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Xena & Gabrielle Ch. 07

Author's Note: Welcome to the seventh chapter of the "true" story of Xena and Gabrielle. You will find this section extremely subtext-friendly. If two women showing their love for one another and having kinky sex is not your cup of tea, please find another story you'd like to read. This story will be submitted in several parts and is based off the series, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. Not all sections will contain erotic sex scenes as there is a plot.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own Xena: Warrior Princess, the series, or the characters and I will not be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Dear readers, thank you for all your comments and encouragement! I appreciate it greatly.

After about three months of travels following Xena's latest fiasco with Caesar, she and Gabrielle arrived at an inn where Meg was working as a "serving girl." Meg could have been a twin to Xena with the same jet-black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. The only difference was in their voices and their very distinct mannerisms. "Hello, Meg," Gabrielle said to her with a cheerful smile. "How are you doing? Long time no see."

"Hi there, Gabby," said Meg with a big grin. "What are you and the Warrior Princess doing here... at the inn.... where I work?" Meg asked a bit suspiciously.

"Nothing in particular. We're just passing thru," said Gabrielle. "We didn't know you were... ummmmmmmm ... working here...."

"Well, the pay is good... and most of the guys aren't that bad... if ya know what I mean," said Meg with a wicked little giggle and a toss of her long black tresses.

Gabrielle smirked, her green eyes twinkling. "Yeah, well, I can guess whatcha mean."

"Hey, what's going on? Joxer said that you got married----," Meg began, but her sentence was interrupted by Xena as she came over to the long wooden table where Gabrielle and Meg were engrossed in conversation.

"Gabrielle, I got us some food and a room," Xena said with a dazzling smile to her little blond bard. She then looked over at Meg, giving her a half-grin as well.

"Meg, good to see you," said Xena, setting down a tall mug of ale for herself and a glass of chilled fruit juice for her love as she seated herself at the head of the table between both Meg and Gabrielle.

"Xena," Meg spoke with a nod. "I was just about to ask Gabrielle---," Meg said before once again being interrupted.

Xena waved away the questions. "No, no.... we are hot and tired from our travels. We've both been thru hell," said Xena quickly, knowing how upsetting Meg's inquiries would be for her little bard. Gabrielle had been rather uptight lately. Xena wanted to protect her as much as she possibly could.

"But Xena, Joxer-----," Meg tried to speak.

"How is Joxer, the Mighty? Haven't seen him in ............ well, months," said the Warrior Princess, wincing a bit, cause both she and Gabrielle knew quite well that they hadn't seen Joxer since the night of Gabrielle and Perdicus's wedding. It had been Joxer who had stood up with Perdicus and Xena who had stood up with Gabrielle at the wedding, considering that Joxer and Xena were both Gabrielle's best friends.

As if on cue, the door of the inn was thrown open and in strutted Joxer, looking ridiculous as ever in his make-shift armor which made strange clinking noises as he walked. "Meg! Hello, Beautiful!" he said in a gallant voice, sweeping Meg into his arms and kissing her thoroughly and enthusiastically.

Meg was visibly out of breath when she managed to tear her lips from Joxer's. "Joxer, I'm working!" she gasped, looking a bit annoyed, yet also overwhelmed by the passion in the wanna-be warrior's heated kiss. "And can't you see your friends are here?!"

That's when Joxer noticed Xena and Gabrielle who were both staring at him and Meg in great amusement. "Ohhh well, I didn't see you guys.... ummm well, what a surprise!" Joxer exclaimed, looking all perplexed because he had hit on Meg right in front of them. He pulled his hands away from Meg's ample bosoms he had been so lustfully fondling during their passionate kiss.

"Yeah, what a surprise alright," Xena chuckled, unable to wipe the huge grin off her face.

"Looks like you have been a busy man, Joxer," Gabrielle laughed, seeing Meg hanging onto Joxer like he was her own personal love-toy.

"You run along, honey," Joxer said, prying Meg's fingers from his body and giving her a small push toward the counter where the customers of the inn were being served drinks.

"Fine, but you behave yourself, big boy" Meg said as she looked at him and licked her lips. "You're MY man and no one else can have you."

Joxer gave a nervous little laugh but deposited a small kiss on the tip of Meg's nose as though to appease her. "Okay, pookie. Don't worry," he said, once again giving her nudge away from the table where both Xena and Gabrielle were seated.

Meg walked away to chat with a few of the other "working girls" as Joxer took a seat next to Xena and Gabrielle upon the same chair that Meg had previously occupied. "Can't believe you two are here," said Joxer with a silly grin on his face. "How are you, Gabrielle? What brings you two here? And where's Perdy----?"

Xena snapped her fingers before Joxer's face, immediately silencing his questions. "Joxer, we need to have a talk," she said with a little hiss. She reached across the table as she stood, laying a hand softly on Gabrielle's shoulder.

"Excuse us, Gabrielle. I need a few moments with Joxer...." Xena said, giving Gabrielle's shoulder a soft squeeze. She then grabbed Joxer by his make-shift tin breastplate and lead him unceremoniously outside. Out by the horse troughs, Xena began to speak.

"Joxer, Gabrielle has been thru a lot," Xena began with a heavy sigh. "That bitch-whore Callisto killed Perdicus on the morning after their wedding night. Gabrielle's husband is dead."

"Dead?" Joxer repeated. "Callisto killed him? On the day after the wedding? That bitch!"

"Yes, Gabrielle has been in a deep state of grief. She wants revenge.... and I promised her we will not rest until Callisto pays for her wicked deed...."

"Gabrielle's husband is dead? This means........ this means..... Gabrielle is a free woman again. I have a chance with her after all....... Yes..... YESSSSSSSS!" Joxer said as the little wheels in his brain began twisting and turning haphazardly.

"Not so fast! Joxer, I don't think she'll be interested in you."

"Well, yeah... not right away. She's in a state of mourning. But once she feels like herself again, she won't be able to resist me."

"Joxer, I don't think she's interested," Xena tried to tell him, giving him an infamous Xena-stare.

"She was just playing hard to get before. Once she realizes what a strong, handsome, virile man I am, it's just a matter of time before I help her heal her broken heart...."

"Joxer, Gabrielle is NOT fair game!" Xena bellowed, wanting to shout at the rooftops that Gabrielle was hers... and hers alone... but Gabrielle and she had an agreement to be discreet about their romance.... at least until their families knew.

"Okay, okay. Don't be so protective," Joxer grumbled. "I won't try anything.... I will give her time to deal with the loss of Perdicus."

"What about Meg?" Xena reminded, struggling with all her might not to lose it as Joxer insisted Gabrielle would eventually be his lover.

"Ohhh well, she's a great gal...." Joxer spoke. "But as you know, it's Gabby that has always had my heart."

Xena mumbled something under her breath that Joxer couldn't quite make out. "What was that, Xena?" he asked.

"Nothing," Xena shrugged. "Just be careful around Gabrielle. Don't talk about Perdicus much. I don't want her upset."

"Sure thing, Xena," promised Joxer as they reentered the inn.

Immediately, Joxer went up to Gabrielle and gave her a great big hug. "I'm so sorry, Gabby," he said, holding her tightly.

Gabrielle returned the hug, grateful for the kind words and Joxer's warm affection. "Thanks, Joxer," she said, giving him a small smile. "It really is good to see you again."

Xena reached for her mug of ale, taking a very long sip as she eyed Joxer wearily. It was gonna be a very long day as she had to watch Joxer staring all googly-eyed-eyed at "her" woman. She listened at the banter between her bard and the wanna-be warrior, Joxer. Ever now and then, Gabrielle would giggle at Joxer's silly attempts at conversation and Xena couldn't help but smile, glad to see Gabrielle so happy again after such tragic times.

After hours of conversation, food, and drink, Gabrielle announced to Xena she was tired and ready for bed. Xena took one last drink of ale, reached for Gabrielle's hand and lead her upstairs. Joxer watched them walk away together longingly. What he wouldn't do to be going off to bed with the lovely Gabrielle. Just then Meg came up, and plopped herself down on his lap. "Want some lovin', big boy?" she asked him, ruffling his dark-brown hair.

Joxer kissed her hungrily, putting all of his passion into the kiss as he kept thinking of Gabrielle. After the steamy kiss, he said, "Why don't we go upstairs?"


Gabrielle slipped out of her clothes and settled into bed in just her shift. She was soon joined in the bed by a very naked Warrior Princess. "You told Joxer all about Perdicus?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yes, I did."

"And Callisto?"

"I told him everything," Xena said as she settled Gabrielle into her arms, long blond hair pooling over her arm in the process. "Except for us.... I don't think he would have cared if I HAD told him."

"What do you mean?" Gabrielle asked quickly as she looked into Xena's eyes questioningly.

"He still wants you, Gabrielle. And now that Perdicus is out of the picture, he seems to think he's going to have a chance with you," Xena explained. "And even if I told him that you and I are........... how shall I put this?...... sharing a bedroll..... I don't think that would have stopped him from trying to pursue you. The man is totally obsessed with you."

Gabrielle gave a nervous little laugh. "Xena, that's silly! I have never had an interest in him. He's a great friend. But never have I...."

"I know, I know. And I reminded him that he has Meg... and he still said he wants you....... He's not gonna give up, Gabrielle. I might have to take action......."

"What are you gonna do? Beat him up?" Gabrielle laughed. "Kick him where it hurts?"

"No, I think I will just pull you into my arms and kiss you hard right in front of him...... then he will know that you are mine... and you are off-limits," said Xena, her eyes flashing danger.

Gabrielle looked at Xena in disbelief. "No, Xena. You can't do that. We had an agreement!" the bard gasped.

"I know, I know. For you, I won't. But believe me, Gabrielle, he's walking a fine line with me. A VERY fine line," Xena sighed in annoyance. "I can't wait to get out of this place. And away from him."

A beautiful smile came to Gabrielle's face. "Then I get to see Ephiny........ and all my Amazon sisters."

"Yes, I promised you some time with the Amazons," Xena said, lightly kissing the top of Gabrielle's head.

"Hopefully I will sleep better when we are there... in the Amazon village. No more nightmares," said Gabrielle as lately she had suffered from horrible nightmares which had repeated night after night. Most likely they were of Perdicus's brutal death, but she hadn't been able to remember them. She always awoke, crying and afraid. She would cling to Xena, and Xena would hold her, comforting and soothing Gabrielle with her touch.

"Yeah, I am looking forward to it," Xena said, a half-grin on her face.

"I know that grin. I KNOW what you are thinking about," Gabrielle giggled. Lately she had been too exhausted to make love. And Xena WAS hoping that some relaxing time with the Amazons might put Gabrielle's troubled mind at ease, making the passion between them hot and intense once again. She missed making sweet love to her little bard.

Xena once again kissed the top of Gabrielle's head, cuddling her close. "Get some sleep now, little one," she said with a heavy yawn. Joxer and Gabrielle's constant chattering had exhausted her. It wasn't long before she had fallen asleep, holding the one she loved. Gabrielle lay there, staring off into the darkness. She couldn't sleep. The nightmares were haunting her. If only she could remember....... but she always awakened, so afraid, but with no memory of what had frightened her. Finally, she too fell a dreamless sleep safe in the arms of her warrior.


At the Amazon village, everyone was ecstatic to see Gabrielle, and her stunning Champion, the beautiful Xena. Ephiny ran up and gave Gabrielle a huge hug. "We missed you, my Queen," Ephiny said, giving Gabrielle a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Ephiny, I'm not the Queen yet," Gabrielle reminded with a laugh, hugging Ephiny affectionately. Terrais had given Gabrielle her rite of caste and someday Gabrielle was destined to become the Queen of the Amazon nation. Terrais had given her such a priceless gift because Gabrielle had tried so bravely save her life. Now, Cyane was the Queen, because Gabrielle had presently relinquished her right to the throne. Her place was with Xena, having countless adventures together and fighting for the greater good. Someday Gabrielle hoped to be the Queen of the Amazon nation, but that time wasn't now.

"We heard you got married," Ephiny said.

"It's true. I did," Gabrielle spoke. "But it was all a big mistake. My place is with Xena."

Gabrielle looked at Xena, pride in her eyes. She then turned her attention back to Ephiny. "My husband was killed. But I knew the night of the wedding, I had made a mistake," Gabrielle spoke. Her heart was aching because of what had happened to Perdicus, but she did not regret that she was with Xena now. It's exactly where she belonged. Ephiny nodded as Gabrielle spoke, but she did not comment.

"What brings you and your champion here?" Ephiny asked.

"I missed all my sisters," Gabrielle said, embracing Ephiny and all the others she had so greatly missed. "Xena promised to bring me here for a visit. I need some peace... and some much-needed healing."

"And you shall get it, Gabrielle," Ephiny promised. "We will have a celebration and a great feast. We will dance the Dance of Friendship. You are our future queen and very well-loved. While you are here, you are royalty. Everyone, hail...... Queen Gabrielle."

Gabrielle's sisters fell to their feet, hailing her. Gabrielle blushed, although she was loving the royal treatment very much. Xena had to struggle not to roll her eyes. She could tell that Gabrielle was eating all this up. Gabrielle very much liked it when she was pampered or when someone made a fuss over her.

"Queen Gabrielle," the women said in unison, looking up at the beautiful blond young woman who had thrown herself upon Terrais at the same moment a deadly arrow had penetrated the once-future Queen, taking her life. Gabrielle was greatly loved here. She was royalty.

"You all must stand," Gabrielle insisted, helping Ephiny to her feet. She smiled at her honey-haired friend with the unruly curls. She was beautiful with dazzling hazel eyes and carmel-colored skin.

"You and Xena may have the hut of the Queen. Cyane is away at the moment. She will be back in a moon. Her guards have joined her on a journey. Top secret business involving the centaurs. While you are here, you will rule in her place."

"Wow, I never expected this," Gabrielle said, as she was lifted onto a litter and carried toward the royal chamber of the Queen.

Xena followed along behind, trying not to burst into laughter at the huge fuss everyone was making over Gabrielle. Carefully, Gabrielle was placed onto the Queen's throne and Xena came to stand at her side. A group of women stood there, just staring at Gabrielle, as though waiting for something.

"We await your orders, My Queen," Ephiny spoke up.

"Uhhhh.... you may leave now. Xena and I are fine," Gabrielle said a little nervously. She wasn't used to this queen-business and having people waiting on her hand and foot.

"Yes, my Queen. Good night," said Ephiny. The others turned and walked away after bowing to the Queen, but Ephiny rushed forward, giving Gabrielle another soft kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you're here, Gabrielle. Night, Xena," she said, giving Xena a quick smile.

"Ephiny," Xena acknowledged, watching as Ephiny left the hut. Only one girl remained. She was very young and barely dressed. Very slowly she approached the Queen's throne, kneeling at Gabrielle's feet.

"Queen Gabrielle, do you require my services tonight?" she asked softly, looking a bit afraid as she eyed Xena. She had never seen a more beautiful or tall woman in all her life.

"Service? What kind of service do you provide the Queen?" Gabrielle asked.

The young woman bit her lower lip, looking up at Queen Gabrielle and her beautiful champion Xena with her smoky amber eyes. Her voice trembled a little as she spoke softly. "I am the queen's servant girl. I sleep in her bed.... and I please her. I do anything she asks of me. Anything."

Gabrielle's head snapped up and she looked at Xena, her cheeks visibly turning a soft shade of red. "Ohhh myyyy," was all she could gasp as her beautiful mouth remained an "o."

She knew the Amazon women were very passionate, and men were not allowed in the village. The women were only to be with a man for the purpose of having a child and nothing more. Gabrielle knew instinctively that the women here in the village had relationships with one another, in fact, she knew of several here who were joined, but she had never personally heard any of the women discussing the personal or intimate details of their love lives. Hearing this was a bit much, even for Gabrielle who was very much involved with Xena.

"No... no..... well, no. I mean, ummmmmmmm... well, I am very flattered... but I won't be needing that service," Gabrielle spoke in a flustered voice, her eyes taking in the beauty of the servant girl before her. "Thank you..... but you won't be needed here tonight."

The young girl tried to argue, but Xena ushered her out. She nearly tossed the servant girl from the hut. "Run along now. I will be taking care of the Queens NEEDS," she said as she turned on her heel and returned to the hut. She then walked over to the throne, looking down at Gabrielle, a wild look about her as her dark hair flowed all around her face.

"You just got propositioned by an Amazon servant girl. First Joxer... now her!" gasped Xena, her blue eyes narrowing as she gazed at Gabrielle.

"Xena, forget Joxer, sheeshhhhhhhhh.... That is sooooo not happening! And that girl, by the Gods, she's nearly a child!"

"She's not much younger than you," said Xena, as she began to pace. She felt like a caged animal. They usually slept outside, under the stars, with the cool night air embracing them. She felt like a beast in a trap, and her flaring jealously wasn't helping matters in the slightest.

"Xena, I DO NOT want her. I only want you," Gabrielle reminded, standing up and going to Xena. "I am committed to you, don't you believe that?"

Xena sighed deeply, then drew Gabrielle into her arms, caressing the bard's long blond tresses with loving hands. "Yes, Gabrielle. I'm sorry I'm so uptight. I just never expected that even here you would break hearts. You're just so beautiful. I suppose I better get used to you catching so many eyes."

"Just so you remember that your eyes are the only ones I want to catch," Gabrielle said as she wrapped her arms around her warrior.

Xena lifted Gabrielle into her arms and carried her over to the raised dais which was the Queen's bed. She lay Gabrielle down among the thick furs, staring down at her love. "You have me, hook, line and sinker," she said softly, a tender caress capturing Gabrielle's cheek.
"I love you, Xena. Only you."


"Queen Gabrielle, we have to have a talk about a few things," Ephiny said, pulling Gabrielle into her hut so they could chat.

"Okay, Xena is hunting with the others. I suppose we could talk for a little bit," said Gabrielle, as she had a seat before the fire by Ephiny who was one of her closest and dearest friends.

"Gabrielle, I know about you and Xena."

"What do you know?" Gabrielle said, fidgeting with the fringe on her queenly robes which were made with the finest furs of rare mink. She tried to appear innocent and nonchalant, but Ephiny was looking right thru her facade.

"She loves you, and you love her."

"Of course we love each other, we are best friends."

"No..... she LOVES you. The kind of love where you throw someone down on your robes and make wild passionate love to them, hour after hour...." Ephiny spoke, seeing a blush coming to the Queen's fair face. Gabrielle looked so beautiful when she blushed.

"Ephiny!" Gabrielle gasped, her green eyes wide at Ephiny's descriptive words.

"Have you made love to her yet?"

"I can't believe you are asking me this!" Gabrielle cried out, just about to jump up and run out of Ephiny's hut as Ephiny spoke so casually about making love as though they were discussing a hunt or a recipe for nutbread.

"Gabrielle, you know I like women, don't you?"

"Yes, you love all our sisters...."

"No, Gabrielle," Ephiny said with a sigh. "I LOVE women. You know, sometimes I make love to them......"

Gabrielle slowly nodded. Ephiny made no secret that she at times took a woman to her bed. And Ephiny had also told Gabrielle that although she enjoyed making love to women, overall she would prefer to be with a man. Ephiny's main attraction was to men, although with her upbringing here in the Amazon village, she had never had the opportunity to be with a man. Most of the time, Ephiny slept in her hut alone, but sometimes when loneliness struck, she would bring a beautiful woman to her robes for a passionate encounter.

"Don't be shy, Gabrielle. We are friends, sisters. You can ask me anything. I can see you love Xena very much. I know that before your wedding, you were innocent. You had never had a lover before. I can help you......"

"I never made love to my husband. He died before we could......." Gabrielle said with a heavy swallow. "I've never been with a man before."

"Me either. But I want to...." Ephiny said dreamily. "Someday, I will. I'll find a guy.... and we will make wild passionate love. Maybe we will make a baby......" Ephiny then remembered the conversation they had been having and returned to the topic.

"What about Xena? I see the way she looks at you. As though she wants to tie you up and ravish you. Have you and her.......?"

Gabrielle blushed again. "Yes," she said very softly. "I love her so much, Ephiny. I only want to please her. But sometimes... I don't think.... you see, I don't have much experience."

Ephiny smiled knowingly. "It's okay, Gabrielle. I can help. I can be your teacher. Would you like a lesson?"

"Lesson? Do you mean.......?" Gabrielle's eyes went wide. She scooted back a little, misunderstanding Ephiny's offer.

"No, no. I don't mean a physical lesson," she said with a sultry laugh. "Gabrielle, I am not asking you to sleep with me.... what I meant is I can tell you about making love, ways to please Xena...during lovemaking."

"Ohhh... okay...." said Gabrielle with relief, thankful she wouldn't have to fend off Ephiny's attentions. "What is lesson one?"

Ephiny smirked. "The Warrior Princess won't know what hit her." Smiling at the lovely Queen, Ephiny began the lesson.


Xena felt exhilarated after the hunt. She had loved the thrill of the kill. It was in her blood. This feeling was one she had every time after a good hunt or an intense battle, as though the aftershocks were yet surging along her over-stimulated nerve endings. Her blood was on fire, and she needed something to extinguish the scorching flames..... and that something was Gabrielle. Always before, during her former warlord days, she had taken one of her various lovers when fresh from a fight or after a victorious kill. Her passion had been often viscous, insatiable, and it had never once been denied. Lately Gabrielle hadn't been in the mood for anymore but cuddling. "You better be ready for me, Gabrielle. No one has ever made me wait so long before," Xena breathed as she took her shower in the communal bathing-house of the Amazon village. The others had gone to take the plentiful fresh meat courtesy of the successful hunt to be prepared for the feast. Xena however had been in dire need of a shower. As cool water poured over her skin, fresh from the nearby river, Xena applied soap and luxuriated in her bathing ritual. The Amazons were very resourceful women to have created these showers as well as the other modern conveniences of their village. If Xena didn't have so much wanderlust, she might enjoy staying here for awhile.

"Nope, don't think so," she shuddered, towel-drying her hair. She knew it wasn't time to settle down yet, even though a part of her knew instinctively that staying put might be safest for Gabrielle. The life they lead was quite a dangerous one.

Xena dressed in a long white robe, stepping from the showers. She walked right into Ephiny, who was standing there in the near darkness. "Ephiny, what are you doing here?" Xena asked in surprise.

"I have a message from the Queen," said Ephiny.

"Ohhh you do? Where is Gabrielle? Has she gone to dinner already?"

"No, Gabrielle retired early. She asked that you meet her in the royal chambers."

Xena raised one eyebrow as she reached for her satchel as well as her breastplate. "Thank you, Ephiny." She thought all of this a bit curious, but perhaps Gabrielle wasn't feeling well. She hoped it wasn't the nightmares. Gabrielle had been very upset lately, and Xena had been hoping this visit here with the Amazons would lighten the mood, making Gabrielle more relaxed.

"You're welcome, Xena. Enjoy your night," said Ephiny as she turned on her heel and left the bathing lodge. There was something in Ephiny's tone, but Xena was clueless. She grew more and more concerned about Gabrielle. It wasn't like her beautiful little bard to miss a meal.

"Gabrielle... Gabrielle, what's going on with you now?" Xena wondered as she walked across the village toward the Queen's chambers. It was the largest hut in the village, with many rooms, including a bathing room for the queen, as well as a huge bed upon a raised dais. Although that bed had been made up with fresh furs, Xena couldn't help but wonder about the kinky things that had taken place on that bed in times past, between Queen Cyane and her sexy little servant girl. In fact, kinky things had been about all Xena could think of lately; she was so hot for Gabrielle. She had been patiently waiting for her little bard to feel better.... but she truly didn't think she could wait another day.

"Gabrielle, where are you?" Xena called out, looking all over the entry chamber of the royal hut. There was the ceremonial throne, but it was empty. No Gabrielle. There was no sign of her. Perhaps Gabrielle had gone to bed.

Xena walked into the bedchamber, but again, there was no sign of Gabrielle. "Gabrielle, I'm back!" hollered Xena as she entered the royal bedchamber. The room was empty, the filmy curtains of the bed pulled closed. What a romantic bedroom..... fit for a queen. But where WAS the sexy little queen? Was she hiding?

"Are you hiding from me, Gabrielle?" Xena chuckled, as she swept into the bathing chamber. And there was Gabrielle, within the tub, thousands of bubbles surrounding her as she bathed.

"Hello, Xena," said Gabrielle with a beaming smile. "I was just taking a little bath. I wouldn't hide from you."

Gabrielle then stood up in the tub, and the many bubbles slid down her skin. Xena gasped. Gabrielle's entire body was now silken smooth. She had shaved off every strand of body hair. Xena's blue eyes went wide, moving up to Gabrielle's lovely face. "I'm a true Amazon now, aren't I?" Gabrielle spoke in a sultry voice. "Do you like, Xena?"

"Yes, I...... like very much, believe me. I'm just a bit surprised, that is all," said Xena thickly, as she reached for Gabrielle's small hand, helping her step from the tub.

Gabrielle reached for a thick white towel as she began to dry herself off. "I knew you would," said Gabrielle, knowing how incredibly sexy she must look, naked, wet, and devoid of body hair. "How was the hunt?" Gabrielle then asked.

"It was great," said Xena with a slight smile. "I loved it very much."

"Did you enjoy every minute of it?" Gabrielle asked, her voice sexy as she dropped the towel away from her body, standing there completely naked before the Warrior Princess.

"Ohhh yes, you know me. I love to hunt... and kill things," said Xena, licking her lips as she was looking at Gabrielle's beauty. It had been so long, and she so much longed to touch her little bard.

"Yes, I know you very well. I also know that hunting.... that fighting..... the bloodlust... it turns you on," said Gabrielle, as she took Xena's hand in hers and began leading her toward the bedchamber.

Xena could only nod. She hadn't known that Gabrielle had sensed her secret. She hadn't even been sure how Gabrielle would react to that fact about her. Surely someone as pure and as sweet and innocent as Gabrielle would be appalled by such an admission. But Gabrielle didn't appear appalled at all. She looked absolutely radiant.

"You're a warrior, Xena. I know what excites you," said Gabrielle with a little giggle as she lead Xena toward the bed. Once in the center of the bedchamber, she gave her love a tall glass of wine. "A toast to us," spoke Gabrielle. "I love you, Xena. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for waiting."

Gabrielle took a cleansing sip of the wine, watching as Xena did the same. "I knew I could not wait another night, Gabrielle. I want you so much," Xena admitted. She reached for the wine glasses, setting them both aside.

"I don't want you to wait," said Gabrielle, her green eyes shining with desire.

Xena made a growling sound in the back of her throat, practically lunging for Gabrielle. Gabrielle dodged Xena, carefully holding the Warrior Princess back from a potentially passionate embrace.

"Not yet, Xena," said Gabrielle, shaking her blond head. "I am the Queen here.... For now, I am in charge."

Xena hissed in protest, but Gabrielle covered her gorgeous lips with a single finger. "Shhhhh... behave yourself, Warrior Princess. You are my champion and my love. Only you have the honor of sharing my robes, no other. But it has to be as I wish it. Drop your robe to the floor, then lie down upon the bed," commanded Gabrielle in a firm, steady voice.

Xena looked at Gabrielle dumbfounded, because she wasn't used to the authority in the little bard's voice. Usually she gave the orders to the younger woman, not the other way around. And since she had been the more experienced at lovemaking, she had always taken the initiative in their lovemaking as well. Tonight was going to be a new experience... for both of them. Would Xena ever survive this?

Xena decided to play along. If it meant having Gabrielle in her arms, she would do anything at this point.... even play the part of a willing slave girl. A naughty smile curled Xena's lips. "Anything you wish, my Queen," Xena spoke, slowly undoing the tie that held the white robe together. The material fell away and Xena let the robe drop soundlessly to the floor.

Now it was Gabrielle's turn to gulp. She quickly recovered. "Go lie down on the bed," she ordered, pointing to the royal bed which was suspended from the ceiling of the hut by heavy ropes and shaded by thin see-thru curtains.

"Yes, my Queen." Xena climbed into the bed piled in soft robes, lying down upon the expanse of it and awaiting the Queen's next command.

Gabrielle was short of stature, so it was not as easy for her to scale the bed as it had been for Xena. She had to use a climbing apparatus, for although she was Queen, she was smaller than all the Amazon women who had been born into the tribe, and she was in fact the shortest one in the entire village. And now that Xena was here, the Warrior Princess was the tallest of all. Not a true Amazon, but she was Gabrielle's champion, and accepted and respected, just the same.

Xena didn't move when Gabrielle settled herself at the foot of the bed. The ropes were quite sturdy and the bed barely stirred with the weight of both women. Cyane had quite a wild love life, and sometimes the bed had been filled with more than one of her female lovers. Her slave girls were many, for the Amazon Queen had quite an appetite for female flesh.

"Close your eyes, Xena," Gabrielle spoke softly as her eyes drank in every inch of Xena's exposed flesh. She noticed that Xena's dark nipples were hard with excitement and her long legs were slightly parted, exposing the sexy pink secrets below thick dark curls.

Gabrielle slowly ran a soft fingertip up the curve of one long leg, stopping at Xena's silken inner thigh just before the point of Xena's desire. She could smell the scent of Xena's passion, as well as view the glistening skin gathering between her thighs. Xena wanted her. Gabrielle's own desires heightened, knowing that Xena wanted her so very much.

"I missed making love to you, Xena. I truly did," Gabrielle said in a whisper, placing tiny kisses up the arch of Xena's foot. Those kisses then trailed up Xena's leg in the same path her finger had so recently taken. Xena purred deep in her throat, feeling Gabrielle's soft lips moving up, up, up.

"I've never wanted you so much... as I do right now," breathed Xena, her body trembling as Gabrielle's lips ceased to move, just a half-inch from the V of Xena's slightly parted legs.

"How much did you miss me?" Gabrielle asked. "Would you be willing to do something kinky with me? Something wild?"

"Anything, Gabrielle. Anything. I just need you so much," Xena said in a half-growl, wanting to grab Gabrielle tight and toss her down on the bed and have her way with her. The desire was intense and flaming out of control, making her hot and wild with powerful lust.

Gabrielle smiled, quite pleased as she settled herself down beside Xena on the bed. She then reached for Xena, melting into her arms for a kiss. Their tongues twined together in passion, but it wasn't long before Gabrielle pulled back, her fingers resting lightly over Xena's lips to detain her from further passionate kissing.

As Xena began to protest against Gabrielle's fingers, the younger woman spoke. "No, Xena.... I need your kisses..... but lower..." she said in a sexy, yet commanding voice.

"Whatever you wish, my Queen," said Xena eagerly as she made a move to slide down to comply to Gabrielle's lustful wishes.

"No, no... not like that," Gabrielle protested, stopping Xena before she could meet her goal. "That's not the way I want it... I want it like this," she said in a husky whisper. "You on top... turned the other way. I want to taste you too, at the same time."

One of Xena's dark eyebrows popped up as it dawned on her exactly what Gabrielle wanted. What a surprise! Her little bard was quite the kinky little thing. "I thought you would never ask," said Xena eagerly as she maneuvered herself atop the bard. In a moment her glistening slit was less than an inch from Gabrielle's face, her sexy body bowed perfectly so that her own face was settled against Gabrielle's wide open legs. With skillful lips and an exploring tongue, Xena began to taste and tantalize the Amazon Queen.

"Sweet Artemis!!! Dearest Aphrodite!!!....... Ohhhh!" Gabrielle moaned, confused and overwhelmed a bit at first. Her lips parted over Xena's moist feminine flesh as she felt Xena licking and tasting her erotically. It felt so amazing, she could barely concentrate on giving Xena equal pleasure as well. After awhile, she got the hang of it. Every time Xena would lick, she would lick as well, until they were doing it in unison, like a kinky dance, giving each other such sweet ecstasy. Gabrielle lost track at the number of times she came, and still Xena did not stop. She locked her arms tight around Gabrielle's legs, holding her there, her entire being fused to the bard's giving as well as taking sweet pleasure, over and over again. As the minutes passed, Gabrielle gave Xena's inner thigh a tiny bite, making the Warrior Princess jump a little, completely getting her attention. "Are you going to get off now?" Gabrielle asked, her young face now covered in Xena's juices. "I think I'm drowning down here."

Xena laughed throatily, releasing Gabrielle's legs and turning quickly in the royal bed until she settled herself beside the breathless blond queen. She then pulled Gabrielle atop her, loving the sensation of the younger woman's weight upon her as well as their breasts which were pressed together.

"You weren't complaining a moment ago.... were you?" Xena teased, remembering all Gabrielle's sexy screams.

Gabrielle blushed, remembering her passionate cries quite vividly. "I loved every second of it," said Gabrielle, her eyes locked to those of Xena.

"Just so you know, it turns me on when you bite me," said Xena, reaching down and giving the side of Gabrielle's ass a playful slap.

"Pain and pleasure, they go so well together," agreed Gabrielle, licking her lips to wipe away the sticky moisture that was the Warrior Princess's cum.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, little one," Xena chuckled, knowing that she had only given Gabrielle a tiny taste of how kinky and wild she could get.

"Ohhh yeah? I cannot wait to find out," Gabrielle challenged. Sex with Xena was so much fun. She was dying to see what else Xena had up her sleeve.

Xena rubbed her full breasts against Gabrielle's. Her nipples grazed those of the bard's as their bodies were slick with perspiration. Gabrielle shivered, looking up into Xena's azure eyes. "You're full of kinky surprises yourself, Gabrielle. You really took me by surprise tonight. How did you ever learn of such kinky things?" Xena asked as her fingers cradled one side of Gabrielle's lovely face.

"Well, it wasn't in Potedia... I can assure you of that," said Gabrielle with a little smile. "Actually it was Ephiny. She gave me a lesson."

"She gave you a what?" Suddenly Xena looked enraged, and Gabrielle winced a little. She hadn't meant for it to come out like it had sounded. Xena looked like she might punch something.

"What I meant is... she told me about lovemaking... how to please you," Gabrielle quickly said. "She guessed, Xena. She guessed that we are lovers...... and she was just trying to help."

Xena calmed down just a fraction, but still looked like a bit feral. The thought of Gabrielle being with anyone ... especially a beautiful, vibrant woman like Ephiny, left Xena feeling feverish rage. "Is that all she taught you?"

"Xena, Ephiny and I are just friends. I love her like a sister, like I love Lilla. I would never...." Gabrielle stated as her eyes filled up with tears. "Xena, you don't trust me."

Xena rolled off Gabrielle, her nostrils flaring as she struggled to control her jealously. In the past Gabrielle had always seemed quite jealous and at times, stark-raving mad even when Xena had flirted with Ares or kissed various men during their travels. Now Xena totally understood. Ever since Gabrielle had given herself to Perdicus and agreed to be his wife, Xena had been uptight. It was as though she was worried that at any moment, she was going to lose Gabrielle to someone else. Never before had she been jealous with her previous lovers. What she shared with Gabrielle was different than any of her other relationships, and Xena wasn't sure how to deal with this, Gabrielle's intense feelings as well as those of her own.
"Gabrielle, I trust you," Xena spoke, her voice becoming tender as she looked at Gabrielle, seeing tears falling down her lover's cheeks as Gabrielle's eyes became red. "I truly do. I just don't trust anyone else. You are mine. I don't want anyone else to touch you. I just want you to be mine."

"I am yours, Xena," Gabrielle said, as she tried without success to brush her tears away. She didn't want to cry like a child, but it really hurt to think that Xena might think badly of her, as though she would cheat.... as though she didn't REALLY love her. "You have to trust me....... you have to believe I am committed to you... or I just don't see how this is going to work out. I cannot live like this.... your jealously, it's just too much...."

"Gabrielle, I have never loved anyone as I love you.... I just lose my head when I think of anyone else touching you. I'm sorry, Baby," Xena apologized, drawing Gabrielle close and caressing her hair. "I love you...."

Gabrielle choked on a sob, clinging to her lover. She prayed Xena's jealously would ease in time, once Xena was assured she would never look at another with desire. Gabrielle had absolutely no intention of ever sharing passion with anyone but the one she loved.... Xena.

"Xena, I will join with you one day. When I told you that day by the river that I would be yours, I meant it for eternity... from that point on. I never want another... EVER. When the day comes we are joined, I want it to be here... in front of all my sisters...."

Xena hugged Gabrielle tight, taking Gabrielle's lips in a deep, loving kiss as though to seal their vow that someday they would join... and it would be here, among the Amazons. It would be a beautiful and blessed day, the day they became One. Even though that day lay ahead in their future, they were already joined... in their hearts and in their souls. Xena just longed for the day they could make it official. Soon they would go to their families and announce their love, as well as their intentions to join. She knew her mother would be understanding and ecstatic with the news and hoped Gabrielle's family would be accepting as well.

"I love you, Gabrielle. I long for that day as well," Xena said, looking into beautiful green eyes.

"I will announce it at the feast tomorrow. Our sisters will be so happy for us."

Gabrielle hugged Xena tight, trying to forget the earlier conflict between she and her love. She wouldn't let that matter now; tonight was only about their love. Nightmares, jealousy, and other matters would not ruin this night. She fell asleep in the arms of the Warrior Princess, safe from hate and harm.


The Amazon women had gone to the swimming hole to bathe before the feast. It was a beautiful clear day, very warm and sunny, and everyone was jovial before the bountiful meal. Gabrielle and Xena had gone along hand and hand, not wanting to miss the festivities.

Dozens of beauties dropped their clothes upon the bank as they giggled, diving into the clear water. Xena and Gabrielle joined, visting and laughing with their Amazon friends. "Isn't this so much fun?" Gabrielle asked Xena as they played tag in the water.

Xena brushed up behind Gabrielle and whispered in her ear. "Ohhh yeah, I have never been in the presence of so many naked girls before. I could really get used to this."

"Xena!" Gabrielle exclaimed, giving her a slap under the water.

Xena just chuckled, swimming away. Suddenly then Amarice, a young Amazon began to scream. Her screams were shrill, breaking the peacefulness of the exquisite morning.

"Gods, what has happened?" Gabrielle cried out, swimming in the direction of the young Amazon's cries.

"What is it, Amarice?" Xena questioned, coming to the young woman's side within the pond as she reached for her knife which was an arm's length away upon the nearby bank. Xena always came prepared. She was a warrior, always ready to fight and protect.

As Xena drew her blade, Amarice pointed into the nearby bushes. "A man... in the bushes... he was staring at us!" the young woman exclaimed.

"A man!" the women cried out in unison, most of them trying to cover their breasts as they peered curiously into the bushes.

"Are you alright, Amarice?" Gabrielle asked, taking the trembling young woman into her arms to comfort her.

"I am scared, my Queen... he was... ogling my breasts... and I think he was... you know, touching himself...." Amarice said with a hiccuping sob.

Most of the women gasped in horror, but a few seemed to get off on what the young woman said, actually standing up in the water as if to show off their sexy figures and perhaps catch the eye of the lustful man who was supposedly hiding out in the bushes surrounding the swimming hole.

"Don't you worry, Amarice. If there's a guy out there, I will catch him," Xena promised, leaving the pond and quickly dressing herself in her leathers and warrior garb. In a moment she was ready, deadly knife in hand.

"Xena, be careful," Gabrielle called out from the water, just as Xena disappeared into the bushes in the direction Amarice had seen the man.

There was a scuffle in the bushes, yet the foliage was so thick, no one could see a thing. No one knew if Xena had caught the man... nor if Xena was alright. Gabrielle was a bit worried, but she had faith in Xena. Xena hardly ever got a scratch in battle.... and one man would be putty in Xena's hands, of that Gabrielle was certain. She continued to comfort poor Amarice, cradling the young girl against her chest as she waited for her Warrior Princess to reappear.

Whispers were heard from the women. "I sure hope the Queen's champion has caught that pervert... staring at us in the swimming hole... he should have his manhood struck from his body in punishment... what a disgusting creep!"

"I don't care if he is a pervert," said one young innocent Amazon maid. "I have never seen a man before. Do you think he could be my first?"

"The last pervert who looked upon an Amazon woman naked was tied up in the center of the village to a pole naked for days and beaten by the tribe. Queen Cyane decided he would have his testicles removed as punishment....."

"Sweet Artemis, before we kill him, I hope some of us get to have our way with him!"

Gabrielle's head was spinning with all she had heard. Quite suddenly, Xena emerged from the bushes, dragging a man behind her by his ear. "Here is the offending pervert," she said, looking at the man.

"Joxer!" Gabrielle gasped, seeing none other than Joxer, the Mighty standing there at the edge of the pond, held tightly by the ear by Xena.

"He's a pervert!!!" one woman screamed, pointing to Joxer's trousers which were unfastened, showing off quite a bit of male flesh.

Gabrielle blushed, her eyes taking in the sight of Joxer's exposed masculinity. "Now I know why they call him Joxer the Mighty," Gabrielle said under her breath.

"The pervert must be punished!" one woman screamed.

Gabrielle cleared her throat. "I am the queen. I will decide his punishment. Xena, take him to the village... and tie him to a pole....... I will decide his fate after the feast."

"Yes, my Queen," said Xena, deciding to play along with Gabrielle. It would be quite fun to make Joxer squirm a little. He looked scared-shitless and kept pleading to Gabrielle with his puppy-dog eyes.

"I'm not a pervert...." he whined. "Just a normal red-blooded male. I mean, dozens and dozens of beautiful naked women... who wouldn't look."

"Shut up, pervert!" Xena quipped, tugging him by the ear back toward the village.

"Hey, Xena! Not so rough!" he complained.

Once all the ladies were dressed, they returned to the village, seeing the barely-clothed man with dark-brown hair tied securely to a pole. "Pervert!" the women shouted. A few of the children threw food at him. One sexy young thing came forward, rubbing her luscious body against Joxer.

"Will you make me pregnant?" she whispered in a sexy voice in his ear.

"Did I hear you correctly?" he asked in amazement.

"I want a baby."

"You're so beautiful. I don't think I could refuse. Will you untie me?" Joxer begged.

"I will beg the Queen to have mercy on you."

"Gabrielle is your queen?"

"Yes, she is a wise and beautiful ruler."

"I think I want to make HER pregnant."

The young woman giggled, then ran off to join the others at the feast. Joxer strained against his bonds. His boner was about to escape his pants, but it was the ONLY part of him about to escape. He wondered what game Xena and Gabrielle were playing, and if he would ever get free from these sick, sadistic females. He tried to hear what the women were saying as they ate a feast at an enormous table with Gabrielle at it's head. Try as he might, he could not hear a word of it, but heard loud laughter, merriment and celebrating. No doubt they were celebrating the fact that they were planning to chop off his manhood. Immediately his stiff pole began to shrivel; he probably wouldn't get laid here after all.

Gabrielle had just announced to the tribe that she and Xena were planning to join, and that when the time was right, their Joining would take place here, before the tribe. The crowd broke out in cheers, everyone quite pleased with Gabrielle's choice of mate. After all, Gabrielle had chosen her champion, as well as the capturer of the pervert who had committed the despicable crime of gazing upon an Amazon's nudity. Xena was happy when she heard the uproarious of cheers. She hoped her own mother would be as pleased, as well as Gabrielle's folks. All conversation then turned to the pervert, and Xena was commended for capturing him. Everyone wondered what his fate would be. Several wanted to use him for breeding and a few of the bloodthirsty ones wanted his blood spilled, along with a few of his other vital fluids. Whatever Gabrielle decided, it would not be without some sort of punishment; according to the Amazons, Joxer had committed quite the crime as the women here regarded their nudity as a gift only to be given with utmost willingness and consent.

"Punish the pervert... punish the pervert," the crowd cried out as the feast came to its end.

Gabrielle felt torn between her friendship with Joxer and her duties as queen. She couldn't let Joxer's "crime" go unpunished, but neither could she let a friend suffer the fate of his manhood being destroyed. She looked at Xena for some sign of guidance, but Xena just winked at her, as though she was leaving the duty as queen entirely up to her.

"The pervert will pay for his crime," Gabrielle spoke up, and the women burst into a chorus of cheers.

"Come now... I will give the sentence." Gabrielle got up from her chair, walking across the village toward the pole where Joxer was tied. All the women followed.

"Pervert, what do you have to say for yourself?" Gabrielle demanded.

"I am sorry, Queen Gabrielle, for looking upon the women when they were bathing. I am a lonely warrior, brave and mighty. It's been a very long time since I have got to share the pleasures of the flesh and there as so many beauties here," Joxer explained. "I could not help but look."

"Pervert!!!" the women cried.

"And did you touch yourself lustfully when looking upon the women as they were bathing?" Gabrielle asked.

"Y---yes, Gabby... I mean, Queen Gabrielle. I am guilty. Please don't make my punishment steep. I value my manhood. Do not strike my testicles from my body. I long to be a father someday," pleaded Joxer.

Suddenly a woman came between Gabrielle and Joxer. No one had seen her approach. It was Meg... and she was protecting Joxer with her own body. "No one is going to touch him... unless they go thru me!" she said bravely, glaring at the crowd.

Everyone gasped at the scantily-dressed woman who looked so much like Xena. All eyes went to Xena, then back again to Meg. They looked like identical twin sisters. Xena saw the questions in so many eyes. She chuckled, slowly shaking her head. "No, she's not my twin. We aren't even related. She's just a gal that looks a lot like me," Xena explained. "And she's a girlfriend... to the...ummmm... pervert."

"Look at her! She's protecting the pervert! Kill her too!" screamed one overly bloodthirsty woman, shaking her fist at both Meg and the man who cowered behind her, quaking in his boots.

"No one is going to die here today. I have spoken," Gabrielle nearly screamed, making the crowd hush.

"Joxer, for your crime of lust, you must spend one moon in the hut of passion, providing your services here as needed for the Amazon women. You will not protest... and you will do as you are told for one moon. Is that clear?" Gabrielle prompted.

"Yes, Queen Gabby," said Joxer, not about to argue. He would get the pleasure of many beautiful women.... but he wasn't sure if he would survive it.

Meg looked furious when she heard the sentence. "Now see here---!" she started to protest.

Xena held up a hand, stopping her. "Meg, do you realize you are viewed as an accomplice here for coming to Joxer's aid? You will be punished as well," Xena reminded.

Gabrielle nodded, turning her attention on Meg. Meg was a beauty, and how could she not be, she looked exactly like Xena. Gabrielle knew that many of the women here were enamored with Xena, and although she hadn't shown her jealousy as Xena had... she couldn't help but be a bit perturbed by all the lustful glances Xena had been receiving. Now it was time to give the women what they wanted..... ALL the women.

"Meg, you will join Joxer in the hut of passion with Joxer. You will help him please the women here, no matter what their desires...."

"Zeus!" Meg cursed, not believing what she was hearing. She had been a lover to many men, most of which had paid for her services, but never had she been with a woman. Would she be able to handle this? A handful of beauties began giving her sexy stares. Two came forward, fondling Joxer.

"Hera help me!" he moaned, as he was drug away to the hut of pleasure. Soon Meg joined him there, to give him a "hand." Xena looked at Gabrielle as they both burst into giggles.

"I guess we got Joxer off our hands for awhile," Xena spoke.

"Yep, guess we do," Gabrielle said as she struggled to control her laughter.

"Think he will ever forgive us?" Xena smirked.

"Maybe he will thank us."

"I suppose he will in time," Xena replied. "It's been fun here... but now we must travel on."

"Where will we go?" Gabrielle asked.

"Wherever the road takes us. Doesn't really matter, as long as we are together," said Xena as she hugged Gabrielle close.

(Stay tuned ::: There is more to cum)
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