeah! I am warm and tingling all over. My insides feel like they are churning around, doing somersaults. . . . . Things are stretching and twisting."

Chuck: "Does it hurt?"

Fred: "No, it feels weird, but really good . . . . . stimulating. Woah! check out my chest. It's pushing against my shirt."

Chuck: "Better take off your shirt. Wow, man! You're getting boobs. Look at those suckers. They're growing while I watch."

Fred: "I have to sit down. Something's happening to my legs. I think they're getting shorter; nad my hips are changing. I think they're pushing out."

Chuck: "Maybe you should take off your pants first, before you do. . . . . Dude, look at you. That's the littlest cock I ever saw, and where are your balls? . . . . But what a fantastic butt you have now. . . . . And look, your hair is growing. You're going to be a blonde. Hey, man you are cute! And kissable lips."

Fred: "To you, even a pig is kissable."

Chuck: "No, seriously, Dude, you are turning into a real babe. I'd fuck you and I wouldn't even need to put a bag over your head. You are changing even while I watch. Your waist has pulled in; your skin is great; I want to suck on your tits. Spread your legs so I can see better what happened to your package. . . . . Unbelievable. Nothing left. You have an honest to goodness pussy here. Outer lips, inner lips, and this . . . ." Chuck reached out and tweaked Fred's clit.

Fred: "Hey! No touching! That sent shivers up my spine!"

Chuck: "That's what I thought. Your cock became your clit. All I did was tweak it a little. . . . . Dude, we have to investigate more; that's the whole idea. So, will you drop the 'no touching' bit?"

Fred: "OK, but go easy. I feel real horny, turned on, and I don't know what I will do with new sensations. Let me know what you are going to do before you do it, OK?"

Chuck: "Deal! Now I'm going to suck on your beautiful titties a while."

Fred: "Ooooohhhhh! Yeeeessss! Keep it up! That sends shocks right down to my . . . . . I was going to say 'cock,' but I guess I have to say 'my pussy.' Whew! That's weird. My pussy! Chuck, eat me out. Eat my pussy!"

Chuck: "With pleasure. You're my best friend and you know I'd do anything for you. But I never thought I'd eat your pussy. Wow! You really taste good, and you are so-o-o-o wet. You want my cock, don't you Babe?"

Fred: "I want you so bad. I really want to know what it feels like to have a cock inside me, and cumming inside me. Fuck me, Chuck, fuck me now."

Chuck got out of his clothes in record time, sporting the hardest boner he ever remembered having. He lined up and plunged in balls deep. Chuck and Fred groaned in unison. Chuck paused, his cock all the way in, enjoying the feeling of his balls resting against Fred's ass, when Fred began squeezing his pussy, milking Chuck's cock.

Chuck: "Oh, Babe, that feels so good to my cock, but I have to start stroking. I'll start slow. Ready?"

Fred: "Fuck me Chuck; fuck me hard and fast and often!"

Chuck: "You don't have to tell me twice!"

Over the next 12 hours, while Fred remained a horny woman, he/she and Chuck got more sex than they had gotten over the prior year.

After their final, exhausting session of fucking, they both fell sound asleep. When they awoke, Fred had changed back to male.


Fred: "Well Chuck, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Now it's your turn to go girl so I can fuck the shit out of you."

Chuck: "Like I said before, you don't have to tell me twice." With that, Chuck swallowed a pink number 1 pill and within 15 minutes was spreading his legs for Fred. What followed was another 12 hours of non-stop fucking and sucking.


Fred: "So, which do you like better, fucking of being fucked?"

Chuck: "That's a tough question. They are so different. Each is tops in its own way. But with all these pills, we don't have to choose one way over the other. We can alternate back and forth every 12 hours. Are you ready for your second change?"

Fred: "I'm ready, but I'm a little confused. The pills are numbered, and so I'm thinking that since this is my second time, I should take pill number 2."

Chuck: "I don't know about that. Maybe you're right, but with no papers to explain things, we're kinda shooting in the dark."

Fred: "That's true, but look at how good our first experiment worked out. In fact, I'm feeling a little adventurous. Maybe I'll just skip a few numbers. What could possibly go wrong? Give me a number 5." (The reader will recall that number 5 was identical to number 1 except it did not have the automatic expiration in 12 hours. Number 5 was permanent until a number 52 change back pill was taken.)

15 minutes later, Fred said, "See Chuck. I am your sexy fuck toy once again. Chucky, come fucky. For the next 12 hours, I'm going to keep your balls empty."


They passed the next 12 hours in sexual bliss. Then Fred said, "Hey Chuck, time's almost up. Want to do me one more time while you still can?"

Chuck: "I'd better not. I don't know what might happen if I had my cock in you and you started changing back. Besides, nobody likes to be stopped halfway through a fuck. No blue balls for me. I'll just wait and watch you turn back.


An hour later, Fred was still a woman.

Fred: "It's got to be more than 12 hours by now. What do you think is wrong?"

Chuck: "Hey, man—I mean—woman. I have no freaking idea. The only think I can think of is maybe trying another pill. Number 5 didn't work so well; maybe you'll do better with another number. And maybe try a blue one since you want to go back to being male."

Fred: "OK, give me a blue number 6."


15 minutes later, Fred stood before Chuck as a handsome young African man.

Chuck: "Well, you're black, but at least you're male. I think we're making progress. Want another number?"

Fred: "Sure, what the hell have I got to lose. Just pick one."

Chuck reached into the box and came up with vial number 48.

Chuck: "Here, this is one of the higher numbers. Maybe we'll have better luck with that.


15 minutes later, black Fred's cock had grown to an impressive 8 inches soft.

Chuck: "Well, it's not the change we were looking for, but who wouldn't like 8 inches of cock. I think I'll take one of those myself. Number 48 wasn't it?"

15 minutes later Chuck had 8 inches of white cock.

Fred: "This is all very well and good, but I can't go home black. I have nothing against being black, but it's bound to be noticed by my family and our classmates."

Chuck: "Duh! Ya think?"

Fred: "Shut the fuck up and give me another number."

Chuck: "These high numbers seem pretty good. Here's a 49."


15 minutes later. Fred: "10 fucking inches. Awesome! Any other time I would be in heaven. But right now I just want to get back to normal. Any ideas?"

But Chuck was busy swallowing a number 49 to get that extra 2 inches for himself.

Fred: "Chuck, focus! I'm in a real bind here. Give me something, anything."

Chuck: "Pick a number."

Fred: "51."

Chuck: "Why 51?"

Fred: "No reason; I just have to try something."


15 minutes later, Fred was exuding a massive amount of invisible pheromones. Chuck said: "Hey, man, I don't know what that did to you, but I want you so bad it hurts. But no way because I am 100% hetero. I need a pink pill fast! I don't know what that last one did to you, but I think you should change, too."

Fred: "OK give me something else."

Chuck: "Here's a 13 for you. See what that does. And I'll try a pink 9. Whatever happens, at least we will be opposite sexes. I need your 10 inches in me so bad it hurts!"


15 minutes later

Fred said: "Chuck, there's a lot of pressure building up inside me. I need to fuck you and I need to fuck you now! I need a pussy in the worst way."

Chuck was the cutest little Japanese girl you ever met. AND the horniest thanks to Fred's mega pheromones, and it wasn't long before he shot a quart of gism through his 10-inch cock into Chuck's virgin pussy.

Chuck: "Hey, man! Where did you get all that gism? What a mess you made! There's cum everywhere! That ain't normal!"

Fred: "Like anything we're doing today is normal?! I don't know where it is coming from. It must be that pill. All I know if that I have to let off the pressure, and you're the only pussy around. You are a really cute girl, you know, and sexy as hell. I won't mind fucking you until I get all this gism out."

Chuck: "I don't think you CAN get it all out. I think the pill has instructed your body to just keep making it. So you just have to keep fucking and cumming. Doesn't it feel good to shoot so much gism? Besides, think about it—nothing really serious has happened to us. We're both healthy and we've never fucked so much in our dull, boring lives. I really want to keep experimenting." Chuck closed his eyes and reached into the box. He came up with vial number 50. He opened it and swallowed a pink pill. In 15 minutes, he had grown two extra breasts. "Outstanding! Look at these beautiful titties. Fred, come and lick my titties—all of them—and fuck my little Japanese pussy with that fire hose of yours and literally fill me with your cum!"


The next day found our heroes exhausted.

Chuck: "Fred, we have to talk."

Fred: "I know what you're going to say."

Chuck: "Yeah, it's time to call your mom. We're never going to get this untangled by chance. We need her knowledge and wisdom."

Fred: "I have to agree. I'll need to make the call. With your Japanese girl voice she'd never believe you're really Chuck. My voice is still close enough to my natural voice that I think I can pull it off."


Fred: "Hello, Mom? It's me, Fred."

Brandi: "You don't sound like Fred."

Fred: "That's because I've gone through some changes. And I have a confession to make. Chuck and I stole your box of X-CHANGE pills from the warehouse and we've spent the weekend at his cabin taking them. But we got all fuc...... uh, mixed up and we don't know how to change back. There was no instructions; just dozens of pills with different numbers. Can you help us?"

Brandi: "You know you are in BIG trouble! I will stop at my office and get the instructions, then I'll drive to Chuck's cabin and see what I can do. I'll be there in about an hour."


Fred: "The cavalry is on the way, Chuck. She'll be here in an hour, so that will give me time to get some more of this cum out of me. The pressure is killing me."

Chuck: "Whatever you did to you is making me crazy horny for you, so fuck away!"


As they opened the door at Brandi's knock, her jaw dropped. She was speechless.

Fred: "It's really me, Mom. The pill turned me black, and gave me this big cock, and did something to me that is driving Chuck crazy horny. But the worst part is that I cum buckets—gallons and it just keeps cumming."

Brandi was already beginning to react to Fred's pheromones. She walked to him and ran her hand over his chest and belly, then down to squeeze his semi=hard cock into full hardness.

Brandi: "You are a beautiful African man, Fred, and that cock of yours is every woman's dream. Are you sure that you don't want to stay this way? Think about that for a few minutes, but while you do, let me relieve some of that pent up cum in you."

As she spoke, Brandi was stripping down. Now it was Fred's and Chuck's turn to have their jaws drop. She pulled Fred into the bedroom, and then pulled him down on her in the bed, saying, "For me to help you, I need to gather all the information I can. Fuck me hard, Fred. Pound me with those ten inches and shoot your hot, sticky cum in my pussy."

Fred had never heard his mother talk this way and was too shocked to do anything but comply—not that he minded. After Brandi had cum herself and was catching her breath on the bed, Fred said, "Chuck, I need you again. Get over here."

Chuck lay down beside Brandi and Fred did her, too. When he finished, Brandi said, "I've been going over this list, and I think that you took a #51 which increases your pheromone production 100 times. That is just too much. No one can resist you at that level. And your production of so much cum is probably a #13, quart of cum. They actually have a #14 for a gallon of cum, but you can see what a mess a quart makes, I can't imagine anyone wanting a gallon unless they are playing with cum inflation. So, the first thing you must do is take a #52. It works immediately and will undo the last pill you took."

Fred: "Wow! That works fast! The pressure is gone already."

Brandi: "The next thing to do is take another #52 to get rid of those excessive pheromones. . . . . Yes, I can sense that the pheromones are back to normal. Do you sense it, Chuck? Your extreme attraction to Fred is gone?"

Chuck: "Yes. What a relief. It was just too much!"

Brandi: "I may contact X-CHANGE Corp and recommend they change that pill to 10 times, instead of 100 times. Next, Fred, take this #7 and you will be white again. Sorry to see that change as you were one beautiful hunk of African male! Last of all, Fred, it looks like we need to put your cock back to normal. I think another #52 will do that."

Fred: "Aw, Mom," he whined, "Can't I keep the cock? 10-inches is every boy's dream. With this I could have any girl I wanted."

Brandi: "I have to admit, I've never had anything like it. Let me think about it while I fix Chuck. . . . . Chuck, first thing is take a #52 and get rid of two of those beautiful breasts. By the way, you could have grown them to DD-cups with a #20 pill."

Chuck: "No, thanks, Dr. Fanteri, I think I've had all the changes I want for a while. Just get me back to myself."

Brandi: "Fine. Next take a #7 and change back to Caucasian characteristics. You make a very beautiful girl, Chuck, Japanese OR white, but to become a male again take this #5. There, back to normal. I see that you have a 10-inch cock, too. Did you have that before? Or is yours from the pill like Fred's is?"

Chuck: "It's from the pill, but I would like to keep mine, too, please? I would do anything for you."

Fred: "Same goes for me."

Brandi: "OK, I've been giving this some thought. The only way I will let you keep those ten inchers, is if you promise to use them on me anytime I ask you to. We will become 'friends with benefits'. Do we have a deal?"

Chuck and Fred looked at each other and smiled.

"DEAL!" they both shouted together.

Brandi: "Fine! Let's go home and get started!"
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