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Xianyu: Jade Dragon

Xianyu gave a long, breathy sigh and shook his muzzle a little, waving a paw idly through the air for emphasis, his tail giving a slow flick. "I did not make the rules. It is one virgin, of age, or nothing." He said bluntly to the village elder standing before him.

Far from being an imposing dragon, Xianyu was barely five feet tall at the shoulder, with a long, lanky body covered in scales that at once looked blue and green, depending upon the angle at which you saw each part of his body. He was discussing with the elder the payment he was to receive in return for protecting the village. Currently, he was lying on his side, atop the pedestal that usually held him, his stone form sloughed for the few precious hours he was allowed to remain free.

"But we have only one virgin of age...Why can you not take my daughter?" The chief asked plaintively.

"Because she is not of age. Were she but a summer older, I would." He said in calm, factual tones.

It was not widely known outside of China exactly how their spirits received payments. The medieval people had once upon a time believed that sacrificing a virgin would suffice to quell the dragon. But then had come stories of these virgins who had 'escaped', how the dragons had raped them. And then were born the knights who would 'save' the virgins. Of course, they never got there before the virgin was 'raped' and their tales of slaying the dragons were merely wildly fabricated exaggerations of taking a virgin out of a cave in which an uncaring, usually sleeping dragon rested.

Over time, the church had diluted the legends of old, and the true stories were lost in antiquity, and thus it was a wide misconception that in the days of the Chinese dynasty, you sacrificed a virgin to the dragon. Far from sacrificing an actual virgin, it was the virginity itself that was sacrificed to the village protectorate.

This was not as bad as it sounds, considering that dragons in China were much smaller than their western counterparts. For all that they looked the same anatomically, Chinese dragons, and Jade Dragons in particular, were much gentler by nature, their goatee and long, slim muzzles giving them a wise, benevolent look, which they lived up to perfectly.

Xianyu sighed and shook his head slightly, his tail giving an irritated flick. "If you do not wish to pay the toll, then it is my duty not to protect the town for the next decade." He continued bluntly.

The chieftain spluttered a moment, and then went silent, bowing. "As the dragon wishes..." He murmured, giving the protectorate a kowtow before turning on his heel and striding away.

It was not the way Xianyu would have preferred to operate, but rules were rules, and his rules were passed down from generation to generation of Jade Dragons, said to have come from the gods themselves. And there were very real dangers if the rules were not obeyed. He had seen with his own eyes a dragon struck down by an invisible force for refusing to protect a town after he was paid in full for that particular service.

Sometimes, payment was negotiable. Particularly bad periods of time had been marked by Jade Dragons asking for much more than usual to protect their towns. Xianyu knew of one, his brother, who had asked for 3 virgins, instead of the usual one. And he was given all three, for not having a dragon protectorate during times of extreme troubles was not a wise decision. The dragon protectorate blessed the soldiers, made the crops grow, subdued wild animals so that they would not attack without provocation, and in general kept the land in harmony with the people. Without the protectorate, crops withered, animals attacked, and soldiers went into battle without blessings and were much more likely to be struck down.

The protection of a protectorate was high on the list of things a chieftain needed to secure, especially in these times, when much of the workforce was banded together to help build the wall to keep the Mongol hordes from gaining a foothold within the country.

Xianyu smiled to himself as the chieftain came back, a young woman in tow, and he saw quite immediately why he hadn't wanted to give her up.

She was beautiful in a way that most women would never acquire, with soft, porcelain features and a gentle, quiet grace, a simple yellow and white silk robe her only clothing. The chieftain brought her before him and then motioned towards the forest nearby. "There is a place in there that you can be alone." He murmured, kowtowing again before hurriedly making his way back to the village.

The Jade Dragon grinned, his wings ruffling slightly as he stepped down off the pedestal and peered at the woman who he was take into his bed, his tail giving a slightly excited flick and wings ruffling.

For her part, she didn't seem to be scared, and kowtowed respectfully to him, not even making a sound, or flinching as Xianyu stepped forwards and snuffled at her face gently, giving her cheek a slight nuzzle.

"What is your name, milady?" He asked, a brow raising curious even as a paw beckoned her to follow, the Jade Dragon starting to amble towards the bamboo forest.

Following after, with her eyes respectfully lowered, she responded, "Liang Xu, sir."

Xianyu nodded once, peering at her over his shoulder. "And you know why we are going?"

Liang nodded, stepping around the bamboo as they zigzagged their way into it.

As they went, Xianyu lifted his nose, breathing out gently, the fireflies around them waking up and starting to flit about, lighting the way forwards with their softly glowing abdomens.

Very quickly, they were at the designated spot, and old, worn hut, in the middle of the bamboo forest, a platter of food, offerings to the dragon, laid out in front of it, the door opened invitingly.

"After you..." Xianyu rumbled softly, grinning, sidestepping and nudging her towards the hut, his eyes narrowed and tail starting to flick a little faster.

He made no attempt to hide just how excited he was getting. The Jade Dragon didn't much like receiving payment in this way, but after ten years of standing in stone, aware but unmoving, unable to do anything at all other than think...Well, it was like putting a feast in front of a starving man. Morals, restraint, good judgement, and reasoning all went out the window, the scent of the female filling his dilating nostrils as he followed her into the hut.

She gave a startled cry as the dragon pushed her bodily onto the array of cushions laid out upon the floor.

When she rolled over to face him, he took his chance, and thrust his head up her robe, his nose stabbing against her clitoris as his tongue drove upwards against her sex in a quick lap, tasting her as he crouched, his tail flicking eagerly behind him.

Liang cried out again, black hair splaying as she tossed her head, partly in surprise, and partly in pleasure, sounding quite breathless as the dragon shifted forwards a little and pressed his tongue into her body.

Xianyu paused a moment, his tongue working slowly back and forth, before he stabbed it forwards curiously, sending it deep into her body, making her arch and convulse.

The Jade Dragon pulled back, his tongue leaving her, an accusing glare on his face.

She gulped softly and looked up at him, trying to arrange her ruffled robe, a breast revealed and her legs still spread wantonly, though a shy blush shone bright on her cheeks.

"You are no virgin." He hissed accusingly, and she backed up a little, her eyes wide, her robe falling fully open.

"S-sir...please forgive!" She stammered, "I-I had an accident when I was younger...I was playing with my brothers staff...." She shook her head slightly and looked up at him pleadingly.

"...So your chieftain wished me to take his daughter because you are no longer a virgin?" Xianyu asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Yes sir." She said with a hurried nod. "There are no other virgins in the town sir...I will..." she gulped softly. "I will please you any way you wish sir..."

Xianyu snorted softly, looking her up and down, and then rumbled to himself. "You know...Virgins have always seemed a little...messy, to me." He murmured. "All of that blood...and the screaming, as if they'd never tasted pain before...You are pure, are you not?" He asked, giving her a sharp look.

"I...I have not been abed with a man, no." She said with a shake of her head.

"Then I guess you shall have to do." Xianyu said with a smirk, his teeth flashing as he stepped forwards and lowered his muzzle to her breast, laving his tongue over her pink nipple, closing his muzzletip over it and suckling gently.

Liang arched her back, her hands moving to his head, a soft "Oh!" of surprise and delight escaping her lips, her palms lightly stroking at his cheeks and neck, while holding his head closer to her, imploring him to continue. As she arched her back, she felt it, is thick draconic length, the tapered tip of the pink length, slightly moist with lubricant, pressed tight against her stomach, and it made her flush with desire.

Xianyu switched to her other nipple for a moment, shifting his hips so that his length rubbed against her silky smooth skin, a smirk on his muzzle as he peered at her, pulling back a little bit. "You want it, don't you?" He asked gently, and she nodded the affirmative, breathlessly.

The Jade Dragon purred softly, eyes narrowed as he leant down further, giving a few licks down her body, inhaling her scent, before rolling her over with gentle paws, and spreading her legs for her, leaving her lying flat on her stomach, peering back at him with wide eyes, half scared, half anticipating what her body knew was coming.

Purring a little louder, Xianyu stepped over her, lowering his body, his thick pink length brushing against her inner thighs before his tip edged along the lips of her sex, already slightly wet from his brief tongue play, and the feel of the hot flesh touching her made her arch her back and lift her rear off the ground a little, giving the dragon just enough angle.

Xianyu took the invitation immediately, almost unconsciously, driving his length deep into her body with a single swift thrust, making her cry out and cringe slightly with the unexpected entry, her sex clenching on him in retaliation.

For the Jade Dragon, it was heaven, the feel of her so very tight around him, the intimate caress of her inner muscles squeezing around his tip as it throbbed deep inside her.

Growling softly, he shifted his hips slightly, back and forth, moving his length but an inch each time, a good portion of his pink cock still not within her, Liang crying out with each gentle thrust, seeming to her as if he was as deep as he could go.

Moving his hips tentatively, he suddenly shifted and drove the rest of his eager pink cock into her body, making her cry out all the louder and press back at him, her inner muscles squeezing around the intrusion, rippling and milking as he started to draw back. She braced herself, gasping in air as she felt her depths slowly start to close back up behind the dragons length as it vacated her, only to have it shoved back in, the shock of pleasure making her blush and give a wanton groan, which only made her blush more at her own brazenness.

Liang panted heavily as she felt the dragon give another slow thrust, bottoming out within her, his length pressed tight against some deep barrier within her, thankfully not trying to get any deeper. She couldn't help but try and give the Jade Dragon a better angle, arching her back and shifted her hips up when he pulled back, until she managed to get her knees under her, the next thrust forcing her forwards, but rewarding her new position with a guilty rush of pleasure that had a groan tumbling from her lips.

Xianyu gave the softest of growls and leaned down, teeth grappling with her neck before gripping onto it, his tail flicking a moment as he drew back, before he adjusted his stance, pulling her onto up until she was supporting her weight on her hands and knees, his teeth gently scraping her skin, harmless, as he delved back into her, and then pulled out right away, until he was only halfway in, and then humped into her body once more.

Very quickly, Liang started to gasp for air, feeling her sex clench on the welcome intruder and the play of her own liquids spilling out over it, A gradual tightness building in the pit of her stomach as the dragon thrust his thick length back and forth within her, the column of heated, eager flesh starting to throb and pulse, slight splatters of hot liquids, thicker than her own, splashing into her depths.

The Jade dragon pulled back a little, growling loudly around her neck as he thrust forwards as deep as he could go, driving his length into her body, hips pressed tight to her own, worming slightly as through trying to get his length deeper, his tip pressed oh so firmly against her cervix.

Liang stiffened, her eyes going wide, before a loud, piercing scream escaped her mouth, slightly strangled, toned with lust and embarrassment at her own wantonness, her hips pressing back hard against his as she felt the first bursts of hot cream explode into her body, the sheer heat and sensation of them enough to set her off.

Her climax crashed over her, leaving her helpless in its wake, her sex tightening forcefully around the dragon, long, rippling waves milking him of his seed as it spilled into her body.

She could feel it, hitting her deepest barrier from point blank range, the thick creamy ribbons of hot cum exploding deep inside her in luscious, fulfilling waves, her own liquids gushing from her sex around the intrusion, leaving wet spots on the cushions below as her sex started to overflow, dribbles of hot dragon cum seeping from around their conjoined bodies and dripping to the cushions as well.

Xianyu gave a panting grumble, pulling back out of her easily, her body lubricated by mingled liquids and still shaking from her climax, a blush on her face as she watched the strands of hot cum stretch from her sex to his length before breaking.

Liang couldn't bring herself to move, her rear in the air, liquids slowly seeping from her used sex. Her fingertips moved to rub lightly at her clit, collecting some of the liquids and bringing them up to her face, as if to make sure they were really there, before she rolled onto her side, and then her back, panting heavily, the scent of the dragons seed filling her nose.

The Jade Dragon was lying on his side, eyes closed, content, purring softly, tail slowly flicking back and forth, thick pink length on display for any to see, smeared with mingled liquids.

She rolled onto all fours again, crawling over to the dragon, eyes fixed on his length, leaning close to scent the seed that lay thick upon its tip, before she leaned even closer and gave it a slow lick.

Xianyu's head shot up at the feel of her tongue, his wings giving a slight flutter and tail thrashing a moment, though her next lick soon soothed him, making him croon softly as his eyes unfocussed, a happy hiss escaping him.

She blushed deeply as she slid the tip of the dragons length into her mouth, giving it a few dainty licks, tasting herself and his salty, meaty seed on it, her blush deepening as the full impact of what she was doing struck her, a naughty smile coming to her lips as she took the end of his length deeper into her mouth and closed her lips about it, suckling gently.

For his part, Xianyu was quite stunned, in a very pleased way, never having had this done to him and quite enjoying it, his tail flicking and eyes closed, happy hisses rolling out of his muzzle.

Liang blushed but kept at her work, suckling gently, smiling at his pleased hisses, and giving him a slightly harder suck, blushing further with gratification as he gave a sharp hiss, his tail thumping the ground once.

Experimenting, she found out what he liked best, and set to with a ruthless will, having just the tip in her mouth and suckling at it deeply, her tongue swirling slowly about the tip as her hands lightly rubbed and caressed the rest of the length that wasn't in her mouth, his tail constantly thumping the ground and wings fluttering, muzzle parted and eyes clenched.

It wasn't long before she tasted his precum, not quite knowing what it was, stopping her ministration to pull her mouth back and give his tip a tentative lick, sampling the liquids, making Xianyu whine like a puppy.

Smiling, she slid his tip back into her mouth and suckled at it, blushing ever harder as the dragon gave a grateful groan, his tail starting to thump again, his length starting to throb just slightly under her ministrations.

Realising that he wasn't far from finishing as he had not a few minutes before, she slipped forwards, leaning towards his length and suckling as hard as she could, rubbing her tongue against his tip, swirling it, her hands working up and down the shaft hard and fast. Xianyu arched his back, his tail driving against the ground, thrashing as he gave a loud roar, his length pulsing and then exploding with dragon cum.

Liang gasped, her eyes growing wide once more as the first heavy splash of seed spilled into her waiting mouth, struggling to swallow it before the next came, but Xianyu was simply coming too fast, there was too much for her to take, the first heavy gush of dragon cream having filled her mouth completely, leaving her no choice but to swallow, the second leaving her two choices, pull back or choke.

She pulled her head back slightly, so that the second spurt and part of the first could escape, spilling back over the tip of his convulsing pink rod as she struggled to swallow and then gasped for air, feeling heavy shots of the seed splatter against her face, before she dove and reclaimed his tip with her mouth, suckling deeply.

This time, she was ready for it, and swallowed the next spurt eagerly, working her tongue against his length, coaxing it to give up more of its load, suckling at the roaring dragons length, swallowing thickly as the hot white cum exploded into her mouth.

After a few seconds, his thick rushes came to an end, dissolving into a light trickle that Liang held in her mouth before swallowing, taking the time to taste it as she couldn't do when it was coming thick and fast.

Xianyu gave a pleased, happy rumble, curling slightly as his length softened, pulling her against his stomach, laying a paw over her and burying his nose against her neck with a pleased purr. "Thank you, Liang, your village will have protection for the coming years." He murmured.

She smiled, blushing, quite aware of how much of his seed was currently dribbling from her body, and was covering his face, and also filling her belly. "Thank you sir...It was my pleasure." She said with a guilty smile. "D-do you want to be paid again? It's okay if you do..." She murmured. "Being paid once in ten one would fault Sir if he wished for more...?" she murmured, turning it into a question, her tone hopeful.

Xianyu grinned and nuzzled at her cheek gently, purring. "We shall see what happens..." He said with a grin. "And I know where to find you."

Now that he wasn't as lust-stricken, he felt slightly bad, taking advantage of her like that, using her as 'payment'. But, he mused, as he gently stroked her cheek until she fell asleep, he was sure that in a weeks time when he felt the urge for a female again, he would be able to forget his morals and his inhibitions...and it seemed he wasn't the only one who wished for a repeat performance.

He snorted softly to himself, giving her cheek a lick, purring and smiling. The lifestyle of a Jade Dragon was looking up.
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