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You're Mine

"That bikini looks good on you, little girl," Came a voice over the phone that echoed loudly in the empty and quiet bathroom. The young girl on the other end of it looked directly at the phone, leaning against a shampoo bottle on the counter, pointing directly towards her.

"Thank you," Came a quiet reply in a girlish voice, sounding very nervous and unsure of herself.

"But," The man's voice continued, "It would look better on the floor, as would you, don't you agree, little girl?"

"Umm," The girl replied before being interrupted.

"Umm, what?"

"I don't know, maybe..."

"Maybe you're too little to think, hmm?"

"Maybe," The girl replied in little more than a whisper.

"Maybe you should let me decide for you. You're much too small to be making such big decisions, aren't you?"

"Yes..." She replied quietly again.

"Good girl. Now, why don't you remove your top and bottom and toss them aside," The man's voice deepened as he spoke, sounding more commanding, like a dominant father figure.


"That a girl. Strip for me, now," He demanded, lusting over this young, eighteen-year-old teenager who was standing in full view of her own phone, her whole delicious little body and cute face exposed to him. Soon, he thought, the rest of her would be exposed to him, too.

The shy teenager nodded back at the camera, gaining a little confidence from this older man's kind words and gentle praise. He was coaxing her on, and she knew it, but it still felt good to be wanted and desired. The nervous little voice in her head that was telling her to stop; to not show this stranger her body, the first time she had ever done so to another man, was slowly being silenced.

"That's a very good girl, little one," She heard him say as she reached behind her back and untied the strings of her top, letting them fall to the floor and revealing her very small, firm little breasts. The girl looked nervous to him and he said, "You're very pretty, little girl, very pretty indeed. Your little breasts are perfect."

The teenager's head perked up just a little bit. "You really think so...?" She asked nervously.

"Of course. They're small but they're perfect. I love those little, pink nipples you have... they would look lovely with some rings in them, too."

She smiled back at the camera, unable to see this man, but with hope in her mind that he was smiling back at her. "Thank you," She whispered as she nervously chewed on her bottom lip.

"Now, the bottoms are next, little girl, show me what your private parts look like," His voice suddenly shifted from gentle and loving to that commanding tone that shook the teen girl to her very core.

"Okay..." The girl replied as she reached down and grabbed the strings that secured her bottoms at both sides and began to unravel them. As they came undone, she removed her grip and watched as they fell to the floor alongside her top. She was now fully undressed and exposed to the man watching her on the phone.

"Such a pretty thing, aren't you, little girl?"

She nodded back.

"I'm glad you agree. Now, do you have what we discussed earlier?"

"Yes," Came a quick, quiet reply.

"Good girl, show me."

The teenager quickly left the room and the camera's view for a few moments before rushing back in and locking the door behind her. As she came back into view, the man could see in her hand a thin and fashionable collar, big enough for a small girl's neck. A small girl like the very one standing naked before him.

"Excellent," She heard him muse, "I want you to put it around your tiny neck and buckle it closed, little girl. Understood?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Say, 'Yes, Sir,' little girl," Came his instantaneous reply in that same harsh voice from before.

The nervous teenager swallowed and said, "Yes, Sir."

"Good girl, now, put the collar on. You have the other thing I sent you too, correct?"

The teen nodded back.

"Excellent. You're going to use it on the buckle, understood?"

"But you didn't send me a key..." The girl whined.

"No, I didn't. That's the point. Once you lock that collar around your pretty neck, you'll be my little girl until I decide to let you go," He explained happily, knowing he was mere moments from formally 'owning' this pretty teenage girl, "I know you need this, little girl. Don't think too much about it, just do it, and do it now."

The shaking girl slowly fixed the collar around her neck and fastened the buckle. She grabbed the lock from her other hand and slowly moved it towards the D-ring the buckle was secured too. She took a deep breath and considered for just a moment what this meant - that locking it meant she'd have to wear this forever... or until they met in person.

The man noticed her hesitation and began to get impatient. "You're overthinking it, little girl. Lock your collar to your neck and become mine. You know you want this, deep down. You've told me so many times before. You've cum to the mere thought of this fantasy happening to you countless times and begged me to make it real. Well, now it is real - so play your part and snap the lock closed. It's so simple. Just one little push and you're mine, little one."

The girl was terrified at the thought of it, but she found herself strangely turned on, too. She decided to take his advice and stop overthinking things. She quickly looped the padlock through the ring of the buckle and snapped it closed with an audible click that even the man on the other end of the phone could hear. She took a deep breath as she realized what this meant.

"That's a very, very good little girl. It's official now; you're mine. "

The young girl let those words sink in for a brief moment. 'You're mine.' As revolted as she assumed she would feel hearing them, truth be told, it felt very erotic. Almost pleasing, in a way. "Yes, Sir, I am..." Came her wispy reply.

"I'm glad you accept your place, little girl. Now, I want you to kneel, understand?"

"Yes, Sir," The teenager nodded as she dropped to her knees. The ceramic floor tiles felt hard and cold against her bare skin and it made her shiver, just a little.

"Good girl," The man's voice praised her from her phone, "You're learning. I think you're going to make a very obedient and good little pet for me, aren't you?"

She swallowed and looked at the camera, nodding.

"Good, now, put your hands between your legs. I want you to touch yourself."

"Yes, Sir," The young teen whimpered as she reached down with her left hand and let it run between her milky white thighs. She shuddered and let out a soft moan as her fingers made contact with her smooth mound. The eager teen slid one finger in and ran it up the length of her mound, enjoying her own sticky wetness. When her finger left her little crevasse, it was covered in a thick goo.

"Show me your finger," The man's voice commanded.

The girl raised her hand and put her finger in front of the camera eye on her phone. On the other end of the camera, the man looked happily at his phone screen. Her finger was coated in her juices - she was soaking wet for him!

"Mmm, you're soaked, little girl," He praised her before continuing, "Now lick your little finger clean, sweetie."

"But, I-" She tried to protest before he stopped her.

"But what, little girl? You are mine now, remember, and part of that means doing as your told, understood?"

The teen sighed out loud and nodded, "Yes, I understand."

"Good, now open your sweet little mouth and taste your juices, little girl."

The nervous girl nodded and lifted her finger to her face. She parted her lips just a little and slowly eased her soaking wet into her mouth. Once inside, she closed them around it and began to suck as though she were a baby with a pacifier. Though she was still a little repulsed by the act, she had to admit that it tasted not at all unpleasant. In fact, it tasted a little bit sweet.

"That's a good girl, baby, that's a really good girl," The man praised her, making her feel a little better about herself. "Tell me, how do you taste, little one?"

"Good, I guess? It's not as bad as I thought," She admitted honestly.

"Oh?" He said, sounding shocked but pleased, "Then how about you have another taste? Go on, little girl, do it for me."

The kneeling girl nodded and repeated the same routine. She slipped her finger inside her soaking pussy and withdrew it only to slide it back into her eager mouth where she would lick it completely clean. The man couldn't believe how much she seemed to enjoy it and how obedient she was already.

"That's it, little one. You're being very good, perhaps I should reward you and let you touch yourself."

The girl's head perked up and the man took notice and smiled.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? Go on, rub your little pussy," He coaxed her and he watched as she enthusiastically dove her tiny hand between her thighs and began to touch herself. A little smile appeared on her perfect face and she looked delighted.

"Feels good doesn't it?" The man asked and watched as she nodded back at him, "Keep being a good girl and perhaps I'll even let you cum... how long has it been, anyway? A week? Two?"

"Three," The girl, now panting a little, whispered back.

"Three weeks!" He gasped, "Oh my, that's such a long time for an eager little thing like you. I might just have to make that four..."

"Please, Sir, no!" The girl cried out, "I mean... please let me cum for you, I've been good, haven't I?"

The man smiled, relishing how desperate this insatiable little teenager was. "You have, that's true, I suppose." She looked at the camera with pleading eyes, as blue and sparkly as the shining sea, as the man continued, "But have you been good enough, hmm? I haven't had to punish you recently, so that's good, but you have to learn to earn your orgasms now, little girl. What will you do to earn it?"

"Anything," The girl suddenly spurted out, inching herself closer to an orgasm and feeling the desperate desire to finish burning within her.

"Anything?" He said, cocking his eyebrow on the other side of the camera, "You should be careful about making such a statement, little girl. You hardly know the levels of my depravity yet. These past few months have just been a test of sorts."

"A t-test?" She stammered as her mind ran amok of all the possibilities.

"Yes, little girl, a test. A test to see if you were worthy of me. And I'm happy to say you passed."

The teen smiled from the floor as she began to finger herself now, panting like the cute little pet she now was. "Thank you, Sir," came her quick response.

"You're welcome. Now, I'll tell you what, for being such a good girl today and accepting my collar without a fuss, I'll let you cum. Just this once. But the rules are changing after today, not only do you need my permission to cum, but you are no longer allowed to touch yourself either. Your body belongs to me now, and that includes that wet, eager little cunt of yours too, understand?"

"Yes, S-sir," The somewhat uneasy teen managed to say as she felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge.

"Good, girl. Now, I want to cum for me. Not another word, just focus on cumming, understand?" He asked sternly.

"Ye-," The girl started to say before stopping and correcting herself. Instead, she simply nodded at the camera.

"That was close, little one. That was almost a punishment... almost. Now, cum for me!"

The horny teenager nodded again and began to focus on her eager little cunt, fingering herself with two fingers and tracing small circles on her clit with her thumb. She used her other free hand to grope her tiny breasts and kneaded what little flesh she had, while occasionally pinching her pink nipples between two fingers. Her new Master goaded her on the entire time and she focused on his voice and pleasuring herself for him.

"Cum for me, little girl," His voice commanded over and over.

"Be a good girl and show me how much you want this, no, need this."

"You're such an obedient little pet," He continued to speak in short but potent sentences that were the gasoline to her tiny fire. It began to make her burn wildly and out of control, her knees trembled against the ceramic tile of the bathroom floor as she became increasingly unable to control herself. The teenager was mere moments away from exploding into a messy climax and eventually, she did, with a single utterance of three words from her new owner.

"You're mine, Mary."
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