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Your Best Friends Flower Ch. 03

The flower brilliantly gleams with an exotic sense to it, but now darkness looms over... his best friends flower. Perhaps there's an illumination soon to be shed; or perhaps it will be snuffed out. Only time will tell.

Would Clovis stop this?

The answer was clear.

Crystal Clear. No, he wouldn't.

Instead, he clutched at her golden locks and began pumping that good good dick into her mouth. Though he forced her, he wanted to see just how much she wanted it, so he taunted,

"Mmfff, Suck like you've never sucked before."

This would have her occupied, right? Clovis, instinctively brought her clothes and his own and hid them within the lower cabinet of the kitchen sink, in the process he moved slowly, but surely to where he was facing now opened fridge. The door... well that door acted as a cover for what truly was going on. A marvelous blow job that had Mark's woman on her knees being tested. How would she react with Mark's now entering and looking around for his lover?

"Yo, Clovis, bro, where's Beatrice? I've been calling for awhile now. Is she alright?"

Clovis could only smirk, a smirk only she knew, all the while he gripped tighter at her locks, bit at his lower lip at how she sucked him, and answered.

"Oh... Jesus, Mark.. you know she's damn well good. You know I wouldn't let anything happen to her. I'd take good... mmmff, care of her. Trust me. Although... mmm Jesus... that feels good." Clovis paused and Mark raised a brow shaking his head.

"Damn it, Clovis, can you not jerk off while you're here and just tell me where she's at?"

Clovis smirked devilishly looking down at where she truly was before he lied.

"Right... mmff... Right, jerking off. Anyways, she said she would be going to a friends house, not sure where. She said she just didn't wanna be in the house with me... I dunno... Not sure if she's good in the head or what, but yeah..."

How cruel, even the mere mention of head caused him to throb and slosh him dick in her mouth.

Irresistible. The moment her lips touched him, she couldn't possibly get enough of him. It was an intoxicating taste, close to chocolate but much more addicting. Far better than a drug but just as exhilarating as heroin running through her veins. A new high that she didn't want to escape from and she desperately hoped she didn't have to.

Amethyst eyes craved for his gaze, watching him writhe underneath her touch and wet cavern. Her tongue would slide down his thick base, tasting him and the oozing drip of his stickily sweet. The way he gnawed his bottom lip made her cringe in delight, wanting more of his reactions. She slowly closed her eyes and indulged in his taste, so excruciatingly delicious that she couldn't stop. She bobbed her head down, hoping to take him all in, feeling him at the back of her throat.

His addicting cock constricting her breath, saliva dripping down to make him extra juicy to where his taste was practically driving her wild. Lips parted with him for just one moment, fingers stroking him so carefully. She wanted to feel every vein, every single detail of this thick cock that she could barely wrap her fingers around. Fingertips delicately teased his tip, watching his slit ooze that delicious cream that almost made her mouth water. His sweet cum kissed her fingers, the sticky feeling seeping in between her fingers to cause her slippery grip around his well-endowed meat.

Her lips were just about to meet with him again, wanting more of his taste swirling on her tongue. Then, she heard him. Her heart began to pound heavily, blocking out almost all of her senses. A voice brought her back. It wasn't the devilishly delicious voice that she's been hearing all night. It was his and she couldn't help but remember his name now.


She remembered now. She remembered how his voice made her feel, like light bursting inside of her that made her heart soar. She wanted to look at him but she knew that if she blew her cover, it would be over. Beatrice could only hear his voice for now, hearing the subtle worry in his voice when he asked for her. Silent words were cursed under her breath, knowing that what she was doing was wrong.

She was on her knees for another man. Her tongue had kissed his flesh and her body had yearned for more than just a touch. Eyes wandered, finding this golden God above her with his devious smirk. The smirk that only she could know, tricking his own best friend with pretty words that he could barely utter. Her fingers still wrapped around him, strokes slow and mouth craving him that she could have sworn it was watering.

She listened to them, body almost frozen and it wasn't due to the cold breeze blasting behind her back. This was chilling her right to the bone... And she liked it. This feeling made her feel absolutely alive. She couldn't explain it. Something had come over her and it was exhilarating. She knew that confessing now would be the right thing.

She could beg and plead Mark to forgive her. She could do whatever he wanted if it meant that they could still be together. And yet, that was incredibly boring. If she wanted to have some fun, she would keep quiet. If she wanted more of his reactions, she would keep going. Her back arched at the feeling of his strong fingers running through her hair, gripping those golden locks and forcing her down. His cock constricted her breath again, hoping to keep quiet at how she gagged, desperately hoping for a chance to breathe.

Beatrice knew that just a few steps away was the supposed love of her life. Just a few steps away, he could come and catch her in the act. She just couldn't stop, addicted. More than addicted just undoubtedly intoxicated by everything that was this great Adonis. The way he moaned so subtly under his breath made her skin crawl, bumps tickling her and causing her to shake.

Slow, her tongue moved so slowly against him, careful to not make any noises of her own. A few sounds escaped her but it was only for him. She whispered his name, telling him how absolutely delicious he was. So soft and subtle that she knew Mark wouldn't even bother to depict the sound. This wonderful Adonis continued to force her on his dick, wanting her all over this scrumptious morsel while he lied straight to his friend's face. How exciting! Slow, wide circles around his head, sliding underneath him to it met with his THICK base.

Fuck, the taste of him was unlike any other. It was so sweet but there was this saltiness that she couldn't resist. She let his cum settle in her mouth. The moment he looked down at her with that villainous smirk, she let it trickle down. The sweet liquid dripping down, coating her chin in his seed until she finally swallowed. Her lips puckered so deliciously around him, hoping to suck him dry and have nothing but his moans of pleasure.

She wanted the satisfaction of hearing the pop as her lips parted from him, but she tried to keep quiet. He didn't have any intention of being caught if he lied to Mark like that and he seemed like he was enjoying himself. Might as well let him relish in this feeling. Her full breasts were exposed now that the restriction of her bra was pushed aside. Her nipples caressed his skin, brushing them purposely against his juicy cock.

Beatrice held them up, letting her milky chest became coated in his juices. Her saliva dripped but the stickiness was from his oozing tip, causing her to glisten in the fluorescent lighting. His cock fit so perfectly in between her breasts, watching it twitch and feeling the impressive muscle throb against her. She smiled so devilishly, tongue slowly caressing the intricate detail of such an amazing sex. Her breasts moved slow as well, stroking him so carefully that she hoped he was about to go crazy.

No noise escaped her yet, hoping that Mark wouldn't suspect a thing, seeing as she was supposedly at a "friend's house." Amethyst eyes watched him carefully, knowing that he stumbled on his words and mumbled at how great it all felt. She wanted more. She hoped that he would barely be able to utter even a single word. They both knew that this was bad that this shouldn't be happening right in front of their friend and lover.

However, they both didn't seem to care. They only cared about the feeling. The ecstasy that engulfed her entire being and controlled her to do something this cruel. She wanted to show him. She wanted Mark to see just how bad she can be how a girl should truly be handled under the dominance of a man. Beatrice hoped he knew that she wanted Clovis more than anything and the guilt wouldn't stop her.

The thought of it all thrilled her.

Her strokes became faster, but still no audible sound that would disturb Mark's judgement. Her tongue pressed harder, hoping to get all the taste she craved for. Her supple breasts felt so soft in comparison to his hard physique in between them. Her nipples were stiff, caressing him with every stroke in hopes that he could melt against the feeling and have ingrained into his memory. Beatrice teased his twitching cock with her tongue some more, finding his oozing pre-cum dripping oh-so-deliciously as it coated her lips in a sweet glaze.

A soft moan escaped, hoping that Mark wouldn't hear the vivacious siren that was hidden behind the door. The way he gripped at her hair made her cringe, shaking with absolute hunger for him to run those strong hands all over her body. His grip was tight, dominating her into consuming this juicy cock for her own hunger. Their eyes met for another moment before he had to turn his attention to Mark.

Face already coated in his pre-cum and lips ravenously latched to his dick like a true addict. Her heart was still racing and she loved the adrenaline pumping in her veins at the thought of being caught by her supposed lover. As their gaze broke, she finally closed her eyes and let his cock reach the back of her throat, breasts full and stroking.

Clovis could tell by the look on her visage that she had found something way more addicting than what HE had to offer. Whether it was a drug, a delightful and delicious piece of candy, or the pleasurable and mouth watering fruit in the end she'd find herself drooling for what gargantuan of a cock he had. His gem like orbs gawked down upon her own set of amethyst wonder. Lost, yet found by sanity for a good manipulator had to keep it fully active.

How else would this game of theirs commence without the brains active and running. Then came the lascivious sounds of mouth watering and slurping up dick. This was the thing though, this cock that stood proudly and largely was not of Mark's. This was none other than Clovis. A man that arrived here on this very day and within it conquered all obstacles placed before him.

It wasn't like those barricades were anything worth while, anyhow. They, in turn, were quite easy to demolish and proof would be the busty blonde head woman that once believed in love for another yet found love in being seduced by another. Tonight, Clovis certainly had plans to outright dominate her to the point where he'd fuck her so good her legs would and could only give out under her. Stir her up so good, she'd drool for more with just the thought of Clovis.

But of course, all of that had been tarnished by the arrival of Mark. Still, Clovis had enjoyed every last bit of pleasure she ha provided even after she had halted, that exhilaration beckoned for more wild and provocative actions to be taken.

"A friends house, huh? I'm going to assume it's Lacey's house, considering she's having a baby soon and her husband or boyfriend or whatever left her. I'll go check the house out. I'll be back in like ten minutes. If you hear anything from her, let me know. Cool?"

The oblivious Mark stated, moving away from the frame and out the door once again. Poor sap didn't realize she was there this entire time and judging from how she had wrapped, slathered, and smothered his dick between her breasts, she wasn't going to let up. Not at all. Before Mark made his trip out, Clovis found himself watching her behavior, her distinct mannerisms, and how she outright desired his cock.

The veiny, towering, and fat dick before her, ever so heavy with meaty delight, throbbed for her and only her. Sure the fridge's col waves was enough to cause any heat to fall, but their heat, that was to the max. There was no cooling down and judging from how she watered at the mouth, quite frankly both sets of lips doused with drool, he knew she comprehended the situation and what she deeply wanted.

To be fucked by another man. To be dominated; breasts tossed, rubbed, twisted, and squeezed. A sense of vigor and overpowering only Clovis could provide. With subtle moans even while Mark stood there 'thinking' Clovis was jerkin off set the scene ablaze. Now, Mark had given up his ground and the opportunity to find out right there and then that his loyal lover wasn't so loyal after all. Down on her knees, mouth dripping and soon enough wrapping about the large meat that commenced it's hefty throbs of life and strength.

Now the adventure of a life time begun. The blond ventured down the rabbit hole, down the veiny, smooth, long, and hunk of mammoth dick She had begun where she fell upon, the shroom oh so lively and ready to set her buds aflame with one taste. The blond then traversed own a path so smooth, wide and hard the veins could even be discerned. What a dirty tongue she had for even now, as her own lover once stood there, she whispered another mans name.

This caused a throttling throb. This caused the shroom helmet to flare up with more power; more vigor. No doubt Clovis hart raced, but it wasn't for fear of being caught. It was for the exhilaration he had brought or the both of them. The observing devilish Cheshire of a cat now cast his gaze upon her.

Ever green lush set of eyes gawked intently and what he saw was the act of swallowing cum right before his eyes. Mark had already made his way at this point, shutting the car door and zooming off to Lacey's home. Just as he had make his way full breasts pillowed and rubbed him down. Supple breasts, large, and warm certainly had him sweating with the sweltering of sex dawning upon them.

"God, this feels so good."

He whispered seductively, throbbing for her lips for the tip even touched the lower lip. This was just a precursor of how long he was, and god would she be driven hay wall if he had inserted himself into her. The manner of her jerking, slathering, and warmth had caught him off guard, but ultimately he loved it. BOOM.

The door had resounded and off Mark was with concern riding his back. It was at this point Clovis pounced. She was tender, ready for more, and most likely juiced down below. With great power, he slipped his dick from between her breasts and mouth with a pop before giving her a few thrusts, then picked her up by the blond locks, shifted her after slamming the fridge shut, raised a leg, and with precision he drove the fat hunk of meaty head between her.

The rub was somewhat rough, the dickhead spread her lower garment teasing some, back and forth back and forth as he wanted to feel her wetness. At this moment Clovis brought hand to her full bust, groping and rolling before the other hand slid down her lower wardrobe so that the dick slid her panties aside. The sequence was mind blowing. It went form that large cock rubbing her down with her panties int he way to skin on skin. Clovis pressed further, the pussy soon kissing down on the large head as it threatened to enter her.

It was until Mark had arrived earlier than expected. Clovis grunted yet kept the rubbing of her pussy at a devilish slow yet eager pace. Would they be caught at this point? Clovis wouldn't dare allow it, but how would she react?

There was his voice, begging for her to come back to him. The memories that they once shared were drowning in her subconscious and there was a piece of her that tried to relive them. Hearing his voice made her shake, almost backing away from Clovis and revealing herself before he would leave in their lie. Almost. Somehow, she couldn't and that small piece of her conscious slowly withered away.

It was gone and she only trusted her instinct; her absolute want for this man right before her. She didn't think about any memory; she didn't dare utter his name and reveal herself to beg him for forgiveness. She wasn't going to apologize for this because this is truly what she wanted. Her amethyst eyes watched the green-eyed God before her, his lips twitching ever-so slightly from the feeling of her own on his throbbing girth. His lies were so easy, slipping off of the tongue as if it were the truth.

She could tell that he's done this before, waltzing into someone's life and watching it all crumble before his strong, steady hands. She wasn't his first victim and, somehow, she wasn't bothered by it. She just knew that right here and now, she was his and he was hers. There was nothing that could stop them. Not even her lover and his own best friend. She couldn't even begin to say his name – the man she betrayed – and she didn't care.

As he left, convinced of his lie, she met his eyes again as he watched her handle his cock with absolute care. Hard, she pressed her tongue into the veiny muscle, fingers delicately wrapping around to stroke him slowly. He was still in between her breasts, reveling in her soft, plump skin. The tip of her tongue swirled around his engorged head, caressing the under carriage of where the foreskin met and his spurting slit.

She could already taste his sweet nectar, small drops dripping down her lips and her tongue so slowly savoring it all. Gasping and slightly wincing in pain from his sudden grab of her hair, her back curved in an unexpected chill from her sizzling skin being pressed against the fridge. Their eyes never left each other, locked and yearning from their reactions. The blonde-haired vixen nibbled down on her lip, her body craving for him to come closer. And so he did.

Beatrice gasped, a soft sound escaping her as his hips bucked into her own. Her hand slammed into the refrigerator door behind her, trying to claw into something, anything! His bare cock teased her mound, feeling it throb against her as it demanded her attention and access into her wet slit. She tried to speak but the only sounds that managed to escape were moans, slight whimpers as he grinded into her. She broke their gaze, burrowing her face into the nape of his neck.

His sweat coated his beautiful skin, the smell of rain still on him that it made her smile. Lips, trembling and still wet from his cum, kissed his skin so gently that she pressed further to bite him. Her teeth dug into him, wanting to leave her mark for the night. Just as he had the intentions to make her shake with absolute desire, she wanted him to remember her for just one moment. Whether it be the imprint of her teeth or the alluring glint in her eyes, she wanted this in his memory.

As he inched just a little closer, the fridge trembled behind her. The soft moans finally stopped, her voice booming throughout the home as she winced in pleasure. Beatrice tried to mask them, gnawing at her lip as he continued to tease her. Her hips started to move on their own, forming tight, small circles to lure him in further.


She whispered, begging him to fulfill his promise. Stir her up real good and make her absolutely weak afterwards. Not even the thought of him and this wrongful doing could stop her now, she was completely under his spell and she didn't regret it. As their hips continued to grind against each other, teasing and waiting for who would break first, she parted from his neck.

Their eyes locked again, finding his glazed emerald that absolutely made her tremble. Nothing about this man was imperfect – he embodied sex and he made her feel so alive, devious with just a simple glance. Her arms wrapped around his neck, lifting herself onto him as her legs clung to his waist. This made her come closer, feeling him slightly slip inside of her with ease.
She knew there was more to come but she couldn't help but whisper his name. Her sweet moan filling the room, the heat boiling her skin as she dug her nails into him.

Closer, she staring deeply into him, their lips brushed. She could feel his breath intertwining with her own. It smelled sweet, just as crisp as the dewy air outside. With another bite of her lip, there was a voice that did one last attempt in talking her out of this, but nothing could stop her. Her nails traveled slowly behind his neck, tickling his skin and running her fingers through his hair.

This was it. No turning back now. Beatrice gave him a devious smile, slowly tilting her head to meet his lips. Soft, scrumptious and dominant, he immediately took control of her. She couldn't help it, moving her hips forward as she was the first to give into him. Her mouth opened in absolute awe, gasping and moaning into his breath as his cock entered her.

Her hips started to shake, no longer forming her usual tight circles to lure him in. She knew there was more and she tried to brace herself for it, but this is all she could ever want. He felt so amazing, hands on her body and dominating her into complete submission for his own pleasure. She was all his, even though it wasn't written, it was just this moment that proved that she didn't belong to anyone but this sex-fueled desire.

As she leaned in for another kiss, she could hear it. The slam of a car door and footsteps inching closer to the home. She gasped, not from desire, but from complete shock. The voice in her head couldn't help but gloat and she was completely frozen. It was him. He was here and she couldn't stop him. Her eyes shot toward the door and then back at Clovis, pursing her lips.

"He's here..."

She whispered, stating the obvious as if that would make her feel better. She couldn't help but form a smile, completely amused by all of this.


That's all she could say afterwards, whether it was because Clovis was sinking further into her or because she knew that they would eventually get caught, she didn't know. She just knew that her adrenaline was sky high and she didn't move an inch, almost as if she wanted him to see her in all this glory. She wanted him to know, and still, she looked at Clovis. She urged him to thrust so wildly into her, in front of him, still asking,

"What do we do~?"

The deepest and darkest of corners could not go described as the former after the sabotage and betrayal that had occurred right before the rue owner of the home it happened within. Mark had been gone and even then the thick and long cock of this 'best friend' of his remained outward, throbbing for attention it certainly attained from none other than the best friends lover. How crude, how dark. The art of Netorare surely came with a title that most would come to comprehend as time progressed; and that was KING.

Clovis was exactly that, King of Netorare and right here and now he revealed it to the world; although not a soul knew of his extravagant accomplishment of turning his own best friends girlfriend into a wanting and waiting, hungry and determined woman. Sick! Demented, one would claim this, but Clovis found this to be quite the opposite. To him, this as glorious and exciting and with the teal set of orbs on this Adonis shifting down to HIS lover, he could gather she also loved this feeling.

Euphoric, felt his cock between mounds of flesh and betwixt hungry lips. Her eyes even attempted to devour his very own set of orbs, and still he kept up the pleasurable and tasty morsel of pre-juices. This was but a facade for what would come next. With the shutting of the refrigerator door came the dominance of a true man.

Up and into the fridge he had her pinned, scorched bod meshing well agaisnt one another; as they should when moments away from an all out session. Like carnivores, the two slipped tongues and lip agaisnt each other. As she dug her teeth into his neck, he dug hands into her apple shaped ass, securing her position. He grinded with absolute force; that of a savage ready to pulverize it's dinner.

ven she grinded agaisnt him and this allowed for a moan to escalate from his maw. Something that would surely have her riled up even more. The course seemed to have ignited her even further as she teased and rolled pussy agaisnt what she desired. He smirked all the while. THIS was the pinnacle of seduction and outright pleasure, and with the long, thick, veiny, and ardent cock being teased as such, he knew sooner or later she'd want the whole thing right away.

After she had brought legs to constrict around him, next came the constriction of deliciously puffed out and wet cunt right around that fat club for a cock of his.


shroom and fat head of his had completely vanished within her. Surely he knew there was WAAAAY more to the incredible dick he had on him. He smirked with delight giving her yet another inch. Then another, whilst she remained agaisnt him. At this point, should anyone gaze at the scenery, one would be able to see just how much was left of dick to inject her with.

Her pleading in the word 'please' allowed yet a third inch of meaty pleasure, but that was as far as it had gone. That was as far as Clovis had embedded, for the remainder came with her desire.


The dick allowed an astonishing and lewd sound upon meeting and scrubbing agaisnt her warmth. This mattered not, though. He allowed his lips to master her own and at the same sequence began giving her hip movements that would certainly have her biting on his lower lip, bucking, and bouncing against that magnificent dick of his. At this moment he had allowed his full length, the full grade A meaty cock to begin drilling her right agaisnt the fridge.

The majestic moment now began. Powerful pumps taking it's first round of magnificent pussy skewering. There was n turning back, and he wouldn't allow it. Her words came to him as a surprise, but even then, he knew from just gazing at her that sh wanted to keep going. The sound was then heard and Clovis found it to be better if he simply continue without hesitation, only this time, he'd have the fridge open once again an her on that same side, facing in the direction of the fridge, bent and taking massive cock.

At this point it would be obvious he was fucking her. The wet skin on skin echoes expressed lewdness to the utmost of it's capabilities. Clovis cared little. Another lie would send Mark elsewhere. Hell, if the poor man was that naive and believe Clovis was merely searching for something while thrusting with absolute force; then so be it.

The movements of sex were there.

The cock plowing her with wet and squelching sounds could be heard for he had begun drilling to the root.

And let's not forget her moans.

Would she moan? Would she squeal over that amazing cock that had begun speeding with absoluteness?

And just as she could sense the man outside, worried and riddled with emotion, Beatrice had her own emotions and it was for the absolute desire of another man; his best friend. She could feel the guilt, boiling and eating her alive, telling her to stop while she could. Well, it was going to have to speak just a little louder as it was masked by her moans. His dominance slammed her against the fridge, the cold stainless steel chilling her and his lust igniting her into heat all at the same time.

Every time he teased her, her body would tremble, causing the appliance to do the same. She clawed at it, hoping for support but nothing could save her from this. From the moment she laid eyes on him, she was trapped. She tried so hard to fight it. She tried to remember that this wasn't right; it wasn't fair... To him.

And now, they were here, like they were supposed to be and she didn't care! She could say his name and not feel a damn thing. She could tell him that she was sorry and not mean it. She could beg for forgiveness and still give into Clovis. She was done and it felt damn good. A sharp gasp escaped her, feeling him respond to the subtle 'please' that escaped her lips.

Her body almost gave in, feeling herself quiver and waiting for an early release at this Adonis pressing so closely against her. His cock kissed her slit, sliding in and out so seductively that she could've sworn that he already claimed her, made her writhe with pleasure. But, little did she know, this was only the beginning. He was the embodiment of sex, barely taking her hands off of him as they roamed his body.

Her fingers pressed so delicately against his muscles, taking in every detail and crevice that managed to tantalize her senses. Her lips parted in surprise, a slow and sweet sound slipping past those trembling petals. Slowly lifting her head, she could feel his lips hovering over hers, strong and yearning. There, she kissed him, never growing tired of his taste. It was indescribable and yet, she could only say this.

It was amazing, like a burst of colors exploding and warming her entire body. Running her fingers through his hair, she dared to pull him closer, closing the limited space between them. Deep, tongues dancing and intertwining with each other to establish dominance, but he always won. He always knew how to rock her to the very core. She was completely weak, under his spell and she wasn't going to escape now.

Her body submitted to him and just as she was about to get used to the feeling, every emotion came crashing down. Teeth dug into his lower lip, pulling the skin and releasing a loud moan that seemed to echo throughout the home. Pursing her lips tightly, she tried not to make another sound, knowing that Mark was on the other side of that door.


She whimpered, pressing her body against the fridge to take it all in, literally. Inch after inch, he slipped inside of her, each as delicious as the other. She was stunned, feeling him inside of her and have every thought disappear. Nothing else mattered right now. Only this.

Again, their eyes met, finding everything in that emerald hue. Passion, lust, desire. Everything that made her want this; want him. Her nails dug into his bare back, feeling him sink into her further, deeper. Her legs were trembling, along with her entire body.

If she had the opportunity to stand before him, she would fall back to her knees. Softly, almost faintly, she whispered his name. Her heart was pounding, quaking in her chest. The man behind the door was so close and they were just getting started that she didn't even think about stopping.

Biting down on his neck, she muffled her moans into his skin as he began to move. His thrusts were slow at first, tempting and driving her absolutely crazy, but she could feel him. She memorized the shape of him, the size, and the girth. And then, he fulfilled his promise. From just a few thrusts, she could feel it. She was in his grasp and he was holding tight, constricting her in this very moment and never letting go.

He was so powerful, dominating in his thrusts as the refrigerator behind her responded. It shook violently with each thrust, feeling a few items fall and crash to the floor. She watched them roll away from them, teeth digging into his shoulder to mask her loud noises. This was it. Were they about to get caught?

She had an eerie feeling about the front door, struck in suspense as she could hear it open. Eyes glued to the hallway, feeling his presence, but Clovis demanded her attention again. With one clean motion, he forced her back into the fridge before he would notice, letting the air come over her and cool her down.

Brushing a few tendrils of hair out of her face, Beatrice looked over her shoulder to find him again. That smirk – oh, she loved the way his lips curled, so devious and sinister. He knew what he was doing. He was fucking his best friend's girl and he felt no regret; no guilt. He had no intention of stopping or telling the truth.

More lies would slip past those delicious lips and she would watch him; all while he fucked her into submission. The blonde covered her mouth, masking her sounds, muffled screams and moans of his name could still be heard but she didn't care. Her mind was racing at a million miles per minute and she couldn't give a damn about Mark feelings. She just wanted this.

Nothing else. The hand that covered her mouth slipped, caressing her chin as her nails began to dig in. Her mouth, open in almost a surprise, gasping as if she was desperate for air. Soft whimpers escaped her, trying so hard not to make another sound as she could hear his footsteps. Covering her mouth, she only focused on the absolute pleasure. The euphoria masked her, overwhelming her but embracing her entire being. She couldn't desire it. She just knew it was better – much better.


His voice shocked her, pressing her hand against her mouth, hard. No sounds escaped her, body frozen if it weren't for his hungry thrusts. A quick glance found Clovis' face, hoping that he was prepared. Yet, there was no need for her to worry. He must have planned this from the get-go.

"I went over to Lacey's but she said that Bea was there earlier,"

His voice seemed distant. If she listened in closely, she could hear a few harmonic taps. She tried not to release a sigh of relief. He was on his phone. They were safe for now.

"She hasn't been back but supposedly she told her that Charlotte needed something."

Mark gave a quick glance up at Clovis before returning to his phone. He had taken a break before coming here, but something must have happened while he was gone.

"I called her but her phone's dead,"

he scoffed, almost annoyed.

"I would check Charlotte's but work keeps bugging me and I have to go."

Yes, please, she begged. Beatrice grabbed one of the shelves in the fridge, holding onto it as if it were her lifeline. She hoped it didn't make too much noise, but now Mark, he would be too hung up on work to care.

"If she shows up, you know my number, right Clovis?"

Another quick glance caused him to stare. He expected him to be in the living room but he found him in the kitchen... Again.

"What the fuck are you doing? You've been stuck there since I left."

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