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Zombie Apocalypse

It was a completely typical day when the apocalypse happened, a mild June day that you couldn't describe as hot, typical British weather really. You actually didn't hear about the apocalypse until a few hours after it had begun, you'd always assumed the apocalypse would be fairly obvious but there was no mushroom cloud in the distance, no loud bang, no screaming. What actually alerted you, albeit a few hour late was a text from your friend; Jacob, reading:
"Plan in action!"
It was only when the news app on your phone displayed the headline: "Zombies!!" that it all clicked, you of course thought it was all some hoax at first, Derren Brown has done similar before, even after reading the news and social media and all their photos you weren't 100% sure. But you remembered the plan.
It was to meet up at an old community hut in the woods with friends, the hut had a walled off courtyard and a large fenced off field, surrounded by crop fields and woods on a hill above Littlehall. It was the best place you could think of when you had all jokingly but as realistically as possibly planned for the zombie apocalypse, it seemed almost fun even now.

What's next?

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