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Your Best Friends Flower Ch. 02

The flower brilliantly gleams with an exotic sense to it, but now darkness looms over... his best friends flower.

With the tender touch of a goddess running rampant up and down the wash board of compacted well sculpted muscle, Clovis knew too well she was ensnared in the iron grip of his. The sharp edges of destruction would not let go. She was his at this point and not even that ringing of the obvious person calling could save her. Not even the thought of their relationship or the many pictures that hung about the house as if to remind her of what she had could break and shatter such a hex. The majestic of seduction worked both ways though and Clovis knew too well with the sudden reaction and touch down his drool worthy body that she longed to feel wanted. She desired to lust.

She wanted a real man and with this hunk before her she knew too well with a taste she'd go insane. Still, the phone rang and the number and name was quite visible, but he knew too ell she was hazed and lost in HIS wonderland to even care. With relative ease Clovis pressed the ignore area n the smart phone and planed the phone right on the side. Hell, the call was utterly ignored, why even answer at this point? Her word, the singular word of apology could not even mean a thing to the male that brought forth more bombardment in heat on her.

She was agaisnt the counter and he pressed onward both literally and figuratively; his mission quite easily ready to have full effects. Her touch, the lovely digits pressed and craving to maneuver farther and down foretold of the victorious task at hand. Now all that needed to seal the deal was a simplistic yet velvety... lip aching and tasty lip lock between the two. Between a woman in another relationship and the best friend of the one she cheated on. How dark.

How excruciatingly delightful this made Clovis feel. Wicked smirk spread within thy mind, but he kept strong. His lips moving with lust, each lip laced over her own as he drove that Adonis bod o his straight into her driving her straight up agaisnt the counter. Breasts, full and fir bust pressed with clear strain agaisnt his hard broad chest.

His hand's skillfully brought her forward now by the grip of her legs before wrapping her right around him. He man handled her up and off of the counter and right onto the table. HIS and HER table. Once there, the tongue action commenced. He allowed the muscle to swim through her heated tank of lust.

The cavern of pure ecstasy swashed with each glorified kiss he granted. How would she take herself out of this predicament? Would she adore the feeling? The manner he gripped and groped her; hands rubbing profusely up and down until the strong palms cupped and stroked her hips. There truly was no escape now. This was but merely the beginning too. Should she even break from this trance she would definitely ask for more.

Once you've gotten a taste of Netorare...they'd never be saved. Not even by the worried white knight in shining armor that, at this current juncture, raced to their home in hopes his beloved was safe and sound. Boy, if he knew just how safe she was. Safe and sound... in the arms of his best friend.

When he kissed her, its like her entire body ignited in flames. She spontaneously burst, fireworks exploding and sparks flying once his soft lips touched hers. Her fingers ran through his hair, aggressive nails digging in to pull him in closer. Their bodies brushing against each other was pure bliss, skin to skin in a wonderful tango that could only be defined as euphoria. They didn't dare break for a breath, only their lips and teeth hungry for the taste.

Slowly, her sweater slipped down her shoulder, revealing more of her skin for him to touch. Her body shook at the feel of his muscle against her. Pure marble sculpted by the greatest Gods. It was perfection, swimming in her brain and consuming her whole. For a brief moment, she broke their kiss. Lips still close, breath intertwined in a wonderful twist that caused her to sweat.

She bit down on her lip, wanting more of his taste but she knew. She knew that this wasn't right. His strong hands hoisted her up, legs wrapped around him and slamming her back down. Her back curved in a marvelous arch, soft sounds escaping her that would be closely identified as a moan. Her amethyst eyes watched him carefully.

The sweet caress of the rain didn't dare diminish his perfect image, skin perfected and eyes ablaze in the most seductive glow. Beatrice didn't say another word, even though she knew it was wrong. She couldn't remember his name. She couldn't remember why she fought so hard against this seduction. Like thunder, their lips crashed into each other again, hard and yearning for each other.

Her hips bucked forward, feeling him dig into her to feel what her eyes have been lingering near all night. She grunted, sound vibrating between them. Their tongues danced in a vicious fight for dominance, and yet, it wasn't a surprise that he kept winning. He was so gentle but she could feel how rough he could be. The way his hands pressed her down and his hips forced her to meet his. He was the definition of dominance and she couldn't help but melt into every pore, every silent demand. Even under this trap, she could still feel it.

She knew that this wasn't the man she almost dedicated her life to. Quickly, she pulled away, a shining string of saliva breaking between them. Their breaths were heavy, only intensifying the heat between them. It was hot, emotions flooding her entire body and thoughts haunting her. His eyes were on her again and she felt alive. She wanted to kiss him again, but she tried not to give into it.

"We shouldn't," she whispered.

"This.. isn't..."

The words were on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to say it but she couldn't. As she continued to stare into his eyes, she felt herself falling deeper into the trap. If she kissed him now, she knew that she wouldn't come back. She wouldn't tell him to stop.

If she had the strength to push him away now, she would just walk away like it never happened. And yet... His lips were there. They were calling her name and begging her to stay. Slowly, she inched closer. Her legs ran up his waist, pulling herself closer to his crotch. The bulge of his heat made her body curve, ravenous for his entire body.

Her fingers ran through his beautiful golden locks, caressing them like it was an absolute treasure. She ruffled the style, raindrops touching her and running down to her wrist and forearm. Finally, as her eyes shifted from his lips to his wonderful green, hypnotizing her. This was it. She couldn't go back. She captured his lips again, enjoying the scrumptious taste that led to her newfound addiction. It was the salty taste of the rain and just the natural elegance. Closer, she kept coming in closer, tongues dancing and limbs together in a wonderful twist that formed them into one. In the back of her mind, she could hear those words that she tried to utter.

This is wrong... They shouldn't be doing this... What about – the boy... What about him? She couldn't possibly remember his name and after being consumed by his delectable being. His scent; his taste; his sensual entity that made her head spin. Teeth gnawed against his bottom lip, grazing against the skin to acquire more of him. Deeper, she was under his spell and as it began to take its effect, she didn't care about the thoughts. She knew this was wrong and she didn't fucking care. The feeling between them was burning, igniting into a wonderful flame of pure ecstasy and wonder of how far they can go.

Breaking their kiss, she watched him. The yearning stare between them was full of mystery. What was next? How many positions can be achieved on this very table? How many times can she scream his name? Beatrice brushed her nose against his, lips lingering for just another kiss. She pulled away, not for another protest, but for her freedom. Slowly, her sweater was off, thrown into the corner.

The strap of her bra was sliding down her shoulder, slightly revealing the clandestine plumpness of her bosom. Fingers once again touched the perfect sculpt of his muscle, touching every single detail. She caressed every indent, almost shaking at the utter perfection. Lower, Beatrice's eyes followed her fingers, touching the intricate detail of his belt. She loosened it for just a bit, his jeans sliding along with the weight of how damp it was from the rain. Yes, this was wrong.

Yes, she knew whatever-his-name-was wouldn't approve. This wasn't the relationship she worked for. But, still, it felt so damn good. With that final thought, she pulled the belt out from its loops, watching as his jeans were slowly beginning to give in. She tossed the belt aside, giving him a coy little smirk.


She cooed, watching the longing in his eyes and almost shaking underneath its intensity.

The ruining of what was once a thing had begun with a simple kiss between two that were not lovers. The bow had been untied at this point as tender lips greeted and ached for yet another traversing up, down, and ALL over the lips. The tugging from her perfectly manicured digits brought him further into a blissful road he knew he wasn't going to leave from. He'd take her with him, and judging from how she oscillated in succession with his advancements she was as good as his.

An adventurous hand brought to her body as their skin to skin conflict caused ignition beyond belief. How grandiose, how delightful; He savored all of it. It was then their trek beyond boundaries ceased. A breaking of the two would cause Clovis to smirk ever so devilishly and gaze down at her. How would she resist it? Will she desire to kiss again? The answer came with great celerity in it's vehement nature.

He knew she knew this was all wrong, but god was it exciting. He knew she was thrilled for such a ride, though not the proper ride just yet, the kiss would seal the deal nonetheless. Once again, with her hoisted on the counter, something Mark wouldn't dare even do, Clovis and the wicked Beatrice engaged in lip wrestling and tongue tangling. Bucking down onto him the precious girth clandestine his pants would buck forward into her in return granting her a wonderful sensation only he could grant her. The long, tick, and hefty amount of dick that had done it's job in tempting would commenced with the feeling this time.

Not eying, but feeling. How arrogant and bold of him, even with the embedded tip pressing and teasing her so he'd show the true colors of a woman yearning for a good dicking.

With the juncture as if slowing, Clovis comfortably massaged her further with he mammoth cock, his exploration of her mouth, and of course the burly hands clutching at her hips whilst rubbing. The demands were surely there in the form of the blond deity that stood before her and this elated him further; hardened him to a point he knew naught. Once more, someone or something dragged her away from what she truly wanted. The string ever so visible sending shivers up and down his spine. He gazed, the thought process of simply reeling her in once again illuminating like a light bulb within his mind.

Though, after she spoke, it would seem she needed no reeling in anymore. Alas, she had met him again and before she had done so he allowed a string of words to leave his set,

"mmfff, baby, you've been waiting to be handled like his, huh?"

Staring, the two had once more lost each other in one another. This blissful feeling was all but adorable, but she knew what she wanted and the man that stood before her would give it to her ten fold. Whether adorable or not, he'd have her sprawled on the counter, on the table behind, doggy style on the couch, in a shower, even while Mark slept. Yes, RIGHT on the bed beside him. Clovis would grant her all these adventures and he;d begin with her last stand crumbling like dust and withering away. Once against he planted full lips into him, pelvis meeting his own.

Once more the driving dick digging up against her. The tongues frolicked within their mouths, a hint of heat breathed out with their opening causing such pleasure. The actualization that she would discard what she had before this for something oh so exhilarating was well documented and taken to a liking. Further the duo would stroll on this road of betrayal and without a peep, although not yet, Clovis would continue to make an addict out of her.

Finally things would broil over. Her sweater, as much of a pain it was, no longer remained. Instead, large full bust peaked and greeted the starving male before her. Though they were set for another crash course of a kiss, she pulled away and granted such a lovely picture for him. Clovis ran his lips across his lower and upper then ran those hands up her sides until he weighed the large breasts by their sides which allowed them to push up creating more cleavage than necessary.

She did the same, tracing dainty hands up and down his sculpted form. It was then she would surprise him. The belt was taken right off and due to weight in dampness, the pants fell. Though they fell slowly, every inch and mouth-watering muscle would now be on display all in slow-motion. THE V line slowly would ensnare her view. Then came the shaven top of his girth and finally long behold, that juicy, veiny, and THICK cock sprang up with authority. The tip gazing up at it's target, the lovely Beatrice. He gave it a glance then back up at her only to latch his lips agaisnt her neck whispering in the process.

"You've been wanting to see my cock, haven't you? Heh, I guess Mark never told you how all my exes LOVED this long dick. How I've stirred them so good. I made sure to let him know... why? Simply, because his girlfriend would know the dominance that is I."

Clovis ripped one side of her bra down, full lips soon snatching the nipple and swirling tongue over it. Would she grab a hold of the dick? Soon enough, the fireworks will go off and as they begin they'd be interrupted, but right now, the sensation commenced. Sucking, fondling on the other end, and throbbing down below he knew one thing. He WANTED her.

It's as if her entire body ignited; flames and all bursting and consuming her whole when he touched her. Her body was the heat and his fingertips working so intricately on her body was the ice. Chilling, freezing until she was shaking and practically begging for more of him. Eyes stared longingly into one another, knowing that they should stop. They shouldn't be doing this.

Now, even if Beatrice pleaded for him to wait; to stop and just think for a moment, she still couldn't even utter his name. The name of the man she claimed to love. All she wanted to say his name. This sculpted art of a man. She hoped his name would burn in her throat and ingrain in her memory.

Over and over; until her voice was hoarse and pleading. Slowly, her gaze followed it. The denim of his jeans heavy due to the rain, sliding down so seductively. It almost teased her, heart pumping and drowning her senses. She was hypnotized by it from the start, licking her lips at the idea of what was next. That deep, scrumptious V calling for her, almost preparing her for what was to come. And yet, nothing could prepare her for this masterpiece that only a god could wield.

She gasped at the sight, adrenaline pumping in her veins that it almost made her shake. Her fingers pressed against her palms, nails digging into the skin as she yearned for the taste of him. At the same moment he looked up at her, he stared longingly at her. Breasts full, still aching from his previous touch. Once his lips pressed hard against her neck, she groaned softly, back arching at the sensation of his lips on her tickled skin. He was right.

She was waiting for a man to handle her like this. She was waiting for a build to be pressed against her petite frame, exclaiming its dominance. She yearned for the sight of a strong, tempting, delicious dick that she couldn't wait to taste. His whispers on her neck made her ache, shaking at the feeling of him on her and wanting her. She could feel it in her bones. Fuck, she wanted him, too.

Her mind was too clouded in absolute lust. She was officially trapped. She was all his. Grinning so coyly at his words, she pushed his hips into her to feel more of his girth. The tip of his hot cock brushed against her inner thigh; the thin fabric of her panties not enough to protect her from this pulsing intruder.

Lips pressed softly against his cheek, moving down to his neck as he explored her own skin. She whispered into his own skin, watching goosebumps form and hairs curl underneath the sensation.

"I want that cock to do more than stir me up, baby..."

She cooed, giving him a devious little grin. Then, it happened, crashing into her like explosions clouding her entire judgement. This was it. She was going in deeper and she wasn't going to get out of this any time soon.

She could hear the fabric of her bra caving in to his grip, almost ripping at the sheer force of his absolute hunger for her. Loud, begging to be heard throughout the entire neighborhood, she moaned his name. Sweet, like absolute honey as it slipped from her mouth. It would wrap around him, just as intoxicated in her as she was in him. His wet cavern trapping her areola made her cringe with delight, moan after delicious moan slipping away and calling for him. Without hesitation, as if by instinct and pure hunger, her fingers wrapped his thick cock.

It was throbbing against her touch and so deliciously warm that it was almost irresistible. Slowly, taunting him for more of her, she began to stroke. Smooth, clean strokes that made her feel every detail of him. Slow; every stroke tantalizing to the touch, feeling how this long dick melted in between her fingers. Reaching his tip, she massaged the sensitive area, caressing his slit for more of his sticky sweet to coat her fingers.

Her mouth almost watered at the thought of tasting him; how sweet he could taste and how wonderful that dick would slide along her tongue and kiss the back of her throat.


She whispered, lost in the thought of him and the feeling of how he handled her body. This was no longer a fire igniting her bones. There were fireworks, booming and lighting up her entire being that didn't make her think. She never hesitated nor did she pause and desperately think of the others name. She only gave in. That's all she could do.

Fingers and body parted from him, watching him become enveloped in all of her. A thin string of saliva kissed his lips, swinging down from the succulent morsels that she just had to kiss it away. Her lips pressed against his so subtly; soft and sweet that it was couldn't have been classified as a kiss. Her tongue caressed his bottom lip, tasting him and the faint sweetness of her breast. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra, throwing it off to the side to join the other tousled clothing. Her breasts were full, nipples brushing against his sculpted chest.

Every curve of her was exposed to him, craving for his touch. The only thing that stopped from taking in her whole body was a small piece of fabric clinging to her hips.

"Let me taste more of you~"

She whispered against his lips, breath intertwining and becoming one. Slow, movements so slow that she hoped to drive him crazy. Lips kissed his neck while the tip of her tongue traced every vein, nibbling there until she left her mark. Hands cradled him, pressing into his hips to come closer and teasing the authoritative cock demanding her attention. Fingertips brushed against it, dainty fingers cool to the touch of his heat.

Lips finally found his chest, teeth gnawing there mercilessly, wanting to feel his skin under her control. Bodies moved closer, pressed without any form of space stopping them from meeting. Down to his precious muscle, marble against her soft petals. And, as she finally lowered herself from that intoxicating V, she found his cock kissing her lips.
Juicy, full tip coating her rose petals in his delicious sweet. Obsessed with the taste of his oozing cum, she licked her lips for more of it. Lips wrapped around him, eyes rolling in the back of her skull. She bobbed her head down, trying to take him all in but she couldn't possibly consume all of him. Her tongue teased his sensitive tip, caressing his slit as her fingers massaged his heavy balls.

Her amethyst eyes looked up at him, yearning for his reactions. She wanted his fingers entangled in her hair, forcing her down. She wanted his cock forced down her throat, gagging until she begged him for breath. Beatrice smiled at the thought, only teasing him now as her tongue worked down his thick base.

Lewd! Truly exotic in a sense that even the deities up above would harden with such a scene befalling the. Even they would grow impatient and ignited by the flames of lust, as Beatrice had. There was but one way to quench the lava-esque flaming veil of lust and that was utter euphoria by properly and sensually ravaging the woman before the Adonis like man. She desired to have his name engraved in her mind, well she'd have that plus more embedded into her very memoir. She'd even have a phenomenal dick pillaging her to the point of ahegao. Something that worthless best friend of Clovis could not achieve in a million of years.

Finally, the containment no longer held back the hefty and heavy amount of mouth-watering meat he held between his legs. A gargantuan hunk of raw dick far beyond any other man, far above her lover's meager seven inches,, now stood with pride and vigor coursing through the veins that proposed strength and outright godliness. Such a cock could easily cause one to cum with just one hell of an ass jiggling thrust and thorough graze agaisnt each and every detail of pussy. The manner she had eyed it was priceless. A child at a candy store, or better yet, a deprived woman seeing dick for the first time.

"You love what you see?"

He huskily breathed, the breath teasing ever so genuinely at the neck before the vampiric gnaw at her neck drew to a sensual suction once more marking her. This tantalizing did not cease. As he played his cards, she did so as well. Grinding, gyrating, and feeling every single inch that throbbed with authority under her. Hips met once more, the dick sliding with each motion and granting such a delightful sensation.

Her words beckoned for ore than just a stir and he was more than willing to grant that to her. Why wouldn't he? His goal was a waterfall of bliss, halcyon achieved with how he was going to manhandle her. Surely, she desired this by the mannerisms she had taken with traces of digits on his muscular form and the coy smile she granted. Next came the wave, the breaking point he knew never honestly existed. Why hadn't it existed before now? Simple, upon a single glance, he knew she was bad. SHE knew he was bad, and the flames of eternal lust could not be tamed easily.

So instead, he spread it unto her. With a single glance, he'd corrupt the very flower that his best friend held dear engulfing it in flames she will and could only quell by riding and being fucked by a dick just like his.

Not a word exited his lips for they were too preoccupied with her nipple. A hand sensually gripped at her hip as the tongue fiddled, swirled, and flicked at the hardened nub. Teeth pressed firmly at the top and bottom before they pulled slightly in such a playful manner. The waves of heat commencing to heighten with each passing juncture. While he toyed with her mouthful of breast, she snatched the heavy and corpulent dick. In her hand he certainly felt the heat rising, the dick hardening.

It was so exhilarating. Once more, she broke yet another imaginative line this time grabbing hold of a cock that wasn't Marks. Thing was, she'd never let go once the true fun would begin. Her work managed wonders to flourish through his mind. From the working of the tip to the inch by inch of proper strokes, he was delighted she could handle this so far.

Though Clovis was blessed with this heat, it all ended right there and then. He wasn't surprised though, what came next foretold of their next venture. The male slurped her up, kissing in return and allowing her to perform the next course of their sensual scene.

Now, her full bust in all their glory could be eyed. Picture perfect, ample, and milky mounds for the taking, HIS taking stood before him for but a minute before they met with his chest. God this had him throbbing and waving with each twitch. The twitching wouldn't end there though. With the the dispatching of fabric to the tone she took with him, he knew he was in for a wild ride with this deprived woman.

Just as she tickled and kissed his neck, the male stood there enjoying every single gift of seduction she showered him with. A king before his newly made Queen. Like the Queen she was, her mark would be left upon his neck and he had no complaints. Next came her junket to his chest as she gnawed with intentions of causing more throbbing. She certainly got it for he eyed without moving his head. How hot.

Another mans woman on hr knees and readily speaking the tunes of lust and betrayal. Those observant set of his soon clenched with might upon her euphoric kiss to the bulbous and equally as meaty helmet. With greed she soon took him fully. At this moment... things had gotten quite hotter. Mark had finally come home, Clovis could see the car lights just outside. Would he stop this?
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