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Zip-Tie Fiend

I am known as the zip-tie fiend. Nobody knows my name, but everyone in the affluent, white, suburban township of New Daisy is afraid of me. They know that I don't kill or wound, I simply humiliate in the most intense possible ways. I believe that I was put here on earth in order to humiliate men and women sexually. And I believe the zip-tie was invented just in order to assist me in that mission.

For those of you who don't know, a zip-tie is a plastic cord that can be fastened easily by threading one end through a small opening in the other end. The tie can be fastened more or less, depending on how many little "clicks" or nubs are pulled through the loop. It is extremely easy to fasten and cannot be undone without heavy-duty scissors to cut the cord. Very simple.

I use it to attack people and sexually humiliate them. I always wear a funny mask and a different costume, and thus far no one has been able to track me down. It started one year ago. At first I only did small jobs, a few weeks apart. For example, in the beginning I would humiliate just one person at a time.

The first victim was my boss at the time, a beauty heavy-busted brunette named Anne. She was the owner of a clothing shop, and one night she stayed late. My task was simple. I simply grabbed her and blindfolded her, and slowly stripped off her clothes. I tore off her brassiere and then her white cotton panties. I fondled her huge breasts and sucked on the nipples until she moaned. Then I molested her vulva area and touched her inside the vagina. I did not fuck or rape the victim. I simply used zip-ties to secure the totally naked Anne in a spread-eagle position in the storefront window of her shop on Main Street.

I sat her in a chair, legs and arms wide, around 3am, when the streets were empty. At 7am, the street filled, and about twenty or thirty people got to see the display before someone was able to get a locksmith to open the door and let her down. Anne was still blindfolded and so she couldn't see the priceless faces of those in the crowd. I could, of course, because I was among them, enjoying the view and feigning consternation. In fact I was enjoying the sight, and I think some of the others were too.

There was the beautiful Anne, on display for everyone to see. Her luscious tits hanging heavily on the front of her chest, the nipples vulnerable and undefended, the beautiful softness of the bottom of her breasts pale and inviting. And of course, between her legs, an incredible brown bush of pubic hair covering the completely open vulva. Men and women gawked and stared, seeming to peer into the depths of her helpless vaginal canal. Our curiosity was very satisfied that day. There was her pink clitoris, peaking out from between the thick and hair vulva lips. And then, the secret opening of her precious woman's vagina, visible and open for all to see.

The sexual humiliation of a beautiful woman!

I did several more single-woman setups before moving on to more complex configurations of humiliation. For example, there was a blond schoolteacher named Mrs. Dawkins who taught at the local high school. One evening I snuck in while she was grading papers and immobilized her. I put her in a different position though, specially chosen for her personality and situation.

Mrs. Dawkins was known to be rather prim and proper, but I had noticed that beneath her loose blazer jacket she appeared to have very shapely breasts. I wanted to test this theory and, of course, provide deep humiliation for her and sexual enjoyment and power tripping for some of her students. So after she was in my power, I used zip-ties to secure Mrs. Dawkins in a bent-over position, leaning forward with her arms outstretched towards her desk. In this position, I removed her blouse.

I had decided not to remove her skirt, but just to conduct a pure humiliation of the breasts in this case. I was curious about her pussy, but her breasts were stunning enough. They were indeed formidable, pert, and clearly outline in a tan bra. I unhooked the bra and cut its strips, letting her breasts fall in their fullness down towards they floor, where they gently swayed and dangled. For several minutes I lay down on the floor beneath them, just enjoying the sensation of looking up and seeing their heavy, dangling tenderness. Naturally, I also allowed myself the pleasure of reaching up and feeling the softness of the breasts, and tugging gently but insistently on the helpless, rosy nipples.

Once again, it was not until the morning that the young students found their teacher in this position, her tits completely exposed and pendulously available for all to gaze at and discover. I am certain that some of the young men enjoyed fingering and molesting her boobs before they untied her. Since she was blindfolded, there was no way for her to know which of the young men had probed her breasts before releasing her.

More humiliation!

I did not only humiliate women. I also zip-tied a young man by his scrotum to a flagpole in the center of town. It was mid-morning on a Sunday, and everyone was at church. When they came out, they were surprised to find young Marcus linked by his most vulnerable assets to the large metal pole. Some people averted their eyes, while others stared. The young man's hands were naturally zip-tied behind his back as well, so he could not cover his genitals.

It was some time before they were able to release him, because in order to do so, a town official had to wield a large pair of scissors very close to Marcus's flopping penis and balls, taking great care not to injure the fragile male private parts as he cut the plastic zip-tie that had so completely immobilized the young testicles in their sack. Until a brave town official could be found to do this, Marcus was left standing in a very awkward position. From my spot nearby in the shade, I saw more than one group of young women pointing and giggling at the zip-tied scrotum and dick in their humiliated position.

Male humiliation, too!

After that event, it occurred to me that the position in which I had tied Marcus, while certainly very humiliating for the naked young man, was probably not the absolutely most humiliating position that a young man could find himself in. So when I started tracking an 18-year old guy named David, I tried to think of what could be an even more humiliating position to be found in than what I had done to Marcus.

The result was that I trapped David in the men's' locker room at the local pool, and, after zip-tying his hands behind his bag, dragged him into the group shower in the women's' locker room, which happened to be empty for a few minutes. There I secured him in a somewhat different position: I zip-tied his neck to one of the showerheads, and zip-tied each of his ankles to opposite ends of a bench, as far apart as he could manage. Thus David was forced to lean backwards and rest his torso against the wall, while his legs were pushed forwards and splayed widely apart.

I found this to be an even more humiliating position than the one in which I had put Marcus, for several reasons: First, obviously, the young man's package was on display in a much cruder and more total way. While Marcus had been able to keep his legs together, his genitals simply dangling between them naturally, David's cock and balls were thrust forward as if on offer. When he got an erection (which he did), it stuck out straight into the room and there was nothing he could do about it.

In addition, this situation was more intense not only because it would be women and only women who would discover him like this, but also because those women would be wearing swim-suits. They might even be naked, if they had begun to strip down on the way to the showers. And this is indeed what happened.

I watched with pleasure through a tiny hole in the wall as a group of women came into the showers. Some were still wearing their bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, while others had begun to strip down, revealing their female curves, breasts, and beautiful vulvas. All of them were shocked when they found themselves face to face with David's outstretched penis.

The women stared at him for a while, then began to laugh, and finally fondled his cock and balls a bit before showering, getting dressed, and finally calling the manager. I left David without a blindfold so that he would be able to see the naked women showering in front of him, and I guess they didn't mind, seeing as how completely helpless and on-display he was himself.

Oh, the joys of humiliation!

That was just the first few months, however. Things began to get much more intense when it finally occurred to me that I could zip-tie and sexually humiliate more than one person at a time. Once this thought had occurred to me, I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it before. I had been so focused on the desire to display a single woman's tits and cunt, or a man's scrotum and penis, that it had never occurred to me to have my cake and eat it at the same time. This was the beginning of a whole new level of humiliation.

My first victims in this new phase were a married couple named Curt and Jeanne. I watched them for a while and learned that they were planning a house part for a specific night and inviting all their friends. One hour before the part was to begin, I invaded their house and took control of their bodies. Their lives would never be the same!

When Curt came into the living room, I had already tied his wife's hands behind her back and stripped her completely naked. He thought she was putting out the snacks, but instead found her completely nude and exposed on the floor, her eyes looking crazed and legs flailing about in a way that completely displayed her fuzzy cunt. Before anything could go wrong, I tacked Curt and soon had him stripped and bound as well.

For my first multiple-person humiliation, I decided to keep it simple. I locked a zip-tie around Curt's genitals, encompassing the base of penis and balls together. I then threaded another zip-tie through the first one and maneuvered Curt's flaccid cock and scrotum into his wife's mouth, which I forced open. Locking the second zip-tie tight around her head immediately locked the husband's genitals into his wife's mouth so that they could not be removed. I knew that he knew that if he got an erection, she would be, quite literally, fucked, since her whole mouth and throat would be filled with his swelling sex.

I then locked Curt's head into a similar position in relation to his wife's naked genitals. There was no way I could force him to lick her, but I locked the zip-ties tight enough around his head and her thighs that his face was basically buried in her snatch. He couldn't pull his face away from her vulva, or avert his nose from her intense odor. He could look away with his eyes, but if he looked straight ahead, he would see her butt crack right in front of him. His mouth was pressed against her clit and labia.

I left the happy couple in this helpless 69, just about ten minutes before the rest of the part arrived. I watched from across the street and saw a group of six guests show up, ringing the doorbell, and then go into the house after finding no one answering and the door unlocked. I don't know what happened next, but I'm certain that that particular group of three women and three men was astonished when they went into the living room and saw Curt and Jeanne mushed together at the face and genitals.

Curt probably said something, but I'm not sure whether he would have been able to speak clearly with his face and mouth pressed so tightly into his wife's vaginal lips. As for Jeanne, I'm certain that she could speak at all with Curt's penis and testicles firmly locked inside her helpless mouth. And the best part, once again, was the knowledge that in order to free them one or more of the house guests would have to get up close and very personal, unlocking the zip-ties that had so mercilessly immobilized Curt and Jeanne's sexual parts.

Once I had started to victimize more than one person at a time, there was really no stopping me.

I humiliated of a group of four young women playing badminton together, and immobilized them in a face-to-cunt circle, each one's mouth helpless pressed up against the sensitive vulva lips of one of her friends.

I humiliated a young couple on a first date by stripping the man naked but not the woman, zip-tying her hands behind her back, using a second tie to lock her bound wrists to his scrotum sack (not the penis), blindfolding the man with heavy-duty tape, and leaving them in the middle of a suburban park. The woman had to lead the way home because she was the only one who could see, and she had no choice but to lead the man by his tender testicles until they got back into town and could remove the zip-ties and blindfolds. I suppose in this situation it was more the man who was humiliated! She tried to be gentle, but couldn't help walking a little too quickly every now and then, causing her new boyfriend to yelp from the sudden uncomfortable pull on his balls.

After that episode I felt that I ought to be fair to the sexes, so I found another young couple and created the same situation in reverse. I made sure to pick a woman who I knew had nipple rings, and so nothing was easier than to zip-tie the young man's hands behind his back and then use a second tie to lock his wrists to her little silver nipple rings. With her blindfolded, he of course had to lead the way home, trying to be as gentle as possible but nonetheless sometimes "accidentally" yanking too hard on the incredibly sensitive teats of the young woman. It was quite an evening, especially since he had never seen her naked before and now was literally leading her around by the breasts!

I humiliated a father and daughter by simply stripping both of them and zip-tying their wrists, ankles, and hips together. I didn't even touch their genitals or force them to do anything sexual, but the mere faced of their naked fronts being so tightly pressed together was obviously more than enough to make them extremely uncomfortable and aroused. I enjoyed watching how he tried to maneuver his penis downwards so that it would be between her legs and not touching her, and how he then discover that in doing so he had put his face very close indeed to her large, full breasts. Not to mention that he could feel the brush of her soft pubic hair on his stomach.

I humiliated a mother and a son in the same way, the mother's huge breasts drowning the young man's face in sweaty femininity as she struggled to keep her hairy vulva out of reach of his hard young penis, which, against all of his best intentions, was straining intensely as if it were completely oblivious to the incest taboo and merely wanted more than anything in the world to plunge itself into the hilt of a woman's vagina.

Afterwards I realized that these last two could have been more intense if I had tied them in 69 positions, so I did that as well. I zip-tied a naked father's wrists to his daughter's ankles, and her wrists to his ankles. This put her face uncomfortably close to his large, adult male genitals, and his face very near to her sweet young blossoming vulva. The same with a mother and son, her large female cunt almost threatening to suffocate him as she squirmed and averted her eyes from the site of his brazen young cock straining towards her mouth.

Humiliation in all its many forms!

I began to grow more brazen myself and to word with larger groups. I humiliated six strangers on an elevator once, releasing a chemical that temporarily knocked them out, and pressing the emergency stop button to halt the descent of the car. Quickly I stripped all the beautiful people naked: men and women, young and old, sexy and shy. Quickly I used zip-ties to lock them together.

This time I applied no calculated logic but simply made a joyful, humiliating mess out of the whole thing. I locked a man's wrist to a woman's upper thigh, his hand naturally touching her pubic area while they were still unconscious. Her I locked by the neck to the scrotum of another man. His penis I locked directly to the penis of another man, zip-tying the circumcised heads of their rods tightly together. I locked another man's scrotum to the wrist of a woman. I locked a woman's ankles to two different people's knees in such a way that whenever the moved, they pulled her legs wide apart and exposed her open cunt. Finally I found that one woman had her clitoris pierced with a ring, and I delicately locked that ring to the wrist of one of the men, ensuring that any movement on his part would tug on her in the most unbearably sensitive and humiliating way.

When all the wrists and ankles were locked to something or other, and many of the breasts, thighs, dicks and balls were also locked, then I stepped back to admire my handiwork. It was like an insane game of twister that had been frozen in place. I had used more than twenty zip-ties to do it. I grabbed the pile of everyone's clothes and absconded with them on the third floor, stopping only long enough to re-activate the elevator and send it down to the lobby just as the six strangers were waking up to their unbelievable predicament.

That must have been some arrival! Minutes ago they hadn't known each other at all, and now they were, how shall I say, "involved" in each others most intimate "affairs." Each tiny movement sent a wave of shock and sensitivity and frustration and helplessness through the mass of bodies, as a leg pulled on a scrotum, a wrist accidently brushed a vulva, a face was pushed into a naked breast, a face found itself staring at a total stranger's exposed vagina. And one again, it took a courageous team of three hotel-works to wade into that mess and slowly detach each body part, causing little cries of arousal and pain to erupt in the process.

This new technique of locking groups of strangers together became my new technique, lasting for several months. I called each of these groups a "bouquet," for that's exactly what it was. Sometimes I would make a bouquet with a specific flavor. For example, I made an all-male bouquet in which no less that five delicate scrotum sacks were locked tightly together with zip-ties. Before leaving that group to experience its humiliation, I had the extremely rare opportunity to reach into a bundle of five scrotums and mess about with them, playing with the balls, tugging on them, rubbing them against each other. The men squealed like little animals as I fondled their collection of bags!

I also made an all-female bouquet, in which six women friends who had never seen each other naked were locked in a position highly conducive to tribadism. That is, I locked their legs around each other so that each woman's fleshy vulva lips were pressed snugly up against another woman's vulva lips. Each of the three couples was then locked to another couple by a mouth-to-breast connection, in which a woman's breast is locked into another woman's mouth. For good measure, I also inserted a small battery-operated vibrator into each of the three pussy-to-pussy connections, and taped them in place. This led to a wonderfully buzzing and moaning bouquet, as the women found themselves helplessly aroused and soon rubbing their web lips against each other despite themselves.

I made a male-power bouquet that locked three women in place, kneeling, with their mouths stuffed with the penises of their husbands. Except that I switched the husbands around so that each woman was forcibly sucking a new penis. For good measure, I also pulled the women's pants down and fingered their pussies a bit to get the juices flowing (so to speak). This seemed to work, at least for the men, because the women's eyes quickly widened and they began to moan and grunt, seemingly indicating their frustration with the growing hardness and size of the penises they could not get out of their mouths.
For good measure, I also made a female-power bouquet in which naked males had their faces locked into position, pressing against the vulvas of their wives. Once again, of course, the wives were switched so as to provide undiscovered pussy to each of the subjects. I also zip-tied all the male scrotums and tied the three loops together. At first I tugged on the loops myself, forcing the men to suck the pussies that were mushed against their faces. But soon enough the women were into the game sufficiently that I could hand off the reigns and go my way, secure in the knowledge that balls would be tugged until such time as every clit and vaginal orifice was fully satisfied.

I made other bouquets as well. Countless bouquets of locked and humiliated naked people, some of which cannot be discussed here for various reasons. Finally, last month, I happened upon my masterpiece. I was hanging out in the mall that day, gazing at all the beautiful men and women walking by, and thinking about the different naked and sexual positions I would like to force them into. I was watching different groups and couples and families go by, and wondering which should be my next victim.

Then it hit me that it was time to jump another level. It was time to create a masterpiece of such astonishing humiliation, such uncontrolled sexuality, that it would put all others to shame. After this piece, I would have to go into retirement, or perhaps open a dungeon, or start experimenting with odors and chemicals that could force people to have various feelings of sexual arousal and sexual humiliation. All these new projects had been growing in my mind, but before starting them I had to create one last achievement, one final bouquet, to signify the end of the era of zip-ties.

The idea was simple: I would humiliate the entire mall. Not a single person or a couple, not even a family or a group of strangers, but everyone. Every last girl and woman, every last boy and man, would be stripped and displayed and humiliated in this mall. Every penis would be aroused and frustrated. Every scrotum would be tugged and displayed. Every clitoris would be rubbed, every vagina made helplessly visible, every pair of breasts forced to dangle and sway in the wind. Every male and female would be immobilized.

And finally, to top it off, I would put vibrators everywhere. Inside the women's vaginas of course, but also taped to their clitorises, and inside the anuses of both men and women, and tied to the dangling balls of helpless men, and taped to the tips of raging-hard penises. The whole mall would be set abuzz, everyone would be moaning and cumming and rubbing, and after they came they would be desperately trying to get away from each other, but it would be impossible. And they would be off-rhythm with each other.

For this, I had found, in my yearlong researches, is the heart of it all. That the victims be off-rhythm with each other. That one person is turned on while the other is not. That one person has just come, and wants to get away and get clean, while another is just starting, and wants to rub and fuck. This impossibility of synchronization is the heart of all sexual humiliation, all forced arousal, all bondage and rape-play.

And this is what causes those delicious waves of sexual torment to pass through my beautiful bouquets: For just when everyone thinks the arousal is finished, there is always one more person who is still turned on and desperately wants to come. And the beauty of my zip-ties is that no one can say no to this person, because all the bodies are locked together. So if one person wants to come again, then everyone has to be sexual. If one dick wants to rub, then someone must be rubbed. If one cunt wants to be licked, then someone is going to get that cunt in their face. No inhibitions. Beautiful waves of helpless sexual energy, traveling through total strangers.

So it would be in the mall, I decided. I would make it happen in the last hour, near closing time. I would bring friends, a small army of zip-tie fiends, and block the exits so that no one could leave. That way the massive mall-bouquet of insane sexuality would have the entire night to fulfill its apotheosis of sexual humiliation. No one would come until 9am the following morning, to set them free. Everyone in the mall, perhaps 200 people, would be tied up and tied together.

The mind boggles thinking of all that nudity, all that helplessly released sexual energy, all that humiliation. All those penises rubbing, all those wrists accidentally yanking testicle sacks, all those female breasts groped by sex-starved husbands, all those vaginas forcible sucked, or forcibly raped, or forcibly displayed. Every orifice locked into sexual play. And vibrators everywhere. Fuck fuck fuck. This was going to be good...
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