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iPad Roommate

“Pffff, another sweater.” Aaron says as he holds up the red, green, and white Christmas garment is aunt sent him.

“At least this one as an actual cool design on it.” Ian says as he smiles at his roommate.

In a small house in a secluded neighborhood covered in snow, two men in their mid-20’s enjoy a simple holiday together. With the pandemic still at large, both guys have spent their family time on their laptops’ cams. Wishing their loved ones Happy Holidays and having shipped their gifts to one another, it is now boxing day for these two handsome gentlemen.

“I keep telling her that I have enough sweaters to open a shop.” Aaron says as he pulls off his shirt and puts on his merry sweater, showing his hairy torso and muscular physique.

“Plus you have your own sweater right at all times.” Ian smirks as he reaches in and grabs at Aaron’s thick treasure trail.

“DUDE! Hahah” Aaron scrambles up and pulls on his new sweater. “You almost made me piss myself”

“Aaaand this one’s from…” Ian picks up his last gift. “My cousin David.” He reads the label.

“Hah, isn’t he the one who likes to take stuff apart and try to make invention stuff?”

“Yeeees. And every year he sends one to me and asks for results.” Ian says as he rips into the paper “Let’s see what he’s come up with this time” He takes off the festive tissue and comes to the box and opens it. He raises a brow as he picks up what appears to be an ordinary iPad. “Huh. No wires sticking out? No chips sparking, no cracked screen.”

“Looks like he came up with something that works?”

“But what does it DO? He never says…” Ian presses the ON button, and the device instantly flashes a green light that blinks the entire room with a grid-like projection!

“Whoa!” Aaron leaps up as the flash startles him, but the massive flash disappears almost as soon as it began. “Dude, what was that??”

“I don’t know, my cousin NEVER explains his weird stuff like this.” Ian scoffs as he taps at the screen and presses the HOME button once or twice.

“Well, I better take a leak before that thing does anything else.” Aaron says as he then goes to the bathroom.

With his roommate gone, Ian looks at the iPad as it’s home page finally comes up. Instead of a normal Apple desktop like any other one, however, the first thing that Ian sees is…


A virtual figure of Aaron shows up like he was a Sims character on the screen, along with several different icons lined up on either side of the desktop. Not only that, but it’s even wearing the same clothing as Aaron is – new sweater and old sweatpants and all.

“What the heck?” Ian furrows at the thing and taps at one of the icons. He taps at it, and the Aaron on the screen suddenly gets spontaneously fat! -BAAOOOOOooo- The iPad sounds off a drum sound that just as figure gets instantly round. “Pffff, hahahaha”

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Aaron shakes his penis of the last drops of urine and tucks his best friend back into his worn out pajama bottoms.


“Ooowhooa!” He staggers as his torso suddenly droops down before his eyes, at the deep growl of an invisible drum, no less! “W-What the fuck??!” He yelps as he looks at himself! His chest sports a pair of large manboobs bulging under his sweater while he now has an enormous hairy gut! His hands seizes his stomach and jiggles it as he stares with shock and horror “What…” All his precious abs, his rocking pecs, his hard-earned V-shape pelvis – GONE!

Ian snickers as he presses his fingertip on the Aaron’s belly and moves it up and down, “Nice belly, Santa.” He giggles.

“A-AAHH!” Aaron yelps as his obese stomach starts bouncing – ALL BY ITSELF! It sloshes loudly and gurgles as he feels his new found glob of fat flopping itself up and down again and again!

And then, just as suddenly, in a loud slurping sound, his huge belly instantly shrinks down, and his round moobs toughen back into pecs “Haha… Ahh!” Aaron whips over to the mirror and yanks up his sweater, even throwing it off. His hands grab and pat at his muscles, his fingers grazing his thick trail and going up to feel at his impressive chest, sighing a breath of relief before pulling his new sweater back on, “I don’t know what the fuck that just was. But I’m glad it’s…”

His hips jerk and he blinks. Aaron looks down and raises his brows. His lap wiggles by itself before his cock slowly snakes out of his pajama pants. His jaw drops as his 10 inch cock stands on its own and draws a circle in the air! “WAA-MMM!” His hands grab his mouth to stop a girlish scream from flying out of his mouth!

Back over by the Christmas tree, Ian giggles as his fingertip is now tugging on the virtual Aaron’s penis, dragging it this way, then that way, and tapping at another icon.

Meanwhile, Aaron watches with profound terror as his dick swerves around and slaps on either thigh. It’s almost as if it’s possessed! But it’s about to get weirder…

In a very odd slippery sound, Aaron’s eyes bug out as his faithful meat suddenly changes its texture and FLOOPS forward into a very long and light rubber tube! Aaron stands frozen as his own manhood has now become what looks like a bright yellow elongated party balloon! At least 3 feet long in length as it bobs gently in the air!

Still inanimate with utmost shock, Aaron reaches down and cautiously slips his hands into his pants. His palm and fingers locate his scrotum and silently thanks the merciful God above that his heavy and musky testicles have remained the same.

Back in the living room, Ian smirks at the virtual Aaron’s balloon penis bobbing in the air, “Hahahaha, I am loving this.” He grins as he starts getting a chubby himself, “Guess this is some kinda Sim modulator? I’ll need to call Cousin David later.”

Ian then taps the figure’s scrotum area, and taps at the balloon icon again.


“MMH?!” Aaron irks in shock as his hand feels a sudden dry tightness push on his hand! Incidentally, two coconut shapes bloom under the old pajamas as Aaron’s entire reproductive set have become tight, light, and almost numb!

Aaron looks down and lets his sweats drop to his ankles to allow the bright sky-blue balloons that are now his balls bounce lazily in the air just below his large and yellow banana-shaped balloon cock!

“Whhhaaaaaaa iiiiissss happenniiinnggg tooooo meeeeee” He whimpers silently as he stares at the yellow and blue party favors that now waft in the air where his junk are supposed to be! He examines down south and sees where his flesh meets the boundary of the elastic rubber of his privates – his own skin is melded to the balloons as if they really are apart of his body!

Before long however, his cock suddenly shrinks, reverts to his natural skin color, and flops on top of his two round balloon-balls. Shortly after that, his blown-up orbs followed suit and shoot right back down to size, leaving his kibbles and bits to dangle and waggle unassumingly from his hairy bush of a crotch. Nearly hyperventilating, Aaron ranks his pajama pants back up and strides out of the bathroom.

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