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Yllw Fvr

Your palms are sweaty. You wring your hands together. All these months of tests and observations and you're finally about to get your diagnosis from Dr Chu. The one good thing about this whole experience has been Dr Chu, not only is she an amazing doctor, she's a solid 10 hottie. Late 20's, long legs, small but perfect breasts and long black hair she almost always keeps in a flawless bun. The thick rimmed glasses she wears only enhance the delicate oriental features of her face.

"Mr Johnson the test results are back, it's not good news… You have Yllw Fvr"

Yllw Fvr, not to be confused with yellow fever. Yllw Fvr gives it's victims the irresistible urge to fuck orientals. The WHO officially recognised it as a medical condition five years ago. Cases are rare but the effects are very serious. Not only are sufferers constantly thinking about banging Asian beauties, if they don't have sex with someone of oriental extraction they experience intense pain and after a week without sexual contact they can die. Sex with someone who is not asian has no effect releaving the symptoms of Yllw Fvr.

Dr Chu explains all this to you, when she speaks it is with a distinctly exotic accent. "This is obviously a very serious condition Mr Johnson" She puts a reassuring hand on your arm. "There are serious side effects to this condition but it is very manageable in the right environment. You're very lucky you live in an area with a high level of Asian women around. As long as you perform a sexual act with or around an Asian woman at least once a day you can live an otherwise normal life. New laws were passed worldwide last year allowing you to do whatever sexual acts you want, whenever you want to any Asian woman as long as she has reached age of consent. Preventing you from doing this would cause you great pain or even your death and would be inhumane. It's mostly been accepted by women like me. You must have questions I'm sure?"

She looks at you with polite, professional interest. "I can do anything I want doctor? As long as it's a sexual act?"

"Well, yes. You are expected to behave ethically but the law recognizes some people have… advanced needs" She sounds a bit hesitant. You decide to test what she has told you. You've had a mighty hard-on since the moment you saw Dr Chu. She always has this effect on you and now you know it's because of your Yllw Fvr. You waste no time and pull your dick out. You start to jack off while looking straight at your Asian doctor. To her credit Dr Chu remains professional. "Is this acceptable Dr Chu?"

"Yes, as I am an Asian woman if you feel the need to masturbate in my presence that is fine. I would encourage you to show some restraint but there's really nothing I or anyone else can do".

You smile to yourself and keep rubbing your dick. You thank your guardian angel that your job assigned you to Singapore. Hot oriental babes are literally everywhere. Yllw Fvr is the best thing that ever happened to you. Let's hope they never find a cure.

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