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Zoe Gradually Becomes a Hotwife

Ben and Zoe had been married for ten years. They had a happy life together. Zoe was a stunningly attractive woman. She was 35, had a gorgeous face, and the body of a 22-year old swimsuit model. Ben was a handsome man and in decent shape for a 40-year old. Their sex life together was good, but routine and typical.

Like many men, Ben had often fantasized about his wife sleeping with other men. Particularly, a younger man who could really satisfy her in the bedroom and unleash her true sexuality. He got very aroused thinking about another man giving his wife ultimate sexual gratification. Ben enjoyed pleasuring Zoe and making her happy. Ben enjoyed getting dressed up and taking Zoe out, showing her off in public. He noticed other men checking her out all the time, which stroked his ego. Ben's fantasy about Zoe becoming a hotwife was another avenue to make her happy.

Ben started thinking about his hotwife fantasy more and more. Eventually he craved it. He wanted very badly to turn Zoe into a hotwife. He knew he couldn't just come out and ask Zoe to do it. However, Ben didn't want to try and convince Zoe to do it either. And he certainly didn't want to trick her into doing anything. His fantasy required that Zoe want to be a hotwife and for her to enjoy it.

Ben figured if Zoe was gradually introduced to becoming a hotwife, she might be open to it. Ben knew that he first had to figure out if Zoe would even be remotely open to the concept. Zoe wasn't a prude, but she didn't overly flaunt her sexuality either. Ben decided that he would do a series of tests to see if Zoe might enjoy being sexier. He knew that other men paid her attention all the time. The first step of his plan was to increase Zoe's awareness of this attention and see if she liked it.

Zoe dressed fine, always looking after her appearance, but her style would not be considered sexy. Ben started taking Zoe shopping more. He bought her tighter fitting clothes that flaunted her figure or were sexy, but still sophisticated. Ben bought her sexier dresses and made a point to take her out to fancy dinners more often. He also bought her clothes such as tighter fitting pencil skirts she could wear to the office.

Ben bought Zoe sexy lingerie for the bedroom more often. He also bought her sexy thongs, V-strings and G-string panties with matching bras she could wear every day. Zoe enjoyed her new wardrobe. She even started wearing the sexier panties to the office under her new work outfits.

After a few months, Ben could tell Zoe enjoyed and adapted well to her new sexier clothing style. She eventually dressed sexier on her own without much prompting from Ben. Even the clothes she bought herself were sexier.

Ben then started instigating foreplay in places other than the bedroom. He would make out with Zoe in places like the car in a restaurant parking lot. They started having sex in places other than the bedroom like the living room or kitchen. One night after a work party, he even got her to have sex with him in the office building emergency exit stairwell. Ben could tell that Zoe was becoming more confident in her sexuality.

One night when they were having sex, Ben asked Zoe, "If we weren't married, who would you want to go out with?"

Zoe said, "I've never thought about it. You mean, like a celebrity?"

Ben replied, "Anyone. Whoever you want." Zoe thought about it briefly and named a few celebrity crushes she had.

The next month, Ben planned a long weekend trip to Las Vegas. He took Zoe shopping when they arrived and bought her a sexy, tight fitting dress. It was low cut with an open back. The bottom hem was cut short, coming only a few inches below her butt. Zoe was hesitant to buy it. It was appropriate for a 25-year old to wear out in Vegas, but certainly not Zoe's style. When Zoe tried it on, Ben prompted the young salesgirl at the store, who told Zoe she looked amazing in the dress. So, Zoe agreed to it and they bought it.

Ben and Zoe went out that night to a fancy dinner, then went dancing. The next day after breakfast, Ben suggested they go to the pool. Zoe willingly agreed. Ben surprised Zoe and handed her a gift-wrapped box. Zoe opened the gift. Inside the box was a fancy bikini from a trendy swimsuit boutique. Zoe exclaimed, "Oh my gosh. This is so nice." She picked up the bikini and said, "Oh. But wait. This has a thong bottom. I can't wear this to a public pool. It's too revealing."

Ben remarked, "Honey, you will look great wearing that. And this is Vegas. We'll go to the adult pool and you'll fit right in." Zoe hemmed and hawed a bit. After a bit of coaxing from Ben, she finally agreed to wear it and they went to the pool. Ben noticed numerous men checking out Zoe. He remarked to her, "I've seen several guys admiring your tight bottom in that bikini."

Zoe replied, "Oh stop it. They are not."

Ben said, "They are. It's sexy." Zoe blushed a bit, but Ben could tell she enjoyed the compliment. Ben continued, "I bet they are picturing how hot you look naked, wondering what it would be like to have sex with you. It's a turn on."

Zoe replied, "You are so bad. They are not." But in her mind, Zoe started wondering if men around the pool were in fact picturing her like that. She felt like it would be a little flattering to Zoe if they were.

A few weeks later, Ben made plans to take Zoe out for an evening. After dinner, Ben asked Zoe, "How would you like to play a little game this evening?"

Zoe said, "What did you have in mind?"

Ben said, "How about we go to the bar next door. You sit at the bar by yourself and pretend you are available. I will sit in the back corner of the bar. You let a few guys hit on you and buy you drinks. Then after a bit, I will come by and try and pick you up like we never met. Maybe try and take you home for a pretend one-night stand? Sound like fun?"

Zoe answered, "Sure, getting picked up by you sounds fun."

Ben added, "And to make it a little more exciting, we will have a point system. You get two points for each guy that hits on you or that you flirt with. And three points for each drink someone buys you. We can call them sexy points."

Zoe responded, "And, what do I do with these sexy points?"

Ben replied, "hmmm... how about we create a list of gifts you can redeem for them. 25 sexy points for a spa day. 50 sexy points for a new outfit; the whole thing; dress, shoes, lingerie. 100 sexy points for a beach resort weekend."

Zoe replied, "Ok, you are on. But there is no way I can earn 25 points tonight at one point for flirting and three points for a drink. I'd be wasted."

Ben added, "We can extend it beyond tonight. We will add to it and keep a running total. You'll get one sexy point every time you wear sexy panties like a thong or V-string, three sexy points if you wear a short skirt and no panties in public or to the office, five sexy points if you wear sexy lingerie like a teddy or garter belt and stockings under your clothes when you go out in public, etc. We can come up with some more as we go."

Zoe remarked, "Ok, I'm good with that." They left the restaurant and went to the bar next door. Zoe sat at the bar and Ben sat at a high-top table toward the back of the bar. Before long, a guy sat next to Zoe and started flirting with her. He bought her a drink and they chatted for a bit. He eventually left and a short while later another man began hitting on Zoe. He bought her two drinks before he eventually left.

As promised, Ben came over and sat next to Zoe. He pretended not to know her and offered to buy her a drink. She played along and they chatted for a bit as if they didn't know each other. Eventually, Ben suggested they go somewhere more private and she agreed. When they got home, they raced up to the bedroom like they were horny teenagers. They stripped their clothes off and were soon having hot sex. Ben could tell that Zoe was extra aroused from the evening's game.

After they both came, Ben asked, "So, did you enjoy our little game tonight?"

Zoe replied, "I did. It was fun."

Ben asked, "How many points did you rack up?"

Zoe answered, "Well, three men flirted with me, including yourself. So that's six points. Four drinks, including the one you bought me, so that's another 12 points. That makes 19 points total."

Ben inquired, "19? I think your math is off a bit. Shouldn't it be 18?"

Zoe responded, "No. I was wearing a sexy thong, so that's another point. 19."

Ben replied, "Ok, you are right. I'll give you a thong point even though you were already wearing it when we started the game." They both laughed.

Several weeks later, Ben and Zoe went over to a friend's house for a dinner party. After dinner, everyone was hanging out in the game room in the basement. The host said, "Let's do something fun. How about a friendly game of strip poker?" The reaction from the group was mostly positive, with someone commenting, "ooh that sounds fun," and another, "ok, you are on." One of the women said, "But I stink at cards."

Zoe added, "I'm not really a card player either."

The host replied, "That's ok, nobody wants to play strip poker against a card shark!" Everyone laughed.

Zoe whispered to Ben, "I don't know about this."

Ben replied, "It will be fun. But if you don't want to, we don't have to. It's no big deal."

Zoe said, "I'm not sure I want everyone seeing me naked, especially sitting next to a couple 20-something women with perfect figures."

Ben responded, "You have the best body here by far, trust me. But if you don't want to its totally fine. We don't have to."

Zoe said, "No, I don't want to be the old fuddy duddy that's the only one who doesn't want to play."

Ben said, "Well let's play then. It will be fun." Ben continued, "And to sweeten the pot, I will give you ten sexy points for playing," as he winked at her.

Zoe laughed and then acquiesced, "Ok I guess."

Ben announced, "We're game. Let's play."

The host explained the rules as follows:

To make things fair, everyone starts with five articles of clothing. If you are wearing more, take it off now.

For each hand, you pick an item of clothing as an ante for that hand, starting with shoes/socks or whatever, ending with your boxers/panties.

Each person will be dealt five cards. You look at your main two, with the other three remaining face-down. A flop will be dealt. Then you can discard either or both of the two cards you looked at for one or two of your face down cards. A turn will be dealt. You can then exchange ONE of your cards with a face-down card, if you wish. The river will be dealt. Then there will be a showdown, with the worst hand losing the item you nominated as your ante. Once you lose an article of clothing, it's gone and you can't win it back. That will keep the game to a reasonable length of time.

When you lose your last item of clothing, you have to take it off, stand up and take a lap around the table, handing your last item of clothing to the winner of that hand who gets to keep it as a trophy. And no trying to cover yourself up on your loser lap.

Then, in typical group fashion, all kinds of questions were fired at the host about how the game works. He finally said, "Wait. It's not that hard. We will play a practice round. It's easy, and heavily reliant on pure luck. There's no bluffing, betting, raising or lengthy strategy involved."

One of the women asked, "What if I don't have on five articles of clothing? I wore a dress."

As he counted on his fingers, the host replied, "No problem. Dress, bra, panties, left shoe and right shoe. That makes five. That work?" She nodded her head yes.

They all sat down at the table as the host dimmed the lights in the room leaving just a bright light shining on the table and shadows behind each of the players. The host commented, "There. Now we have dramatic lighting to set the stage." Everyone laughed.

The game started. After the first two rounds, Zoe was relieved she hadn't been one of the first to lose a hand. She did lose the third hand and took off her shoes. Her five items were her shirt, skirt, bra, panties and shoes. As the game went on, Zoe relaxed and had a good time. She was pleased she was doing well and not near last place. The game was quite fun, with everyone hooting and hollering as cards were flipped in the showdown and rounds ended. As the game went on, comradery built with the girls siding together and cheering when one of the boys lost a hand, and the boys cheering together when one of the girls lost.

One of the guys was the first to go out. He walked around the table as required and handed his boxers to the winner. Everyone made a small golf clap as he sat back down. The game went on with one of the women being the next to go out. She stood up, pushed her thong down to her ankles and off, then walked around the table and handed her thong to Zoe who had won that hand. Zoe was proud of herself for winning a trophy hand. She was also a little relieved she wasn't the first woman to have to get naked. Everyone clapped when the woman sat back down.

Two hands later, Ben went out. He walked around the table and handed his boxers to the host who won the hand. The host said, "I don't want that," as he threw the boxers across the room. The game went on, coming down to Zoe, the host, and the other man. Zoe was down to her bra and panties, with both guys down to their boxers. Zoe won the next hand, knocking the host out. All the girls cheered, and Zoe was elated. She thought to herself she could win this thing. The host did his lap and handed his boxers to Zoe, her second trophy of the night. He remarked, "How is it that the person who was hesitant to play always ends up winning?"

Zoe was excited as the next hand was dealt. But her elation faded when she lost the hand and had to take off her bra. The boys cheered and the girls let out a big 'aawwwww'. She took off her bra and covered her nipples and most of her breasts with her crossed arms. The host called out, "Oh come on, show us your tits."

Zoe jokingly barked back, "Shut it. You are out of the game, so you be quiet over there." Everyone laughed.

One of the other women called out, "She can do whatever she wants. That wasn't in your rules. Too late to add a new rule now." Zoe was really enjoying the comradery with the girls and having a blast. The game had become all about fun and winning, not about seeing each other naked.

The final hand was dealt. There was excited tension in the room to see who would win. Zoe carefully looked at her cards with one hand as she covered her breasts with her other arm. The cards were dealt and the anticipation in the room grew. The cards were flipped over in the showdown. The men cheered and the women let out a big 'awwwww.' Zoe had lost the hand.

Zoe leaned forward and removed her panties under the table as she was still seated. She stood up, no longer covering her breasts as that was not allowed under the rules, and the guys cheered again. Zoe started walking her circle around the table with her V-string panties in her hand. At this point, she was having so much fun she really didn't care she was naked in front of the others. It also helped that everyone else was naked, with the exception of the winner still seated in his boxers.

As Zoe was three quarters through her circle, the winner called out, "Hey, don't forget my trophy!" Zoe stopped and smirked at him. Then she took the elastic string on her panties wrapped around one finger pointing at him, then pulled on the other side and shot her panties across the table at him like a rubber band. Everyone laughed and cheered in a big uproar.

As Zoe continued walking, the host said, "Let's hear it for our runner up, the self-proclaimed novice poker player, the very beautiful and talented Zoe!" The room erupted in applause and whistles. Zoe arrived back at her chair as everyone was clapping. Zoe did a curtsy bow, then sat down. Everyone sat at the table for a few minutes finishing their drinks, then got up and got dressed. They all mingled for a short while, then slowly made their way to the door to head home.

Ben thought the evening couldn't have gone more perfect than if he had scripted it. He had suggested the strip poker idea to the host, but the way it all played out was pure luck. When Zoe and Ben arrived home, they made their way to the bedroom to have sex. During heated foreplay, Ben asked, "Did you enjoy tonight?"

Zoe responded, "Oh my god yes. I can't believe how much fun that was."

Ben said, "You were so hot and sexy tonight."

Zoe asked, "Really?"

Ben answered, "Definitely. Not to be crass, but the guys said you have the best tits they have probably ever seen in person. Even Amy commented to me as we were leaving that she thought your body was better than hers. She said she hoped she would have half as a good a figure as you do now when she is ten years older."

Zoe said, "Really? Amy is like 25 and not an ounce of fat anywhere on her little body."

Ben said, "I know. But that's what she said. I'm not making it up. And it's true." Zoe had a big smile on her face. They proceeded to have hot, steamy sex.

A few nights later, Zoe and Ben were in the bedroom. Ben said, "Come sit on the bed with me. Let's watch some sexy videos together." It wasn't their first time watching porn together. They had done it two or three times in the past, but it had been a while.

Zoe agreed and Ben placed his laptop between them and started surfing for videos to watch. He pulled up a couple videos of couples having sex together. With each video he played, he watched Zoe's face to judge her reaction.

The next video he showed was a guy giving a girl a cum facial and Ben commented on it being hot. Then he showed two girls and a guy having a threesome. He showed another of a couple together. Then he showed a cuckold video with a guy and a girl having sex, with another guy watching from a chair nearby the bed. Ben said, "That's really sexy." Then he showed a few more videos of couples having sex. After about 20 minutes or so of this, they were both aroused. Ben put on another cuckold video, then pushed the laptop aside. He left it playing on the bed as they had sex.

A few weeks later, Zoe went out of town on a business trip. Zoe made plans to extend her trip to stay a few days after her work was over instead of coming home. Ben flew out to meet her so they could spend a few days together out of town. They went out to dinner and to a few downtown bars for drinks Wednesday night.

After dinner the next evening, Zoe and Ben drove back to the hotel. When they stopped at a stop light, Ben saw there was a strip club on the corner. The marque sign said, "Amateur Strip Off Every Thursday night at 9pm. Win $250."

Ben pointed at the sign and said, "I bet you would win that for sure."

Zoe asked, "Win what?"

Ben said, "On the sign."

Zoe read the sign and said, "Haha. You are funny."

Ben remarked, "No, I'm serious. You would totally win."

They drove back to the hotel and had a drink in the hotel bar. Ben said to Zoe, "Let's go back to that club."

Zoe asked, "What club?"

Ben answered, "The strip club. The one with the strip contest."

Zoe inquired, "Seriously?"

Ben replied, "Yes. I want you to enter the contest."

Zoe said, "What? No. I don't want all those people seeing me naked. And I don't know how to strip."

Ben remarked, "It's not like anyone we know will be there. And you just dance to the music as you take off your clothes. How hard can that be?"

Zoe commented, "I don't know."

Ben said, "Come on. It will be fun. It's only 7:30. We can go and you can watch a few of the regular girls dance beforehand and pick up some moves. You'll get fifteen sexy points you do it! But if you don't want to it's fine."

Zoe thought about it for a bit. She finally said, "Ok, we can go watch for a bit if you want. I'm not making any promises about the contest though."
They left the hotel bar and went to the strip club. They went inside and sat at a table by the stage. After they watched three women dance on the main stage, Ben said, "See. The dancing isn't that difficult. You just move to the music and walk around the stage."

Zoe replied, "I guess not. But I'm still not sure I want to have a room full of guys see me naked."

Ben replied, "You have a beautiful body. Flaunt it. Show off a bit. It will be sexy."

They watched a few more girls dance. At 8:45 the DJ announced, "Ok ladies, last call for tonight's amateur strip off contest. If you haven't signed up, come now to the DJ booth."

Ben asked Zoe, "So?"

Zoe replied, "Are you sure about this?"

Ben said, "Definitely. Go do it. It will be fun. You will be great."

Zoe slammed the rest of her cocktail and said, "Ok, fuck it." She went over to the DJ booth to sign up. The DJ explained the rules; basically one song and have to leave your panties on - no full nudity. Then he asked her to pick a song. Zoe said, "I don't know. Can you just pick one for me?" The DJ said he would. Then the DJ asked for her stage name. Zoe said the first stripper sounding name that popped into her head, "Uh... Skyler?"

Zoe returned to her seat next to Ben. The contest started and the first woman went. She was an attractive woman, maybe 7 out of 10, and an ok dancer but no pro. The crowd cheered and encouraged her as she danced her song. After Zoe watched her, she thought to herself maybe this would go ok. Three other women went, with more cheers from the crowd, and Zoe felt slightly better. Then the DJ announced, "Skyler, you are on deck." Zoe's heart raced.

Zoe turned to Ben and said, "That's me. I'm up next. Wish me luck I guess."

Ben said, "You will be great. Break a leg!"

Zoe laughed at his comment as she got up and went to the back of the stage. The woman in front of her finished her song and the DJ announced, "Give a welcome to the lovely Skyler." The music started playing again and Zoe went up on the stage.

Zoe danced around the stage for a bit then pulled her dress up over her head and off. As she tossed it on the side of the stage and continued dancing in her bra and thong panties, loud cheers erupted. Noticeably louder than the other girls had received. Zoe liked this and it gave her a confidence boost.

Zoe continued moving around the stage a bit. Then she took off her bra. As she revealed her gorgeous breasts, the entire place erupted in cheers and whistles. Zoe enjoyed the reaction from the crowd. She continued dancing and was enjoying herself.

She grabbed the pole in the middle of the stage and spun around it a few times. It was no professional dancer move, but it got a good reaction from the crowd. Zoe tried a few other moves she saw the regular girls do; she laid on her back on the stage, put her legs straight up in the air, then spread her legs out to the sides and down toward the stage and then back up again. The crowd cheered again. For her final move she got on her hands and knees with her thong clad ass facing the crowd and she gyrated her hips in a sexual grinding motion. The crowd cheered again.

When the song was over, Zoe got a loud round of applause. The DJ came on and said, "Ok ladies, please return to the stage for the results." The other four women returned from behind the stage. The DJ had the five contestants stand in a line. The women stood on the stage wearing only their panties as the DJ went one by one calling each one's name and asking the crowd to vote with applause. Zoe got by far the loudest applause and was crowned the winner.

The ladies went backstage and got dressed. Zoe returned to her seat next to Ben. Ben said, "See, I told you would win. Did you have fun?"

Zoe answered, "Yes, but I'm ready to get out of here." They stood up and went to the DJ booth to collect Zoe's $250 prize. They drove back to the hotel and went up to the room.

When they got to the room, they got undressed and started kissing. Ben said, "You looked really hot up there on that stage?"

Zoe said, "I'm glad you thought so."

Ben said, "Every guy in that place thought so. They all wanted you really bad."

Zoe remarked, "I don't know about that."

Ben commented, "I do. All those guys lusting after you. It was really hot and sexy."

Zoe asked, "You didn't mind all those guy's seeing your wife nearly naked? Didn't it bother you with them 'lusting' after me as you put it?"

Ben said, "No, not at all. It was sexy. Haven't you fantasized about being with another man? Someone other than me, maybe someone you know who lusts after you?"

Zoe answered, "No, not really."

Ben said, "I have."

Zoe asked, "You have?"

Ben replied, "Yes. Someone giving you incredible pleasure."

Zoe remarked, "I don't understand. You'd enjoy me being with another man?"

Ben responded, "Yes. I enjoy making you happy. I like giving you pleasure. It would be all about bringing you delight. I want to see you happier and more fulfilled, sexually and otherwise, than you've been in your entire life. Fantasizing about you being with another man is about pleasuring you. Unleashing your sensual side, experiencing carnal enjoyment." Ben continued to explain his hotwife fantasy, and how much it turned him on and how much he enjoyed making Zoe happy and fulfilling her desires and bringing her ultimate gratification in any way he could.

Zoe thought about what Ben said, "I guess when you put it that way, it sort of makes sense. You fantasizing about me being with another man is still odd. Do you want to be with another woman?"

Ben answered, "No. That's not what this is about. I want to bring you pleasure. I'd only be with another woman if it was something YOU really wanted. Make sense?"

Zoe replied, "Ya, I think so. I'm still trying to digest the fact you fantasize about me sleeping with other men."

Ben commented, "If it brought you great pleasure, then I am all for it." They resumed kissing, which led to having sex. Zoe could tell from the heated sex that Ben was particularly aroused from the evening.

Two weeks later back at home, Ben surprised Zoe when she got home from work. Ben had set up a massage table in a spare bedroom. When he led her inside, there were candles burning and soft music playing. Ben said, "Can I interest the lady in a pleasurable massage courtesy of Spa de Ben?"

Zoe giggled and said, "Absolutely." Zoe took off her clothes and climbed on the table. Ben handed Zoe a padded leather blindfold. Zoe commented, "Oh, a sexy massage." She laid face down on the table and Ben began her massage.

He rubbed her with warm massage oil all over. As he went up and down her legs, he intentionally gently brushed her pussy as his hands traveled by. After 20 minutes, Ben asked Zoe to flip over. After she did, Ben rubbed oil all over Zoe's front side. He gently kissed her nipples, then continued to rub her legs. When he got to her feet, Ben gently slipped satin ties on her ankles and tied her ankles to the table. Zoe commented, "Mmm. Turning into a kinky massage I see."

Ben continued massaging her. He worked his way up and slipped ties around her wrists and tied her wrists to the middle of the table from underneath. He continued rubbing her, then kissed her nipples for a minute. Ben resumed rubbing her.

While Ben was rubbing her midsection, Zoe felt another pair of hands gently touch her legs and start rubbing her. Puzzled and concerned, Zoe jolted and said, "Wait. What? What's going..."

Ben cut her off and remarked, "Just relax."

Zoe continued to struggle in her ties and objected, "No, what's going on?"

Ben repeated softly, "Just relax." As Zoe was about to object again, Ben slipped a finger in her pussy and she gasped, preventing her from voicing her objection. Prior to noticing the second set of hands, she had been very aroused, and her pussy was very sensitive. Ben curled his finger inside her and tapped her G spot. He knew exactly where it was and how she liked it touched. Zoe gasped again and Ben said, "Relax. Focus on the pleasure."

Ben had arranged his friend Steve to help him. Ben nodded at Steve to continue massaging Zoe. Ben continued rubbing Zoe' G spot as she arched her back in ecstasy. Zoe surrendered to the pleasure and abandoned her objections.

Steve continued massaging Zoe's legs. Ben removed his fingers from Zoe's pussy and attended to both her breasts. He kneaded and fondled her tits and rubbed the slick oil back and forth over her hard nipples. Steve moved his hands up Zoe's legs, arriving at her inner thighs. He rubbed her thighs then moved on to her clit. Steve rubbed his oil slicked thumb in circles around Zoe's clit. He slid a finger from his other hand back and forth rubbing oil up and down Zoe's pussy lips.

The guys were driving Zoe wild. She writhed in pleasure, moving her body as much as she could while being still tied to the table. She lifted her hips off the table, pressing into Steve's hands on her pussy. As Ben kissed and nibbled on her nipples, Steve plunged two fingers in Zoe's pussy. Steve began slowly finger fucking her while Ben moved up and whispered in her ear, "Feel the pleasure. Focus on the pleasure."

Zoe began licking her lips and panting as Steve continued finger fucking her. Ben worked his way down to Zoe's thighs. Ben rubbed Zoe's inner thighs while Steve had one finger circling her clit and two fingers on his other hand sliding in and out of her wet cunt.

The guys continued massaging her and fingering and teasing her pussy. They held her on the brink of orgasm for a good 20 minutes. They eventually made Zoe cum with a mind-blowing orgasm. After she came, Steve slipped out of the room and left. Ben untied Zoe's hands and she pulled off her blindfold.

As Ben was untying her feet, Zoe said, "Who was that?"

Ben responded, "Just a helper."

Zoe pleaded, "Come on, tell me."

Ben remarked, "No."

Zoe asked, "You really aren't going to tell me who you let touch me like that?"

Ben remarked, "Nope. It's my secret. Did you enjoy it?"

Zoe replied, "No."

Ben asked, "Really? You came pretty hard."

Zoe remarked, "Maybe a little. But I'm mad at you for letting someone touch me like that. I can't believe you did that."

Ben said, "You really enjoyed it."

Zoe responded, "So. That's not the point."

Ben replied, "Actually, your enjoyment and pleasure was the entire point."

Zoe remarked, "Whatever," as she stormed out of the room. By the next day, Ben could tell that Zoe had let it go and was no longer mad at him.

A few weeks later, Zoe and Ben planned a night out. As they were getting ready, Ben asked Zoe, "Are you up for playing another game tonight?"

Zoe answered, "What did you have in mind?"

Ben replied, "Kind of like our bar game last time. Dress up sexy and let guys hit on you and flirt with them while I watch from across the bar? For the game, you'll get three sexy points for each drink a guy buys you, and two points for overtly flirting with a man, just like last time. But this time, you'll get five sexy points for each guy's phone number you get."

Zoe inquired, "You want me to try and get their phone number?"

Ben said, "Yes. It will be fun."

Zoe replied, "Ok I guess."

They got dressed to go out for the evening. Ben remarked, "Here. I bought you a little something." Ben handed Zoe a small wrapped gift. Zoe unwrapped it and opened the box. She pulled out an ankle bracelet. It was silver with three charms hanging on it; one female symbol and two male symbols.

Zoe said, "This is nice, though I've never seen charms together like this on a bracelet. What do they mean?"

Ben explained, "It is a hotwife anklet. You wear it to signify that you are married, but open to being approached by other men."

Zoe asked, "You want me to wear this tonight?"

Ben replied, "Yes, it will be sexy."

Zoe responded, "Ben, I'm not quite on board with your hotwife fantasy. I'm still wrapping my head around it."

Ben remarked, "That's ok. It's just an anklet. Most people don't even know what it means. Think of it like this. You told me you liked wearing sexy panties and lingerie because they made you feel good and gave you sexual confidence, even though no one sees them, right?"

Zoe answered, "Yes."

Ben said, "The anklet will be a little like that. You know what it means, but most people don't. It will still make you feel sexy wearing it though." Ben paused, then continued, "It's just an anklet. Doesn't mean you have to do anything. You want to try wearing it? You don't have to if you don't want to."

Zoe replied, "I guess." Ben put the anklet around Zoe's ankle.

As they were about to leave, Ben commented, "Oh, and why don't you leave your panties right here on the bed tonight? It will be more fun that way."

Zoe remarked, "Ben, you are so naughty."

Ben replied, "I know." Zoe took off her panties and set them on the bed. Then they left for the bar.

At the first bar, it wasn't long before a man sat down next to Zoe and offered to buy her a drink. They chatted for a while and Zoe flirted with him. After about an hour, Zoe said she had to go and asked for the man's phone number. He gave it to her, and she found Ben at the back of the bar and they left together. They walked down the street and repeated the game in another bar. By the end of the night, they had visited three different bars and Zoe had gotten three guy's phone numbers and had flirted with and gotten drinks from a couple others.

Ben and Zoe went home and dashed up to the bedroom. They passionately kissed as they quickly shed their clothes. The game had made both Ben and Zoe horny. They rushed to the bed and started fucking without much foreplay. After they both came, they collapsed on the bed together.

Ben asked, "So, what are you going to do with all the points you racked up tonight?"

Zoe replied, "I don't know. I've been eyeing a new outfit. An expensive one. Or maybe I will save them and have you take me to a beach resort for the weekend." They soon fell asleep.

The following week while they were in bed having sex, Ben asked, "Have you fantasized about being with another man yet?" Zoe didn't reply. Ben repeated, "Have you?"

Zoe finally answered, "Yes. A little."

Ben said, "Tell me about it." He started asking her more questions and carrying out the acts in his questions. He asked, "Would he lick your nipples like this? Or, would he bite and nibble on them like this? Would he fuck you soft and slow like this? Or, would he forcefully ram his cock in you like this?" They continued the conversation as they fucked. The heat between them continued to escalate and they both had an explosive orgasm within seconds of each other.

A few weeks later, while in bed together, Ben asked Zoe, "So, have you though more about taking the next step in being my hotwife?"

Zoe responded, "Some. But I don't know. I'm still not too sure about it."

Ben said, "Maybe you could ease into it. How about you set up a dinner date with one of the guys from the bar game a few weeks ago?"

Zoe asked, "You want me to go on a date? I don't know if I'm ready for that."

Ben remarked, "It's just dinner. It doesn't have to go any further than that. You still have their numbers, right?"

Zoe replied, "Yes, I have them still."

Ben thought it was a good sign that she had kept the numbers, so he continued. Ben asked, "Wouldn't you enjoy getting all dressed up and going to a nice dinner with one of them? There must have been one of the three you were attracted to?"

Zoe hesitated for a minute, then answered, "Maybe."

Ben inquired, "If you had to pick one, which would it be?"

Zoe answered, "Brad I guess."

Ben asked, "He knows you are married, right?"

Zoe replied, "I assume so. I was wearing my ring."

Ben said, "And he still hit on you, so you know he wants you. Why don't you send him a text? Tell him your husband is out of town and ask him if he wants to meet for dinner."

After some additional coaxing, Zoe finally acquiesced and said, "Ok, but just dinner. Nothing else." She sent Brad a text. Brad replied and said he wanted to meet. Zoe made dinner plans with Brad for later that week.

On the night of Zoe's date, as she was getting ready, Ben called out from the bedroom, "Zoe, baby, I got you a gift for tonight. Come open it."

Zoe came into the bedroom and unwrapped the box. She pulled out a sexy, silky black dress and asked, "Is this the one we saw last Saturday at the mall?"

Ben replied, "Yup. It looked great on you and I know you wanted it."

Zoe remarked, "But it was too expensive."

Ben responded, "You are worth every penny and more. Keep going, there's more in the box."

Zoe looked back in the box and pulled out a black silk bra, matching silk thong, garter belt and silk stockings. Zoe exclaimed, "Ben, you shouldn't have."

Ben said, "I wanted you to feel sexy for your date tonight."

Zoe commented, "I think you are way more excited for my date than I am."

Ben asked, "Aren't you excited?"

Zoe answered, "I've had mixed feelings. I've flipped back and forth from about to call it off to being excited. But I will admit, now I am definitely excited. I actually have a few nervous butterflies. You know how long it's been since I've been on a first date."

Ben said, "Try on the bra and panties." Zoe proceeded to slip into the small silk thong and put on the bra. She picked up the garter belt and Ben remarked, "Here, let me." He took the garter belt from Zoe and wrapped it around her waist clipping it together in the back. Ben opened the package of stockings and kneeled down next to Zoe. He slipped one stocking on Zoe's right leg, then the other on her left leg. He slipped the garters underneath the straps of Zoe's thong. As he did, Ben said, "This will make it easier to get your panties off in a hurry."

Zoe remarked, "Ben. You are so naughty. You are terrible."

Ben commented, "I know." After Ben had finished clipping the garters to Zoe's stockings, he stood up and said, "You look amazing. Do you feel sexy?"

Zoe answered, "I do. Thank you baby." Ben helped Zoe slip into her dress. She slipped on a pair of high heels and asked, "Do I look ok?"

Ben remarked, "You look incredible."

Zoe said, "Thank you."

Ben commented, "Ok, text me updates when you can of how it's going and when you are headed home. I will be waiting in the office with the lights out. I will crack the door open so I can see you in the living room."

Zoe remarked, "Just dinner Ben. I'm not agreeing to anything else."

Ben said, "That's fine. You can at least invite him in for a drink when he gives you a ride home."

Zoe responded, "Maybe. We'll see how it goes."

Zoe called up a ride-share on her phone. Ten minutes later the car arrived in the driveway. Ben said, "Have fun tonight," as Zoe went out the door and got in the car.

The restaurant was crowded when Zoe arrived. She met Brad in the foyer, and he told her the wait for their table was another 30 minutes. They went to the bar and had a drink.

The hostess eventually got them from the bar and showed them to their table. Even though it was a bit awkward for Zoe to be on a date, she was having a good time. After they ordered dinner, Zoe excused herself to go to the ladies' room. She texted Ben with an update and Ben replied, "Great. Enjoy yourself."

After dinner Zoe asked Brad to drive her home since she had taken a ride-share to the restaurant. When they pulled in the driveway, Zoe hesitated for a moment, then asked Brad, "Would you like to come in for a drink?" Brad agreed and they went inside.

Brad sat on the couch while Zoe made him a drink. They sat on the couch talking for a bit and then Brad leaned in and kissed Zoe. The kiss caught Zoe off guard. In her mind, she had not decided that she wanted to take things further. But Brad's kiss felt nice, so Zoe let him continue.
As they continued to kiss, things got hotter. Soon, Brad was exploring Zoe's body with his hands over the top of her dress. Zoe enjoyed his touch, so she let him continue. As they continued making out on the couch, Zoe could feel herself getting turned on and becoming wet. Brad ran his hand under Zoe's dress and up her thigh. As his hand brushed her panty covered pussy mound, it sent a tingling sensation through Zoe's pussy.

Zoe was enjoying herself, but she was about ready to put on the brakes. Just as Zoe was getting ready to break their kiss and slow things down, Brad slipped his hand inside her panties. Zoe shuddered when Brad touched her warm, wet pussy lips and slid his finger inside her. Her pussy twitched as an electric bolt of ecstasy shot through her entire body.

This caused something inside Zoe to snap. The bolt of ecstasy that shot through her body was like a switch being flipped. She instantly went from ready to put on the brakes, to being overcome with lust. Suddenly, all she could think about was that she wanted Brad's cock. Now.

Brad continued fingering her pussy while they kissed. Zoe got hotter and wetter. He eventually withdrew his fingers from her wet snatch and brough them up to her mouth. He parted Zoe's lips and she began sucking her own pussy juices off his fingers. Zoe had never done anything like this. It felt naughty to Zoe. It drove her wild.

When Zoe was done sucking Brad's fingers clean, he reached around her back and started to unzip her dress. Zoe stopped him and said, "Here. Let me help you." Zoe stood up from the couch and finished unzipping her dress. She let it drop to the floor. Zoe stood in front of Brad flaunting her body in her sexy bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. The feeling of exposing herself in her lingerie to Brad excited Zoe. She asked, "Do you like what you see?"

Brad nodded his head and said, "Definitely."

Zoe remarked, "How about we take this up to the bedroom?"

Brad nodded again and stood up. He followed Zoe up the stairs to the bedroom, admiring her firm ass cheeks moving up and down on each side of her silk thong as she climbed the stairs. After they went in the bedroom, Ben quietly snuck upstairs to the room across the hall. He couldn't see into the master bedroom, but he sat and listened.

Zoe began unbuttoning Brad's shirt. She removed his shirt and they kissed for a bit. Brad reached around to unclasp Zoe's bra and she let it drop to the floor. Brad took one of Zoe's breasts in his hand as he leaned in and kissed and sucked on her nipple. The sensation drove Zoe wild. Brad used his other hand to massage and fondle Zoe's other breast. They resumed kissing for a few minutes.

Zoe broke the kiss and slowly got down on her knees. She took off Brad's shoes, then unbuckled his belt. Zoe unzipped and removed his pants. She reached out and pulled Brad's boxers down as his hard cock sprung loose. Zoe admired the large, hard prick that was in front of her face. It had been years since Zoe gave Ben a blowjob. Zoe had never been a huge fan of sucking cock, but she now craved Brad's stiff member in her mouth.

Zoe leaned forward and took Brad's cock deep in her mouth. She sucked on his shaft as she slowly moved her head, sliding his rod back and forth in her mouth. Soon, Zoe increased her tempo and began enthusiastically sucking Brad's dick. She was thoroughly enjoying his cock in her mouth.

Zoe continued sucking away for a few more minutes. Brad eventually placed his hands on Zoe's face and gently pulled her from his cock. He helped her up from the floor and had her lay on the bed on her back. Brad reached out and pulled Zoe's panties off. Zoe spread her legs as Brad moved between them, bringing his head and mouth to her pussy. Brad darted his tongue in Zoe's wet cunt causing her to gasp. The sensation felt amazing to Zoe. He continued sucking on Zoe's clit and licked away at her pussy.

Zoe rested on her elbows as she watched Brad lap away at her pussy. She was getting incredibly hot from the tongue-lashing Brad was giving her pussy. Waves of ecstasy had overtaken her. The only thought on her mind was pleasure and how she needed Brad's cock inside her. Zoe hadn't felt this way in years, but she lusted for his cock. She had to have him deep inside her warm, wet box.

Zoe reached out and pulled Brad's face from her pussy. Brad worked his way up until they were face to face. Zoe leaned forward and kissed him. She could taste her pussy juices on his mouth and tongue. It excited her. Zoe broke the kiss and said, "I need your cock. I want you to fuck my pussy."

Brad complied with Zoe's request. He slipped his thick cock in Zoe's throbbing pussy and she gasped. Brad began slowly fucking his cock in Zoe's pussy. Zoe was overwhelmed with pleasure. She quickly began panting and moaning. As she did, Brad increased his tempo. Zoe had never been vocal during sex beyond a little moaning. However, Brad's fucking tempo of his cock in her pussy made Zoe's moans turn verbal.

Zoe called out, "Oh yes. That feels so good. Fuck that feels good. Your cock feels so good inside my pussy." Zoe's calls caused Brad to further increase his tempo and force. He was now rapidly fucking away at Zoe's cunt. Zoe began crying out, "Oh fuck yes. Fuck my pussy. Yes, fuck my pussy. Oh god yes. Fuck me."

Brad continued fucking Zoe hard. She began crying louder, "Oh fuck. Oh shit. Oh shit yes. Fuck me. Don't stop. Fuck me. Don't stop. Oh shit. Oh shit. Fuck me." Then, Zoe let out a scream that could be heard through the entire house, "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING!" Zoe erupted with a huge orgasm. Her entire body convulsed and spasmed. Brad continued fucking her and she continued cumming. Zoe's orgasm lasted for what felt like two minutes. Zoe never had multiple orgasms having sex with Ben. But Brad made her cum so hard and so long she wasn't sure whether it was one long orgasm or multiple orgasms. Zoe couldn't remember ever cumming that hard in her life.

When Zoe finally caught her breath, she said to Brad, "Change positions, I want to be on top." Brad pulled his cock from Zoe's slick cunt and rolled over on his back. Zoe climbed on top of Brad and placed her hands on his chest. She lowered her pussy down on his thick rod. Zoe began slowly riding him, grinding her pussy back and forth on his cock. She slowly lifted herself until Brad's swollen cockhead stretched her pussy lips, then gently lowered herself back down until his stiff cock was buried deep inside her wet box. Zoe immensely enjoyed taking control of fucking Brad's cock.

Zoe continued slowly fucking Brad for five minutes, then switched positions again. She turned around so she was riding him reverse cowgirl. She continued to focus on pleasuring her pussy and her own ecstasy, nothing else.

Zoe placed her hands on her head with her elbows straight out to the sides and began riding Brad's big cock like it was bucking bronco. She felt drunk on being in control of the sex. Zoe increased her tempo as she continued riding Brad. Soon, Zoe began bucking wildly as she rode his stiff dick.

Zoe was lost in an erotic daze. She thought of nothing but the pleasure she was feeling in her pussy. She wanted nothing but to continue pleasuring herself.

Zoe started panting and moaning. She became vocal and called out, "Oh yes. Fuck yes. Yes. Yes." Zoe continued wildly bucking and bouncing up and down on Brad's cock. She cried out louder, "Yes. Yes. YES. YES. FUCK I'M CUMMING. OH FUCK I'M CUMMING." Zoe exploded with another powerful orgasm as she came all over Brad's rod.

When Zoe's orgasm subsided, she climbed off Brad and collapsed on the bed. They laid motionless for several minutes until Zoe broke the silence and said, "I want more of your cock." She rolled over and took Brad's cock in her mouth. She sucked her cum and pussy juices from his rod. Tasting her own cum and juices on Brad's cock gave Zoe a naughty, dirty feeling. She loved it. It made her wet again.

Zoe released Brad's cock and said, "Fuck me. Hard."

Brad positioned Zoe on her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind. Their bodies made loud slaps as he forcefully thrust his rod deep inside her pussy. Zoe moaned each time Brad's cock rammed inside her. Zoe commanded, "Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Harder. Yes. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my little pussy. Fuck me hard. Yes, like that. Fuck me."

This continued for a few more minutes until they changed positions. Brad turned Zoe over on her back and moved in-between her legs. He slid his hard cock back in her wet pussy and fucked her missionary style. Zoe again called out, "Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Yes, Fuck me." Zoe cried out louder, "Oh Fuck Yes. Fuck I'm gonna cum. Make me cum. Yes. Fuck my pussy. Make me cum." Brad pounded away at her pussy and Zoe exclaimed, "OH FUCK! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" Zoe spasmed with another powerful orgasm.

Brad continued fucking Zoe. Soon Brad began moaning. He looked down at Zoe and said, "I want to cum on your face."

Zoe looked back up at Brad and said, "Do it."

Brad gave Zoe four more thrusts of his cock and then rapidly withdrew from her pussy. He quickly straddled her chest and started stroking his cock, aiming it at her face. Zoe had never let anyone, including Ben, cum on her face. She waited with anticipation as Brad began grunting. He stopped jerking on his cock as he pinched the head closed. Two seconds later he released his pinch hold and a barrage of cum blasted from his cockhead hitting Zoe's nose. Another blast shot out and landed on Zoe's forehead. Three more sizable blasts launched from Brad's cock, each landing on Zoe's right cheek.

When Brad was done covering Zoe's face with warm cum, he climbed off her and collapsed on the bed. After a minute or two, Zoe got up and went to the bathroom to wash the cum from her face. She admired her cum covered face in the mirror, then washed it. She returned and sat on the edge of the bed. She unclipped her stockings from her garter belt and rolled them down and off her legs. Then she unclasped her garter belt and tossed it on the floor.

Brad looked at Zoe and said, "That was fun. We will have to do it again real soon."

Zoe replied, "Definitely. It was fun." Zoe picked up Brad's clothes from the floor and handed them to him. Brad got dressed and Zoe walked him to the front door. They exchanged goodbyes and Zoe closed the door behind him.

Zoe's mind came down from the cloud it was in and she immediately went and found Ben. She said, "Oh my god. I'm so sorry."

Ben asked, "Sorry? What for?"

Zoe replied, "Didn't you hear me?"

Ben replied, "Of course I did. I think the neighbors may have even heard you."

Zoe remarked, "I totally lost control. I'm so sorry."

Ben responded, "Why would you be sorry?"

Zoe asked, "The way I was screaming and talking dirty. Things I did with him. Things WE haven't done together. Things I've never done. It unleashed another side of me. One I didn't even know existed. I totally wasn't myself. Aren't you mad or jealous or something?"

Ben replied, "Of course not. Did you enjoy yourself?"

Zoe responded, "Yes. I think that is pretty obvious, as you heard. But, doesn't that make it worse? I've never had screaming orgasms like that with you."

Ben answered, "No. It was perfect. I wanted to give you ultimate pleasure and it did. That's exactly what I hoped for. I wanted it to unleash a new form of gratification for you."

Zoe paused in thought, then answered, "Really? It definitely gave me pleasure. A lot. Are you sure you are ok?"

Ben responded, "Yes. Absolutely." Then he asked, "Did it go like you expected? Was it like you thought it would be?"

Zoe replied, "No. Not at all. I actually had no intention of sleeping with him tonight. I was about ready to stop things when he was kissing me. But something unexpected happened when he slipped his hand in my panties. I snapped. It let loose a side of me I wasn't aware of. I instantly became a sexual vixen. All I cared about was feeling pleasure. Nothing else mattered. I had no inhibitions. It was primal. It unleashed a pure, raw, sexual emotion from deep inside me."

Ben inquired, "That's what I was hoping would happen. So, you really enjoyed it?"

Zoe answered, "I did. I really wasn't sure before whether I would or whether I even wanted to do it. But I really did."

Ben asked, "Would you do it again?"

Zoe replied, "I would, if that is what you wanted. I would do it again."

Ben replied, "I do want you to do it again. It was sexy and hot."

Zoe asked, "So, you want me to continue fucking other men?"

Ben answered, "Yes."

Zoe inquired, "Whenever I want?"

Ben replied, "Yup."

Zoe continued, "However I want?"

Ben answered, "Absolutely."

Zoe asked, "Wherever I want?"

Ben replied, "Yes. On one condition."

Zoe inquired, "What's that?"

Ben said, "You have to tell me about it, in detail, afterward if you do it when I'm not around."

Zoe replied, "So I can fuck whoever, whenever, however, and wherever I want, as long as I tell you about it later?"

Ben responded, "Yes."

Zoe said, "I can do that if that is what you want."

Ben responded, "If you enjoy it, I do."

Zoe asked, "Could you see us from the office? Did you enjoy watching?"

Ben said, "I did enjoy it. I could see pretty good from the office. I snuck upstairs when you went to the bedroom and was across the hall. I couldn't see, but could hear everything. It worked out good."

They went back upstairs and got in bed. Zoe passed out the second her head hit the pillow and Ben fell asleep soon after. In the morning, they awoke and had heated sex together.

The following weeks Ben noticed a change in Zoe. She seemed to display more confidence. She continued dressing sexy, but Ben noticed Zoe was more aware of men paying her attention and checking her out. She seemed to enjoy and welcome the attention.

A month later Zoe had a work trip planned. Ben asked Zoe, "Do you want to stay after your work is done and spend the weekend? I've been looking around for something fun up there. I can fly up and meet you on Friday."

Zoe asked, "What's there to do up there?"

Ben said, "Well, I came across this party that Saturday night that might be fun if you are game." Ben showed Zoe the party flyer from a website on his laptop. It was a local adult swingers group hosting a party.

Zoe read aloud the invitation, "Black Tie & White Thong Ball. Location is a private mansion located just outside the city. Couples and singles welcome. Prior reservations and club membership (application link below) are required. Address will be furnished in reservation confirmation. Dess code strictly enforced. Black Tie (tux or suit) for Gentlemen, White Thong Panties for Women - Bra's Optional, Heels Recommended. Change Room and Coat Check/Lockers Provided. No phones, cameras or recording devices allowed." Zoe asked Ben, "You want to go to this party?"

Ben responded, "It might be fun. We could get all dressed up, go to a nice dinner, then to the party and mingle around; maybe see if we might find a suitable gentlemen caller to your liking?"

Zoe remarked, "That sounds like it might be fun. I'm game if you are."

Ben said, "Ok, I will apply and make reservations." Ben's application was approved, and he made reservations for the party and travel arrangements.

On the night of the party, Ben and Zoe got dressed up and went to a fancy steakhouse for dinner. After dinner they made their way to the party. When they arrived, they were greeted at the door by a young woman. She checked them off the guestlist and gave them a basic description of the layout of the house and confirmed they didn't have cell phones or cameras. The woman said to Zoe, "You can leave your clothes in there," as she pointed to a room just off the foyer.

Zoe asked the woman, "Do most ladies wear bra's or not?"

The woman replied, "Most don't, but it's entirely up to you."

Zoe went into the room. She decided to go without her bra and stripped down to her white thong panties and high heels. She left her clothes on a hanger on one of the temporary racks that were set up and returned to the foyer where Ben was waiting for her.

Ben and Zoe got a drink from a bar and explored around the house. They mingled, chatting with several couples and a few single men. They had been at the party for a couple hours, but Zoe didn't have any chemistry with anyone that talked to her and Ben. So, Zoe and Ben decided to leave. Zoe got dressed and they went back to the hotel.

As they were on the bed, with Zoe on top of Ben slowly riding his cock, she asked, "Did you enjoy parading your sexy wife around the party tonight, nearly naked in her little panties, showing her off and letting all those men eye her tight body?"

Ben responded, "I did. I enjoyed seeing them admire your firm, round butt and gorgeous tits. It was a big turn on. Did you enjoy it?"

Zoe replied, "Definitely. I felt really sexy with you putting me on display like that; shopping me around to all those men. I loved it. Are you imagining me with another man right now?"

Ben replied, "That would be hot. What would he be doing to you?"

Zoe said, "I'd be on my knees on the floor at the foot of the bed sucking his dick. I'd look up at him with his big cock in my mouth and keep eye contact with him as I sucked."

Ben responded, "Oh that would be so sexy. Then what?"

Zoe continued, "I'd ride him on the bed like I'm riding you now."

Ben remarked, "That would be hot."

As Zoe described the scene, she started fucking Ben faster. She began panting as she said, "Then he'd take me from behind over there by the window." She paused, then said, "He'd thrust deep into my wet pussy as my tits got pressed against the window glass."

Ben replied, "Oh, that would be so fucking sexy."

Zoe began bouncing up and down on Ben's cock as she said, "Then he'd pick me up and lay me on the edge of the desk over there." After a few more bounces she said, "I'd be on my back, with my legs sticking up in the air, as he fucked me hard."

Ben remarked, "Oh yes."

Short on breath, Zoe continued, "He'd rail my pussy with his big thick cock... until he finally exploded... I'd watch him stand between my legs and shoot stream after stream... of his hot sticky cum... from his swollen cockhead... as it covered my stomach and tits." Zoe bounced a few more times on Ben's cock, then spasmed and erupted with a deep, powerful orgasm. Her violent convulsions set off Ben and his throbbing rod exploded, shooting cum deep inside Zoe's warm cunt. Zoe collapsed on the bed next to Ben.

After they caught their breath, Ben asked, "Are you disappointed we didn't find a good match for you tonight?"

Zoe answered, "I maybe was just a tiny bit at first, but now I'm really glad I got to come back to the hotel and fuck my amazing husband."

Ben responded, "Me too." They fell asleep shortly thereafter.

Several weeks later, Zoe had to go out of town for work again. She attended a week-long conference with some co-workers. Ben decided to surprise her, so he packed a sexy, baby blue teddy in Zoe's suitcase when she wasn't watching. The teddy was high cut on the sides, well above her hips, had a thong in the back, and had a snap enclosure on the crotch. That night, Zoe called Ben from her hotel room and said, "I found your little surprise in my suitcase."

Ben said, "I wanted you to have something that made you feel sexy while you were away. Do you like it?"

Zoe said, "I do. I'm wearing it right now."

Ben responded, "Wish I was there to see it."

Zoe remarked, "I'm imagining that you are. I'm starting to touch myself imagining it was you touching me." They continued the conversation and had phone sex, with each of them cumming. They eventually hung up the phone and went to sleep.
Each night of the trip, Zoe and Ben would talk at around 9:30 in the evening after dinner before going to bed. On the fourth night of the trip, Ben received a text from Zoe. It contained several photos of her wearing the teddy. Her text said, "How many sexy points do I get for this?"

Ben flipped through the photos. Some were selfies and some were full length photos of her laying on the bed taken from several feet back. After another minute or so another photo came through. It showed Zoe leaning against the headboard, spreading her legs, with her giving an erotic stare at the camera. Her text asked, "How many points for this?"

Ben excitedly called Zoe, but she didn't answer. A minute later, Zoe sent a text back saying, "Can't talk now. Cock in my mouth."

Ben replied, "Huh?" There was no response from Zoe.

Ten minutes later another text from Zoe came through. It said, "How many sexy points for this?" A moment later it was followed by a picture of a man from the chest down. He was standing naked, taking a picture in the mirror. The photo showed the back of a woman kneeling in front of him. She had blonde hair and her face was buried in his crotch. She was wearing a baby blue thong teddy and sticking her butt out showing her ass off. Within seconds of seeing the photo, Ben recognized that the woman in the picture was Zoe.

A minute or two later, another text from Zoe came through. It had a video clip attached. Ben clicked and played the video. The video started the same as the last picture. Zoe was kneeling in front of the man. Zoe's face wasn't showing, just the back of her head. The video showed her head bobbing back and forth toward the man's crotch, apparently sucking his cock.

Five minutes or so later, another video clip came through. This one showed a closeup of a cock inserted in a woman's pussy. The very top of the frame showed baby blue lingerie wadded up from both the top and bottom around her waist with the snap crotch open and hanging down. The clip showed the man's cock move in and out of her pussy a few times.

Ten minutes later another clip from Zoe came through. This one showed, close-up, a cock fucking a woman from behind. Her ass and cock-filled pussy took up most of the frame. The woman's blue lingerie was still wrapped around her waist, just visible at the top of the frame. The clip showed the man pull out and shoot a load of cum on her right ass cheek. A text followed the video and said, "How many sexy points for this? Should be a lot."

Ten minutes later, Ben's phone rang with a call from Zoe. Ben answered the phone and Zoe said, "Hi baby, how are you?"

Ben replied, "Good."

Zoe asked, "Can you guess what I have been up to?"

Ben answered, "Yes, I think I can take a guess. It appears you have been enjoying yourself."

Zoe inquired, "I have. Did you like my sexy texts?"

Ben responded, "I did. They were great. Tell me all about it."

Zoe said, "I'm glad you liked them. Well, I was sitting in my hotel room after dinner and kind of bored. I figured I would slip on the teddy you bought me to make me feel a little sexy. But, that wasn't enough entertainment, so I decided to go out for a drink. I put on just my skirt and blazer over the teddy. And to feel extra sexy, I put on the little hotwife anklet you gave me. I went down to the bar and had a drink. As I was sitting there, I thought about what I was wearing underneath just my blazer and skirt. I got kind of turned on thinking about it. Then, a nice man came over and offered to buy me a drink. Turns out he noticed my anklet and knew what it meant. One thing led to another, and well, you saw the pictures and video. I hope that's ok?"

Ben answered, "Of course it is. As long as you enjoyed yourself."

Zoe responded, "I definitely did. Thank you so much for the gift baby!"

Ben remarked, "You are welcome honey. At first, I was wondering how you took some of those full-length pictures on the bed. But I realized you had help."

Zoe said, "Ya, it was kind of fun posing sexy for the camera." They continued talking for a bit then hung up and went to sleep.

The next night, Ben got another call from Zoe. He answered, "Hi baby." But, there was no response on the other end. He asked, "Can you hear me?" No response. Eventually, Ben heard rustling noises. His first thought was it was a pocket dial. Then Ben heard slapping noises, followed by a woman's voice.

The voice called out, "Fuck me. Yes, just like that. Fuck me. Harder. Uh. Uh. Uh. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me." This continued on for several minutes. Eventually, the woman screamed out, "I'm cumming." Ben had initially assumed the woman's voice was Zoe's, but once he heard her scream, he was certain it was Zoe. A minute or so after the screams, the call hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, Zoe called back. When Ben answered, she said, "Hi baby. Did you like my little surprise for you?"

Ben replied, "I did. Was that your friend from last night?"

Zoe answered, "No, it was someone different I met tonight. Evidently, you've turned me into quite the slut." Zoe giggled and Ben laughed. They continued talking and eventually hung up and went to sleep. Zoe returned home the next day.

It had been two months since Zoe's work trip, which was the last time she had been with a man other than Ben. Zoe came home from work in the evening and Ben was sitting in his recliner at the side of the living room. Zoe was dressed in a work outfit wearing a tight pencil skirt that really flaunted her figure. Underneath her blazer she had on a silk blouse that accented her chest very well. Zoe's wore a fancy pearl necklace and her hair was held up in a bun with two hair sticks. Her makeup was done up like a model. They had taken corporate photos for her office that day. She looked sexy, but in an ultra-sophisticated and classy way.

When Zoe entered the door, she looked at Ben and said, "Hi honey, I'm home." Before Ben could respond, two men followed Zoe in the door. They were dressed like they came from a construction jobsite, wearing work boots, jeans and logoed t-shirts. Both men were very fit with their t-shirt sleeves wrapped tightly around their bulging biceps.

Zoe turned to the men and said, "Don't mind Ben, he's watching the game." Zoe continued walking through the family room as the men followed her. As she walked past, Zoe turned to Ben and said, "Honey, I think you are on your own for dinner tonight. Unless you want to eat late." Zoe proceeded to the guestroom door that was the first door on the hall next to the family room. It was only about 4 yards from where Ben sat in his recliner.

Zoe went in the room as the men followed her. She shut the door behind them. Ben muted the TV and after a few minutes, he heard laughing and giggling coming from the guest room. It was silent for a few minutes and then Ben faintly heard slurping sounds. This continued for a while followed by a brief silence.

Ben then heard Zoe faintly say, "Oh shit," followed by silence. Then he heard some mild banging noises like wood hitting a wall in a repeated rhythm combined with faint slapping noises. This continued for a while. Then Ben heard Zoe again. This time she called out louder, "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh god. Oh god. Oh fuck yes. Don't stop. Don't stop. Oh fuck." Zoe got louder and eventually screamed, "Oh shit. Oh shit. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! FUUUUCKKKKK!"

Zoe's screams stopped but Ben could still hear the faint slapping noises. Eventually Ben heard some faint grunting noises. Then he heard Zoe faintly say, "Yes. Cum. Cum. Cum." The grunting got louder. Ben heard a long groan and then silence.

A minute later Ben heard banging noises again accompanied by louder slapping this time. This continued for at least ten minutes or so. Ben then heard groaning noises again. Much louder this time. The slapping and banging noises got louder and louder until Ben heard a long groan followed by silence.

The silence continued for five minutes until Ben heard some talking coming from the room. The volume was too low for Ben to make out what was being said. This continued for ten minutes and was followed by silence. The silence continued for a while until Ben heard slapping noises. The slaps sounded slightly different than the ones he heard before. He heard a very loud slap followed immediately by Zoe crying out, "Owww." He heard the slap noise again and Zoe cry out again, "Owww." This repeated several more times.

Soon Ben heard high pitched cries, but they were muffled and undecipherable as any specific words. This continued along with a steady rhythm of quieter slaps for a while. The muffled cries eventually turned into muffled screams as the slapping got louder. Eventually Ben heard one long muffled scream followed by a long silence.

After the silence, the door to the guestroom opened and Zoe walked out. She was completely naked. Her lipstick was smeared all around her mouth and the makeup on her cheeks was mostly rubbed off. Her hair was no longer up. It was a tangled mess and looked like she had just woken up.

As Zoe walked past Ben in his recliner she said, "Hi," as she made her way into the kitchen. A minute later Zoe returned from the kitchen and walked back into the guest room with two tall glasses of water. She didn't say anything as she walked past Ben. The door shut behind her and Ben heard the lock on the door click.

The room was mostly silent for 15 minutes with occasional quiet conversation, but Ben could not make out what was being said. The silence was eventually broken by slapping noises. Ben sat and listened to the sounds coming from the guest room for the next hour. He could hear through the closed door Zoe begging, crying and screaming out loud in ecstasy along with sex noises as Zoe let out her true inner slut.

Eventually the noises subsided and ten minutes later the door opened. Zoe walked out of the room followed by the two men. The men were dressed, but Zoe was still naked. Zoe showed the men to the front door and they left.

When Zoe returned into the family room she said to Ben, "Hi honey. How was your evening?"

Ben replied, "Good. How was yours?"

Zoe replied, "It was amazing."

Ben said, "Tell me more."

Zoe asked, "You want to hear about it?"

Ben responded, "I do."

Zoe replied, "Ok, but come upstairs with me. I'll tell you as I get ready for bed." They went upstairs and Zoe got in the shower. As she showered, she told Ben how they got done with the work photos early, so a group from work went and had drinks at a bar downtown. She had noticed two guys sitting at the bar check her out. So, after the work group had left, she went and sat near them at the bar. They bought her a drink and started chatting. After a few drinks, Zoe invited them home.

Zoe asked, "Do you want to hear details?"

Ben said, "Absolutely. Tell me everything. My mind was racing trying to imagine as I listened to the sounds. And something about hearing the door being locked really set my imagination off. It was exciting."

Zoe responded, "Ok. First, we got undressed. I took turns sucking their cocks. Then I fucked one of them, then the other. We took a little break and then one of them fucked me from behind while I sucked the other's cock. After a break to get water, we resumed. I'm not sure what got into me, but I was feeling really naughty and dirty, so I locked the door. I knew I was going to lose control and scream uncontrollably, so didn't want you to misinterpret and interrupt." She toweled off after her shower. She continued some of her story as they got in bed.

Zoe added a few more details but kept some to herself. She was not ready to fully share with Ben her uninhibited inner slut. She had let one guy cum in her mouth. She let them lick her asshole and then double penetrated her. While they did, one guy shot his load deep in her ass.

Even though she knew Ben wanted her to be a hotwife, Zoe wasn't ready to fully share with Ben how nasty she had been and what had been unleashed inside her. Zoe was discovering a dirty side of herself. She loved how it made her feel. She loved being an object of desire and being fucked with no emotion like a piece of meat. Zoe loved how she felt when she was being a dirty slut. And she really got off on all of it.

Several weeks later, Zoe was out late at a work dinner. When she got home, Ben was sitting on the couch with another man sitting in the recliner. The man was muscular and appeared to be in his mid to late 20s. Zoe said, "Hello," when she entered the living room.

Ben introduced the other man to Zoe and explained they had met that afternoon at a sports bar downtown. Ben said, "I showed him a couple photos you sent me from your work trip a few weeks back with you on the bed wearing the teddy. He said you were gorgeous, and the photos were very sexy. I asked him 'would he fuck her?' He thought I was just bragging and said 'of course'. I clarified, 'no, would you like to fuck her tonight?' As luck would have it, he said 'yes'. Zoe, are you game?"

Zoe asked the man, "You thought my photos were gorgeous?"

The man answered, "Yes. Absolutely. They were hot."

Zoe reached around her back and unzipped the small zipper at the waist of her skit. As she brought her hands back around her front, her skirt fell to the floor. As it did, it revealed the lace tops of her black, silk, thigh-high, stay up stockings. Zoe's pussy mound, barely covered by her black silk panties, was visible just below the hem of her blazer.

Zoe stepped out of her skirt that was piled on the floor around her ankles. She slowly unbuttoned her blazer and tossed it on the floor. Zoe stood in the middle of the living room in her stockings, high heels, sexy silk thong panties, and matching bra. She asked, "And how do I look now?"

The man answered, "Stunning. Even better in person."

Zoe turned around showing off her firm ass, split in half by her sexy thong. She took two steps toward the stairs and asked, "Shall we head up to the bedroom?"

Ben said, "Actually honey, we talked about staying right here. I'm going to watch you from the couch."

Zoe replied, "Ooh. That sounds a bit naughty with you watching. I like that." The man stood up from the couch and walked over to Zoe. They started kissing. Zoe broke the kiss and said, "Ben, you set this up. What do you want to see? Why don't you direct me? Tell me what you want me to do."

Ben said, "Ok. Start by taking off your bra and panties."

Zoe complied and removed her bra and panties. She asked, "Now what?"

Ben instructed, "Now get down on your knees and suck his cock." Zoe complied and got down on her knees. She undid the man's pants and pulled them down with his underwear. She took his cock in her hand and then began sucking on it.

After a few strokes of the man's hard cock in her mouth, Zoe asked Ben, "Like this?"

Ben replied, "Ya, that's hot. Just like that." Zoe continued sucking the man's cock. Ben had a nice profile view from the side of Zoe sucking the man's cock. Ben continued, "Now lick his shaft up and down." Zoe used her tongue and licked the man's stiff rod as she leaned her head sideways and made eye contact with Ben. She continued licking his shaft and staring at Ben. After a few more licks, she took his cock back in her mouth, deep throating his entire member.

After five minutes, Zoe released the stiff cock from her mouth and asked, "Now what?"

Ben answered, "Now get on top of him. I want to watch you ride his cock."

The man laid on the floor and Zoe mounted him. She slipped his hard dick in her wet cunt and began grinding. Zoe remarked, "Oh Ben, his cock feels good. He's really filling up my tight little pussy."

After a few minutes, Ben said, "Now start fucking up and down on his cock."

Zoe complied and started fucking the man faster. Soon she was bouncing up and down on his cock. She said, "Oh yes. That feels good. Ben, his cock feels so good in my pussy. Yes. Oh yes." Zoe bounced on his prick for a bit, then asked, "Ben, you want me to keep fucking him like this?"

Ben replied, "Yes. Keep going. You look so hot with your tits bouncing up and down while you fuck his cock."

Zoe continued bouncing on the man's cock. Ben watching her thoroughly aroused Zoe. A few minutes later she called out, "Oh yes, Ben. His cock feels so good. It's so big and thick. I love the feel of his cock in my pussy. Fuck yes. Oh fuck yes." After a long pause she added, "I'm gonna cum Ben, I'm gonna cum."

Ben responded, "Yes. Keep fucking him. Do it. Cum baby."

Zoe continued bouncing and then did as Ben had asked and she exploded in orgasm, exclaiming, "Oh fuck yes I'm gonna cum. Yes... Yes... Yes!" Zoe convulsed and twitched as her orgasm spasmed through her body. She slowed her fucking pace as her orgasm subsided. When it was done, she collapsed on the floor.

Zoe laid on the floor for a few minutes. Ben then asked, "You ready for more baby?"

Zoe replied, "If that's what you want, yes. What would you like me to do?"

Ben said, "Get on your hands and knees and let him fuck you from behind."

Zoe complied and got on the floor on her hands and knees with her head facing toward Ben. She asked, "Like this?"

Ben replied, "Yes. Just like that." The man got on his knees behind her and started fucking her again.

Zoe commented, "Oh that feels good. His big cock is so deep inside me."

They fucked like this for around five more minutes. Then Ben remarked, "Harder. Fuck her hard."

The man began forcefully thrusting his prick deep in Zoe's box. Zoe looked at Ben as he looked back at her. She jolted with each fucking thrust as the man's body crashed together with hers as his cock plunged deep in her wet box. Soon she began moaning and grunting with each thrust. Before long, Zoe called out, "Ben, his cock feels so good. I love getting fucked like this. Fuck yes Ben. I love his cock. Fuck yes. I love his cock Ben. He's fucking me so good."

Ben called out, "Faster." The man complied and started ramming Zoe harder and faster.

Zoe exclaimed, "Oh shit Ben! Oh fuck. He's going to make me cum again. Oh shit Ben!"

Ben remarked, "Yes Zoe! Do it. Cum again. Cum!"

Zoe was really getting off to Ben watching her get hard fucked by the man. The excited look on Ben's face as he watched Zoe get her pussy railed set her off. After a few more strokes Zoe exploded, "Ahhh fuck Ben, I'm cumming! I'm cumming Ben! Oh shit Ben I'm cumming!" Zoe convulsed and spasmed as she came with a long, fierce orgasm.

The man pounded her pussy a bit longer until Ben said, "Zoe, why don't you let him cum on your beautiful face?" The man retracted his hard rod from Zoe's warm cunt and stood up." Zoe started to get up as Ben added, "Yes. Kneel in front of him Zoe."

The man jerked his cock just above Zoe's face as she kneeled in front of him. Ben requested, "Let him know you want it baby."

Zoe said to the man, "Yes. Cum on my face. Cum all over me. Give me your cum." The man continued jerking more rapidly on his hard cock. Zoe started begging, "Yes, that's it. Give me your cum. Please. Cum on me. Cum on my face. Give it to me. I want your cum." Eventually, the man started groaning and Zoe said, "Yes. That's it. Yes, cum. Cum on my face. Yes. Cum all over me."

The man complied. He jolted and his cockhead erupted, powerfully expelling a large stream of thick, white cum. It shot out and landed on Zoe's forehead and dribbled into her hair. A second, thick stream landed on her lips. A third spilled across her nose. The man continued shooting stream after stream, until eight barrages of sticky cum had been dumped across Zoe's face. Her face was almost completely plastered with his cum.

When he was done, Zoe turned and looked at Ben. With cum oozing down her face she asked, "How do I look? Is this what you wanted to see?"

Ben replied, "Yes. It looks hot. You look so fucking sexy right now."
Zoe responded, "Glad you think so." After a pause, she continued, "If you gentlemen will excuse me, I'm going to go wash my face." Zoe went upstairs to the master bath and washed her face. By the time she returned to the living room, the man had dressed and left.

Zoe cuddled up to Ben on the couch and asked, "So, how did you like watching that man pleasure your beautiful wife? Was it everything you hoped it would be?"

Ben replied, "Yes. It was incredible. You looked so amazing. It was so hot. Did you enjoy it?"

Zoe answered, "I did. I felt so sexy doing it in front of you like that. It was so erotic. It really got me off. Did you enjoy seeing another man's cock in your sexy wife's pussy and her pretty face covered in his cum?"

Ben responded, "Absolutely. You looked so unbelievable sexy. I loved it."

Zoe asked, "What was your favorite part?"

Ben answered, "All of it. The sexy way you looked at me when you were licking his cock. The way your body moved. Your abs flexing when you orgasmed. The look of pleasure and ecstasy on your face as you cried out and came. Cum dribbling down your cheeks. You were so incredibly hot and sexy."

They continued talking for a while on the couch. Eventually, they got up and went upstairs to bed. As they were in bed, Zoe told Ben, "I'd love it if next time you watched me, you stroked your cock while you watched. I'd get so turned on seeing you jerk off to me fucking another man. And maybe even some time you could join me with one of our gentlemen callers and we could have a threesome together? Would you like that?"

Ben answered, "Definitely." They did both in the future.
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