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Your Daughter Turns 21

“Oh yes, daddy. Fuck me daddy, fuck me so hard. Cum in my young pussy!” These words are music to your ears and make your cock throb.

“I love you Amelia, you’re my favorite little slut!” you say as you thrust harder and harder into the wet pussy beneath you.

Your eyes are closed as you pound your cock foward, fucking with all of your might.

It’s the eve of your oldest daughter Amelia's birthday. She's turning 21 tomorrow and your wife Charlotte and you are playing one of your favorite games – having your wife roleplay as your nubile daughter.

It took years of taming to get your wife to open up more sexually and to fully give in to your kinkier side.

Early on in your relationship you found that she liked being dominated. Long before she was your wife you routinely tied Charlotte down or used bondage tape to tie her limbs together. As your girlfriend, she would submit to anything you put her through, eager to prove to you that she was wife material.

You started putting on porn when you fucked her. It heightened the mood – and increased the depravity. It helped Charlotte learn how to be a better slut - how to really give her all when sucking your cock - pushing herself to gag on you. And after watching enough anal scenes she willingly presented her own ass to you to take.

You got married - with Charlotte taking your last name Madison and swearing to obey you until death do you part. Shortly after that you impregnated her a couple times and you were blessed with two beautiful baby girls who took all of their looks from their mother.

Rather than letting your sex life die down like most couples, you ramped things up. You had a lot of fun, for instance, with your wife's milk-filled boobs.

Eventually you chose increasingly kinky pornography to play during sex including some light incest stuff – like step-daughter – step-father scenes. Charlotte had no idea that you had it all mapped out – you were priming her for more. Calling you daddy seemed natural and safe at this point, but a couple years ago when you responded by calling her "Amelia," she was surprised.

You didn’t talk about this taboo role-play that she felt like she had initiated. Instead you just found more and more explicit incest videos to play – no more “step” bullshit. You watched daughters seducing daddies and daddies forcing themselves on their barely legal daughters. And then you would fuck your wife while calling out your daughter’s name until you both came.

Charlotte couldn’t deny the pleasures of her pussy. She was an incest-loving tamed wife.

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